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Found 57 results

  1. Hi all, my uncle bought a second hand Toyota axio last year. Now the steering wheel will jam from time to time. Have to restart the car to get back the steering. May I know what workshop can help??? Coz they went to a few workshop and they say PI car they can't do.
  2. Good-Carbuyer

    Toyota Corolla Axio

    Hi Everyone Can share anything/comments about this car? I am looking at this among others for the next car.
  3. Hi guys, My 2009 Fielder's cooling coil is leaking. So I'm looking around for resources and some info. Probably will check with a few shops on monday but was thinking of asking if anyone with the above models have had similar issues and how much was the cost of repair? I've called 2 shops which are opened today and found that this model is more expensive than Toyota Altis which is around $330-$350. I'm probably also going to call up a few stockist to see if I can buy the coil directly but sometimes for such aircon parts it's difficult cos if it's leaking then everyone will be pushing the blame around. so probably will still go to 1 shop and get it all done.
  4. Hi all, Was told by my regular WS after servicing that engine oil started to leak from the engine valve cover & plug seal of my Toyota Axio 1.5L 2007 model. The mechanic showed me the signs which was a streak of oil flowing down and some solid deposits at the valve cover. He quoted about $400 plus including labour for the replacement. Questions: (1) Is the quote reasonable? (2) Any recommended WS if answer to (1) is no? (3) As the lifespan of my Axio is only about a year plus, should I go for re-con parts? Thank you.
  5. May I ask advise from any Axio drivers year 2008 for NZE141? Q: This model fan motor only turns when you switch on the aircon right? When the aircon is not switch on, the fan motor doesn't rotate at all. Is your Axio works the same ? Unlike my previous old car corolla & corolla, even when aircon is not on, the fan motor automatically switch on when the radiator becomes hotter and hotter It will cools down the raidator thanks alot
  6. Hi All, I would like to get an advice from bro for my case below. This morning, I went to service my car (Toyota Axio) , to check aircon intermittent cooling and normal servicing. But W/S told me I need to change aircon compressor and all 4 shock absorbers (right side at rear is leaking) and lower arm front. Total bill was S$2400.00 (They round it for me). Did I get ripped off by W/S or is the price around there? I have attached the invoice for reference. If I got ripped off, can recommend any good W/S? Thanks in advance.
  7. rickbath

    Gaps visible around headlights

    Hi All, I have noticed some gaps around my headlight area and wondering if i should get it fixed or could leave it as it is. As i am planning a drive up north this weekend i am wondering if it will make things worse with high speed. Pictures are: http://imgur.com/a/uCcri
  8. Viosbbs

    Toyota Axio 2015

    Good day, My vios now in the 8th year, looking for a direct replacement. Came across the Toyota Axio 2015, any bros have any info on the car? Seemed like a good choice to me. Thanks.
  9. Dear Members Please help me understand the meaning in the box part indicated with orange color arrow. I want to buy this car,but the auction sheet grade is R. Is it a wise decision to buy this one considering the overall condition stated in this auction sheet? Your valuable comments and suggestions will be much appreciated.
  10. Hello, I would like to buy toyota Axio x grade 2010 model's reconditioned car. Please help me to advise the following: 1. The condition and performance of gear box of Axio 2010 since I heard it has problems and needs to be fixed soon. 2. Axio 2010 or Fielder 2010 which one will be better in terms of performance Thanks in advance for your kind reply.
  11. I bet you all do not know that Axio is also used in Super GT racing! I didn't know that till I was looking up on Super GT in wiki and saw this. Wow! I have say..... Still waiting for someone to convert his Axio into this!
  12. Hi: any idea where to get rear spoiler / accessory for 2nd hand Toyota axio? (2007)
  13. There have been previous discussions on whether the Vios is worth it/not worth it. It always depends on a priority of interests; if you want something tried, tested, with cheap maintenance due to availability of parts, you have to live with the old engine and 4-speed auto gearbox which have been around since the very first rendition of Vios in 2002. I was wondering why hardly anyone brings us the option of going PI and get an Axio instead. Axio: http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=11325 Newer technology with CVT, various dealers selling, at most $115k. Vios: http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=11315 A Vios costs at least $123k now, and you all know how old the technology is. An Axio is ultimately a Corolla, which is one notch above Vios. Yet it's selling at a lower price, just because it's not from an authorised dealer. Although an Axio is smaller than the Altis, it still shares more technical underpinnings with it that should give it an advantage over the Vios. I really see no case for the Vios now.
  14. Menokiaguy

    Toyota Axio Owner Please Help

    Any Toyota Axio owner can enlighten me? What does that means when the "ECO" light blinking in RED and GREEN? Thanks.
  15. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a replacement spark plugs for my Toyota Fielder. Original plug was Denso's FK16HR11. I've checked the stockists and found that they don't carry this but do have other Iridiums/Platinums for replacement. Some of them carry FK20HR11 which I found that was the standard part for 2006-2007 Axio/Fielders. But since 2007 onwards, Toyota fitted FK16HR11 in new deliveries. I've checked the Denso catalogue for spark plugs and I didn't find the normal copper plugs equivalent. Has anyone replaced the plugs on a axio/fielder with a copper one?
  16. hey guys, dad is seriously contemplating getting the toyota axio. any comments from current users or ppl who have personal experience with the car? like anything that we should look out for? thanks!!!
  17. Sorry, never drove my previous car till mileage so high b4 ( current axio 2nd hand ), can anyone advise what to be change assuming ex owner just did normal servicing during 80k, nothing much changed. And also what's the rough cost and any good and reasonably priced workshop to recommend? Should I purchase all the parts myself before going to workshop or just leave everything to them? Thanks in advance
  18. Shouyi

    2007 Toyota Axio 1.5(A)

    Dear all, I am considering buying a 2nd hand 2007 Toyota Axio. Can exisiting owners advise if there is any major problem with the car, especially the CVT gearbox ? Thanks!
  19. Dscheng


    Hi all, I need your all opinion of choosing 08 Altis or 08 Axio? I understand that Axio is PI car while altis is agent car. 1) Axio (PI car) 1500cc Super CVT-I gearbox 110hp FC: 13~14km/L 2) Altis (agent) 1600cc 4AT 110 or 120? <-- i am not sure FC: 10~11km/L Please share the pro and con of both car, thanks.
  20. Marcostan

    New AXIO launch in Japan

    Launch on 11 May 2012
  21. Hi All, Anyone can advise where can I get as per subject ?? TIA ~~~~
  22. Dear owner, Please pm me if you are the owner of this vehicle, there is something that I would like to clarify with you. If you happen to know the owner, please help me to pass the message. Thank you.
  23. Kooky_kooky

    Toyota Axio 08 rear lights cover

    Anyone can recommend where I can get OEM or original axio rear light cover? Called autobacs but they don't stock such stuff. How much is the cost approx too?
  24. hi i am going to service my axio and will like to know where can i buy orginal axio items such as spark plug oil filter not sure if the above exist in the first place....
  25. Hi all, Anyone has got any idea which fuse corresponds to the Toyota Axio ciggy power source? Need to do a DIY on a blown fuse but do not understand the Japanese manual. Thanks.