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Found 349 results

  1. nazerath

    Home repair advice needed

    I have a main door that is sagging such that the bottom actually touches the floor at the furthest end when closing but I fixed that by sanding with the door on. The problem seems like the highest hinge is a bit loose causing the tilt but I cannot tighten it because the door frame is steel and the holes are a bit worn. Was thinking of anchoring it with long screws but how can I grip the concrete that is behind the door frame? I cannot insert a plug or anchor through the hinge hole and the screws must be able to seat flush at the hinge. Another is a concrete top that is seeping water, not leaking, just that the splashing from washing causes it to land on the edges n seep to the bottom. Plumbers putty would work but can I get them to cover a 2 inch by 36inch by half inch cheaply. At half inch would cement be able to stop the seepage? I cannot engage pros because I do not want to invest too much.
  2. Hi all anyone can share a reputable workshop you have used before to do bodywork repairs like dents, scratches and spray painting? don't mind share your experience, repair done and price of repair. thanks.
  3. Long story short, just graduated few months back.from TED automotive, Trying to apply for job as finances at home are tight.. currently working as a temp in the meantime to help with income, but it isnt enough to support.. No luck so far with regards to job applications.. Not sure what to expect or how long usually the job application process take as this is my first time applying for job No driving license yet but currently midway taking class 3, didn't take when i was studying in order to focus on studies.. Anyone working in the industry so far? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guy, Need advise on the delivery package that offer from different hospital ... 1)KK hospital 2)Raffle Hospital 3)Thomson Hospital Acutally I am having budget issue if not I will provide whatever I can for my wife to have the best care.... Need to know the price different. She have three sister went through Raffle and amount paid in cash about $7k ... si pei siong sia ... Anyway to convince my wife ???? they always say go KK is suffering .. not wanting the best but reasonable. I dun wan to be like my elder brother stay in private ward then own credit card a lot of money .... stress ...
  5. Hi all, was very unlucky and got hit by a malaysian van today. My Toyota Altis is just 3 weeks old. It hit our car on the back and obviously it's the van driver's fault as we were stationary at the red light. No injuries and did a police report together. Later then found out that Borneo motors won't do a claim against 3rd party and especially a Malaysian insurance conpany. Found out that total repair cost would be $1500 but the van driver isn't willing to pay as he keep insisting he is covered by insurance and have the rights not to pay a single cent. He then verbally agreed to fork out $1k as a goodwill but it has to be over a few months as he is a blue collar construction worker here. That guy has now gone back to jb and I don't even know if he is really paying me the $1k. We definitely won't do a claim from our own insurance as my dad was at the steering wheel and excess would be in the thousands. Any kind advise from fellow forumers here? Any reliable workshop willing to do Malaysian insurance claim?
  6. May I ask advise from any Axio drivers year 2008 for NZE141? Q: This model fan motor only turns when you switch on the aircon right? When the aircon is not switch on, the fan motor doesn't rotate at all. Is your Axio works the same ? Unlike my previous old car corolla & corolla, even when aircon is not on, the fan motor automatically switch on when the radiator becomes hotter and hotter It will cools down the raidator thanks alot
  7. Hi All, Like to check with you guys. Should you park your car in a condo car park and a light drops from the ceiling and damages the car, the condo management should be responsible and compensate for damages right? Initially the condo management said they would compensate and then proceeded to make claim with their insurer. But here is the twist, insurer contacted me saying that the condo management has done their due diligence to do regular checks to make sure the light fittings are all in good condition and so the condo management nor the insurance company is not liable. This makes totally no sense to me. Can anyone advise on this please? Thanks!
  8. My current set of Bridgestone RE001 (205/50/R17) has been used for 3 years and it's high time for me to replace them soonest possible. I have checked with 2 tire shops and below are what they have quoted: Shop A - CSC 5 (215/45/R17) - $230 per pc nett. (Inclusive of GST, installation, balancing, FOC tyre repairs & unlimited rotations every 10,000k with purchase of 4 tyres). Shop B - Bridgestone RE001 (205/50/R17) $220 per pc nett (Inclusive of GST, installation, balancing). This shop does not have CSC 5 but quoted me CSC 3 (215/45/R17) @ $265 per pc (High price as this model is NOT ON OFFER). The price of CSC 5 and RE001 quoted by these two tire shops are quite competitive. Which one is the better deal? Your feedback is much appreciated.
  9. Recently, was toying with the idea of upsizing wheels to 18s. Saw an advert for some 17" used tyres with reasonable amount of meat left so decided to purchase from a tyre shop that lists heavily in this forum while I take my time to shop for used premium 18s. Less than 300km of usage later, one of the tyres developed a bulge on the sidewall. The hump is no more than 3-5mm tall but after doing some research online, everything points to the tyre having being curbed and damaged. Most online advise was to switch out to prevent a blowout. Went back to this tyre shop to seek assistance but was extremely surprised and puzzled that the boss and worker said it was not an issue and that the tyre is safe for continued use. I asked like 5 times but each time they reassured me it's not a problem. These guys run a tyre shop so they should be experts in this field, yet I keep reading otherwise online. Anyone can clarify? Or have personal experiences? TIA
  10. i got a shock when my car exhaust pipe 'shoot' out water yesterday night when i retrieve it after work. den look carefully at the floor mat and realize that they are all flooded. Chk wif someone nearby n they told me my lot was flooded juz now. Knn, recently si beh suay, last week car kana a reckless rider bang its ka chng, this week got flooded. Tink need to go churchs, temples and mosques
  11. Hi everyone. Need some advise here. I accidentally scratched a mercedes while trying to reverse my lorry n the owner is asking for repair compensation. So i would like to know how much is the total cost to repair a scratch mercedes market price before i got con for extra charges. Help me pls. Thanks in advance.
  12. hmm... Trying to diverse my profile in this versatile mkt. I have some equities, some bond , some pty, some gold.. I was thinking of putting some $$ into FX FD, was intenting to put into AUD.. but was wondering if HKD is good also. Rate given by SC quite attractive now. Any advise from the financial experts in the forum :)
  13. Blackwind

    Advise on winter wear

    i will be traveling to new zealand this june. will be there for 2 weeks. as it is winter there i might have to get some winter wear. i believe i need to get stuff like jackets, gloves and snow caps? i think in some cases i may need water proof wear too? there are quite alot of stuff i need to get but the thing is i will not be requiring them after the 2 weeks cos im not a cold country person.... i dont think i would travel to cold countries or during cold periods in the future. so alot of questions....... what kinda winter clothings should i get e.g. the waterproof type? is there anyway i can get cheap winter wear for that 2 weeks? is it easy to get second hand winter wear as im sure singaporeans will not be needing it unless they travel to cold countries? need all the advise i can get thnx in advance
  14. Sgnick

    Buying mattress, need advise

    Budget up to $3K+ for king size with bed frame. Looking at comfort, good support (cannot too soft until backache) and pocketed spring (do-not-disturb) type Anyone have tried Slumberland Royal Princess? (bed+frame $3199) or Slumberland Sanctuary (bed+frame $2499) What about Dunlopillo Duchess? Simmons? Sealy? Serta? What model is good? Do not want to take chance with less established brands, do not like too hard ot too soft, and do not like memory foam For sharing and advise on mattresses, thanks
  15. MY current situation is abit complicated. So I just want to know if the options I'm considering is it feasible. Due to personal issue, I need to change my current car, which is quite new. Problem is I don't want to fork out too much for the new, so I'm considering a downgrade. Current drive, Honda Vezel 1.5X petrol. Less than 3 years old. Out standing loan around 30k. Market valuation is 64 to 69K. Wish to change to either New Kia K3 at 73,999 or 2nd hand MPV of similar value (E.g Wish, Sienta, Etc). Main issue is because I need to change ownership of current car, and can't change unless loan is settle. So only way is to change the car to clear current loan, and get another new loan. Is this move feasible in terms of monetary means. How much do I tend to lose from doing such move?
  16. Any advise on Pirelli 15' P6000 Powergy Tyre + Light weighted Taiwan rims ? Trading in my Optra 15' sport Stock rim $200. Topping up $750. Thinking of Oning it at Autobacc Ubi.
  17. seen my friend proton with front lowering spring and rear stock spring setup and he told me that it is much more comfortable than lowering spring alone.... he is using stock absorber with aftermarket spring.... he did it not long ago so there is not much feedback on the negative side to such setup. I'm very tempted to do the same... with my lowering spring, I'm always worry during reverse parking, crossing the hump and when I carry passenger at the rear... but I have a few concenrn as below: from what i believe, the front suspension is more stressed compare to normal lowering spring setup cos more weight is transfer to the front, thus, I have to expect higher wear n tear on my absorber. This problem is not too bad cos i have another 3 set of stock front absorber to standby for such problem and the labour cost of changing the absorber from my Mal lobang is too cheap to be true (RM30) so i dun really care about it.... look wise, some plp might think that it looks weird but I like the way it looks cos it make the ride more fierce... now come to my major worry... the braking issue and stability/handling... on stock, the front brake is responsible/absorbing of 70% of the braking stress, will such setup create even more stress to my front brake? will it affect the performance on my overall braking? I'll be adding 1 set of spring stiffener to reduce such problem... but, will it help? As for stability /handling issue, anyone foresee any problem in this area? will the handling/stability of the ride become worst than stock?
  18. Hi peeps, Earlier when I started my engine and wanted to move off, the engine died. After subsequent starts I noticed my idle speed is lower than usual. The car died a number of times before I managed to drive home. Any idea what is the problem of my car? My ride is a Lancer GLX and is 4 yrs old now. Tomorrow I'll send in to C&C. Hopefully I do not have to burn my pockets Thanks!!
  19. Hi all, Thanks in advance. Anyone who can advise on a good Ford workshop, beside Regent Motors for a Mondeo. Need to change the CV joints. Cheers
  20. Dear all car lovers, Would like to seek some advise here on what am experiencing now. My car IU unit suddenly turn with Green Light "Hard On". Even with cash card removed and engine power off. Is there a way to perform a Hardware reset to the IU unit ? Or I have to send to the authorized workshop to get it repair / replace. Any advise to be shared will be much appreciated. Regards.
  21. Wt_know

    Full Cash - T2 advise everyone

    there is pay cash ... and there is pay cash ... lol if i go Hour Glass and buy gold rolie with 24 months 0% interest is "unsecured credit" right? Debt-ridden borrowers given more time to repay bank loans Repayment scheme set up to help borrowers reduce unsecured debt
  22. I encounter car lost power then not responsive when stepping the accelerator ... then suddenly it become responsive but with a jerk ... so what can be the problem ?
  23. Hi all, Need some advise. I am scheduled for 50K servicing for my BMW 120I cabriolet and I just got it second hand. It is a 2011 model and is 5+ years old. I am considering going to juzz for cars for servicing. Need some advise if they are good and worth it? Also, I was told to change the following: 1) Engine Oil 2) Oil Engine Filter 3) Gearbox Fluid 4) Gearbox Oil Filter 5) Rear differential fluid spark plug. Is the above all necessary to change? Appreciate your advise. Thank you in advance.
  24. Hi bros, I'm keen to purchase a 2nd hand car from a direct owner. Wonder if I can get my own loan rather than going thru an agent? Which are the bank or finance company that allow us to deal directly, what is the procedure? what documents do we need? If going thru an agent, what is the fee do we need to pay? Thanks in advice
  25. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...106&DL=1086 Looking to get a spare car for zipping around during the weekends. This model looks cool with good price till I saw the total owners=6! Anyone knows the history of this car and if upkeep will be an issue for mini? TIA!