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Found 8 results

  1. Another bust up over parking space ... Singapore is really too stressful http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2015/06/driver-allegedly-assaulted-over-dispute-of-parking-space/ An argument between two drivers over a parking space at a carpark ended up with a bruised face and a near-miss “accident” for one. The incident is said to had happened at carpark of Parkland Green, East Coast Park on 30 May (Saturday) around 6:10pm. Mr Yak was waiting for a parking lot after dropping off his wife and kids at the car park when a silver colored car came driving in against the flow of traffic. The car then parked in front of the space that Mr Yak was waiting for with his hazard light turned on. As a result, Mr Yak drove his car forward, in front of the silver colored car and wound down his car window to confront the driver. The driver in the silver colored car is said to be a middle-aged Caucasian, about 35 years old. And there were two kids seated at the back of the car. According to Mr Yak, the driver came down from his car and starting scolding him, “an idiot for being slow” resulting in an argument between the two. All of a sudden, the driver punched him through the car’s window and walked back to his car. The force of the punch was so great that it broke Mr Yak’s glasses and resulted in bleeding of his face. Despite being stunned from the punch, Mr Yak hurried down from his car and tried to take down the other car’s license plate number. “I came down from the car and tried to take down his car number. I stood in front of his car and he just stepped on the accelerator, trying to run me over while escaping.” said Mr Yak. He added, “Eyewitness told me his car plate was SGC9154K, but I am not 100%,” There was no video camera on his dashboard to record the incident. Mr Yak was subsequently treated at Changi Hospital for his injuries. Mr Yak recalled that there were some people around the area, as the car park was situated just in front of the Starbucks and St Marc cafe. He is, however, uncertain if there was any closed-circuit surveillance in the area as there was no electronic gantry at the carpark. He has since made a police report on his assault and beseech for eyewitness of the incident to come forward and give an account of the incident. People with information can write into TOC at theonlinecitizen@gmail.com to link up with Mr Yak. TOC has written to the police on the reported case and will update here when they have replied.
  2. Son of Car Groomer’s Boss Also Allegedly Smoked In The Car The car grooming business is one that’s largely based on trust. After all, clients have to leave their cars at the workshop for days or even weeks without supervision. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a car owner by the name of Mr Eric Lau was enraged to find his car misused after collecting it from a car groomer. On Sunday (23 Dec), Mr Lau wrote a lengthy Facebook post warning other car owners about the errant car groomers that he had the misfortune of dealing with. Here’s his Facebook post in full. We’ll summarise it after the jump. 273km clocked in 5 daysAccording to Mr Lau, on 3 Nov, he brought his car to Glozz Factory Mobile Car Grooming Services for spray painting and an internal grooming job. Before handing his car over to the groomers, Mr Lau took a photo of his odometer for precautionary reasons. For the uninitiated, an odometer is an instrument used to measure the distance travelled by a vehicle. When Mr Lau collected his car 5 days later, he was stunned to find his odometer reading increase by a whopping 273km. That’s not all. The sound system in Mr Lau’s car was also adjusted to the maximum level, and the memory card slot on his dashcam wasn’t in its original position. The car owner called the workshop’s owner, Mr Andy Goh, demanding answers. Mr Goh revealed over the phone that the car was also full of cigarette ash when he was working on it the day prior to the collection. After some investigation, Mr Goh admitted that Shawn – his business partner’s son – had taken the car for a joyride in Malaysia. Suspicions confirmedEnraged, the car owner lodged a police report and demanded to have a sit-down with Mr Goh and his business partner, Mr William Chng. Mr Lau’s suspicions were confirmed during the meeting as the car groomers admitted that Shawn had: Drove the car into Malaysia Smoked in the car Blasted the car’s stereo Understandably, Mr Lau then demanded compensation from the car workshop owners for a breach of contract. However, Mr Goh suggested that Mr Lau deal with Mr Chng in private, so as to protect the reputation of his business. Illegal RequestMr Chng eventually agreed to compensate Mr Lau for the misuse of his car, and instructed his lawyer to prepare a private settlement letter. Initially, Mr Lau was told to wait while Mr Chng’s lawyer prepared the necessary documents. However, 2 months later, according to the Facebook post, Mr Chng started ignoring Mr Lau’s calls. When he finally answered, Mr Chng said that his lawyer required the police report in his possession to prepare the legal document, and tried to “buy” it from him. Feeling that something was amiss, Mr Lau called the police, who informed Mr Lau that it was illegal to “buy” a police report due to confidential reasons. Check your odometer before visiting a car workshopMS News has reached out to Glozz Factory and Mr Lau for more information regarding the alleged incident. Meanwhile, let’s hope both parties find a mutually agreeable resolution to the incident. For the rest of us, if there’s one lesson to be learnt, it’s surely the importance of checking your car’s odometer before handing it over to the car workshop. source: https://mustsharenews.com/car-groomer-joy-ride/?fbclid=IwAR3g28kvtIGhRM2eAUGKfuaByFesgjKnX9Tg_ej7y_GILpGIBoJmOm5YRHs
  3. 3 counts of rape in 20 minutes? How is this even physically possible?? Mind-boggling... How does the law define "one count"?
  4. Former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng has made a police report on someone who allegedly threatened to kill and burn him for criticising the Workers' Party (WP). NCMP addresses threats, acts of anger seen at by-election Opposition party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam's alleged online threat
  5. Another "collision" This time round the MPV driver culprit very balant and did a hit-&-run stunt even being stopped by the father of the victim. Best part is this joker ended at MBS. Rushing there to place bets perhaps? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...clists-20121107 Effective penalties needed against motorists colliding with cyclists Published on Nov 07, 2012 I WAS cycling behind my son at 6.50am on a weekday when he was involved in a collision with a car - a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) - along Nicoll Highway at Republic Ave. A bus driver who was behind my son was quick to stop to offer assistance, but the MPV driver sped away. When I caught up with him, he denied that a collision occurred, and sped off when the lights turned green. I called 999 after trying the Traffic Police hotline without receiving a reply. The ambulance and the police came shortly, and medical aid was given to my son, who had bruises on his right arm and leg, and who was left with a partly damaged bicycle. No traffic policeman was dispatched to track down the driver and I was informed later that the driver and the car was found at Marina Bay Sands. The law does not do enough to protect cyclists, and the penalties are too light to deter errant drivers. The insurance will pay for the damage, and an errant driver gets off all too lightly. The fact that my son's injury was not severe should not mean that the penalty need be less punitive if the driver is found to have erred, and certainly not if he remains in denial and unrepentant about his role in an accident. Mohamed Salim Mohd Amin
  6. 太岁头上动土。 Whether he is a Singaporean or not, he is in a deep sh!t... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._belonging.html Posted on 27 Jun 2012 S'porean allegedly stole Nissan GTR belonging to son of former Thai Navy chief A Singaporean man was allegedly arrested in Bangkok on June 26 for stealing a Nissan GTR which reportedly belongs to the son of the former Thai Navy Commander-in-Chief, according to STOMPer llkadabrall. Said the STOMPer, who also sent in photos: "A Singaporean man was arrested in Bangkok yesterday for stealing a Nissan GTR. "The vehicle belongs to the son of the former Thai Navy Commander-In-Chief. "The man and his two accomplices, who are still at large, attended a car rally in North Pattaya last weekend, where they met and befriended the victim. "The vehicle was stolen at the front parking lot of a Pattaya Hotel after the rally event. "The man has denied that he was involved but the evidence showed otherwise. "The Singaporean and another man was seen on CCTV footage, driving the stolen vehicle into the condominium. "He was also seen making phone calls to his Thai wife to destroy documents pertaining to the stolen vehicle shortly before he was arrested. "However, police were able to go into his unit and recover the said documents in time. "The licence plates and security system in the vehicle were also changed to avoid detection. "Police believe that the gang of three intended for the vehicle to be sold in a foreign country."
  7. Florida-based tuners Heffner Performance and experts at Hoffman Motorsports have allegedly set the world record for the fastest standing mile speed ever clocked. Although unofficial, the Heffner Ford GT Twin-Turbo hit the one-mile marker at 266.938mph (429.595 km/h). That is over 17 mph (27 km/h) faster than the speed achieved by the same car at The Texas Mile earlier this month. The new mile run took place at the Miami Airport Runway event put on by Exotics Rally. It is the dramatic increase in speed that has left many shaking their heads and wagging their fingers. However, according to Jalopnik.com the 1900 HP Ford GT was only pumping 26 pounds of boost at the Texas event while boost was turned up to an astonishing 41 pounds in Miami! Drag strip fans are claiming that the timing equipment malfunctioned, while others have suggested that the gear was intentionally altered. To put circumstances into perspective Heffner boss, Jason Heffner has stated, "With regard to this weekend's event and concerns about the timing equipment I do not have a lot to say. Prior to attending this weekend we were aware that any numbers obtained during the event may be considered "unofficial". The purpose of attending this event was to race against two of the other fastest one mile cars in the world on the same day at the same facility using the same timing equipment. At the end of the day we had the fastest time recorded and we have V Box data to verify the performance of our car.
  8. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/ent.../438161/1/.html she must be considered lucky and proud that finally a male grope her but is a drunkard ...hahahahha.....any clear minded male will not even want to go near her or touch her moreover grope her.....yuck...the drunkard better use industrial strength disinfectant to wash his hand after wake up.....