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Found 86 results

  1. Need to replace my rear shocks (G11 Sylphy). Any difference between oil and gas-filled ones? Don't have much in the boot and usually only one passenger in the rear.
  2. I just changed 4 shock absorbers (front are Thai made Tokico and rear are japan made original Nissan) for my Nissan Latio. However, I am still feeling that the ride is still not comfortable (can feel every bump on the road). This is the same as before changing the shock absorbers. Anyone know if this mean the new shock absorbers are not good or is there something else I need to change?
  3. Hi All, I would like to get an advice from bro for my case below. This morning, I went to service my car (Toyota Axio) , to check aircon intermittent cooling and normal servicing. But W/S told me I need to change aircon compressor and all 4 shock absorbers (right side at rear is leaking) and lower arm front. Total bill was S$2400.00 (They round it for me). Did I get ripped off by W/S or is the price around there? I have attached the invoice for reference. If I got ripped off, can recommend any good W/S? Thanks in advance.
  4. My ride is a 2006 Toyota Vios and the ride is very bumpy. My passengers have complained that this is a very bumpy ride and they feel like vomitting sometimes after meals riding in my car. I am driving a 2006 Toyota vios and the mileage is about 100k. What should I do? Change the springs and shock absorbers? I am looking for a more comfortable ride.
  5. Recently changed the tyres on my 8 year old Honda CR-V, and noticed that the car veered to the left when the steering wheel is centred. Brought it for wheel alignment and the mechanic said that my front left shock absorber has hardened and advised me to change them. After alignment the car started veering to the right and they had to make some adjustments to centre it. Nonetheless, they said that it was only a temporary solution and quoted me around $1,000 (excluding GST) for replacement of the following components: - Front absorbers - Mounting - Stopper - Linkage - Anti rollbar - Rear absorbers - Stopper My shock absorbers have never been changed before, and the car is seeing around 85,000km of mileage. Should I go ahead with the repair?
  6. Hi Friends: Can anyone please advise good workshop in the east to change rear shock absorbers for Nissan Lation Sport? Any advice on brand also very welcome. Many thanks, bros.
  7. I just brought my car in for servicing - the mechanic said my shocks need to be changed - all four for $840...is this the normal price?
  8. Any idea how much mileage can they lasts? I heard Engine Mountings can last about 120 K. wonder if its true
  9. An interesting insight into the eyes of Expat kids serving their NS. Hard to imagine living in Singapore and yet not made a single local friend. If you have 10 mins of time while drinking kopi in office, it's worth a read. http://ricemedia.co/culture-people-expat-kids-national-service-culture-shock/
  10. SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) has come to the rescue of Tiger Airways again – this time with hard cash. The national carrier will be injecting up to S$140 million to plug the budget carrier's haemorrhage - PHOTO: SPH 18 Oct5:50 AM Singapore SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) has come to the rescue of Tiger Airways again – this time with hard cash. The national carrier will be injecting up to S$140 million to plug the budget carrier's haemorrhage. The funds will be part of a proposed rights issue Tigerair announced on Friday to raise S$234 million. With its regional ambitions savaged by fierce competition, Tiger on Friday unveiled a staggering net loss of S$182.4 million for its fiscal second quarter ended Sept 30, 2014, compared with a net profit of S$23.8 million a year ago. It also proposed a rights issue of about 1.2 billion new shares priced at 20 Singapore cents each, a 38 per cent discount to its close of 32.5 cents a share on Thursday. SIA, which holds a 40 per cent stake in the company, said it will subscribe to its entitlement and excess rights shares, up to S$140 million. "Singapore Air is rescuing Tigerair," said K Ajith, a Singapore-based analyst at UOB Kay Hian. "With the conversion of securities and rights offering, there will be less risk to the balance sheet. I don't foresee Tigerair needing more funds after this." Prior to the rights issue, SIA will convert its 189.39 million perpetual convertible capital securities (PCCS) holdings into shares. The conversion will raise SIA's stake in Tigerair from 40 per cent to about 55 per cent, and possibly up to 71 per cent after the rights issue, assuming SIA is the only one to subscribe for its rights and convert its PCCS. SIA will not be making a general offer as Tigerair's minority shareholders had approved a whitewash resolution in March 2013 to waive their rights to receive a general offer as a result of the PCCS conversion. In another telling development, Tigerair said it was exiting Australia, barely months after it exited Indonesia and the Philippines. It will sell its remaining 40 per cent stake in loss-making Tigerair Australia to Virgin Australia for A$1 – Virgin paid A$35 million for its existing 60 per cent stake barely 14 months ago. The estimated net loss arising from the sale is S$60.1 million. "We need to now stem the losses arising from this joint venture and divert our resources back towards our Singapore-based airline in the execution of the turnaround plan," said Lee Lik Hsin, Tiger's chief executive since May and an SIA veteran for 20 years. Dubbed the "Sale of the Century" by some analysts, the move was largely expected given that Tigerair Australia has been suffering operating losses since it started its services in Australia in 2007. Its financial woes worsened after safety breaches grounded its entire fleet in Australia in 2011. Already, the group's plunge into the red for the second quarter ended Sept 30 included S$161.1 million in one-off accounting provisions, comprising S$59.8 million for the divestment of Tiger Australia and S$99.3 million related to the sublease of surplus aircraft which it was forced to sublet at a discount to address its over-capacity headaches. While analysts said it made sense for Tigerair to do a reset and focus on its Singapore carrier and its tie-up with Scoot - SIA's other no-frills, low-fare airline - many were surprised by the extent of the "value destruction". "Shareholders must ask SIA and Tigerair for an explanation. Who's running the show? Details are sorely lacking," said an analyst. Tigerair also needs to convince investors it still has a growth strategy, now that its regional wings have been clipped. "They need to address a strategy going forward because they have divested Australia, they are out of Indonesia, out of the Philippines, so what next now?" said Derrick Heng, analyst at Maybank-Kim Eng. "Are they going to stay as a standalone unit just in Singapore? That will put them at a disadvantage to other players like AirAsia, which is growing across the whole region." It is too early to say if SIA was throwing good money after bad. "On paper, all these make sense. Scoot and Tigerair have lots of synergies they can tap. But how the alliance will pen out, it is still a wait-and-see situation," said an analyst with a foreign bank. Tigerair shares fell almost 11 per cent to a record low of S$0.29 apiece before recovering to end Friday at S$0.31, down 4.6 per cent on the day and nearly 40 per cent so far this year. SIA, a unit of Temasek, was unchanged at S$9.65 a share. In Australia, local media reported that Virgin Australia signalled it plans to cut a bloated Tiger Australia fleet that has hobbled its own turnaround efforts. http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/companies-markets/sia-rescues-bleeding-tigerair-after-shock-s1824m-q2-loss
  11. Hi , anyone with experience with the mentioned shock absorbers? The KYB quote was about $80 more than the Tokico (change all 4). Care to give comments? Wonder if i should pay more for the KYB. Thanks.
  12. Ronnieseah

    Used shock absorber

    hi,got a vios left 9mths only. need to change shock absorber, where can I find place that sell used car parts?
  13. Hi all, My Fielder's rear shock absorbers are getting squeaky recently and it doesn't go away (done 80k+ km). On inspection, it looks as if oil has leaked from the left rear absorber. I've checked with a Ric Tat and the original part is only $60+ ea. I believe it's oil ones. Not gas since it's so cheap. The stockist had no idea. I've checked with Yuen Thong and they have KYB replacement which is gas. cost $98+ ea for the rears. The fronts are $138+ ea. I used to buy KYB from Chin hon and I think they are quite cheap but unfortunately they don't carry this model for Fielder. Just wondering if anyone has anything to share esp if they are driving Toyota Fielder / Axio.
  14. Sorry, just realized post in the wrong session. Mod, pls delete the thread in http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...682392&hl=* Any good place to recommend for aftermarket or original parts?
  15. Hi Bros! Need some advise on where to change shock absorbers for my W169 A Class. My car shock absorbers are squeaky when I go over humps. Car has done around 80,000km. I brought to C&C for regular servicing and they want to charge me $180 to check the shock absorbers (just to check and not do anything!). They also said my undercarriage could be in bad condition and the shock absorbers could cost up to $10K to replace - naturally I declined, sounds way too expensive. Any suggestions on where else I can go? Thanks in advance.
  16. Last Sunday morning which was 24/01/16, I was on my way from SG to JB and as usual, there was a heavy jam. Through this 1hr plus of jam, I saw few things which made me think twice before buying conti cars. First I saw a Volvo X40 which put hazard light in the middle of jam and stop moving Then 1 WW Golf turn right to siam the volvo and hit my rear bumper, he act blur wana drive away(in a jam). He say got hit meh, then he said cause that Volvo put hazard light blah blah blah. I let him go cause my picanto is scrapping soon and my scratch is very minor but the Golf scratches is so obvious and big. Then I saw the Volvo start his car and travel a while before his car die again Then I saw the Golf who hit me also car die half way. Like seriously, Wtf is wrong with those cars. Lol
  17. Hi my old trusty Kia picanto may have to renew COE for another 5yrs. do any one know the estimate price to replace the front and back absorber (including Labour)
  18. Anyone got contact for recondition of shock absober??? Singapore or Malaysia... Dont tell me get new one cos...... Thanks a million. Cheers
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLtPY06LEhw Sometimes on bumpy road, even with a good shock absorber, it can still be uncomfortable. Has anyone mounted the rubber shock absorber for the springs. Does it work as claim before and after mounting the rubber absorber?
  20. I just realized the rubber cover of the rear absorber has disintegrated . Will it create any problem,? Need to replace?
  21. Hi guys, need to change my BM E60 shocks as its already leaking, will order one set new shocks from US, any bro could recommend one shop can do the labour installation with good skill? ofcos with alinetment done together, tks
  22. any fellow bros have replaced avante shock absorbers before? any recommended ws and wats the damage? heard from my ws during the last servicing tat the front n back is due to change liao... Thanks in advance for your input and have a nice day ahead
  23. Friedpiggy

    Shock absorber change

    Does changing front n rear shock absorber require any form of alignment or balancing? I just bought a set of absorbers from stockist and looking for recommendations for place to change. Also like to check if there s any decent panel beat spray paint ws in amk autopoint2 ? Don't need super good, just decent will do wig reasonable pricing. Need to do my front bumper that kiss the wall.
  24. Hi Guys, My car has some ' cloak claok ' sounds on turning corner, how to know its time to change. THx
  25. Hi all The ride of my 3 year old Teana is quite harsh and i suspect the shock absorbers may have been leaking. Does anyone have any experience in terms of changing shock absorber for this car and which brand is better ? OEM vs After market?