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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/dec/27/los-angeles-police-burlington-killing-video LAPD releases video in police killing of 14-year-old girl in clothing store The death of Valentina Orellana-Peralta, who was shopping with her mother for a holiday dress, raises concerns about police use of deadly force 😱 This is totally excessive use of force - the perpetrator was armed with a bicycle lock, and the cop deigned it fit to take him down with an assault rifle and killed an innocent in the process?
  2. FINALLY! Some positive and heartwarming news to share. Thanks to Mothership for breaking it down into gif. https://mothership.sg/2021/06/traffic-police-officers-push-car/ According to the driver, Tan Wei Boon, his car's alternator was facing issues, and subsequently, the vehicle stalled and could not be jumpstarted again. An alternator is a type of electric generator that charges the car's battery and power the electrical system when the engine is running. Tan was out buying dinner for his colleagues back in office when the incident happened. During his failed attempt to restart his car, a black Mitsubishi Lancer, a police patrol car with its blinkers turned on showed up at the scene. It was drizzling at that time. In the video's caption, Tan wrote that he felt stressed when he saw the police approaching him at first. However, the pair of police officers who emerged from the patrol car then ran towards Tan and his stalled car. It turned out they had arrived to give the driver a hand by pushing his car out of the busy intersection onto a smaller road and into a nearby housing estate car park. The video extracted from the stalled car's rear camera showed the two police officers pushing the car from behind while the driver steered. The two officers had their face masks on at that time. At one point, the driver could be heard asking one of the officers to switch places: "Exchange now, I push, you drive?" But the officers continued to push the car to the nearby car park while the driver steered. Right after this short conversation, a car with hazard lights turned on slowed down behind the officers pushing the car. It appeared that the car was deliberately providing a buffer between the officers and oncoming traffic. However, the driver of the car then got out and ran towards the two officers and helped to push the stalled vehicle. As the car was pushed past a bus stop, the driver who got off his car to help called on public transport commuters to help out. One of them then joined in to push the car as well. According to the video's caption, the total distance the car was pushed was about 200m. Tan said he created the video to create awareness about the kind actions of all those who assisted. He also said he has written in to the police to compliment the public spiritedness of the police officers who stopped to help.
  3. If you think your loud-sounding car is safe from the authorities just because you stay in a private property, you might want to think twice now. A photo of a Ferrari 488 GTB being inspected inside someone's front yard has been circulating around in most car group chats over the last weekend. From what we understand, it is almost unheard of for LTA enforcement officers to venture into a non-public area to inspect a car that might be flouting the laws. While we are unsure of the reasons while this particular Ferrari is being looked at, we reckon the reason might be neighbours who are unhappy about the loud exhaust noises emitting from the car. On a side note, those who are in the know will wonder why the officer is looking under the car when its belly is all covered up... Check out what neitzens on SG Road Vigilante have to say about this. Let us know if you agree!
  4. Remember the time when a video of an LTA enforcement officer that stopped an offending PMD rider by giving the rider a good kick, causing the offender to fall off his PMD? Now, something similar is going viral in Malaysia. According to The Star, the incident happened in Sibu, a town in Sarawak, Malaysia where two police officers were conducting a spot check at Jalan Temple around noon. A motorcyclist that was approaching the road block decided to turn around to avoid them but failed to do so when one of the officers acted quickly by giving the biker a martial art-style kick. In the report, Sibu OCPD Asst Comm Stanley Jonathan Ringgit explained that the offender works at the a hotel nearby and has several offences to his name. Other than not having a driving license and having a modified bike, its road tax has also expired and it was not covered under any insurance too. 46687388_923477234821643_832602979362855331_n.mp4
  5. A video of an enforcement officer kicking a rider off his personal mobility device along Bedok Reservoir Road has been caught on someone's in-car camera. The e-scooter rider, who probably caught sight of the few officers coming to get him from across the road, tried to evade from the right most lane to the left most. However, the quick-acting enforcement officer managed to deliver WWE superstar Shawn Michaels (HBK)'s sweet chin music move on the poor rider, sending rider into the hedge on the side of the road. The kick might also remind some of the movie '300' where Gerard Butler shouted "THIS IS SPARTA" before delivering the fatal kick... Since PMDs have been banned from footpaths and on the roads, the authorities have been cracking down hard on errant riders.
  6. British? if she did that in msia, she probably get another 180 days free stay and 180 months in USA
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=319893605451986&id=100022940471086 WA Lao eh. Now even before go into Malaysia already start asking for money Lao. How Sia? Dr Mahathir... Hope you read this forum and task team to investigate.
  8. this guy accessed travellers data to xian zabor... Former ICA officer fined S$29,000 for unauthorised access of travellers’ data https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/former-ica-officer-fined-s29000-unauthorised-access-travellers-data
  9. For those who frequent this area to have mookata or shop at Sheng Siong nearby, please avoid parking by the road side (White zig zac or double yellow). Saw LTA officer there many times. Just earlier on, I stopped my car by the side to stretch my legs. I merely paced up and down the stretch of road (10min at most) and when I returned to my vehicle, the bike was parked right before my car. Gone case I thought. The officer was at a distance away. I didn't bother checking with him since he would have issued the summon long ago. It didn't cross my mind that there was no summon ticket! It was only after returning home then I realised that there wasn't any physical ticket. Upon checking my dashcam, I saw the officer looking around in front of my car. Not sure if he was being nice to give me a grace period. My vehicle definitely felt hot to the touch given the long drive prior to stopping. Lesson learnt- let your legs break or find a proper parking lot
  10. Hi, I would like to check if it was due to site constrain and the job nature (to dismantle the existing aircon ducting), in order for my workers to move the scaffold to underneath the aircon ducting so just to enable to cut and remove the existing ducting, our workers needed to remove the obstructing railing from the highest platform on the scaffold. However, to prevent falls, our falls prevention measured was to make sure our men's PPE hooks are secured to the scaffold and suspended rod above. my question are, could the above be acceptable as an excuse for removing parts from an approved scaffold? did i violated any rules? TIA
  11. Not for the faint hearted or the impulsive ones. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10156223515815247
  12. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/officer-accused-of-molesting-woman-gave-different-account-of-what-happened-nea Officer accused of molesting woman gave different account of what happened: NEA SINGAPORE - A National Environment Agency (NEA) officer accused of hugging a woman from behind has given a different account of what happened, NEA said in a statement on Thursday (Jan 14). "The officer highlighted has given his account of what had happened, which is different from what was alleged, to the police," an NEA spokesman said. NEA said that they are aware of the case which happened at Suntec City Tower 2 on Jan 8. The enforcement officers had seen a woman smoking under the covered walkway near the staircase of Suntec City Tower 2, and asked for her particulars. "The incident occurred as our officers were requesting for her particulars in order to take enforcement action against her for smoking in a smoking prohibited place," NEA said. "Subsequently, the enforcement officers requested police assistance." The agency did not provide more details as the police are investigating the case. The 33-year-old woman, who has not been named, told Shin Min Daily News that an NEA enforcement officer hugged her from behind when he was trying to stop her from leaving. She told the Chinese daily that she lit up her cigarette as she was approaching a smoking area at Suntec City Tower 2 during her lunch break. She was then stopped by a man who said he was an NEA officer. "The man claimed that he is an NEA officer and asked me to show my identity card, but I did not bring it downstairs so I quickly stubbed out my cigarette and tried to leave," she told Shin Min. As she was heading back to her office, she said that she was stopped by a second man, who blocked her way. She told Shin Min that the man asked her for her identity card, but did not show his own identification. She ignored him, called her husband and continued to walk back to her office building. As she was using her staff pass to enter a gantry at the office building, she said she felt someone hug her from behind. When she managed to break free, she realised that it was the second man who had tried to stop her earlier. The man then grabbed her left arm, only letting go when she shouted: "What do you want? Why are you doing this?" She said that the officer had touched her chest and she felt humiliated. She then called the police, Shin Min reported. After the incident, she tried to board a taxi to leave the area but was stopped by the man, who opened the door and told the driver not to drive off. The woman then alighted. It is unclear what happened next. Later, the woman's husband arrived at the scene and they went to a police station to make a report. The police confirmed that a report was made and said that they are investigating. NEA said that their officers are trained to handle "challenging field situations", and the agency has "strict protocols" to guide them. "This includes engagement and disengagement of offenders, as well as handling of situations where offenders try to escape," NEA said. Offenders caught smoking in a prohibited area can be fined from $200 to $1,000, according to the agency's website.
  13. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/singaporean-legal-officer-in-1mdb-probe-faces-deportation so what's the story here ... did not really say what she did ... or why she is being deported ?
  14. July 1, 2008 Fatigue? Officer with music earphones, texting away I REFER to Dr Lim Boon Hee's letter last Thursday, 'Front-line staff fatigue?' He advocated looking into intangibles such as work fatigue, work hours, impact of shift work and overwhelming workload. Well said, and I believe this will be covered by the internal audit that must surely be going on following Mas Selamat Kastari's escape. However, I would like to recount a recent incident I witnessed at the Causeway immigration checkpoint on June 23, the same day the passport slip-up occurred at the Budget Terminal. My husband and I were in our car in Lane 23 at about 1.25pm when we noticed the security officer who was supposed to be checking vehicles not only had earphones on, obviously listening to music or whatever, but was also busy texting away on his cellphone. Needless to say, some cars got away without having their boots checked and those he did check were the ones whose drivers had stopped and opened their boot, without being told to do so. All this while, he was glued to his earphones and cellphone. Had he worked unduly long hours before that? I don't think so because, before we noticed his behaviour, we saw some movements in his lane, after which two officers walked away. Perhaps he had just reported for duty. Teo Guat Im (Mdm) http://www.straitstimes.com/ST%2BForum/Sto...ory_253350.html warouz... listening to mp3 over long hours can also hv fatigue hor.
  15. ( . )( . ) can be a dangerous weapon hor .... Yahoo news: Woman Found Guilty Of ‘Assaulting Police Officer With Her Breasts’ A woman has been convicted of assaulting a police officer with her breasts during a violent protest in Hong Kong. Ng Lai-ying was taking part in a demonstration against parallel trading on the streets of Yuen Long in March this year when the incident is said to have took place. The 30-year-old claimed that Chief Inspector Chan had tried to grab her bag but instead touched her left breast. However, Inspector Chan insisted that it was Lai-ying who bumped her breasts onto his arm before falsely accusing him of assault. The magistrate sided with Chan, telling Lai-ying: “You used your female identity to trump up the allegation that the officer had molested you.” He added that her “malicious” claims were damaging to Chan’s reputation. Pictures following her arrest show Lai-ying with a bleeding nose and she accused police of pushing her to the ground. The magistrate said that officers policing protests “should be protected”, adding: "There were two groups of people expressing different points of view at the protest. “Without police officers there to maintain order, it is not surprising that there was commotion, or even clashes.” Yai-ling will be sentenced later this month. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/woman-found-guilty-of-assaulting-police-officer-074912219.html
  16. Certis Cisco officer found dead with gunshot wound to head By Alvina Soh | Posted: 29 January 2013 2014 hrs SINGAPORE: A Certis Cisco officer was found dead with a gunshot wound to her head in a toilet of the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon, said the police. The deceased was a Chinese woman in her early 20s who had been working with Certis Cisco for about one year. At about 1.20pm, police received a call informing them that a person was found injured at the court's toilet cubicle. There was a gunshot wound to her head and her service revolver was found beside her. She was pronounced dead by paramedics at about 1.35pm. No foul play was suspected. Police investigations are ongoing. - CNA/al ________________________________________________________________________ More and more aux police officers shooting themselves. This is getting worrying. Not sure what the hiring standard is for these aux police. Will some of them start shooting the public if they go mad?
  17. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_825641.html The Ministry of National Development (MND) has suspended the National Parks Board (NParks) officer responsible for the agency's recent purchase of 26 foldable bicycles. This after discrepancies were found last month during a review of the procurement process of the Brompton bikes, which cost $2,200 each. The ministry, in a statement on Tuesday night, said an MND internal audit team was tasked by National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan in July, to work with NParks to review the purchase of the 26 foldable bikes, 'with a view to ascertain its justification and to see if its procurement process could be improved'. The audit, which was competed last month, followed a news report on the purchase on June 24.
  18. Si beh hiong. At least no harm or injury to anyone. But kinda stupid. Should just run road to Malaysia/Thailand. Must be lost too much at the IR until blur liao. ==================================== 48-YEAR-OLD female bank officer has been arrested for allegedly siphoning half a million dollars in cash. The police said a report was made at 11pm on Friday after a branch manager of the bank at Serangoon Gardens discovered that $500,000 in cash was missing. Police were able to establish that the suspect might have taken the cash during the bank's closing hours the day before. When she was arrested at 5am on Saturday morning, the suspect was found to have cash amounting to $1,000 and about $5,000 worth of gambling chips. Investigations are ongoing to recover the rest of the money, the police said.
  19. Is this story true? Could anyone verify the authenticity? btw, what is Khatib Training Support Centre? I only know I go Khatib camp for RT & IPPT If this story is true, I feel sad for our Malay brother, who is also serving NS with us, who is fulfilling his duty as RP to point weapon at intruders who do not slow their vehicle! Yet the officer throw his weight around and send our Malay brother into DB! WTF! :angry: Source -- http://desparatebeep.blogspot.com/2012/03/major-wrongs.html
  20. Man found guilty of bribing SCDF officerPOSTED: 11 Feb 2014 14:27 A businessman was convicted of bribing a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer in his attempt to flee a traffic accident scene. SINGAPORE: A businessman was convicted of bribing a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer in his attempt to flee a traffic accident scene. 50-year-old Goh Choon Hee, a director of East Home Maintenance Service, was involved in a traffic accident with a taxi at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Hougang Avenue 2 on June 20, 2013. SCDF fire biker Sergeant Samuel Anandaraj Anthonyraj witnessed the accident and rendered assistance. Goh tried to flee the scene in his car but was stopped by SGT Samuel, who asked the accused to step out of his car. Eventually, Goh did. SGT Samuel suspected Goh was drunk. Wanting to flee the scene, Goh then tried to offer S$1,000 to the fire biker. The prosecution has urged the court to impose a three-month sentence. The maximum penalty is a five-year jail term and S$100,000 fine. Goh is expected to be sentenced on Wednesday. - CNA/ac (source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-found-guilty-of/992128.html )
  21. EDIT: I just realised. Erm. If the moderators find this posting inappropriate due to racial insensitivity, please feel free to remove this discussion. I apologise for any unhappiness caused. I was in the same lift just now with the marketing guy next door, a former SAF regular. He told me one of the terrorist killed is former SAF Officer and he shakes head. I sit down I quickly Google for the news liao. Wa lao... Straitstimes never report that a former SAF Officer has turned into a terrorist? He know he hentakaki, he buay song seek career change be terrorist? lol http://in.reuters.com/article/2012/02/02/p...E8110BW20120202
  22. The family of Dinesh Raman, the prison inmate who died after being negligently left in 'prone position' without adequate supervision, is unhappy with the sentence that the senior prison officer in charge was dealt. The officer who had not provided the adequate supervision which caused Dinesh's death was fined $10 000, an amount the family says does not compare to the life that was lost. The case took almost 3 years to come to a conclusion and the family says that they are still not sure how exactly the 21 year old had died in 'prone position'. The late Dinesh Raman was sentenced to reformative training in 2007 for the charges of rioting and theft. He was released in January 2010 but was recalled to Changi Prison in May after he failed to comply with his supervision order. His mother, a cleaner, expressed that she was unsure why he went back to jail. She had seen him for the last time shortly before we was re-imprisoned in May. She said that she was unable to visit him as she was stressed and occupied with other family matters at that time. As a mother, she had visited her son often during his first 3 years and continually encouraged and supported him. She said that as a boy, her son was always affectionate, kind and helpful around the house. His hobbies included simply listening to the radio, watching TV, playing games and exercising. She said that she is constantly reminded of her son and there isn't a day that goes past when she doesn't think about him. She continues to live in the same flat that the family used to share and has thought about her son every day since his death 3 years ago.
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