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Found 2,864 results

  1. Community Service brought to you by MCF Good Luck to all vested! 2 useful links for our dear MCFers: Real Time COE Bidding Results Check Your COE Bidding Status Past Bidding Results (2001 - 2018) Past Bidding Results (2019 - 2020) PQP (2010 - 2015) PQP (2016 - 2020) The details of the September 2020 1st open bidding exercise for Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) are as follows: Tender opens: Monday, 7 September 2020, 12 noon Tender closes: Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 4.00 pm Tender results: Wednesday, 9 September 2020 (Available on the www.onemotoring.com.sg website) The total quota available for this tender is 3,261 for the following vehicle categories: NON-TRANSFERABLE CATEGORIES: Category A : Cars (up to 1600cc & 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,035 Category B : Cars (above 1600cc or 97kW (130bhp)) => 904 Category D : Motorcycles => 496 TRANSFERABLE CATEGORIES: Category C : Goods Vehicles and Buses => 354 Category E : Open Category => 472
  2. Sunny

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Sedan Avant Body shape looks pretty much indifferent But some cool tech inside
  3. Anyone bought car insurance from the above mentioned before? Got a quote from there and its 50% cheaper then what MSIG and agents quoted me.
  4. If you buy a COE Car and have $3K to spare. . . This is an assumptive thread where I will go and fish some of the COE cars in sgcarmart and share with you all, If I were to buy these cars, what are the things that I will spend on and why I will spend on these items. I did buy a COE car, and I spend quite a fair bit in modification, But that's my hobby. For those who are considering buying COE car or those who are driving a COE car, please come and share with us your maintenance and pro tips to preserve a COE car. To start off with the first car, I have chosen my own car model. 2007 Honda Accord Euro R. So, if I put aside $3,000. What will I spend on? The car itself is in a very mint condition, Only like some exterior wear and tear I will complaint, other than that I think the car drives very well so nothing much I would like to do to the engine, Just to make it a tad bit better for daily driving. Innovative Mount - $500 + 300(labour) I bought the engine mount online at ebay and went to install. Skunk2 Short Shifter - $90 Alpine Type-E Series SXE-1750S Car Audio 6.5-Inch Component 2-Way Speakers ($60) PAC RPK4-HD1101 Audio Integrated Installation Kit 2003-2007 Honda Accord ($400) I think this is one of my best value buy. instantly make the car modern again! Now Euro R comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto! Sony XAV-AX200 DVD Receiver w/Bluetooth - ($350) The reason why I choose this headunit is because of the volume knob. I am very analog and anal when comes to these things. So this fit the bills. Momo 350 Monte Carlo Steering wheel ($130) Brought Second-hand at Japan Yahoo auction. They say airbag save lives. But unfortunately, the Honda Accord Euro R had a recall for the airbag. And I would like to preserve the original steering wheel in good condition, so when I sell the car, I hope it helps to fetch a better price, so I bought a momo steering wheel to replace. Haven't install yet, will update the photos when installed. Fluidampr performance damper ($700) Also Yahoo Auction. Since I upgraded the engine mount, the rattling of the dash is quite significant, yes, the drive is more responsive. But also a bit harsh in daily drive. So after some research, I came across this damper to help absorb some of the vibrations and also give a smoother delivery on low RPM. A full spray exterior spray painting. ($900) I have sent my car for a refresh since I might drive it for 10 years. Best decision ever! For those who want lobangs can check out MCF Marketplace for lobangs! Summary Innovative mount - $800 Skunk2 Short Shifter - $90 Alpine Speaker - $60 PAC Kit - $400 Sony XAV-AX200 - $350 MOMO Steering Wheel - $130 FluidAmpr - $700 Full Respray - $900 Total = $3,430 Over budget abit. I think Steering wheel and short shifter can be excluded if want. 😄
  5. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2649561 Continue here
  6. For me....its used to be online gaming (like 6-7 years ago)
  7. Hey, For people who are about to buy their first car, or recently did, here are very good tips for maintenance you NEED to do regularly, to keep your car in good shape and avoid damage!
  8. hi everyone! I'm considering getting myself a c180(2nd hand). How's the car treating you? or does it have the "temperament" of conti cars, needing repair often? thanks!
  9. Do you prefer Toyota Corolla 1.8 Hybrid Sedan or Toyota Corolla 1.8 Hybrid Hatchback?
  10. Ken1898

    GS Yuasa Car Battery

    Anyone use this? http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=193 I suppose is a good battery since come from Japan.
  11. AndyHo

    Aircon flushing

    Any difference between aircon flushing and normal aircon servicing? Thanks
  12. Car key broke into two. No spares, no replacement. Anybody knows of a good workshop that can replace the whole car door lock assembly? I am driving a lao ya 20 year old car :( Xie xie da jia
  13. coldboy1357

    New car discount/price/promo

    What I notice when i go Merc/BMW/Audi showrroms is that their price on price list is so high but actually there is huge discounts almost all the time. For merc is often in the form of overtrade. So I thought I would share some discounts that I know. Of coz it is updated all the time so maybe the bros here can share what you have heard so it is easier for ppl to have an idea before heading down to the show room. I shall start first: CLA: 173,888, 8k overtrade and 3k service credit 520i business: 242,800, 10k overtrade E-class and S-class got 10k COE discount or high COE rebate at 76k VW Jetta: 118,800
  14. LinOrLim

    Smartphone holder in car

    Hi guys, you know taxis have those holders which hold up their GPS system in their taxis in front of them, I want to put a similar holder which can hold up my smartphone in my car. Where do I buy such a holder?
  15. At every car show or new model introduction, auto manufacturers would always come out with a long list, stating the unique features of their cars, but many a times, these features might just be forgotten over time, or simply taken for granted. These features may be a real technology break through (e.g. engine, gearbox, safety, etc.), or mechanical / electrical (e.g. spoiler, door opening mechanism, head / tail light, etc.). To kick start, anyone still can recall the following terminology? - Twin Door - Bi-Modal Trunk - Waku Waku Gate Sounds familiar? or are they aliens to you? or you think you know something about it? Well these are fanciful names given to boot / trunk / tailgate that open in more than 1 way. Twin Door by Skoda When the 2nd generation Skoda Superb was unveiled in 2008, the car come with many wow factors. But the one that really standout, at least to me, is the dual opening boot lid. It feel just like a small magic show, to see the 4 door sedan opening up it boot in 2 fashion, one like a typical sedan, and the other like a sport back. And after owning one for close to 4.5 years, I can attest to the usefulness of this feature, that ever allowed me to fit in up to 4x 24 - 28" language at one go, and even transporting a 3ft fish tank with the rear seats in-place (not folded). Bi-Modal Trunk by BMW Shortly after the Skoda Superb go on sales in early 2009, BMW follow suit with it own version of dual opening mechanism on the 5 series Gran Turismo Concept (which later debut as the love or hate it 5 GT), and give it the name Bi-Modal Trunk, which sound a little more sophisticated than the Czech brand. While it offer the same flexibility of a hatch back when opened in full (sport back mode), it offer much less practicality when opened in sedan mode, due to it limited access to the boot via the tiny yet wide opening boot lid. Waku Waku Gate by Honda The dual opening mechanism seems very much forgotten till 2015, when Honda introduce it on the new JDM Stepwagon, and somewhat take this concept to the next level, by allowing the tailgate to be used by passenger to access into the last row of the MPV! All are welcome to post the unique features of your car(s), or what you have came across. Up next, what are so special about these MPVs, Nissan Prairie, Toyota Raum and Toyota Isis?
  16. Community Service brought to you by MCF 2 useful links for our dear MCFers: Real Time COE Bidding Results Check Your COE Bidding Status Good Luck to all vested! Past Bidding Results (2001 - 2018) Past Bidding Results (2019 - 2020) Trend Chart (May 2018 - Jul 2020) *chart taken from www.sgcarmart.com PQP (2010 - 2015) PQP (2016 - 2020) The details of the August 2020 1st open bidding exercise for Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) are as follows: Tender opens: Monday, 3 August 2020, 12 noon Tender closes: Wednesday, 5 August 2020, 4.00 pm Tender results: Wednesday, 5 August 2020 (Available on the www.onemotoring.com.sg website) The total quota available for this tender is 3,287 for the following vehicle categories: NON-TRANSFERABLE CATEGORIES: Category A : Cars (up to 1600cc & 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,022 Category B : Cars (above 1600cc or 97kW (130bhp)) => 932 Category D : Motorcycles => 503 TRANSFERABLE CATEGORIES: Category C : Goods Vehicles and Buses => 358 Category E : Open Category => 472
  17. This poll is inspired by a car i saw earlier today, and also the recent announcement by HDB that there is no longer a need to display the season parking RFID tag any more. Some may think having too many decals and stickers is an overkill, but others may like it and do the same on their own car. For me, i have a few decals but dont like to overclutter... As some of you may know, i have MCF sticker too haha... Do post pics of the decals and stickers that you are proudest of! cheers!
  18. I know, coming from someone who wants to get a Honda city, this is a weird question to ask but just in case I never get the new car, where do I get a new car key shell? Not interested in overseas one cos I hope someone will help me fix it. Later I do it myself make it worse. Button is spoilt. Using the spare key but I do rotate the key around so I also worry the key I am using might also have issues with the button...
  19. Finally find this place to post my "Questions" as a newbie. I am considering to buy my first car, and after visiting some of the showrooms, finally I found one model of a Japanese brand, of which the specifications and price are both acceptable. The only issue is that the car has been stored for less than one year since it was produced. I am wondering whether any negative impact on the quality of the car after such a long storage period, and what is the so called "acceptable storage duration" in the local market and what will can we do when we are going to buy such a car. Thank you very much for every brothers/sisters suggestions.
  20. steveluv

    Honda e EV

    https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Automobiles/Honda-to-launch-first-mass-produced-electric-car-in-October?utm_campaign=RN Subscriber newsletter&utm_medium=daily newsletter&utm_source=NAR Newsletter&utm_content=article link&del_type=1&pub_date=20200827190000&seq_num=7&si=44594 Honda to launch first mass-produced electric car in October Nissan and Toyota also plan new EV rollouts, anticipating market growth The Honda e is less than 4 meters long and can travel 300 km on a single charge. Nikkei staff writersAugust 27, 2020 11:49 JSTUpdated on August 27, 2020 13:04 JST TOKYO -- Honda Motor will roll out in October its first mass-produced electric vehicle in Japan, the Honda e, the company said on Thursday. The EV will go on sale on October 30 at a retail price of about 4.5 million yen ($42,000). Honda aims to sell the compact car, which is fitted with cameras instead of door mirrors, mainly to urban consumers. Honda e can travel 300 km on a single charge. It is shorter compared to competitors' EVs, as the automaker prioritized compactness, forcing it to reduce the size and capacity of the battery. The car is less than 4 meters long. The compact EV is also equipped with a new parking system designed for use in narrow spaces. Tomofumi Ichinose, Honda's senior chief engineer, says that "Its smallness is a big attraction," noting that it will be easy to use in crowded urban areas. Door mirrors on both sides of the car have been removed so that the rear of the car can be seen on a screen inside through a camera. Honda claims that the display images will be clear even in the rain. The car has a digital dashboard, comprised of five screens arranged horizontally, to ensure natural vision for the driver. Other big Japanese carmakers are accelerating their EV rollouts. Nissan Motor has unveiled a new electric car, the Ariya, in July as part of an overhaul of its lineup and strategy. It is the first all-electric crossover SUV from the automaker and will go on sale next year. Toyota Motor launched its first EV from its Lexus luxury brand in China this spring. The car will hit showrooms in Europe in summer and in Japan in the first half of 2021. Mazda will also introduce its first mass-produced EV in Europe by the end of the year, followed by a launch in Japan. According to U.K.-based research company LMC Automotive, total global sales of EVs reached 1.67 million units in 2019. As Europe and other countries tighten environmental regulations, sales of EVs are expected to grow nine times the amount over last year to about 15.3 million units in 2030. Japanese carmakers have taken note of the EV market's expected growth. Honda e's domestic price is lower than that of rivals. Nissan's Ariya EV priced at about 5 million yen, while Tesla's Model 3 is about the same price. The car will be marketed as an eco-friendly vehicle, including in Europe, which already began selling the Honda e this summer. In Japan, Honda plans to sell 1,000 units in the first year, with a combined domestic and European sales target of 10,000 units. Honda aims to have EVs and hybrids comprise two-thirds of its vehicles sold worldwide by 2030. It has already sold EVs in China but Honda e is considered the company's first EV to be deployed globally. How well Honda e can fair against other rivals such as Tesla will likely influence the company's future in the EV market.
  21. Here's Why I Only Buy Toyotas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zgYh04a0OM&feature=emb_rel_end
  22. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/qiq-electric-microcars-last-mile-journeys-qiq-pods-13006284 Come next year, some commuters may be able to make the last-mile journey between their home and the MRT station in a small, two-seater electric car. Singapore firm QIQ Global plans to launch the microcars for hire. Dubbed the QIQ Pod, it will be no bigger than 2.4m long and 1m wide. The concept is similar to the shared electric vehicles currently offered by BlueSG, said QIQ Global chief executive and co-founder Justin Sim. Mr Sim told CNA he believes there is demand for such vehicles, especially in towns such as Punggol. “For a lot of the residents in Punggol, they are still required to take a feeder service or to walk a long distance to reach the LRT (Light Rail Transit) station,” he said, adding that there is still “a lot of inefficiency” in the town’s public transport network. QIQ Global, which operates about 400 e-bikes and e-scooters in Hanoi, had previously expressed interest in Singapore's now-suspended shared e-scooter scheme. Mr Sim said he hopes the QIQ Pod will be the company's flagship product moving forward, and plans to introduce between 300 and 600 microcars in Punggol. The company intends to launch a trial by next year, he said, adding that it is in discussions with two companies in the transportation and logistics industries. To ensure that the vehicles are used for short trips, Mr Sim said there will be geo-fencing, which uses GPS or radio frequency identification technology to create a virtual geographic boundary. Unlike BlueSG cars which need to be parked at charging stations, QIQ Global intends for its microcars to be able to autonomously direct themselves to park at the nearest charging station. "It's so easy to drive you don't even need to learn how to park the car," said Mr Sim. "When you end the ride, you leave it by the curbside and it will park by itself." It also aims to employ a method called platooning, which involves a human-driven car leading a convoy of driverless cars using wireless communications. This would cut down on the number of people needed to distribute the cars to areas where they are needed. During off-peak hours, drivers would be able to use the QIQ Pods to perform deliveries, maximising the use of these vehicles, said Mr Sim. It would likely cost S$2 for an ad hoc ride lasting 30 minutes, and between S$30 and S$50 per month to use the QIQ Pod multiple times daily, he added. Those using it for logistics purposes would have to pay a monthly fee of about S$180 to S$240, Mr Sim said.
  23. I was reading this review https://www.toolazine.com/best-rust-proofing-inhibitor-spray-cars-prevent-scratches-review-buyer-guide/, and looking for more option to remove rust into my car. Has anyone used preventive paint for rust? Any recommendation?
  24. Weezersg