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Found 10 results

  1. Link The problem all started when the Sr staffs were retrenched, resigned, retired and asked to leave. When she took over how many senior staff with years of experience and trained by experts from Japan, England and Hong Kong that did not agreed with her was removed and replaced with young people with paper qualifications and have not the slightest idea of how to run a train system. There these young management staff tried to impress her by backstabbing each other, come out with hairbrain ideas or quick fix solutions that did not sound in the long run. Well guess what after 10 years of this type of sh.it from a well oiled and smooth running system she ran it to the ground. Mark my words as long as she is in the helm surrounded by her clueless dogs there will be no improvment. That was the time I took a serious look at my retirement plan. Then came her waves of cost cutting measures, buying of cheap spares that looks good on paper but can't even last till the next round of preventive maintainance, reduce the manpower to all sections working at skeleton crew level. The last straw came when some of my junior staffs was not satisfied with the way they were graded and the amount they got compare to what their bosses got. They brough it up to the union and HR and they got the same reply " The door is always open". That was when I knew the sh.it has hit the ceiling and I took my earily retirment and joined my fellow former co-workers.
  2. Darryn

    Starhub Network Kaput

    Starhub mobile phone network is down - does anyone know why?
  3. Anyone change their engine mounting before? What is the damage? I called a few workshop, the price is in the range of $400 ~ $500. What is buy parts here and fix them in JB? If yes, which workshop in JB offer good workmanship? Thanks all sifus...
  4. Hi All, can shed some background of the main function of the above. My failed yesterday after hitting an object on the road and damage the wiring to the sensor . My Dashboard console yellow alert light came on. Engine running still normal, not sure what the impact in the long run, fuel consumption, inspection or exhaust CO2 ? Casper
  5. As in the title. Finally sent the car to AD. They troubleshoot and found that ignition is a little weak which is hard to believe. Coils changed at 110k and at 145k, changed the ignition wire set. Then they most likely tried and found that injector number 2 can't fire. They are now checking the electronic connections. My hunch is that there is signal from the ECU since CNG is smooth as butter. CNG "ECU" is just a pulse converter copying the petrol injector signals and then modifying the timing slightly. Either the connection towards the injector failed or the injector itself is a goner. My suspicion is that the injector is a goner. This problem manifested itself slowly since 130k which is the start of this year. At first there is the backfiring just after start up. It just disappears after awhile. I even went on a trip up north in Sep with speeds hitting 140. Now, I have flashing CEL. Car is still with the AD. Full diagnosis tomorrow. I think I'm the first car in this forum to have petrol injector failure.
  6. Hi bros, I have been driving around for the past week with this laggy superb. The rpm took longer than usual to climb and I dont feel the turbo kick in at all. The power after 3000rpm is flat all the way to 6200rpm which cause me headache in ns highway. Any superb owners encounter the same problem? Need your advise urgently. Usually I will hear the turbo spool at 3rd gear.....now I dont hear it spooling anymore
  7. Othello

    Absorbers kaput ?

    Fact 1 : Car is 2.5 yrs old Fact 2 : Lowered using ABT springs 10 mths back Fact 3 : I am feeling every DAMN thing on the road recently ( 2 weeks) Conclusion : Time to change to stiffer shocks ?
  8. Hoppe

    Water Pump Kaput

    Today's a black Monday for me. Last nite, quarreled with MIL. This morning, fetching my wife to work...on the way, termo hit red-line! Got my car towed to my mechanic at Sin Ming ($40) from UE Sq. Then got the pump replaced ($40) + some hoses. Total damage $80 + 40(tow) = $120! KNS... Not a good day. But... I finally SOLVED my fluctuating RPM issue!! Guess, my pump was gonna go anyways. Got so mad, went to SLS after that and got a DVD writer.
  9. Guys, I wanna know what are some sure signs that the suspension is near it's life span and time for a change? Normally just need to change the absorbers, springs no need right? I'm hearing some knocking sound at low speed, but it's really on-off and not over humps. So wondering if it is time to change sus...
  10. The air-con of my repossessed Stream kaput on my second day. Went to top up the air-con gas already, but most likely, I think there is a leak. Can someone help me on the price of new parts for 2001 Honda 2.0L ( i.e. with air-con for the back as well ): a) air-con coil b) compressor Thanks in advance as this month is tough on me, after all the road tax, insurance, down payment, servicing, etc. [ See, I told you ! Cheap stuff no good. ( but expensive stuff not necessary good )]