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  1. Mzrmazda3

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    I'm driving a 2017 Vezel with Honda Sensing .... Ride coming to 2.5 years, never had such an issue on 'Christmas Lights' ... Touch Wood But I off my 'Start Stop button' every time after i start my car's engine, use Redline S-1 injector cleaner every 5K in mileage and have seldom used that 'Eco' mode. Used a K&N air filter too since day 1... This is the first time i heard got Christmas Lights issue .... Must pray hard that i don't kena liao ...
  2. Mzrmazda3

    Start review of caning in schools

    Old flowery eyes.... 😨 Type salah also dunno... 😩 Paiseh.... 😬
  3. Mzrmazda3

    Start review of caning in schools

    Corporate punishment i.e Public caning should not be abolished .... Some of these Gin Na belongs to those category of 'No Hamtum No Wake Up' type If one never commit any grave mistake, why one should be worry about tio corporate punishment in school Counselling and follow-up guidance to some gin na are just bull shxt to them niah Above are my personal opinion ..... which may not be in trend with some ....
  4. Must be forgotten to eat his 'Siao Yo' aka mental health medicine in the morning
  5. Karchng tio poked
  6. Mzrmazda3

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    The basic 2019 Mz3 now below 90K .. Might be able to attract a number of sales for it
  7. Guess this will contribute 1 more COE for the next quarter quota liao ....
  8. This fellow is Speeding Blindly or Blindly Speeding
  9. Mzrmazda3

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    As long as it is an iPhone .... Sure got die hard fans to queue for it .... Those with free lines can book and flip prata again ... Huat Ah!!!
  10. Have not seen any petrol kiosk selling Redline stuff. You can get it from MX Trading
  11. Mzrmazda3

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Maybe you can check with JDM Autocare for your MZ6 rear spoiler. Their website @ www.jdm.com.sg 😀
  12. Mzrmazda3

    Toddler dies at Jewel Changi Airport

    When no shxt happen, everyone will be carrying on as usual .... When shxt happen, everyone will be pinpointing at each other ... and it's never their own fault one... Sorry if my comments sounds shxtty
  13. Mzrmazda3

    What to Do During a Road Traffic Accident

    Hope those involved in the accident are not too badly hurted You have done a good deed
  14. I'm driving a B&B ride with direct injection and using the Redline SI-1 every 5000km. Mileage is about 41K from new and touch wood, so far have not experience vibration of any sort.
  15. Mzrmazda3

    Women Almost Got Killed at Little India MRT

    So the 1st to board was autistic and the 2nd one whom forcefully force her way through the closed doors is the care giver .... Me still thought is the opposite role ... Paiseh ... Ang Mo no good is like this ... My bad ...