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Found 19 results

  1. Hamburger

    Neighbour dispute

    asking on behalf of friend, so hopefully can gather some solution. my friend's neighbour has been shaming them and pasting all sort of malingering notice. The town council has been called in and has admonish her for what she has done. Still, she refuse to repent. If want to avoid legal confrontation, what may the best solution be??? The police is as usual, clueless what to do when report was made.
  2. Jman888

    Strange neighbour dispute

    got free aircon still complaint this one from chinese paper, duno if there was in any english paper. Aunty and her mum staying in the flat unit for more than 30 yrs, new neighbour moved in 2 yrs ago and they turn on aircon to the coolest temp 24/7 and blow toward the ceiling. Aunty staying above them claim their floor is getting condensation that damage their furniture and fixture. it also cause health problem as the 湿气 is not good for old people. They have to wear few layers of clothing and sock at home. She also worried the mum might fall due to the constant wet flooring
  3. From Facebook https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/singapore/friends-like-these-man-at-a-loss-after-pal-refuses-to-pay-sdollar176k-damages-following-car-accident/ar-AAHA7P6?ocid=spartandhp&fbclid=IwAR0bJtAeizlUU4T47eypa1jM89VAXbI3Pm0euCnf5emaTlEpOThVByZcXZ0 Hi all, this is going to be a long read but please take the time to read thru. So the story is that on the 25th June my dear friend Szeto St wants to borrow my car from me to use it on the 27th. As I was overseas at the point of time I agreed to lend it to him, it was not the first time I have lend it to him so I entrusted him with my car. On the 28th morning 8am he gave me a missed call, so when I call him back he told me that he got into an accident with my car then he said that the one driving was his friend. I entrusted my car to him and yet he asked his friend (Dominic) whom I don't even know who he is to drive my car back on that day, I was still very nice at that point of time I said wait till I reach sg then we settle. So I came back on the 29th I meet them on the 30th, they didn't have a solution for me. So we briefly spoke how we should settle it as the car was total loss, so dom suggest to give him more time. And so on the 2th July, we both agreed that he will pay me $17600 as my losses under the condition that I scrap my car. And he requested to give him a month for him to find the money, so me being nice I agreed to it. Once we sign the agreement I proceed to tow my car to the scrap yard and handle all the paperworks and send him documents from lta that I have scraped my car once I received it which was on the 8th July. And so I continue to wait for the 2nd aug to come, on the 30th July I texted Dom to ask on the 2nd aug what time should I meet him and he asked me to wait. So I texted szeto about this he told me not to worry why I scared, and I obliged and waited. So on the 2nd aug the worst nightmare happens, I texted him in the afternoon and Dom said he will let me know by 7pm. 7pm I called him and he simply told me this "我没有钱,你要我怎样。你去small claim 我咯" one simple reply and he expect to get away with the shit he create? Long story short, two days later he say he will only pay me 11k but thru installment of $500 every month. Which I believe nobody will accept. So now I'm stuck, both szeto and dom is not going to pay me any money. I believe that at the end of the day, the responsibility's szeto. Out of goodwill I lent him my car and he choose to ask his friend to drive. 好心被雷劈 Please help me to share this post and make the two of them famous, much appreciated.
  4. Another bust up over parking space ... Singapore is really too stressful http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2015/06/driver-allegedly-assaulted-over-dispute-of-parking-space/ An argument between two drivers over a parking space at a carpark ended up with a bruised face and a near-miss “accident” for one. The incident is said to had happened at carpark of Parkland Green, East Coast Park on 30 May (Saturday) around 6:10pm. Mr Yak was waiting for a parking lot after dropping off his wife and kids at the car park when a silver colored car came driving in against the flow of traffic. The car then parked in front of the space that Mr Yak was waiting for with his hazard light turned on. As a result, Mr Yak drove his car forward, in front of the silver colored car and wound down his car window to confront the driver. The driver in the silver colored car is said to be a middle-aged Caucasian, about 35 years old. And there were two kids seated at the back of the car. According to Mr Yak, the driver came down from his car and starting scolding him, “an idiot for being slow” resulting in an argument between the two. All of a sudden, the driver punched him through the car’s window and walked back to his car. The force of the punch was so great that it broke Mr Yak’s glasses and resulted in bleeding of his face. Despite being stunned from the punch, Mr Yak hurried down from his car and tried to take down the other car’s license plate number. “I came down from the car and tried to take down his car number. I stood in front of his car and he just stepped on the accelerator, trying to run me over while escaping.” said Mr Yak. He added, “Eyewitness told me his car plate was SGC9154K, but I am not 100%,” There was no video camera on his dashboard to record the incident. Mr Yak was subsequently treated at Changi Hospital for his injuries. Mr Yak recalled that there were some people around the area, as the car park was situated just in front of the Starbucks and St Marc cafe. He is, however, uncertain if there was any closed-circuit surveillance in the area as there was no electronic gantry at the carpark. He has since made a police report on his assault and beseech for eyewitness of the incident to come forward and give an account of the incident. People with information can write into TOC at theonlinecitizen@gmail.com to link up with Mr Yak. TOC has written to the police on the reported case and will update here when they have replied.
  5. The towkay is said to be a very young fellow Doc takes company boss go to court over parking dispute Yet another case of road rage. This one involves a doctor and a managing director of a company over a parking space. The incident happened on June 22 along the restaurants that line Upper Thomson Road. The medical professional, who wanted to be known only as Dr Goh, was reversing his Nissan Latio into a parking space when another car appeared from behind and kept inching forward. Dr Goh managed to park, but said the Lexus drove up beside them and started gesturing at him very aggressively before driving off. Shortly after Dr Goh exited the car, he claimed that the driver of the Lexus walked over to his car and ripped off its right side mirror, leaving it dangling. Dr Goh made a police report about the incident and has also filed a Magistrate's Complaint against the other driver as advised by the police. When contacted, the other driver declined to comment. Both drivers will appear before a judge at the Subordinate Courts next Wednesday.
  6. Hi Guys, I have bought pre-owned VW Scirocco 1.4 from a dealer. As usual, they only provide warranty for engine and gearbox. But ABS sensor spoilt few days after I got the car. I went VW service center and changed it. Should the dealer be liable for the damage?
  7. Yo, Hainan brothers @Jman888, @Dleodleo, @Ender, @Uncle2 all bought land in Hainan ? Now acquired by gahmen to build rocket launch site. 海南文昌建发射中心 祖宅地被征用痛失429万 七旬狮城妇申诉,海南文昌建发射中心,结果面积达8580平方米的祖宅地被征用,痛失逾429万元,打了四年官司,至今仍追讨不回赔偿。 海南文昌航天发射中心于2013年建成,但却引发了拆迁纠纷。几名祖籍海南的新加坡人告诉本报,他们在文昌市龙楼镇的祖宅,于2011年被征用拆除后,当地政府并未给予合理赔偿。 苦主郑春梅(70岁)告诉《新明日报》记者,四间祖宅加上田地的面积达8580平方米,全被政府征用,每100平方米的土地价值约5万新元,估计损失逾429万新元。 她说,文昌市政府拆私宅时没给予通知,之后没赔偿,还要求他们支付大约8万元人民币(1万6000新元)购买土地建宅。 “由于损失太大,加上是祖先辛苦建造的家园,我和其他人决定打官司追讨赔偿。如今一打就是四年官司,身心疲惫。” 她说,父亲当时把所赚来的钱全部用来买地,如今被征用,一生的积蓄就血本无归。“我们希望当地政府能重视这个问题,依法归还我们一个公道。” 据悉,24个乡村的1000多间房屋被拆除,其中不住在国内的中国国民、海外华人以及港澳台公民占409户。一共有17名人起诉文昌政府,当中4名是新加坡人。 http://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20171103-808168
  8. The 2011 Japan Tsunami has caused severe economic repercussions to the Japanese car makers. Now that they have seeming recovered from the disaster, a Tsunami-sized dispute between China and Japan has caused sales of Japanese cars in China to nose dive. Japan and China are at loggerheads over claims to sovereignty of some islands in the East China Sea, known as Diaoyu in China or Senkaku in Japan. This has set off violent protests in China, and a widespread call to boycott Japanese goods. Mitsubishi reported that its China sales plunged 63% to 2,340 vehicles in September while Mazda
  9. FaezClutchless

    Carroll Shelby can finally be laid to rest

    [extract] Automotive legend, Carroll Shelby, who passed away this year in May, will finally be laid to rest. You might wonder why it takes so long for his family to give him a funeral. Apparently, after his death, there was a dispute regarding on what to do with his remains. This dispute was between Carroll Shelby
  10. [extract] Disputes over parking space are quite common. Most of them do not end up in a fight. However, in a bizzare case at Haikou City in Southern China, a man was murdered in a rather unusual manner. Apparently, a 41 year old woman tried to park her scooter in front of the deceased
  11. really pity these workers..... what if the workers are in 500 or 1000, Will they turn into violent protest with burning and fighting?
  12. man punch twice in taxi dispute the two bloody ang mo should be charge in court. if the poilce let them go then where is justice????
  13. CNA Local tour group camps out at travel agency over dispute By Zhao Quanyin / Qiuyi Tan | Posted: 10 July 2011 2140 hrs SINGAPORE: A group of tourists were bound for Shanghai but found themselves at the travel agency. The group of ten tourists said they were expecting an agency staff to meet them at the airport, and provide information about their hotel and trip arrangements. However, no one showed up. One of the tourists, Charlotte Lee, said: "The whole team waited for him for about two hours. And then he miraculously picked up our call at around 10:10. His first response was, 'Why aren't you on the plane?' How can we get on the plane when we don't have any details at all? Like, are we going to be stranded in China? I think that was the biggest concern we had." They said they were told to board the plane at 11am and that trip details would be sent to them via SMS. But they decided not to, and came to the travel agency for answers. Police arrived at the scene shortly after noon and asked the group to move their bags away from the agency's front door. The agency then proposed an afternoon flight to Shanghai, which the group did not take up. Jonathan Tan, Manager of SA Tours, said: "We arranged for a staff to be at the airport to assist. He would not affect the trip at all, actually. Because our staff was not there to help, the group totally lost confidence in the company, and abandoned the tour by their own choice." After a five-hour wait outside the agency, the group left. The group said it is planning further action. -CNA/ac
  14. Adrian news is on TODAY papers. Tuesday 10aug. A lawyer said Adrian can appeal to AGC to prosecute the culprit. The report also say chongs' claim he receive funny phones calls and his car also kena vandalism!
  15. http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/Motorworld...726-228883.html http://multimedia.asiaone.com/Multimedia/N...0726-10574.html 'Kung-fu' auntie curses and kicks car in parking dispute A fierce auntie was seen mouthing off and being aggressive towards another party in a recent video sent to online citizen journalism website, STOMP. The woman and her husband got into an argument at a carpark with a man, dressed in a blue T-shirt, in what seemed like a dispute over a parking lot. The video shows the woman shouting and pointing at a man in a blue T-shirt, saying: "Young punk, go and die!" As the argument heated up, she threw a flying kick at the car door before taunting the other party when she notice she was being filmed. The woman turned her back to the camera and shook her buttocks, not once but twice. Subsequently, she hit the car window with her fist and an umbrella repeatedly, and mouthed expletives. Reader Christiano, who wrote in to STOMP, said: "Just a short video to share with the rest, that there are some aunties who will go all out for a carpark space." Power sia this woman..
  16. Clearly you can see the ball didnt cross the line. Germany were the better team Case closed
  17. ......this is what CASE or so called SAEA can do for you...... We does not give advise on contractual matters nor do we get involve with cases that will proceed into legal suits. We also do not provide any service recovery for lapses in agencies, we will however, inform them of the services lapses and they will do the follow up of the complaint from there and then. We would only be able to assist to contact the agency and propose mediation between the agent and yourself, but of course, both parties must be willing to accept. If the other party is not willing to mediate, we would advise you to seek legal aid for the disputes of commission with the agent. You can get some contacts from www.lawsociety.org.sg . Do let us know if you want us to propose a mediation. Once we get your confirmation we will proceed to contact the agency to let them know of your intentions to mediate. ......as good as nothing.
  18. http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/latest/st...,197348,00.html? KUALA LUMPUR -- Malaysia will bring a simmering water dispute with neighbouring Singapore to the boil again in a tit-for-tat publishing duel, a report said on Monday. Kuala Lumpur will produce a book revealing a 'true' account of the squabble and rejecting the version put forward by Singapore in a recently-released book entitled Water Talks? If Only It Could. Advertisement http://ads.asia1.com.sg/image.ng/Params.richmedia=yes&site=tsti&size=300X250 'We must give the true picture. The only one who is unfair and unreasonable is Singapore,' Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar was quoted as saying by the Malay-language Utusan Malaysia. Malaysia's version would reject all the arguments considered inaccurate in Singapore's book, he said. 'That book does not help strengthen bilateral ties and it is as if they are not interested in establishing a positive relationship,' Datuk Seri Syed Hamid said. At the heart of the row is the price paid by Singapore for raw water from its neighbour. Singapore's book says Malaysia is unreasonable, frequently changing its stance and causing talks over the issue to come to a standstill. The book, published by the republic's information ministry, contains a chronology of key events, a statement by Singapore's Foreign Minister S. Jayakumar, letters exchanged between Singapore and Malaysia leaders and other documents. Datuk Seri Syed Hamid said Malaysia remained uninterested in holding any talks over the water sold to Singapore until the city-state was capable of accepting a fair and just agreement. Malaysia decided to halt the talks last year after it failed to secure a price increase, and said it was considering taking legal action. It now sells raw water to Singapore at three sen (less than one US cent) per 1,000 gallons (4,550 litres). -- AFP