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  1. http://www.divaasia.com/media_photo/21820 gan lu lu.... love the name, gan liaoz then luk luk a bit
  2. How many of you actually pay attention to automotive brand or their logo, and are curious how a car model get it name? The key objective of this thread is to allow us to share what we know about a particular brand, model and/or it logo. Let me start with the follow brands. More to be added. Alfa Romeo I own up first, I didn't know that the word ALFA is actually an abbreviation, which stand for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, whereas ROMEO is the name of a Neapolitan Entrepreneur, Nicola Romeo (who take control of the company in 1915), instead of it founder, Alexandre Darracq.
  3. Top 7 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla Model 3 in 2019/20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5VX2gu5mgc
  4. Coe has been on hovering 70k plus and nobody know when it will drop and new car and used car (2L and above) price is still very expensive to certain people even for 2L and below for those who currently own a car now and the coe going to expire soon and caught in the middle of buying new or used car but if the currently own car (2L and above) is in good condition and have been service regularly, will be make sense to renew it if just paying 70k plus for the next 10 years as the new/ used car depreciation is above 10k and above for a 2L car
  5. http://new.skoda-auto.com/en/models/new-octavia-rs/entry Two new engines power the new
  6. Hello, I am considering purchasing a Honda CRV 2014 model. Is this a safe car? Or should I buy something that is more expensive to get a safer car? When I purchase a used car it is important that the car is high. Thank you in advance for response.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE3g-hgx7Lk The future is here. Seriously, auto opening doors?
  8. Hi Guys, While doing my daily parking at cp, i notice that there are still 5 x Lancer CS3/GLX seen in my carpark. Just curious, which old car model die die haven retired and how many is there in your carpark currently? Lets get the ball rolling!
  9. What’s the best car model or brand for coe renewal?
  10. Skoda Superb Combi 2016 model - nice! I owned the 2003 generation model. Amazing drive and lovely big sized interior, this new model is awesome looking! http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2700965-sharing-leak-lobang-groceries-10-off-free-delivery/
  11. [extract] A name is something that we use to distinguish or designate one item from another. For example, in the automotive world, an auto company will give different names for their models to distinguish one model from another. So that when we see a Camry, we know it
  12. As above. Looking to buy for a birthday present. Is there any speciality shop that sells them?
  13. Another alarming and sad news. Greed is "eating" into the human flesh. 18-year-old model sells her virginity to Hong Kong businessman for $3.47 million What have Dracula, Nadia Comaneci and an infamous nubile lass wanting to sell her virginity for millions have in common? The answer: They are all from Romania. After making it known to the world last year that she would be putting up her virginity for auction, aspiring model Alexandra Khefren, 18, placed her country back in the spotlight. The country of medieval castles and forests was particularly known for two world-famous i
  14. There is rumours saying that this model will get the 2.0 turbo 6-speed petrol engine having 260-274hp....and for big family, its a 7 seater will be the best suitable 7pax carrier that is powerful enough to make your drive more fun and also save more $$$ than getting a conti SUV...by introducing the Hyundai new turbo engine into our shore, it definitely can increase its sales just like VW is doing...hope its not just a dream for Hyundai fans
  15. So many brands of Smart TV and so many models in the market, see until blur... Some recommend only buy LG and Samsung, one salesman swear by Sony, another one say Phillips better, the more I listen, the more confused I get... If looking for an under $1500 55" Smart 4k LED TV (whether with inbuilt Android or not), what do you guys recommend? TIA
  16. There are so many and when I decided on one from Giant it did not last even one day. $13 gone. It broke at the base. It looked like attached photo. Just need specific model that works..thanks!
  17. Hi Can someone advise what is the K&N drop-in model for 2017 1.6 Honda Civic (petrol)? Can seems to find the filter form K&N official website which only has the 1.6l diesel. Thank you
  18. Hi guys I notice something In the overseas forums like USA U.K. And EU a lot of them boast about their super cars and their high life But when I throw a fun challenge ( just for the sake of fun) to them to buy a similar model in Singapore they turn quiet and try to change topic. I mean if they are brave to take up the challenge they should try buying the same luxury model and accept the challenge Eg Bentley bentayaga forums
  19. One of the biggest pastimes of my childhood... not just the 1/35 models (unlike the 1/72 scale of Airfix), Tamiya was also responsible for the powered cars, with a remote control. https://tamiyablog.com/2017/05/mr-masayuki-tamiya/ https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20170511-00000002-jct-soci
  20. Heard from one of the SEs in Alpine that the Chevrolet Trax is coming in this year. Any thoughts of the design and expected price? Will it be priced cheaper than some of the current popular Japanese compact SUVs?
  21. Saw these on the road a few days ago....
  22. saw a Chevrolet taxi today, more and more different model!
  23. borneo has not officially launch as trying to clear old stock but is available for sale. understand luxury model going at 177k after all the discount. super luxury +14k (main difference of this coming 2008 model comes with selectable suspension like those found on ls460 plus some safety managment program). but seem rather steep at 177k ....
  24. Don’t get too worried or excited. This thread is about Alternate Way of Automotive Review & Evaluation. Subscription and contribution to this thread are welcome, but with strings attached (pun intended). And dear moderators, this is not just another TKR thread, as it is closely related to cars. We have seen / read many various types of car review, whereby chunks of numbers are shown, in attempt to convince potential buyers on how big or spacious the car is. But as a layman, most will have difficulty trying to visualize what these figures meant to them and their occupants. And not to f
  25. http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_...p?CarCode=11161 At $98,988. Got sedan and hatchback
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