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Found 16 results

  1. Son of Car Groomer’s Boss Also Allegedly Smoked In The Car The car grooming business is one that’s largely based on trust. After all, clients have to leave their cars at the workshop for days or even weeks without supervision. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a car owner by the name of Mr Eric Lau was enraged to find his car misused after collecting it from a car groomer. On Sunday (23 Dec), Mr Lau wrote a lengthy Facebook post warning other car owners about the errant car groomers that he had the misfortune of dealing with. Here’s his Facebook post in full. We’ll summarise it after the jump. 273km clocked in 5 daysAccording to Mr Lau, on 3 Nov, he brought his car to Glozz Factory Mobile Car Grooming Services for spray painting and an internal grooming job. Before handing his car over to the groomers, Mr Lau took a photo of his odometer for precautionary reasons. For the uninitiated, an odometer is an instrument used to measure the distance travelled by a vehicle. When Mr Lau collected his car 5 days later, he was stunned to find his odometer reading increase by a whopping 273km. That’s not all. The sound system in Mr Lau’s car was also adjusted to the maximum level, and the memory card slot on his dashcam wasn’t in its original position. The car owner called the workshop’s owner, Mr Andy Goh, demanding answers. Mr Goh revealed over the phone that the car was also full of cigarette ash when he was working on it the day prior to the collection. After some investigation, Mr Goh admitted that Shawn – his business partner’s son – had taken the car for a joyride in Malaysia. Suspicions confirmedEnraged, the car owner lodged a police report and demanded to have a sit-down with Mr Goh and his business partner, Mr William Chng. Mr Lau’s suspicions were confirmed during the meeting as the car groomers admitted that Shawn had: Drove the car into Malaysia Smoked in the car Blasted the car’s stereo Understandably, Mr Lau then demanded compensation from the car workshop owners for a breach of contract. However, Mr Goh suggested that Mr Lau deal with Mr Chng in private, so as to protect the reputation of his business. Illegal RequestMr Chng eventually agreed to compensate Mr Lau for the misuse of his car, and instructed his lawyer to prepare a private settlement letter. Initially, Mr Lau was told to wait while Mr Chng’s lawyer prepared the necessary documents. However, 2 months later, according to the Facebook post, Mr Chng started ignoring Mr Lau’s calls. When he finally answered, Mr Chng said that his lawyer required the police report in his possession to prepare the legal document, and tried to “buy” it from him. Feeling that something was amiss, Mr Lau called the police, who informed Mr Lau that it was illegal to “buy” a police report due to confidential reasons. Check your odometer before visiting a car workshopMS News has reached out to Glozz Factory and Mr Lau for more information regarding the alleged incident. Meanwhile, let’s hope both parties find a mutually agreeable resolution to the incident. For the rest of us, if there’s one lesson to be learnt, it’s surely the importance of checking your car’s odometer before handing it over to the car workshop. source: https://mustsharenews.com/car-groomer-joy-ride/?fbclid=IwAR3g28kvtIGhRM2eAUGKfuaByFesgjKnX9Tg_ej7y_GILpGIBoJmOm5YRHs
  2. If gaps are not covered, why bother setting rules?
  3. hi. anyone who knows where i can find the new bettle for rent just for a special day? need to get it by oct this year. if any of the bros here can rent it to me i will be really grateful. will to pay up to 200-300 dollars just for that day k! thank you so much. i can exchange with my car as well. plus the rent! i am desperate! been looking for quite a while. email me d_anz@yahoo.com or call me 90283124 adrian!
  4. Hi, currently my ride in ws.. Lookin to 'borrow' a car for ard 4 to 6 weeks with a fee.. Anyone got lobang kindly pm me ok? Thanks..
  5. i want to borrow a full set of exhaust from header to muffler. Any shops to recommend and how much $$$$.
  6. Hi, bro gg to ORD and family thinkg of taking family portrait (was a pity we kept procrastinating when i graduated.. father passed and we did not have a pic... :( ) Bro has his own No 1, but i dont have it... so does anyone has any idea how i can get hold of 1? Im from infantry.. but commissioned like 10 yrs ago... :p did think of wearing graduation gown.. but tot its nicer if i can wear same with bro...
  7. What will be the issues if people borrow/lend car to drive and got into any form of accidents? Will have claims dispute or difficulty?
  8. Leepee

    $23,000 borrow,beg,steal

    What is the legal way to obtain $23k in Singapore? I have a friend who need this amount to repay some perosnal debt, by year end. 1) Applying for few credit overdraft is one solution. But which ones are recommended? 2) Take up a renovation loan? How to pakart with the contractor? 3) Buy a car and sell it away in JB? Anyone knows of a legit method, but will incure minimum interest rates?
  9. Typhoonz

    Borrow Trolley

    I don't know where to post this so here goes... Anyone got trolley that I can borrow? I'll be moving house on the 7th of Sept. Got lowlee, got manpower but has yet to find a trolley yet. Any kind souls out there can rent me one? If you have 1 please PM me. Prefably the bigger sized one. Kam siah to all!!!
  10. Your future wife makes a certain demand for wedding and you cant afford it. She suggest that you borrow money (with interest) from her so that she can have the wedding she wants. Interest rate: 50% of the total loan = must pay back 150% of loan to her. What will you say eh?
  11. Hi bros and sis, Need to borrow your latest HKG (Hong Kong) travel guide if you have just travelled to there within the last 6 months. The lonely planet guide that I have is too old (more that 3yrs) and as I'm going to HKG next month, would like to know how and where to see, like the new Ngong Ping 360 etc. Hope any of you can lend me the guide book or post any advise on what to do for 3 days.
  12. yup time of the year again. borrow angpow fr Godness of Mercy. those who borrowed last year must return in kind.
  13. anybody?? need it by today...driving up KL tomorrow. Thanks. sms 98263601
  14. Hi, in recent months in singapore, i have been encountering strangers stopping me and asking me for spare coins. Their reason they gave is that they are short of $ to take bus or mrt. They simply ask "excuse me, i need some $ to take mrt, i am short of some, can u give me some coins?" i am sure sometimes we may be stuck in this situation, i can imagine myself forgetting to bring wallet and short of coins and may need help. If i am to approach a complete stranger, i will be asking him for a loan, get his contact number. Be it 20cents or $1 and will definitely pay back the amount. If the strangers are really kind and generous, they may tell me to keep it, no need pay back etc. but those that i met are well bodied, mature middle age men. they simply expect me to give them $$. What's the difference between throwing away self-dignity and begging for $ in these cases? and trust me.. i have been in that situation once. i tried to borrow $1 from a guy and insist that i want to pay him back and he simply smile and say its ok and walk away, leaving me feeling grateful. in the 90s when i am a student, i was always super broke, ever lived on bread for days, and having not enough to take bus. There was once i only have less than $2, i boarded an SBS bus from clementi mrt, heading towards Bendemeer to meet a classmate to borrow $20 to tide over. then when i reach orchard, a bus inspector came onboard (i paid the minimum fare, as not enuf $ for next ride), i have to get down and i dun have enough to take the next bus to my friend's house. i got stuck in orchard at 1030pm!. the only option is to walk to bendemeer, call him hoping he can come to my rescue, or ask strangers for $. i chose to walk and after some distance, i decided to call him for help. Thank god he is going out for supper with his dad (and they are driving), they drove to orchard to pass me the $ but i was so embarassed but i was grateful. i seriously hope those men that i have met are frauds, who simply cook up some lies to earn $, rather than those who throw away their dignity and beg for $. If their case is genuine, shouldn they be calling whatever help they can find like calling family and friends 1st rather than asking for spare coins and simply do not expect to return? i am pretty disturbed by these encounters.. if those guys come up to me and tried to borrow some $1-2 from me, i would gladly help them and wouldn't expect them to return the $$, i believe what kindness others have shown to me, i should show them to others. but they are simply asking me to give them the $$ which is against my principle. i would give $$ to real beggers, disabled, unfortunate etc but not abled-bodied men. have u guys encountered this before and what would u do?
  15. Anyone can spare a moment to lend me your Pioneer DEH-P8XXXMP or DEH-P9XXXMP's microphone? I bought my headunit w/o a microphone, so want to perform a Auto-EQ also cannot. Hopefully, a kind soul can lend me one so I can do this Auto-EQ. Thanks!
  16. Zen

    Heatgun to borrow ?

    I know this is abit abrupt, but wonder if anybody has or know where I can borrow a heatgun (especially those industrial heat gun) for a short while?