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  1. Pioneer

    What wrong with MOE???

    I think ignorance is bliss is more apt for you. The PSLE cutoff you see for all the school do not include DSA students' results. Let me give you an example from NUS high. It is an IP school that requires students with 250 and above for PSLE to join them, post PSLE stage. Yet, there are also students with 220+ in their school. I cannot show you actual examples because that will be a breach to confidential information that no schools will share openly. What you have is published data. What I have is real data. There is nothing nonsense about DSA. In the past, if you score 250 and the school you want to go to has a cutoff point of 251, you are out of luck. Now with DSA, you have a chance. The initiative becomes a problem because some parents see DSA as an opportunity for their child with <200 PSLE score to go RI/ACSI/HCI etc and they get angry and cry foul when their child got rejected from the process. I duno about Joseph Schooling but I know the level of coaching and training in SG cannot hope to match the standard overseas. The truth is you are reading from news paper, articles and internet sources but I hold the actual data and runs the DSA related programmes.
  2. Pioneer

    What wrong with MOE???

    FYI: There are many cases of students who got into a school who has a much lower PSLE result that the cutoff point of the school. I can say this with confidence because I have access to this information. There is no strong correlation between P5 results and PSLE because of the differing examination standards and students' cognitive development. That is a straight As student may not get the same results in PSLE. Therefore there is indeed some risk involved. In elite schools, there are no NA or NT streams, so once you get >188, you are in express stream. Schools giving up on students have nothing to do with DSA but the professionalism of the schools.
  3. Pioneer

    What wrong with MOE???

    FYI: It is extremely rare and difficult to transfer students out of a school if they are admitted into the school via DSA. If a child is given an offer to a elite school via DSA, he only needs to meet the express stream PSLE score of about 188. That means if you are admitted to ACSI, RI or RGS for 'O' Level track and you get an 188 for PSLE, you will still retain your place in those schools. MOE does not allow DSA student movement easily. That means, if you get 188 for PSLE and you want to go to another 'normal' school even though you are given a place in RI, you cannot transfer also.
  4. Pioneer

    What wrong with MOE???

    FYI: Schools have to commit to accept student through DSA by August, way before they take their PSLE.
  5. Pioneer

    Teachers may soon have to pay to park in schools.

    Actually, some of the things you mentioned can claim. Actually, MOE has met their quota of teachers. It is now very strict in recruiting new teachers.
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  7. So you are saying that I have no constructive posts or things to say until that very one post which was meant as a joke? It does tell me what type of a person you are though. Oh well....
  8. In that aspect, I agree with you. It is a norm to expect inspection before buying a car. But we must balance our needs with the financial constraints of running a business. So far, we have assumed that this is a highly profitable industries where the truth is otherwise. Let's talk about admin fee. I used to hate it when I read this from the forum because I was given the impression this is extra money and now prospective buyers want to waive it. My response to it now is if the overall price of the car is cheaper with admin fee than one without. I will pay admin fee. Are you saying you will buy the more expensive car because it has no admin fee? It is easy to say that all cars should be repaired and sent for inspection first but think about it for a second. 2nd hand cars are parked at the lot for weeks, months or even years. No one knows when what parts will be damaged. It makes logistical sense to repair the car before it is sold to minimise incurred cost. Also, inspection by AA or STA are not welcome by all. Some buyers only trust their workshops and if the AA or STA cert was done a few months ago, how many buyers will want to trust the report or insist on a new report? That is added cost again. Let me ask you, will you go to a posh workshop with free aircon, magazines and drinks to change your engine oil for $228 or that dark and oily workshop for $58?
  9. Well, can you tell me of all the posts in the previous thread, how many were informative and how many were basically people letting steam off because of their perspectives and experiences? So we do not allow some form of humour in the threads or you do not understand humour? The dealer in the previous thread has mentioned that rental companies are willing to buy their cars higher price, even if the depreciation is higher than a new one. Therefore, we are competing with them to buy those cars with 1-2 yr left. It sounds possible with all the new demands from Uber and other taxi apps.
  10. The best way to raise the standard is not through discussion. It is through action. If people are willing to pay more for service, eventually, the ones who produce poor service will have to exit the market or raise their service. That is the only and best way to change the standard business practices. This is call market force. Market force will change the market, not chit chatting in forums. Can you tell me which discussions in MCF lead to any real changes in any industries? Has Workshops provide better and honest services? Did Petrol companies stop their price adjustment patterns? Nil. No. Zil. Nothing has change. A forum is for people to express their view points, to let off steam, then move on with their lives.
  11. Pioneer

    2015 Forester 2.0

    A lot depends on whether your car is in SG. If it is already here, it should be in a week or two. They need to install all those things as the car is quite bare when it came. What did your SE says? He is your best source of information.
  12. Hahah.. need to discuss meh? There are good dealers and bad dealers. There are good customers and bad customers. End of Discussion.
  13. Pioneer

    2015 Dec, 1st COE Bidding Exercise

    Haha.. this market force is a bit "hmm... you also know la". I noticed that in SG, telecoms offer strikingly similar plans with strikingly similar pricing. Petrol Companies also follow the same trend and so does the taxis. I guess because the govt has remained unchanged all these while, the methods they used are always the same. "Don't rock the boat" mentality ba.
  14. Pioneer

    2015 Dec, 1st COE Bidding Exercise

    When has car ownership been complicated mess? You choose a car, go to showroom, test drive, pay deposit, complete admin process, take car. It's the people trapped in their own mind. If you cannot afford a new car, you can: Buy an old one, even if annual dep is higher, it is still cheaper at point of purchase Buy a cheaper model that cost lest than $90k, then you complain bo hua coz COE cost more than car, even though the absolute cost is lower. You tell me who is making difficult? Let me use an analogy, a chio bu can choose rich, good-looking and smart man to date and marry. Her friend, not very chio one, complains that it is so hard to find such man to date. Some of the man who likes her are rich but not very smart, or smart but not very rich. She doesn't want to commit to anyone but someone that her chio bu friend is dating. The she complains that good man are so hard to come by, maybe govt should step in to distribute the good man to people like her. COE is high because enough people are willing to pay for it. It will drop when no one buys like the times when it hit 10k+. Car ownership has to be expensive even if one day that means I am priced out of the market.
  15. Pioneer

    2015 Dec, 1st COE Bidding Exercise

    Actually, have you ever know of anyone who was denied health care because they are poor? I have a hunch that government hospital have to write off debts every year because the patients cannot afford to pay. This is from my experience from another govt services. I am in the govt service and I have seen how financial assistance are given freely because we given the benefit of the doubt to the applicant. I have seen a family submit an application for financial assistance, declaring they have zero gross income. They too get the subsidy they applied for. Something are never announced loudly in the public because we don't want people to abuse the system. But so far, most of the proposals are too simplistic, like tying COE price to omv. This is a static tax and over time will prove pointless as people get used to it. Exactly what good ideas have come out so far? I cannot think of anything. FYI: I don't have 3 cars but I have 1 proper functional brain.