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  1. Has retrenchment already taken place or is your company freezing headcount at the moment?
  2. Hi All, Have been seeing PI selling Welcab models for Estima, Sienta etc. But any idea if there is any after-market installer for welcab facilities ? To be specific, for a Toyota Wish. Thanks in advance. Cheers ...
  3. This 53 yo guy graduated from NUS Engineering course. Early every morning, he goes to the rubbish dump to scavenge for stuff. In 1993, he had a high flying job with a big company but he was retrenched in 2007. This gave him a big psychological shock. Although his company gave him a recommendation letter, he feels his reputation is tarnished and cannot find a job easily. Since retrenchment, his outlook on life has also changed and attention has shifted from career to family. He has 4 daughters aged between 5 to 9 and an elderly mother at home.
  4. While changing engine oil recently, my workshop informed me that my valve cover was leaking oil and needed fixing. So a replacement part was duly procured and I took the opportunity to look at the insides of my 1NZ-FE engine: The cause of the oil leak. A perished rubber seal was the culprit. All these were meant to be one single rubber part. All shiny and slick. The oil is dark because its 10,000km old. Continued in the next post......
  5. Shell to cut jobs and capacity at major Singapore refinery https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-shell-singapore/shell-to-cut-jobs-capacity-at-singapore-oil-refinery-its-largest-globally-idUKKBN27Q16H
  6. Hi Guys! Have searched around car forums but haven't come across anyone who encountered the following experience yet...and would appreciate if anyone can share their thoughts... A common practice for ADs is to offer 3months/6bids non-guarantee COE packages when buying new car. I believe this means (as all SE will tell buyers) deposit/booking fee will be returned if AD fails to secure COE within 3months/6bids. Main culprits for failed bids are usually fluctuating COE prices or low/unrealistic COE rebate level offered (e.g. Toyota's recent 35K rebate for Cat A savers package). So...what happens after 6 failed bids if buyer doesn't give in to AD's mind games (e.g. top up more $ to secure COE)? Has anyone (or your friends) ever gotten their car's deposit/booking fee returned by AD before?
  7. I know some people who got retrenched (and get some retrenchment benefits). Then they start to look for job, but as time drags on still have not find job due to high expectation, 6 months or more liao still no job. Just want to know, if u r earning $XXXk a year, after losing job, will you rather take a long time to find another $XXXk job therefore suffering lost of income and eat into savings for extended periods, or will you settle for an immediately available but much lower pay job (say >30% paycut), and then in mean time while working continue to look for the high pay job? 2nd option pros is wont suffer as much lost of income and wont need to eat into savings for livelihood, but cons maybe become more difficult to go for interviews because need to work and new job under probation cannot take leave to go interviews. Which is the better option? Consider that person have some savings but he is not very rich.
  8. Hi Guys, Do you know what is the problem ? Anything wrong with gearbox, clutch or the manual transmission fluid ? Last weekend, I went to the workshop for my 40K servicing and got my manual transmission fluid drain and re-filled. According to the mechanic, its the same spec (but different brand) as my factory fill (W90). However, occasionally I noticed that there are difficultly when I try to engage my into my 1st gear. Sometimes have to force it in or re-clutch and re-engage. Changing gears also seem abit "clunky". Strangely, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear is quite smooth. Do you think I should change my manual transmission fluid again (to a more reputable brand) ? Thanks in advance.
  9. now DFS retrench 60 employees looks like the Brotherhood grows again...,
  10. Did tyres rotation recently with balancing. However after that the car when on the move has tire noise. Sounds like helicopter. Like what u here with some trucks...voov voop voop sound. Took the car back to the place I did rotation he say tire balancing will not cause the noise. Is the tyres..but mine is quite new and before rotation and balance don't have such sound. He say to eliminate sound just rotate back but I will have uneven wear! So is he bluffing? Is it a bad balancing?
  11. Hi Bros, I encountered car tremble issue whenever i starts to brake followed by completed stop. I just did a battery changed because the battery when dead on me. I noticed the voltage dropped from 14v to 12/11v whenever i brake followed by completed stop. After tremble for few secs, the voltage went up to 14v again. No issues of trembling when moving and the voltage is stable at 14v.. Anyone encountered this before? Could it due to battery not full charged yet or alternator faulty? Please advice.
  12. as we all know, they can no longer be the queens of mediacorp. its a matter of time of when they will be relegated to the B list. if you are the big shot in mediacorp, who will you groom to be their successor?
  13. Is there anyone out there who can install power/electical tailgate for my Grandis & Harrier ?
  14. As Topic... I remember I used up all my monie when MR in 2006. Today went to E-mart with my collegue, suprise to know I still have $99 in the account...
  15. Tyre Noob here. Trawled through the forum, it seems different tyre shop has different practice. What is your normal SOP and what are the charges like?
  16. Something serious, just to see anyone had signup for prudential prusave plan or similar. Accordingly to my retirement plan, I need to dump 1k every month until 65 years old. What alternatives would I have? 1k is not a problem as long as I am employed working but had my reservation in case something happens ie kanna sack!
  17. do u think we can ask for MC after the jab?
  18. Hi, I dun know when to pump air, every time drop by the workshop ask them to pump, they said dun need. Then when should i pump when i start see sign
  19. Source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080820/tts-...ce-f6a4e2a.html AFP - Wednesday, August 20 SINGAPORE (AFP) - - World oil prices rose in Asian trade Wednesday on fresh supply concerns after key producer Venezuela indicated it could ask OPEC to cut output, dealers said. New York's main contract, light sweet crude for September delivery, rose 56 cents to 115.09 dollars a barrel. The contract had jumped 1.66 dollars to close at 114.53 dollars in New York on Tuesday. Brent North Sea crude for October delivery added 50 cents to 113.75 dollars a barrel after rallying 1.31 dollars to settle at 113.25 Tuesday in London. Venezuela's Energy and Petroleum Minister, Rafael Ramirez, said Tuesday his country will propose production cuts at the next Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) meeting if oil prices continue to fall. The cartel is to meet next month in Vienna. "If there is a trend or dynamic toward lower oil prices, Venezuela will consider the possibility of a cut in production," Ramirez said in remarks released by the ministry. "This is the position that we will take at the next OPEC meeting," he said. Wednesday's price gains were "follow-through from last night's bounce," said Jonathan Kornafel, a director for Asia with energy derivatives trading house Hudson Capital Energy. "I don't think any decision is going to be made but I won't be surprised at the rhetoric and traders are looking at it," he said. Despite the latest price gains, world oil prices are down from all-time highs above 147 dollars in July as weak US economic data raise fears for oil demand and dim investor appetite for commodities. Data released on Tuesday added to signs that demand is slowing in the world's biggest energy consumer, the United States, dealers said. The US Labor Department said wholesale inflation soared to 9.8 percent in July, the fastest rate in 27 years, while the US Commerce Department reported new home construction fell 11 percent to the lowest level in 17 years. "Standing back from all of this to glance at the big picture would certainly seem to endorse the oil market's sharp month-long decline," said John Kilduff, an analyst at MF Global. The US Department of Energy was to release its latest weekly snapshot of energy stockpiles in the country later Wednesday. Oil prices, which broke through the 100-dollar level at the start of 2008, remain well above year-ago levels.
  20. Is there any after market device that does auto-off for headlights? Ie, the headlights will go off on its own once the engine is off. I got a "phobia" since encounteering a dead battery after forgetting to off the headlights when I rushed my girl to KKH A&E. Rushed off from the car and came back 2.5 hours later to realise that the battery is kaput!
  21. I found my block and surrounding area quite dirty and messy lately, especially yesterday. Litter all over the common area. MBT punishes us for not give him overwhelming support? Ok.. maybe yesterday is public holiday. No cleaner.
  22. CNA reported : Gang of 5 arrested for robbing couriers Police have arrested five Bangladeshi men, aged 27 to 32 years, for robbing two couriers of 500,000 ringgit last Thursday. At about 2am on that day, two Malaysian couriers employed by moneychangers had planned to stay the night at Blk 50 Dorset Road before delivering their currencies to moneychangers the next morning. When they entered the unit, they were ambushed by six men wearing ski masks, one of whom had a knife. The robbers then took off with a bag of cash containing 500,000 ringgit belonging to the victims. When notified of the case, a police task force was deployed to investigate. Officers from the Police Intelligence Department and Special Investigation Section of CID were roped in to provide assistance. One of the suspects was ambushed at Tessensohn Road on Wednesday (June 2) evening. Two other suspects were arrested at Blk 10 Gloucester Road the following day. Cash amounting to S$53,000, believed to be part of the stolen money, was also recovered. The fourth and fifth suspects were arrested on the same day at about 2.05am at Mackenzie Road and at 4.45pm at Rowell Road, respectively. All five suspects will be charged in court on Friday with Gang Robbery with Deadly Weapons. The offence carries a jail term of not less than 5 years and not more than 20 years, and caning of not less than 12 strokes. These Bangladeshi are much better and smarter than the Sarawakians....... $251,000/- (RM$500,000/-) against $400 & 3 handphones...... So another group of FT .............. Only this incident, no injuries or death..........
  23. Anyone has bought a new BMW through such discount sales? Is it a wonderful deal? BMW
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