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  1. http://www.nocountryforoldmicra.com/ Incredible. All the best to them.
  2. Genie47

    Bagless vacuum: Any recommendations?

    Dyson has a service centre at Thye Hong Centre next to Redhil MRT station. Don't give up on it. My DC08 got renewed with a new bin and radix assembly. The motor can be easily replaced. For the DC08 that is. Dunno about the DC19. Videos on the motor replacement for the DC08. You can buy the motor off from some spare parts places on the Internet or you can just go over to Dyson service centre at Thye Hong Centre. OK found it. Video from Vacuumsmart again. Replacing the motor on the DC19. You are saved!
  3. Genie47

    Are you a Schattenparker?

    This word does not exist in the English language. It is from German and it fills a lexicon gap. It means a person who would prefer to park in the shade to prevent the car interior from being heated up. Pronounced as shaten-parker. So next time, confound your friends. Tell them you are a schattenparker if you are one.I know you are.
  4. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    Interesting talk on the power consumption from the garden web. http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/appl/...2130919676.html Yes, plumbing a hot water intake will reduce the energy consumption since the water heater which is much more efficient at water heating will take the load. So the Bosch takes around 0.8-1.x kWh.
  5. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    OK, Bosch machines are all measured at Eco mode. This write up is done from India. http://www.bijlibachao.com/Appliances/best...n-in-india.html Ranges from 0.82-1.02kWh. So 300kWh pa is thereabouts for any dishwasher now.
  6. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    OK I just finished the quick wash last night. Not something I would use. The most oily dish still had oil on it. Further to this, it does not dry the dishes so you do save on energy and water (Bosch uses the hot water to dry the dishes). So you have to take them out to dry. So I would say if want economy use the Eco cycle which caps the water temperature to 50 deg C. There is a half load button which reduces the water and time which means reduced consumption. So the combi option for me from now on will be Eco+1/2 load. The EU energy rating for this model is A+ at 294kW per annum. I believe this is based on the normal automatic cycle. So with Eco mode and 1/2 load, you will use less. Fisher&Paykel's DishDrawer series (I drool with envy looking at them) draws 0.4kWh on Eco mode for a load. If you take the electricity costs at 26 cents/kW and suppose you use it 6 times a week, that is 62 cents a week. Count 52 weeks a year if you don't take vacations it is roughly $32 a year. On normal without Eco, it runs 0.58kW and on intensive full heating to 70 deg C water it draws 0.68kW. This is independently tested by some gurus at some home-ec forum which is ironically dominated by men I think it does save a lot more if you use hot water for the inlet. The Bosch instruction manual says it takes between 45-60 deg water. I might get the plumber to pipe that over for a more efficient clean. I use a gas on-demand heater at home. My mom made some cheesy stuff and now I have baked on cheesy stuff to wash. Time to try INTENSTIVE MODE! But first I have to clean out the oven which she left a mess. OK to answer you about salt. No, the salt is not used as a detergent. It is used to recharge the ion exchanger in the DW. I think it will run out very slowly because our water is soft to slightly hard if you take 8.7 Clarke degrees as the upper limit of soft. No the DW will not smell. Smell comes from germs growing. I doubt germs will grow when the DW is working properly with the detergent at high temperature.
  7. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    Dunno yet. Operational since Sat. Right now, I just set it to the SG conditions using the manual. The PUB page on water hardness has the water averaging at 59 mg/L of CaCO3 equivalent but the range is from 32-119 mg/L. I did some conversion and this 2.24-8.33 Clarke degrees courtesy of this site. http://users.tinyonline.co.uk/chrisshort/waterhard.htm On the manual, it can safely use the H:0 setting but that will mean disabling the water softener unit in the dishwasher. So I set to H:01 which 9.0 Clarke degree starts. You can add salt into the dishwasher receptical and this salt does not get used on your dishes. Basically it is used to recharge the water softener. It is basically a ion-exchange unit. Since the water is soft, rinsing shouldn't produce any water spots but as a precaution, I put in the rinse aid this time. You can set the amount of rinse aid to use and I set it to the lowest available which is R:01. Going to zero will disable the rinse aid unit. I want my dishes to come out ghim ghim. Going for the 30min quick wash today to see how effective it is on everyday normal use.
  8. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    OK the most pek chek part about this purchase? I bought it last week at 999 but this week the Courts sale has it going for 888.
  9. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    Our water is soft so I wouldn't worry much about the deposits. http://www.pub.gov.sg/general/watersupply/...ngWQReport.aspx Conductivity is a measure of the hardness. The range is 89-401 uS/cm and the average is 187. The TDS is around 120 which is soft. http://www.globalw.com/support/hardness.html This translates to less than 0.1 mg/L of CaCO3 equivalent. Using the German degrees scale that the Bosch uses, this is very soft water at 0.01 degrees. So you can safely use the hardness level of zero. Rinse aid might not even be necessary.
  10. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    Sparkly clean. The energy consumption I've yet to see the effect. So far, I've tried out the auto (45-65 deg C), Eco (50 deg C) which took longer. The 70 deg C intensive which obviously took the shortest about of time because of the higher heat of the water. Tonight I will check out the quick 30 min wash that uses 45 deg C water. The Bosch needs to set the water hardness level. All the while I was using it at d05 hardness. SG water is actually d01 so I just set it last night. Yes, it means the past few days I've been treating our water as hard water so the washer might be using more effort than needed. The detergent I've been using is Somat3 which is a 3-in-1 (wash-water softener salt-rinse aid). I will be trying out the Finish powder for tonight's 30 min wash. I was warned by the manual that the tablet might not dissolve well for such a short wash at 45 deg C. This might mean I need to use the rinse aid but will see how without it for now. Anyway, you can use a very cheap rinse aid which is white vinegar. The whole idea is to optimize for my daily washes to balance power economy.
  11. Genie47

    Dishwasher, now the machine not a person

    My sink is beside the service balcony. Got it already and using it. Fiddling around with the settings like changing the default water hardness, rinse aid addition and drying program.
  12. It did cross my mind but I cannot sink to the same level as Stalin.
  13. At least you can nurse the car off the expressway. Imagine a fully loaded car, damn painful slow to nurse it off the expressway.
  14. Sibeh suay. My case, once EMAS arrived, I hurriedly moved everyone into the tow truck. Was like hostage transfer. What compounded it was my MIL can't walk well and I had to literally haul her ass up the truck.
  15. You got to go really far away from the armco. I mean really far. If the weather does not permit, you have to stay in the car. No bloody choice. Give me a tire puncture or a breakdown anywhere but the expressway.