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Found 24 results

  1. https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2712580-ns-related-deaths/?p=6520443 So some trials are still ongoing but seems like my previous expectation was wrong. The main perp (person who pushed Yuen Chin) was sentenced to only 1 year+ in prison. Reckon the other guys are going to get away with slap on the wrists. IMO, this should have been classified as manslaughter. Sad.
  2. Heng not AHTC, else don't know how many motions will be tabled in parliament again... Jurong-Clementi Town Council gets warning from SCDF after firefighters unable to use hose reels during blaze SINGAPORE: The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has issued a warning to Jurong-Clementi Town Council after firefighters on call to a blaze at an HDB flat in Bukit Batok last week were unable to use the fire hose reels at the location. Several of the hose reel cabinets had been padlocked, SCDF said in a statement to CNA on Saturday (Nov 9). Even after firefighters broke one of the padlocks, they were still unable to use the fire hose reel because there was no water supply, SCDF added. The fire was eventually extinguished with water from SCDF's emergency vehicles. "Town Councils are responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of their estates’ fire safety measures," SCDF said. FIRE HAZARD WARNING Later on in the day, SCDF notified Jurong-Clementi Town Council of the issue with the fire hose reels and performed an inspection with town council representatives, it said in its statement. The Town Council was subsequently issued with Fire Hazard Abatement Notices, which serve as warnings to rectify the non-compliance. In this instance, it would mean ensuring that the hose reels are functioning and are not locked, SCDF said in its statement. Should non-compliances of the same nature be detected during a reinspection by SCDF, the Town Council could be liable for a composition fine or even prosecution, it added. "SCDF has since verified through onsite inspections that the fire hose reels at the block are now accessible and in working order." CNA has contacted Jurong-Clementi Town Council for comment.
  3. Philipkee

    MyResponder app to call SCDF

    Dear all, currently there is this app called the myresponder app. This app can actually be used to call 995 and if you are a registered user who knows cpr, you will be informed of potential cardiac arrest cases near your location since the app can track your current location if your handphone is on and near you. So first I would like to encourage anyone trained in cpr and/or aed to sign up. But the second point is this. Even if you have no knowledge of cpr or cannot help, this app is very useful because your location can be tracked. What are the situations that might make this useful when you can just call 995? 1) elderly people who do not know their address. Like they know they stay in jurong but dunno street or block number which can happen if they are visiting 2) if you are unsure where you are. Maybe you are lost and there is no landmark like maybe of you go hiking and you don't know exactly where you are 3) you do not know where you are like maybe in an unfamiliar neighbourhood 4) for elderly maybe language barrier and they find it hard to verbalise address GPS is not perfect as they don't give exact location but a rough location but it goes a long way in cutting down the time to ascertain the location. I put this in a new thread cos I don't see where else I can put as no existing thread on this seem to exist.
  4. SCDF Donates Firefighting Hoses To S’pore Zoo, Animals Get To Use Them As Bed & Feeders source: https://mustsharenews.com/scdf-hoses-zoo-animals/ SCDF Donates Old Firefighting Hoses To Wildlife Reserves Singapore As with all servicemen and military dogs who retire after serving a number of years, safety equipment will eventually reach a ‘retirement’ age too. But instead of tossing their old firefighting hoses out, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is giving them a new lease of life by donating them to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS). There, these hoses will be repurposed as beds, feeders, and other types of structures so animals can benefit from them. Over 90 SCDF hoses donated to Wildlife Reserves Singapore According to SCDF’s Facebook post on Thursday (19 Nov), they recently donated over 90 firefighting hoses to Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The hoses will then be repurposed into furniture and enrichment devices so that they can keep animals active and mentally stimulated. In pictures posted, we can see adorable animals from Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Jurong Bird Park interacting with items that were made from the hoses. Hoses can withstand strong teeth & sharp talons As the firefighting hoses are sturdy and durable, SCDF said the items can withstand “the strong teeth of hyenas” and “sharp talons of eagles”. You may recognise Benji and Buddy from Singapore Zoo’s Animal Friends Show. Here, they’re chilling on a bed made of the hoses. Meanwhile, this binturong gets the chance to exercise and play from hose-made floating structures in an open yard. As hoses are normally used to suspend heavy branches, SCDF said they would make well-strapped hanging ‘vines’. They can be hung closely together like above to form horizontal pathways for animals. The fire hoses can also be used to make feeding cubes filled with meat, fruits, veggies, and grass, called puzzle feeders. They are meant to challenge animals to brainstorm for ways to retrieve the food, like this bird is doing. Mealtime can be fun time for them too. Reused for a greater purpose SCDF said this is their second time donating old hoses to WRS in the name of going green. Once used to save lives and fight fire, it’s nice to see that the hoses can be reused for a greater purpose now — saving the environment. Have you spotted any of these repurposed firefighting hose items in the zoo? Let us know in the comments below.
  5. Today is the 1st time I am so involved with an traffic accident (don't worry, I am not hit or affected in anyway). I just crossed the road, walking away from the T-junction between Boon Lay Way and Jurong West Central 2, when I heard a loud bang behind me. Turning around and I saw a Toyota Altis mounting the kerb and moving onto the walkway next to it. A few meters away on the extreme right lane of the road, a Honda Fit Hybrid came to a abrupt stop against the kerb, with fume coming out from it bonnet. I immediately headed towards the Altis, which was closer to me, to check out the occupant in it. The driver stepped out of his car, filled with white smoke from the airbags activation, and immediately seated on the walkway, appearing dazy. I asked if he is ok, whether he need any assistance, etc. By then, many onlookers started to crowd around the car, taking photos and kaypoing. I asked if anyone has called the police and all kept quiet. So I dialed 999 and report the accident to the officer on the phone (I will share the details later), and request for ambulance to be dispatch (as one foreign worker pointed out to me that the other driver might need assistance). After asking the onlookers to clear away from the driver, I ran cross road to check out the occupant of the Fit. The driver limped out of his car (again, it was filled with white smoke from the airbag activation) and half laying against the kerb, complaining of chest pain and breathing difficulty. I told him to try breathing in harder and that he should lie down if he is feeling really uncomfortable. I called 999 again, to update them the conditions of both drivers, and was told ambulance is on the way (that is fast, as everything happened within just ~2 min). By then, 2 foreign workers came forward to offer bottled water to the driver, which I stopped them, for medical reasons, but the driver still proceed to take a sip of it, before I manage to snatch it away, explaining to him of the medical implication (of get choked and such).
  6. Sex videos of female SCDF officer leaked on porn sites and sex forums Several sex videos featuring a female Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer were leaked online last month. The videos allegedly stolen from her hacked phone were reportedly uploaded online by a former sexual partner. The police are investigating the incident. Last month, a series of sex videos began circulating online on sex forums and different pornographic websites. The videos, most of which are longer than one minute, show a female officer in SCDF uniform, her face visible, engaging in sexual acts. SCDF details and information about the woman were also revealed online in the titles and descriptions of the videos. The woman is easily identified in some of the videos where her face is clearly seen. In the videos, the officer is allegedly featured with different men, although their identities are unknown as their faces are not visible. According The New Paper (TNP), an SCDF spokesperson said the female officer who is getting counselling support, lodged a report with the police. “SCDF is aware of several private videos of a female officer posted online, but the police are “unable to comment further” while investigations are ongoing,” said the SCDF person. At this point of time, some videos have since been removed from circulation. Different offences come into play regarding this case, as discussed by James Ow Yong of Kalco Law. First, the person who gained illegal access to the woman’s phone could face a charge of unauthorised access to computer material. According to the Computer Misuse Act, the offence is punishable by a jail term of up to two years, or a fine of up to $5,000, or both. Second, the act of sharing or circulating the videos online, which include re-posting already uploaded material, may be considered an offence under the Penal Code of transmitting an obscene video through electronic means. According to Ow Yong, each video could count as one separate charge. When convicted in court, the perpetrators could face, per charge, jail time of up to three months, or a fine, or both. Third, the act of sharing the woman’s personal details could also be considered an offence under laws covering harassment. Ow Yong said that under harassment laws, if the particulars shared were “threatening, abusive or insulting, thereby causing or likely to cause the woman harassment, alarm or distress”, offenders could face a fine of up to $5,000, or a jail sentence of up to six months, or both.
  7. SINGAPORE - The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Police were alerted to a cable car incident at Sentosa this evening. According to a tweet by The New Paper at 7:02pm, an empty cable car fell at Siloso Beach. "Worker trapped inside another suspended car. SCDF and police on site, rescue operations underway," TNP tweeted. A second tweet at 7:27pm stated that the worker had been rescued. SCDF later released a statement at 7:30pm confirming that its officers were onsite. "A cable car cabin undergoing commissioning fell during testing. There was no one onboard the cabin," SCDF said. "There was an engineer in another cabin which was unaffected. "The cabin has since been moved safely to Imbiah Station and the engineer is fine. There are no casualties." Members from SCDF's Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team were also at the scene on standby. SCDF added that the existing cable car line was unaffected and remains in operation. - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/sentosa-cable-car-line-falls-scdf-and-police-activated#sthash.RyScoNyM.dpuf
  8. Hi people, please stop taking photos or videos on your mobile phone the next time you come across an accident. Help the victims, just like what the 12 year old did. He approached both drivers involved in a traffic accident to check on their well-being when no one else stepped in to help. When 12-year-old Ashvin Gunasegaran was on his way home with his friends after school, they heard a loud "boom" behind them as they were crossing the road. He turned around and saw that two cars had collided in a middle of the junction of Yishun Ring Road and Yishun Ave 2. Without a second thought, the Yishun Primary School Student rushed to attend to the victims. He was warned by his friends not to step forward as the roads were too dangerous. "I thought someone would step up and help but then it turned out there was no one. Everyone was just taking pictures and no one was helping them," said Ashvin. He approached the drivers one after another and he found out that one was pregnant and her leg was bleeding. He eventually waited for the ambulance to arrive before leaving the scene. For his gallant efforts to ensure the well-being of the victims of the accident, which took place around 1.10pm last Tuesday (May 31), Ashvin was awarded the Public Spiritedness Award by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on Thursday (Jun 2). Speaking at the award ceremony, Commander for the 3rd SCDF Division Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Chua said: "You are never too young to be somebody who renders a helping hand. Ashvin is just all of 12 grand years in age and I'm very surprised, in fact, and very happy that he has stepped forward." "We hope all people could do likewise despite the fact that we had people standing by taking photographs and your friends were quite hesitant to come forth. He did so. He did a marvellous job," LTC Chua added. Ashvin's mother, Swares Helen Louisa, 50, who was also present at the award ceremony, said she is very proud of her youngest son. "He is my hero in the house now. I really didn't expect he went all the way to help the two ladies that (were) involved in the accident. So I'm really very happy," she said. "I feel heroic. Because I actually thought that it would be a normal day after but suddenly everyone started calling me a hero, all my friends and all my family," said Ashvin.
  9. oleandero

    SCDF trainees thrashing bunk

    i couldnt find any related thread about this yet.. if its already posted, please delete accordingly thanks! after watching the video (available at the news site below), first thought was GGWP! someones gonna kana big time.. what in the world are these trainees thinking??!?
  10. I heard that when SCDF responds to an emergency they will bill you for the services rendered .... is that true ? last month, my mother forgot to off the stove and went out ... passer by saw black smoke from my kitchen window and called SCDF. they came and cut my gate and kicked my door in ... but luckily all that was burnt was the pot ! so will they bill me for the "services" rendered ?
  11. Picture explains it all.. This dumb f**k just bring stupidity to a whole new level..
  12. I thought that I have been reading more about cars burning down on the roads. Indeed, earlier reports say that 106 cars caught fire in 2013, up from 100 in 2012. Meanwhile, 9 more motorcycles caught fire last year, as the number of cases rose by close to 40 per cent, to 32 cases last year. Are our cars getting lousier, or do people not know how to maintain their cars anymore? SCDF: Overheating and engine electrical faults are main causes for vehicle fires Published on Apr 05, 2014 5:46 PM By Hoe Pei Shan The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) issued an advisory on preventing and handling vehicle fires after a taxi burst into flames on Saturday. No injuries were reported in the Lornie Road incident, which occurred at about 1pm. The SCDF went on to advise that most vehicle fires in Singapore occur while vehicles are travelling, often caused by ignition sources such as overheating and electrical faults within the engine compartment. It said motorists should take their vehicles for regular servicing and checks on the electrical, engine and fuel systems. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/scdf-overheating-and-engine-electrical-faults-are-main-causes-vehicle-
  13. Man found guilty of bribing SCDF officerPOSTED: 11 Feb 2014 14:27 A businessman was convicted of bribing a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer in his attempt to flee a traffic accident scene. SINGAPORE: A businessman was convicted of bribing a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer in his attempt to flee a traffic accident scene. 50-year-old Goh Choon Hee, a director of East Home Maintenance Service, was involved in a traffic accident with a taxi at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Hougang Avenue 2 on June 20, 2013. SCDF fire biker Sergeant Samuel Anandaraj Anthonyraj witnessed the accident and rendered assistance. Goh tried to flee the scene in his car but was stopped by SGT Samuel, who asked the accused to step out of his car. Eventually, Goh did. SGT Samuel suspected Goh was drunk. Wanting to flee the scene, Goh then tried to offer S$1,000 to the fire biker. The prosecution has urged the court to impose a three-month sentence. The maximum penalty is a five-year jail term and S$100,000 fine. Goh is expected to be sentenced on Wednesday. - CNA/ac (source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-found-guilty-of/992128.html )
  14. Very Sad stories of today's society. How are these people going toface their respective family?? Sad Sad News
  15. http://www.tnp.sg/content/scdf-officer-kil...lams-tree-simei Another tragic accident.
  16. Wolfy3769

    Corruption case at SCDF and CNB...

    anyone read the wanbao? I was quite surprise and also by the ppl getting involve.. What had happen to our Singapore.. Not going to go well with out competitive ranking..
  17. lots of explosions.... those type of lorry that transport gas cylinders
  18. The victim went to a hawker centre for lunch but slipped and fell. Several bystanders tried to help but couldn't get the guy back on his feet. Ambulance crew arrived, gave first aid but couldn't lift him onto ambulance. SCDF eventually used 8 firemen to load him onto a lorry. 200公斤古董商小贩中心突然瘫倒地上,抬不上救护车,民防出动8消防员,利用载客罗厘将他紧急送院。 宏茂桥31街第341座小贩中心发生一起罕见事故。一名体重超过200公斤的古董商(33岁),昨天下午和父亲一同前去吃午餐。父子俩吃完肉骨茶时,古董商相信是地滑失衡,他使力稳住身体却导致左脚抽筋,整个人跌坐地板,跟着横躺地上,怎么都爬不起来。 事故发生在下午2时45分左右,惊动不少人,好几条大汉赶紧上前帮忙,众人出力出到脸青青,但就是无法将古董商扶起。 眼看古董商不断雪雪呼痛,有人担心出事,于是拨电话传召救护车。 据了解,民防部队的救护车赶到现场后,救护人员马上检查他的情况,给予适当的救护,但他们很快发现搬不动他,于是寻求支援。摊贩告诉《联合晚报》,民防后来派了一辆红犀牛轻型消防车和一辆载送民防学员
  19. Will SCDF implement one esp to Orchard Road shop owners, workers and Bukit Timah residents? All the above must have life boats and jackets
  20. In the early morning yesterday (Mar 21), a man wielding a keris, or dagger, sat on a chair in front of the grille gate of his Clementi flat and refused to let his wife send their children to school. The family and tenants living in the flat were eventually evacuated by the SCDF through the bedroom windows. She tried to persuade him to out down the dagger, to no avail. As he pointed the weapon at them, he shouted: "No going out! Cannot go out!" The drama was first reported in STOMP last night. According to The New Paper report today (Mar 22), the wife, 40, told reporters that her 45-year-old jobless husband had been speaking incoherently since the night before, and that he was stressed out because he had to go to court to face a charge the next day. Her husband has been in and out of jail for drug offences and petty crime. The frightened woman then called her mother, and before long, about 20 police officers arrived at the fourth-storey flat at about 7.45am. When he saw the police officers, the man got more aggressive. Through a phonecall, the police instructed her to take her kids into another bedroom and lock themselves in there. SCDF officers helped the wife, her three children and three tenants (two Bangladeshis and an Iranian student) escape on ladders placed at the front and rear bedrooms. Five hours into the standoff, police eventually decided to cut the metal front gate of the unit to arrest the man, after he refused to give up. The wife told The New Paper that her husband of 16 years, who used to be a loving husband and doting father, had changed for the worse after he quit his job at the Turf Club. The wife has since become the sole breadwinner of the family.
  21. Cootie-Monster

    Question for SPF / SCDF NSFs

    How is NS life like in police and civil defence? Do you have to do nasty things like pull decomposed bodies from the woods or put out a real fire?
  22. Just saw the news and post here to let bros know...no toileteries/electronics/medicated items to buy there from today 4pm onwards for 3 days until Sat 8pm...still can patronise other floor levels though...or hop over to nearby City Square. Apr 8, 2010 Mustafa to close 1st storey By Elena Chong IN AN unprecedented move, Mustafa Centre has been ordered to close its first storey for 40 hours from 4pm on Thursday to 8am on Saturday. No retail activity will be allowed on that level but the other floors of the six-storey building at Syed Alwi Road will not be affected. Even the money-changing and food delivery services outside the building can operate as usual. This followed an application by Singapore Civil Defence Force for a prohibition order which was granted by District Judge Imran Abdul Hamid on Thursday. SCDF had pressed for a 72-hour closure order but the court decided on 40 hours instead. SCDF had said that overcrowding was still an issue despite the company having been fined on Jan 19 for two charges of fire safety violations, including overcrowding. It went to court last month to seek the prohibition order as the mall had breached the 431-patron limit for the first storey. Mustafa's lawyer, Mr Mirza Namazie had argued that the order should not be given as it was not fair and right. He said his clients had been more vigilant since last week's hearing and had actually stopped people from entering once the number reached 380.
  23. SINGAPORE: The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is getting a court injunction against Mustafa Centre to close part of its building for breaching safety violations. According to SCDF, these include "serious episodes of overcrowding". A pre
  24. Gabriel

    SCDF ambulance QX 46wu2

    wish to relate and incident which took back juz barely an hour back. was on my way home from work on tampines avenue 9 towards ave 12. there was this scdf ambulance ..number plate mentioned above he was going at a speed of 50km/h on lane 2. and me was behind him at first. saw no traffic in front of him. and there was a van in front of me turning into st.72 so me thought..juz get in front of the ambulance and carry on from there... since he was going at 50km/h..i repeat once again. but noe what is the best part. when me reached the next traffic light.. he blasted his sirens at me .. me of course couldnt be bothered...it was red light in front..wad can me do but wait for green light. and there happened to be this van on my rite..yah..maybe it was the van me thought was turning right but which din make the turn..me not sure but that is not impt..coz the pple in that van thought me was inconsiderate by blocking the ambulance ok..lights turned green...me went off...all fuming inside of coz... then at the next traffic light..me wound down the window..asked the ambulance driver ... wad he wan..and shouted out loud..'u sure u are in an emergency or not' piangz...i mean wtf lor...he continued hogging with the blinkers on after dat... i mean..wad is the mentality of ambulance drivers these days.. u on blinkers...and u wanna chiong ..that is fine with me...coz that is ur job... but knn..u on blinkers..then road hog..then blast horn at pple at traffic lights when they cut in front of u from a distance of 200m or more... do they realli think they own the road anyway..me feedback to scdf..but not sure useful or not.. or is there anyway to make sure me get a reply..any bros can help here's wad me wrote btw : Subject: Emergency Ambulance Service Feedback: I wish to feedback on an issue regarding the ambulances of scdf, particularly the one i met just now along tampines avenue 9 towards sunplaza park. there was this ambulance QX 4652 going at a pace of 50km/h with blinkers on, thinking that this was just a case of forgetting to switch off the blinkers on the driver''s part..me proceeded to filter right in front of him as there was still a distance of 200m or more befor the traffic light and there was a van on my right going at an equally slow speed... But 10seconds after reached the traffic lights, i heard the siren of the ambulance coming from the one me had met earlier. Sir, i do not understand the attitude of this particular ambulance driver and maybe you could explain to me. As far as me understand, if the blinkers or siren are on, the ambulance has every right to travel fast so long as it is within safety considerations to the road users and those inside ambulance.. So what me do not get it that. Why on blinkers if he wants to go slow. and why blast sirens at innocent civilians who had no idea that an emergency situation was on hand coz there definitely was no sense of emergency judging from the way he was driving. Are ambulance drivers trying to send a message that as long they on the blinkers, or blast horns at other road users , we have to give way though fully knowing the ambulance driver has the intention to road hog or be a road bully. Could the authorities kindly explain the action of this particular ambulance driver.cause me find it uncalled for. There is a last part which me left out. This ambulance driver continued hogging the road after the lights went green. Me have upmost respect for the men and officers of the SCDF as me have relatives in high positions who once served there but this incident saddens me and me hope something can be done.