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  1. Barcode

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    And they were pushing for buyers to take the 5-yr servicing offers at the showroom. What about you? What did u pay for and did you get it?
  2. Barcode

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Exactly. Can understand easily if those who paid same or higher price got it, as naturally there will be some losers and winners. But a little hard to understand why some paid lesser and got it. Not exactly angry but feel strange.
  3. Barcode

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    No leh, only the standard front/rear cams and the solar film were given as freebies, nothing else. Car traded in was my COE car. To think of it now, should have scrapped myself instead. Color chosen was not in the ready stock list though.
  4. Barcode

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Yup, i think we are on the same package which is $75999 4-bids with 5-yr servicing. They gave me option for 2k rebate if i go for 3-yr servicing instead. I was actually ok with the 3-yr servicing but then i didn't go for it as i felt it will lower the chances of getting COE.
  5. Barcode

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Can't help but to add my input here. Even if it's not his friend who got it at $73999, there really is someone who got the COE at $73999 from the other thread. Click the link below, and read the 8th post from the bottom. I am also in the same situation as you. I book S on 1st weekend at $75999 with 4-bid package and was outbidded yesterday at $28280. SE also told me don't take 2k rebate to increase my chances. Feel like a fool now. http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2710960-coe-bidding-2nd-round-of-july-2018/page-11
  6. Barcode

    Haunted office

    Can try putting expired food and drinks on your desk...
  7. Barcode

    Some advise about converting to OPC...

    bro, may I know what is "actual green rebate" ?
  8. Was there a few weeks ago, saw 1 signboard stating "We have moved to Yew Tee Ind Estate Blk 6, Unit 399J, Open daily 8pm-8am" ... but i drove to the Ind Estate after that but could not find them there. Only got lots of workshops with narrow roads. Another signboard reads "New car wash outlet open on 1/7/2011, At 336 woodlands Rd Former Caltex Stn, 7pm-7am daily" Wonder where is this? Is this at the closed down petrol station near the junction/U-Turn before picket and rail?
  9. Barcode

    Most mismatched car and driver

    In my company, the carpark is filled with Honda Fits, Lancers, Vios etc... pretty nice new cars all driven by the junior engineers, while the engineering manager himself rides an old scooter
  10. Barcode

    Samsung omnia - Current users please come in

    hey bro, can advise whether a 10MB BB mobile plan is sufficient if just using msn on the hp for say 3-4 hrs a day? singtel got $10/mth plan for 10MB, 50GB will cost $22 TIA
  11. Barcode

    Rolls Royce in a HDB carpark

    Mitsuoka cars are really an eye sore
  12. Barcode

    Monk joins punters' queue at S'pore Pools outlet

    If i am not wrong, the guy is not a policeman, he is a cisco officer.. judging from his metallic collar badge.
  13. Barcode

    Dummy QQ Driver Blocks Traffic

    Don't let your ego grow so big lah... live and let live... got yellow box let ppl cut out lah, in front jammed also wat.. how much time u think u can save? I met a yellow cab driver who stopped his cab in front of a yellow box when traffic in his lane stopped... then i inched my way out, only to see that cab driver shaking his head at me... Lamers like this cab driver, and you yourself, ought to go for refresher course as well as go for mental counselling... think your brains something wrong already Engine on, brain also must on
  14. 1) why would i need to recognise every car make and model so accurately? i am no car salesman. 2) With the bright streetlights, the car headlights and the close distance, it's not hard to see the facial expressions of MFs, especially when they are gesturing and shaking their head pathetically. 3) Would u care to advise me then, how else would u have moved out of the exit in that case? Note there is a lorry blocking TOTALLY my view of oncoming traffic. Picture this - you are going to make a right turn into a 2-way BUSY main road but your view of traffic from your right is blocked TOTALLY. If I wasn't going to move into the yellow box once traffic has stopped, how else could i have move out safely? Should i make a guess, turn out suddenly and pray for good luck? If the lorry wasn't blocking my view then of course i could have waited until a good opportunity comes for me to make my turn. OK...my point now is nowadays people are sometimes tend to act smarter than they really, trying to look clever. Very dangerous on the road/internet nowadays lately indeed.