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Found 21 results

  1. Seat has named their supermini offering after the renowned holiday destination hoping to capture some of that youthful and carefree spirit, and for the most part, I dare say they have been largely successful. For those thinking that the new Honda Jazz looks a little too cutsey for their taste, the Seat Ibiza rightly should be more than the next alternative in the practical small hatchback segment. It packs a 355 litre boot, and the rear seats provide plenty of knee room even for someone of my height. Sharp lines and an appealing angular design, coupled with a beautiful font for both the central infotainment and the driver's instrument cluster round off the supermini package. And speaking of packages, this Ibiza I tested was a top-spec (locally at least) Style Plus model, meaning it now gets additional tech features including adaptive cruise control, tiredness recognition, and keyless access. Yare yare. All you really need to know is that this is a $92,999 (as of 31 October 2019) car that packs a 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder delivering 114bhp and 200Nm. For context, that's practically as much torque as you get in the larger 1.4-litre Volkswagen Golf. And boy does that seven-speed DSG make use of that torque. Day-to-day driving will see the dual-clutch shifting gears at the earliest opportunity, meaning that you get a fuel consumption of 14.7km/L, which is nice, but flog the pedal and the car switches instantly out of siesta mode, sending you away. The three-cylinder's thrummy noises switch into something addictively snarly, and being in something so small makes that zero to 100km/h figure of 9.5 seconds feel conservative. Readers of my stuff elsewhere will know I was an absolute fan of the old Audi A1, but this car just feels so much more nimble. The light but communicative steering makes it feel like you can chuck it into corners with near reckless abandon, and the car swallows directional changes with much aplomb, but the new MQB A0 platform also adds to the Ibiza's suite far greater highway sovereignty. Sound insulation feels like a class above and the car suffers none of that nervousness other cars in the segment can be prone to at high speeds. Just how exactly has Seat managed to make the Ibiza feel so chuck-able in the twisites yet so mature at the straights is genuinely astounding, especially when you consider that this car makes do with only a semi-rigid rear suspension. So there has to be some catch right? Well, unfortunately, yes. The Volkswagen Group's brand positioning becomes apparent when you knock on the door cards, which sound definitively hollow, and that DSG I mentioned earlier can be over eager to switch into the taller gears when doing gentle cruises, leading to some uncouth vibrations transmitting into the cabin. Shoppers looking for a mature, grown-up supermini ought rightly to look at the Volkswagen Polo or the Skoda Scala. But who really gives a toss about little niggles like that. The Ibiza is bleedingly fun to drive and (I suspect) own. Adaptive cruise control and tiredness recognition in a car this fun? Obviously someone out there hasn't been taking their pills. Just like Mike Posner on his holiday trips, why not choose to do something fun once a while? Make this car your trip. Live life on the fun side. Opt for horsepower just once. Buy this. Now, where's my Valium? ----------------------------------------------- Click here for the full review on sgCarMart! -----------------------------------------------
  2. FaezClutchless

    Worst car names

    [extract] A name is something that we use to distinguish or designate one item from another. For example, in the automotive world, an auto company will give different names for their models to distinguish one model from another. So that when we see a Camry, we know it
  3. Vinceng

    Membat Passion

    Just in case you are thinking what the subject title is about... It's not a replacement for Viagra or some new Love Hotel. It's a brand of tyre from Spain. First time seeing this. More rare than China made Linglong or Double Coin tyres.
  4. The Seat Leon has won the prestigious Car of the Year 2013 prize at the annual Auto Express New Car Awards in London earlier this week. The award was handed over to new Seat Chairman Jurgen Stackmann during a ceremony in London by Auto Express Editor-in-Chief Steve Fowler. The Leon also scooped up the Best Compact Family Car award. Explaining why the Leon was crowned the year's best car by the U.K.'s best selling motoring weekly, Steve Fowler said, "We love its style, the way it drives, the quality and the kit. Best of all, you get all that at a bargain price, while running costs will be ultra low, too. The SEAT Leon has beaten some superb cars to be crowned Car of the Year - it's that good," Jurgen Stackmann thanked the Auto Express jury for choosing the Leon as Car of the Year. "The new Leon is the best vehicle in Seat's history. It is a perfect embodiment of Seat's transformation and shows the direction we will be taking over the next few years. We are very pleased with the reception customers have given the Leon," said the Seat Chairman. The new Seat Leon was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and hit U.K. showrooms in March 2013. Priced from just
  5. RchLuvSlly

    Advice - Never take your helmet for granted

    If you take part in motorsport driving, or ride a motorcycle (especially), I would recommend that you do not take your helmet for granted, under any circumstances. This is because you may regret it afterwards. You see, you never know when the unexpected may take place. If you aren't really buying what I am trying to say here, I suggest that you take a look at the picture involving the helmet previously worn by a Spanish F1 test driver, Maria de Villota. If you aren't quite aware or can't recall, Maria de Villota came across a horrifying incident while testing a Marussia Formula 1 racecar nearly a year ago. As for the cause of the incident, it has yet to be clarified. All that we know is that she crashed the F1 car she was piloting at that time due to some unexplained acceleration. According to eyewitnesses, though, the car had been misfiring. Had it been true, I wonder why the engineers weren't really concerned about it. Anyway, it was really a misfortune as Maria de Villota was actually trying to come back to the paddock and she was piloting the Marussia F1 car at a low speed, too. At that point of time, as a matter of fact, she had completed a straight line aero test. Due to the unexpected acceleration, the Marussia F1 car rear ended one of Villota's team trucks. Ironically, the truck was actually the one which brought the Marussia F1 car onto the track in the first place. Unfortunately, the liftgate of the truck was partially lowered at that moment and Villota's head happened to strike it. Well, I bet you can guess what happened next. After the incident, Villota went into a coma lasting four days. Fortunately, the doctors managed to save her life but, well, the same couldn't be said of her right eye. Yes, the horrifying and unfortunate crash cost Maria de Villota one of her priceless eyes. No longer an F1 test driver, Maria de Villota is now working as a road safety advocate in the country where she was born. Working as a road safety advocate, she never gets tired of showing her horribly damaged helmet to her audiences, hoping that more people - especially the more aggressive young drivers - will be more careful and always put on their helmets whenever necessary, for their own sake. For your information, I am confused whether she's stubborn or that she's persistent and just have a strong will. You know, after the horror she encountered, she has revealed that she still wants to get back into the F1 racing world, making an eventual comeback when the time comes.
  6. Engulfed by recession and high unemployment rate, Spain's new car sale for 2012 has plunged by 13.2%. According to Spanish car makers' association ANFAC, it was a dismal December when new car sales plunged 23% from a year ago, which led to this steep annual decline last year with little expectation of improvement in 2013. This is the lowest level ever recorded since data collection began in 1989. A similar situation is affecting France as well, where new car registrations hit a 15-year low in 2012. ANFAC commented that the figures could have been worse if not for a new car subsidy scheme introduced by the government on 1 October 2012 in an attempt to offset the effect of a 3% hike in value added tax that was introduced in September 2012. Most economists expect the Spanish unemployment rate to remain above 25% in 2013 and its economy to endure another year of recession. Spain, which is the Eurozone's fourth-largest economy, has been hit particularly hard by the collapse of the country's housing market, which forced the government to bail out the Spanish banking sector with assistance from the EU.
  7. Talk about a Formula 1 car for the road, and I get instantly reminded of the Caparo T1. I mean it was designed by F1 designers and it does, mostly look like an F1 racer. Have you ever wondered what could be the end result if an F1 car got mashed together with a F-22 fighter jet? Well the Spanish have the answer. Meet the Advanced Design Tramontana, a car that weighs around, 1224kg, which feels a little heavy considering that it contains alot of carbon fiber and magnesium. Powering this road plane is 5.5-litre twin-turbo V12 sourced from Mercedes-Benz which is good for 750bhp and 1098Nm of torque. All that power moves the rear wheels through a six-speed gearbox. Now there is a newer faster version, the a.d. Tramontana XTR. The Spanish manufacturer has released a couple of renderings, besides info that the XTR will be powered by a new 5.5-litre twin-turbo V12 with 888bhp and 678 pound-feet of torque. A new "ultra-rapid competition gearbox," is rumoured to be installed as well. The mid-engined, rear-driven XTR has an enhanced appearance, and will be yours for 420,000 euros. Only a dozen units are expected to be built per year. Picture credit: Autoblog
  8. Perhaps a sign of worsening economic conditions in Spain, Renault is giving away a free Twizy electric car for every Laguna, Latitude or Espace model purchased. The offer from Renault is a drastic attempt to move vehicles out of the dealer lots, after new vehicle sales in Spain fell to a 19-year low in the first half of 2012. Both the Laguna and the Espace are unpopular models for the French automaker and this could be the reason why they have been removed from the UK dealership in February. Priced from 6990 euros, the Spanish-built Twizy could be a slow-selling model as well and hence the bundled deal. The Twizy measures 2,320mm long, 1,191mm wide and 1,461mm tall. It is powered by a 20bhp electric motor generating 57Nm of torque and weighs 450kg including the battery pack. It has a maximum driving range of 100km and takes three hours to charge using a 220V 10A outlet. The car has a maximum speed of 45km/h and can thus be driven in most European countries by drivers from 16 years old without a driving license. If the car is driven at maximum speed, it means that the car has to stop and get charged up after 2.2 hours. Given that a full charge takes three hours, I guess it does not sound very inviting to own one.
  9. Ham must be very upset but will he make a come back to finish within championship point? Or Maldonado lead all the way? I am gunning for Button.
  10. Wind30

    Spain unemployment is 24.4%

    I am quite shocked how high it is... we complain a lot about singapore but imagine 1 in 4 people are out of jobs... Spain is not small right? One of the reason given by a lot of articles is that the spain property bubble burst in 2008... I hope singapore don't suffer the same fate.... For young people entering the job market, it is like 40% unemployment.... crazy.
  11. Hi, Please recommend me where to look out for travel package or free and easy tour to Europe. 2 person to go Planning and Designation : 1) England - London and Manchester 3days 2) Spain - Barcelona and Madrid 3days 3) France - Paris 2days 4) Italy - Milan and Rome 3days 5) Holland 2 days (optional) 6) Germany 2days (optional) normal hotel + air fare (all inclusive) = $4000 each pax possible??? Please advise and share some info
  12. any bro here using as above mentioned tires? cost me SGD$250 per tires! price ok?or expensive!
  13. Barcelona could be a turning point in Renault's 2010 season. Despite the tumult of the crashgate scandal and the pre-season period, the Enstone based team - and particularly Robert Kubica - has had a surprisingly strong start, trailing Mercedes by just 14 points after four races. But some teams - notably Mercedes - will use vastly upgraded cars at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend. Pole Kubica admits Spain could be a "big test for us" because the R30 will not be fundamentally different to the car raced in China two weeks ago. "We are not planning to bring any huge updates, but we will keep gradually improving the car, just like we did during the first four races," he said. "We have to wait and see how we compare with the others; maybe the order of the teams will be quite different compared to the start of the year," added Kubica. Moreover, the last winter test at Barcelona was not a good one for the yellow and red car, and chief engineer Alan Permane admits that Mercedes might make a step away from Renault this weekend. "Mercedes may move away from us a little bit but we've got a new front wing and some other new aerodynamic parts that should help us make another step forward," he said. "It's not the biggest update we've had this year, but it continues our approach of adding new parts at each race," added Permane. Force India's Adrian Sutil on Tuesday told spox.com that Renault "are within striking distance". But the German is not expecting the pecking-order to change radically in Spain, despite some reports predicting a huge step forward for Mercedes. "If that happened, then I would cease to understand a few things about formula one," said Sutil. Source: GMM
  14. http://www.autoblog.com/2010/02/23/video-m...pain/#continued
  15. Hi, has anyone been to Eastern Europe or Spain? Which is better place to visit in Dec... We are choosing between these 2 tour packages. Please advise and share with us your experience. For those who had join any tour agency before, pls recommend if it is good and your comments too. Thanks in advance.
  16. Michael Schumacher is returning to the sport in which he made his name and fame. In his prime Schumi was harder to pass than gallstones and stood on more podiums than my sister during her time at a lapdancing club. I wouldn't mind but she only went there once as a visitor. The burning question now is whether Schumacher, a 40-year-old, seven-time Formula One champion with 91 race victories to his name, will still be able to mix it with the new generation of boy racers. The advancement in technology since Schumacher retired has been marked, so much so even Jenson Button can win races. The last time Schumacher broke 70mph was when he was stopped for speeding in the UK. One of thosearcastic coppers approached him and said: Would you say it's very dangerous driving at that speed?" So Schumacher replied: "It's very dangerous driving at that speed." Hills have slashed the price to 12-1 from 16-1 for the German to win the next race in the calendar, the European Grand Prix, which I believe is held in Europe. Advertisement - article continues below
  17. Lkk

    Spain loses...

    US upset them 2-0! What a letdown with so many stars....
  18. 9/10 May Spain after more than a week or so, F1 returns to the track for some serious business this is where the public like us like to see racing, not silly stupid politics the circuit in spain has a layout that is well balanced so it is a good indicator of overall car balance. a car that performs in barcelona has the potential to perform well at many places and most teams will have some, if not a lot of updates, for their cars so i will be very eager to see who get it right, and who still lack pace/ down force although, personally, i'm not a ferrari fan i will like to see that they improved otherwise it will be very disappointing for many fans schedule: FRI Practice 1 16:00 FRI Practice 2 20:00 SAT Practice 17:00 SAT Qualifying 20:00 SUN Race 20:00
  19. Picnic06-Biante15

    Its Germany Vs Spain in Euro 2008 Final

    Russia was a total let down in this morning game against Spain. What happen to their fighting sprit we saw when they played against Holland..... Couldn't believe the Russian had only 4 shot on targets to Spain 12 and Time of Possession 35% to 65%........ Not for their goalkeeper who make 13 saves, at least half a dozen goals into their net.... It will be GERMANY Vs SPAIN in the cup final on Monday early morning..... ESPN Soccernet report : Bild, the biggest-selling tabloid, said Joachim Loew's side would have to show an improvement of at least 200 percent if they were to stand a chance against the winners of Thursday's second semi-final between Spain and Russia. 'If we lumber around in the same way we did against the Turks, we'll be completely taken apart by the subtle and speedy technicians from Russia or Spain,' Bild said. Germany's biggest worry was in defence, the paper said, adding that on their current form Russia's Andrei Arshavin or Spain's Fernando Torres would destroy them. Spain to win Euro 2008.......
  20. Sfrtuscani