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Found 1,596 results

  1. Hi All, I am a newbie here and intend to purchase a used car which was sent for STA evaluation. The overall grading was B, made with following remarks: 1. VEHICLE TRANSMISSION HOUSING SIGN OF STAINS 2. VEHICLE DRIVESHAFT GREASE SIGN OF STAINS 3. VEHICLE REAR BRAKE DISCS SIGN OF WORN 4. VEHICLE FRONT PANEL SIGN OF TOUCH UP 5. VEHICLE FRONT WINDSCREEN 70% 6. VEHICLE FRONT WINDOW 73% 7. VEHICLE REAR WINDSCREEN 49% 8. VEHICLE REAR WINDOW 57% Should I be worried about the above comments? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi all, Recently bought a 2nd hand honda civic and due for sta inspection soon. Previous owner did some modification to the car. Was told that the HID ballast lights would not pass STA inspection and i need to blind it. May i know how do i go about covering or blinding it? Am i able to do it myself or do i have to bring it down to a mechanic? Help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm going to Italy in June for two weeks. Going Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Any tips on things to look out for? Any things that I should or must buy? Any restaurant or food that I must try? Any places that is out of the ordinary that I should or must go? Appreciate everyone's contribution. Thank you! Rayd8or
  4. Hi all, Just graduated from TED Automotive Diploma and interested in applying for jobs. But im not sure what i have to do or look out for with regards to CV or applying for job as have no prior job experience before as i am a fresh grad. Want to apply at Nissan but they dont have a specific job opening, they just say to email resume to them. So not sure what to say when emailing them. Has anyone applied for or working at car companies at the moment? Thanks in advance!
  5. My parents condo unit is leaking water badly in recent days. The water is coming into the unit from the cracks in the corner of the bed room is so bad, one full pail of blackish water accumulated in rain of yesterday when I went to check at 6pm. Complained to the management. They said the outside wall no cracks, so cannot be from the wall. The exterior hired contractor did the water test on one other unit above(who also faced water leaks into unit) and and the contractor dared to claim the wall is not the problem. The contractor claimed the water leaked into the window frame of the unit above and somehow leaked thru the crakes in the concrete to the unit below. This contractor really know how to taichi their responsibility. This same contractor was paid close to $1mill by the condo to patch up all cracks and repaint the condo in 2011. So now the warranty period the same contractor tried to taichi the problem away, and the joke is the management also kena hoodwinked by them. The contractor told the management to ask the window manufacturer how to seal up the water drain holes on the window frame, as the leaks happen due to water accumulate in the frame! If the water leak is around the window frame, then it's may be from the windows. But the leak is coming from the ceiling concrete cracked line(visible cracke lines in the ceiling concrete). Still the contractor insist that my parents ask the upper floor uniti to test water on their window frame to identify the water leak. I heard what my parent told me........I was stunt. Any one here is waterproofing expert? I need to patch up the cracks in my parents unit ceiling and wall. I need some expert that can apply pressure injection expoxy into the cracked lines into the concrete. To stop the water leakage. I don't care about the outside wall cracks as no-one believed the water came from the cracked outside wall n hard to identify the cracked outside wall because a fresh coat of paint was applied to the entire estate in 2011 reprinting exercise. Any one can recommend a expert ceiling crack repair expert?
  6. MustShareMail: Mental Health Issues Are Important To Recognise Amidst The Pandemic https://mustsharenews.com/increase-mental-health-awareness/ Dear Must Share News, I would like to share my honest opinions and feelings related to the issue of mental health amidst the Covid-19 pandemic with the hope that awareness will be increased even as we move forward towards an endemic post-Covid world. The recent tragic incident at River Valley High School (RVHS) has shined the spotlight on mental health issues amongst our school-going children. Education is key in shaping the future of our nation and schools are a place to learn, nurture and grow. But with this incident, will the Education Ministry and the Government finally realise that mental health issues are important and that it will see the light of the day of it being discussed openly. The biggest hope would also be that more companies also recognise mental health issues as a condition that some employees might face amidst the pandemic. At this point of the pandemic where everyone is feeling restless and exhausted after more than a year, the government should also realise that our society is already stressed enough, made worse by the pandemic. Policies can also be drawn up for the benefit of everyone to seek redress on mental health issues and not let it go silent once investigations into this incident are over. Thank you. Best Regards, Winn
  7. PLEASE feel free to post any of your car related problems, we will be able to give advises and also free diagnostics works for your vehicle woes. You might want to create a new posting under this thread for your queries. DYNAMICS MECHANIC - THE BOUTIQUE GARAGE 184 WOODLANDS INDUSTRIAL PARK E5 #01-03/04 SINGAPORE 757514 HOTLINE : 6363 5112
  8. Neutrino

    Mobile Phone plan help needed

    I don't use a mobile phone and my missus only uses a couple of dollars worth of whatever a month. But she just told me that M1 are scrapping nearly all of their 19 mobile plans and reducing them to just two, the cheapest of which cost S$25 per month. Is this correct. She said Singtel and Starhub already do this. Is there a Mobile Plan with any provider which would suit her small usage. Thanks.
  9. Discoburg

    Plumber Recommendations please!

    Need a plumber recommendation. Anyone?
  10. Sugar

    Help! I Need A Plumber !

    Anyone can recommend me a honest plumber? My toilet bowl choked. Last time i got a plumber, i kenna carrot head
  11. Met this Deaf and Mute Russian Biker along the walkway around OG (Albert Complex)/Fu Lu Shou/The Bencoolen, saw him asking passerby to read his notes but most people walking there are Chinese and many of them can't read a word of English and so they just walk away. I went over and donated a few $ to his cause and using my phone's Notes function and key in English to him that most of the passerby along there don't really understand English so I will try to translate it into Chinese Characters and pass it to him this weekend. Me 'England' and 'Chinese' also '1/2 pail water' only I used Google to Translate and this is the result: "I want to enter The Guinness book of records as the only deaf and mute individual who has traveled all the former soviet union, europe, africa, australia, asia and the americas on a motocycle. Russia. www.yarets.com" "我想进入吉尼斯世界纪录作为唯一的聋哑个人谁走过所有的前苏联,欧洲,非洲,澳大利亚,亚洲和美洲的摩托车。俄罗斯. www.yarets.com" "Can you help me with some petrol? Thanks you very much for your kind support !!!" "你能帮助我的一些汽油?谢谢你的热心支持!!!"
  12. May I ask advise from any Axio drivers year 2008 for NZE141? Q: This model fan motor only turns when you switch on the aircon right? When the aircon is not switch on, the fan motor doesn't rotate at all. Is your Axio works the same ? Unlike my previous old car corolla & corolla, even when aircon is not on, the fan motor automatically switch on when the radiator becomes hotter and hotter It will cools down the raidator thanks alot
  13. Philipkee

    MyResponder app to call SCDF

    Dear all, currently there is this app called the myresponder app. This app can actually be used to call 995 and if you are a registered user who knows cpr, you will be informed of potential cardiac arrest cases near your location since the app can track your current location if your handphone is on and near you. So first I would like to encourage anyone trained in cpr and/or aed to sign up. But the second point is this. Even if you have no knowledge of cpr or cannot help, this app is very useful because your location can be tracked. What are the situations that might make this useful when you can just call 995? 1) elderly people who do not know their address. Like they know they stay in jurong but dunno street or block number which can happen if they are visiting 2) if you are unsure where you are. Maybe you are lost and there is no landmark like maybe of you go hiking and you don't know exactly where you are 3) you do not know where you are like maybe in an unfamiliar neighbourhood 4) for elderly maybe language barrier and they find it hard to verbalise address GPS is not perfect as they don't give exact location but a rough location but it goes a long way in cutting down the time to ascertain the location. I put this in a new thread cos I don't see where else I can put as no existing thread on this seem to exist.
  14. Hi ALL, anyone knows how to power a blender using a battery? Or anyone is able to help me modify the blender socket head so that it can be powered using a battery pack. I need it to be portable, so can't get power from power point. Need to modify it by getting power to drive the blender using battery supply. Greatly Appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Ubi Soup Kitchen Seeks Help To Pack 9,000 Meals A Day, Volunteers & Rice Needed source: https://mustsharenews.com/soup-kitchen-willing-hearts/ Soup Kitchen Needs Volunteers To Pack 9,000 Meals A Day, Up From 6,500 Before Pandemic Beyond lost jobs and lower salaries, the Covid-19 pandemic has sadly left more Singaporeans struggling to fulfil basic needs like food. Thankfully, organisations like soup kitchens are around to help, offering regular meals to those in need. One such soup kitchen is Willing Hearts, which has been working hard to cater to their beneficiaries’ needs through this difficult period. In a Facebook post today (5 Oct), they shared that they’ve had to provide roughly 2,500 more meals daily since the outbreak, and hence need more help. Appealing to the public’s goodwill, they’re asking for anyone who’s willing and able to contribute in their own ways. Soup kitchen prepared more meals during pandemic According to their Facebook post, Willing Hearts prepared about 6,500 meals daily before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this number rose over the course of the pandemic. The number has now increased to about 9,000 meals daily, which is an estimated increase of 2,500 meals. As a result, the demand for food supplies has also risen, with Willing Hearts using between to 900-1,000kg of rice every day. Soup kitchen appeals for volunteers and donations With the number of meals produced for the needy, it is no surprise that more volunteers are needed. According to their Facebook post, the soup kitchen says that they are especially shorthanded during their weekday 5am slots. Understandably, many Singaporeans may not be awake so early in the morning, especially with work or school starting in a few hours. However, one could consider giving up their morning run once a week to help out at Willing Hearts. Apply as a volunteer or make donations online Those interested in volunteering their time to prepare and pack food can sign up via this link. You can choose a date that you’d like to volunteer on and indicate that you’re coming. Drivers can also lend their vehicles to a charitable cause by helping out with food deliveries around Singapore. Kind souls who’d like to donate items or funds can do so via this link, where one can find a list of recommended items to donate. More information about volunteer roles and dress code can be found at Willing Hearts’ website. Volunteering your mornings for a good cause Operating a soup kitchen is no easy task. According to their Facebook page, Willing Hearts operates all year long, distributing food to 40 locations islandwide. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this task has become harder. Their beneficiaries include the elderly, disabled, low-income families and children with single parents. If you have the time, do volunteer to help out these vulnerable groups with this soup kitchen. This year has truly shown the best and worst of humanity. But let’s be one of those who offer a helping hand or guiding light to others in these dark times, and give them hope for the path ahead.
  16. Hi all. I intend to purchase a car for my Dad to drive for Grab. I will pay the 30% downpayment. The thing is I was initially quoted 2.4% interest rate. But upon hearing that my Dad is using it for Grab, the sales person increase the interest rate to 3.4% on the basis that PHV car loan will have higher interest rate even though Im only taking 70% loan. I called LTA to clarify and they say they there is no such regulation. I called the bank and the CSO tells me that as long as I register the vehicle under my Dads name (you can do that now for PHV) and not under a business entity, then the interest rate will not change. The thing is I told the agent about this but she is adamant that she is right and says that I am flouting the law if my Dad attempt to drive PHV under the usual car loan. She is even willing to give up my sales. So... who is right?!
  17. Friends I have been working social work area before this and now with the crisis, we are also focussing on the plight of the foreign workers. They built our roads, homes and live in rather dismal conditions. These very same living conditions are part of the reason why the rates of cases are rising and I will not debate the reasons here. More importantly, we have people on the frontlines and they notice that the workers are forced to leave their dorms almost immediately and end up leaving without their possessions. So we are hoping to help them in anyway we can. Initially we have identified that they lack items like phone chargers and cables. So I'm sourcing for these. If anyone is willing to help, let me know. I have people who can send them to the Expo and other areas. More importantly, if anyone knows a place or owns one where such items can be sold cheaply or even donated in large quantities, that will be much appreciated. These are for all phone types - iphones, andriod, Samsung or others.. (mods: if this thread isn't appropriate, my apologies and please close it) Phones are the only way they can communicate with their loved ones.. Thank you
  18. I have been looking high and low in the internet for the latest (updated) pop chart for HK Cantonese Pop Music ... but not sucessful :-( Anybody know of such website exists, similar to biadu's 中文金曲榜 which publish weekly chart list?
  19. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/staycation-deals-heartland-tours-part-of-45m-domestic-tourism-campaign-to-save-local Personal opinion is one word "HARD".. even visit the spending will be minimum or when necessary..F&B the most.. souvenir? mai lah.. How many of us really go to such attraction? Sentosa been ages since i go.. Zoo.. no company tickets i no go.. bird park went once during my date.. With border restriction in place and the pandemic not suppress and no vaccine soon.. 3 months the most can tahan.. if not many like Founder BKT go social media appeal liao..
  20. My fog light is damaged and need replacement along with some scratches near the light. Any workshop to recommend that deal with skoda parts?
  21. Hi bros, Any recommendations for a reliable plumber and electrician with good workmanship? Preferably not the tok carrot head type. Why must the 2 toilets, the kitchen sink and a couple of electrical switches start to conk out at almost the same time? Beats me!! Thank you for you time . . . .
  22. Hi, How do I post message on other forum. I can only post message here only.
  23. Count-Bracula

    HELP! Any one using pressure cooker?

    Thinking of getting a set of WMF pressure cookers for my wife. That's the only thing that's missing in her arsenal. Care to share your experience? Thanks! Good gravy! I'm still "loginable"
  24. This bloody bird: Asian Glossy Starling was found and keep loitering on my rooftop. Then it comes in a pair, producing very sharp chirping sounds...... I'm ok and delighted, but when I noticed that it has become a daily business....... I realised that the birds had started hiding on my rooftop, nesting by itself. But worst, their shits were everywhere on the balcony. No matter how many times you clean and wash them, those bird shits are always there..... Worst! Seeds, twigs, and more seedings were everywhere as these birds brought them in......And these particles are dropped all over my house.............. no matter how many times we swept the floors. I cannot believe I am intruded, and my place is messed up with just these 2 bloody birds !!!! I tried to erect those colorful windmill, putting up a flag and even spray water to the rooftop, in desperate spurs to chase these birds away. Night & day, the bloody birds will insist and fly back...... very persistent ! They would even hide in some place and fly back the moment they saw you retiring into the rooms! I welcome if there's anyone out there whom have better, logical, feasible ideas to help me in removing these bloddy birds, please. And hopefully to prevent them from coming back !!! I once thought " Live & let Lived" but the messes arises just from these 2 bloody birds are indeed drivng you very very crazy! Please advice, thanks!
  25. Hi Seniors.. Need your advise on the below: I was involved in a cross junction traffic accident whereby I was driving straight towards a junction when the greenlight is in my favour. I hit a right turn car. My front bumper is badly damaged with engine and passenger air bags activated. The car is quoted 65k to repair at authorised dealer. As my car has a high parf of 80k and a resale same car is going at ard 100k. The opp insurance company treat this case as a total loss. As much as i will prefer to repair the car..thereis now no other offer from other workshop to take up this job. What other alternatives are available to me? As a total loss write off will be at my disadvantage? Appreciate your constructive comments please. Thanks