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Found 30 results

  1. My ride is a 2006 Toyota Vios and the ride is very bumpy. My passengers have complained that this is a very bumpy ride and they feel like vomitting sometimes after meals riding in my car. I am driving a 2006 Toyota vios and the mileage is about 100k. What should I do? Change the springs and shock absorbers? I am looking for a more comfortable ride.
  2. Recently changed the tyres on my 8 year old Honda CR-V, and noticed that the car veered to the left when the steering wheel is centred. Brought it for wheel alignment and the mechanic said that my front left shock absorber has hardened and advised me to change them. After alignment the car started veering to the right and they had to make some adjustments to centre it. Nonetheless, they said that it was only a temporary solution and quoted me around $1,000 (excluding GST) for replacement of the following components: - Front absorbers - Mounting - Stopper - Linkage - Anti rollbar - Rear absorbers - Stopper My shock absorbers have never been changed before, and the car is seeing around 85,000km of mileage. Should I go ahead with the repair?
  3. Hi Friends: Can anyone please advise good workshop in the east to change rear shock absorbers for Nissan Lation Sport? Any advice on brand also very welcome. Many thanks, bros.
  4. I just brought my car in for servicing - the mechanic said my shocks need to be changed - all four for $840...is this the normal price?
  5. Any idea how much mileage can they lasts? I heard Engine Mountings can last about 120 K. wonder if its true
  6. Hi , anyone with experience with the mentioned shock absorbers? The KYB quote was about $80 more than the Tokico (change all 4). Care to give comments? Wonder if i should pay more for the KYB. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, My Fielder's rear shock absorbers are getting squeaky recently and it doesn't go away (done 80k+ km). On inspection, it looks as if oil has leaked from the left rear absorber. I've checked with a Ric Tat and the original part is only $60+ ea. I believe it's oil ones. Not gas since it's so cheap. The stockist had no idea. I've checked with Yuen Thong and they have KYB replacement which is gas. cost $98+ ea for the rears. The fronts are $138+ ea. I used to buy KYB from Chin hon and I think they are quite cheap but unfortunately they don't carry this model for Fielder. Just wondering if anyone has anything to share esp if they are driving Toyota Fielder / Axio.
  8. Hi Bros! Need some advise on where to change shock absorbers for my W169 A Class. My car shock absorbers are squeaky when I go over humps. Car has done around 80,000km. I brought to C&C for regular servicing and they want to charge me $180 to check the shock absorbers (just to check and not do anything!). They also said my undercarriage could be in bad condition and the shock absorbers could cost up to $10K to replace - naturally I declined, sounds way too expensive. Any suggestions on where else I can go? Thanks in advance.
  9. any fellow bros have replaced avante shock absorbers before? any recommended ws and wats the damage? heard from my ws during the last servicing tat the front n back is due to change liao... Thanks in advance for your input and have a nice day ahead
  10. Hi all, I drive allion '08 model. Recently my front absorbers is giving way and need to replace. Can anyone advise me whether can allion use kyb excel G absorbers? Heard it's good. And how much will it cost? Thanks
  11. Hi all The ride of my 3 year old Teana is quite harsh and i suspect the shock absorbers may have been leaking. Does anyone have any experience in terms of changing shock absorber for this car and which brand is better ? OEM vs After market?
  12. Anyone else noticed or is it me, that the re-surfacing of the roads are crappy. Even on highways, the roads are uneven dempening what could be a relaxing drive. Are we not paying enough road taxes or ERP charges to warrant a higher standard of road maintenance? Also, I have notice the lack of those big roller machines that smoothen out the road at some road work areas, which only mean that somewhere down the line, someone is cutting the cost.
  13. one of my absorber is leaking,do i change both or the leaking one?
  14. Furrynadz

    Chevolet optra absorbers

    hi anyone changed before absorbers and top mount/bearing? can advice price of the parts?
  15. My poor car cross about 50 speed humps a day, excluding speed regulating strips. This type of usage, how long can the shock absorbers last? Can last 10 years? I tried bouncing the car, but the suspension is too firm, I can hardly move it. My wife ill treat the car by crossing the humps at up to 60 km/h.
  16. Hi Bros, Looking to change my Shock Absorber to aftermarket ones, anybody here got any relatively new ones for sale? any less than 1.5 year in use? Any good good ones to reccd apart from bilstein?
  17. Sifu, My left front absorber is spoiled. How many absorber should I change at the same time ? Read KYB website recommending to change all four at the same time, but felt that's overdoing. So am checking with MCF sifu. Thanks for your help
  18. Ken1898

    Shock absorbers

    Hi, how much is the repair cost for shock absorbers? Currently oil leak.. Any lobang? Asking behalf for a friend on his Altis.
  19. Othello

    Absorbers kaput ?

    Fact 1 : Car is 2.5 yrs old Fact 2 : Lowered using ABT springs 10 mths back Fact 3 : I am feeling every DAMN thing on the road recently ( 2 weeks) Conclusion : Time to change to stiffer shocks ?
  20. Just DIY changed all my 4 absorbers with my papa from morning till afternoon after that sent the car for alignment. then come back washed and polished the car.. waaa.. almost want to die liao then after changed realised back absorbers are still ok, only the 2 front absorbers damaged, shouldn't have bought the back one anyway, the DIY results is 4 absorbers RM$550 (back is jepun made, front is MY made, all original N16 absorbers) alignment RM$15 total = RM$565 or ~SGD$250
  21. Posting on the behalf for my friend whom owns a 2004 Kelisa Would like to know where can he get gas shock absorbers like KYB, Tokico ... for his ride He has checked with Chin Hon Motors but they are not carrying KYB for Kelisa Would appreciate if you guys could help Thanks in advance If this topic has been discussed before, please pardon me cos i have tried using the 'Search' function but got not much information on it
  22. Plakatboy

    Shock absorbers

    Hi, driving a B14 Nissan Sunny. Shocks are due for change. Mechanic quoted $500 + for Sachs absorbers. Anyone got recommendation to do it at a cheaper price? I'm considering going to JB this Saturday to check out the workshops there. Any good recommendation as well? Thanks in advance.
  23. hi, do u have any recommended places for me to get after-mkt shock absorbers? need to change my stock absorbers. thanks.
  24. Nightfalls

    Koni Shock Absorbers

    Bros.... any body knows the distributor or whoelsaler for the above? thanks
  25. Yorkshire

    Shock absorbers...

    any good recommendation on the above? not performance, but looking for a comfort ride.. i'm driving a lancer...