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Found 242 results

  1. Hi bros, can i check how long does it take to inspect the IU? Thinking of going down during lunchtime...
  2. I always want our SG govt would consider giving pension to our elderly. In the olden days, our grandparents earned low wages and now facing high cost of living. Some told me that if we want to give pension to the elderly, we need to pay higher taxes. However, after reading this late news, I seriously got nothing much to say. Take a deep breath and read on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you didn't already know, our office holders receive pensions. Yes, a sum of money after they quit for the rest of their lives. It's in the government statutes here - http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/non_version/cgi...le&doctitle Who is an office holder? - The term office holder includes the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Speaker, Senior Minister, Minister, Senior Minister of State, Minister of State, Mayor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Parliamentary Secretary or Political Secretary. How much? - Depending of length of service, office holders can get a maximum of 2/3 of their annual last drawn salary as an annual pension. For example, PM Lee earns S$3.87m a year now, will get at least S$2.58m a year when he retires. Mah Bow Tan will get at least S$1.8m a year. Vivian Balakrishnan will get S$800k for his 9 years in ministerial office if he retires this year. Pension lumpsum - Pensions can be paid out in lumpsum if the office holder retiree so chooses. For this purpose the annual pension sum payable is multiplied by a 'prescribed commutation factor' to be decided by the President. Someone who sent an email out about this reckons this number to be 14.6. So if a minister's annual salary is S$2m when he retires, he can ask for S$29.2m in one go. Taxes on pension - None. See government statutes http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/non_version/cgi-bin/cgi_getdata.pl?actno=2001-REVED-134&doctitle=INCOME+TAX+ACT&date=latest&method=part&segid=1009775494-001719 section (h)://http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/non_vers...719 section (h) What about the rest of the civil service? - The rest of the civil service was converted away from the pension scheme to CPF some time ago. So ministerial office is only civil service position in SG that allows for pensions now. So what's the problem? - After the facts, this is an opinion - These guys already are the highest paid politicians in the world. Seriously, it's a lot of money. Aren't they also saving up for their retirement like the rest of us? We private sector folks will get nothing when we retire (hopefully). MM has encouraged us to keep on working into our 60s and 70s - is it so that our continuing tax payments would fund their pensions? Talk about skewing the rich-poor gap. I'm not cool with it. - Gurmit Singh Source: Link
  3. Probe launched after China pilots falsified records: govt AFP - Tuesday, September 7Send IM Story Print BEIJING, Sept 6, 2010 (AFP)
  4. Asking on behalf of a fren who's looking for a budget 4-dr non-HB sedan, n he's kinda zoomed in on the Kia Rio. There seems to be 1.4, 1.5 n 1.6L versions. Any good/bad comments about them? thanx!
  5. After the recent BOMB saga, we cannot rule out more bombs will be found underground in SGP, or even near where we work / live / play. While SAF / SPF / SCDF and what nots are still defending / searching for the best ways to safeguard the safety of we peasants and cover their asz, maybe we should do something ourselves to protect ourselves instead of sitting there like, whatelse, sitting ducks. In the true spirit of self-help, my family has decided to setup our own bomb disposal team, and hope our neighbours will do the same asap as some of them have found some bombs during their morning walk just today!! My DIY homemade bomb-disposal crack team consists of.... only me ....... i had just conducted the team's very first live-exercise right at home... to be precise, in my toilet. After the disposal was done, everyone at home was totally relieved except they complained that the smell from the bomb lingered on throughout breakfast.... But nothing beats doing something ourselve to make our home a safer place.......... please try it, you can do it at home!! Have a safe, though maybe smelly, day!!
  6. Hi guys. I want to bring my family to go take a family portrait. To make the old folks happy... Any recommendations? I checked out broadway... but it seems ridiculously exp. 2.8k for a family portrait Any more value for money alternatives? Or isit market rate?
  7. Posting for someone else...
  8. Traditional British social divisions of upper, middle and working class seem out of date in the 21st Century, no longer reflecting modern occupations or lifestyles. The BBC teamed up with sociologists from leading universities to analyse the modern British class system. They surveyed more than 161,000 people and came up with a new model made up of seven groups. To find out where you fit in use this calculator below. Link to the test: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22000973 *Your personal information is safe - all calculations are carried out on your computer *BBC Lab UK's Great British Class Survey was launched in January 2011. More than 161,000 people took part, making this the largest ever study of class in the UK *The Great British Class Survey was designed and the data analysed by Professors Mike Savage and Fiona Devine and their teams at the London School of Economics and the Universities of York and Manchester *The class calculator provides you with an approximate position in the new class system compared with the full Great British Class Survey Produced by: Steven Atherton, Kathy Neal, Harjit Kaura, Christine Jeavans and Applied Works
  9. For body building other than protein shake
  10. hi all as well all know, there are fake products in the market. i got this link from www.sgsoundsystems.com http://www.autoindustriya.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=20977.0 do take note, the Rockford spkrs ARE BEING SOLD IN SINGAPORE (cos i'm a victim too). as for the other products, i'm very sure they are ard in the market. *mod, hope u can make this a sticky. cheers!
  11. Wishcumstrue

    Please take care of your TEETH.

    I find this experience from India both instructive and inspirational. After watching this, I found myself driven to brush my teeth at least 3x per day
  12. I am looking to take over a HDB shop from someone but I am not familiar with the process. Assignment fee - is this declared to HDB in the transfer of tenancy ? The current tenant is asking for 50% of the assignment up front as a deposit - is that reasonable ? What if the transfer fails to go thru ? Any property guru out there to advise ?
  13. Preston with his Ferrari 458. He left the key with valets at RWS while having supper there and returned to find the car missing. -- ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG In the early hours of last Tuesday, two valets at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) were entrusted with the key to a Ferrari 458. Instead of safeguarding it, they used it to take the $1 million sports car for a joyride across Sentosa that lasted over an hour. Their alleged misdeed was exposed when the owner, a 61-year-old retiree, checked the footage on his in-car camera. Outraged by the incident, he has since filed a police report and issued a letter of demand to RWS through lawyer Chia Boon Teck.
  14. note the motocyclist with pillion rider Was turning right and did not see this coming....good thing I have some gap to react...to take a short cut like that is too reckless... For the record, I did went over and talk to the guy so that he understands his life should be more precious than the little time saved double post...server lag?
  15. Phluvcat

    Drive or take bus to Legoland

    Is it safe to self-drive to Legoland? Sorry if it seems stupid but many years never self-drive to Malaysia liao. Is there particular models of cars more prone to being stolen??? Me is very old Honda Civic EK3M, or for peace of mind should I just take their tour bus there (which I have to go Golden Mile from Bukit Batok then to 2nd Link). Maybe they have abundance of Civics there and wont bother about mine? Just need some opinion. Hmmm oh yeah, anywhere near there I can get hold of second hand climate control console? Mine is cui liao. Gum siah.
  16. Ang Bao for all NSmen! Govt giving $80 / 100 voucher and free 1 year safra membership. Just login to Safra website and register and they will post to u. www.ns45safra.sg Pls spread the MSG Eligibility Criteria Who are eligible for the NS45 SAFRA Benefits? All servicemen from the SAF will be eligible for the NS45 SAFRA Benefits, based on their NS status as at 22 Oct 2012. Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) $50 worth of SAFRA vouchers Past statutory age and have not completed ORNS training cycle $80 worth of SAFRA vouchers Currently serving ORNS $80 worth of SAFRA vouchers and a year's free* Completed ORNS training cycle $100 worth of SAFRA vouchers and a year's free* * The free membership will commence from 1 Apr 2013 and last till 31 Mar 2014, regardless of the application date. Are Permanent Residents (PRs) eligible for these Benefits? Yes, PRs are eligible for these Benefits, as long as they have served or are serving NS. The above eligibility criteria will also apply to these PRs.
  17. http://www.macrumors.com/2013/03/25/faa-st...ff-and-landing/ Will our authorities follow if US FAA allow? Got to wait till year end.
  18. dear all, was just thinking: since coe is used to control the car population, why can't it be transferrable, since in effect the number of coe remains the same? that could be useful especially when the low coe bought in 2009 can be transferred to a new car now. that would not lead to a change in car number, since when the coe is transferred to the new car, the old car has to be scrapped. any thoughts?
  19. WARNING long article Isn't private banking is still a much coveted job and didn't many private banks say they are aggressively expanding? Clinton Ang, the grandson of a gunny- sack seller who emigrated last century from China to Singapore, oversees a fortune valued at almost $80 million for himself and three siblings. That makes him a target for wealth managers in Singapore, the private-banking capital of Asia. Yet the 39-year-old managing director of Hock Tong Bee Pte, which evolved from his grandfather
  20. We are allowed to take a loan for a long long time for a flat repayment and just only 60months to pay for a car! It is sad for those who in need for a vehicle and no cash on hand to pay upfront and need to pay fast.............
  21. If DBS is giving 2.18% interest rate for used cars. Any other bank that gives a better rate?
  22. many possibilities... - this stomper is not telling the truth - singpost and ezycash leak out the customers' data - a new tactic by ah long looking at the numbers... - $30 deducted for admin - repay $480 in three weeks for a loan of $380 - ah long earns $130 for a loan of $380... that's 34% interest, and about 11% per week
  23. Dear bro and sis, Need your opinion and advice, hope you all can help. Recently I bought a new car and put down my deposit. At the same time, i will trade in my old car to the dealer. I took the full loan so I will get back tsome money from the dealer. I will collect my car soon. i need to hand over the old car to the dealer on the day when i colkect my new car. However I was told by the dealer that I only can get the trade in amount plus the deposit back from dealer after one month only. The dealer will pay me back with cheque, that's need time to process. This is the reason I got from the dealer. Is this the normal practice? Do you guy think this is normal when buy new car and trade in the old car with them? I thought I should collect the trade in amount plus the deposit from dealer after hand over my old car since the owner name of my old car will be transferred to dealer? Hope to hear from you guys soon . Thanks.
  24. My friend was involved in a car accident recently, it was on an expressway when a heavy vehicle swerve all the way to the right lane and stopped for road maintainance. He E braked and stopped in time but the taxi behind could not and crash into him, the impact flung him forward and he hit the truck slightly. Now the insurance company representing the cab refuse to take full liability and only willing to pay 50%, now my fren is stuck becos his car is in the workshop and the courtesy car given to him is not covered under his own insurance. He was advised to pay the excess and claim 1st party and pay for the rental of the courtesy car himself as if he wants to fight the car and claim 3rd party it will be a prolong process and he may have to come out with alot of money. He NCB will also be affected if he claim 1st party. He ask me for advice and I told him I am no expert and will seek the kind advice of the bros here. Thanks.