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Found 116 results

  1. A short film made in Penang Enjoy and do give me your honest opinion. Happy Lunar New Year ! https://youtu.be/afV44Lz8QO8 Why so many Penang filming ? Because I always travel to Penang.
  2. Bluemice

    Short sighted and sunglasses

    hi may I know how do you solve the problem of short sightedness and driving with sunglasses ? 2 pair of glasses ? transitions ? thanks
  3. Arrived this evening On the way to hotel at river Arrived at hotel Went for a walk Respect this fella lifting up a bunch of cables for his truck to pass Why are bottle beers here costing $4 per bottle? Snails
  4. steveluv

    Short trip to Hong Kong

    At hotel lobby taking to lobby staff Me: Hi could you please recommend a good dimsum restaurant? Lady: Yes very good restaurant Me: Yea yes I like very good restaurant Lady: ok out of the hotel turn left one block down very good restaurant Me: ok thanks so name of restaurant please Lady: oh it’s very good restaurant you can’t miss Getting agitated by now Me: Yes its a very good restaurant but I need to know the name of the restaurant can you please tell me the name of the restaurant? I arrived at the restaurant finally :oops:
  5. Greetings! Did a short getaway to Guangzhou, China with my wife a short while back. We were looking for a short getaway, and at first we looked at the region, but finally decided that it would be more fun to go to China instead. So we chose Guangzhou, which was a 4 hour flight (like flying to Hong Kong). It was a free and easy trip. We didn't cover very much, but hey, this was supposed to be for rest and relaxation. Before I jump into what we say, check out this new 'All Fours Movement' (coined by me). Elderly crawling up hill on all fours? This was at Yue Xiu Park, Guangzhou. Quite bizarre, but they seem to know what they were doing. Stay tuned for more.
  6. steveluv

    Short trip to France

    Had a good 6hrs sleep on flight nice dinner too Starter Duck confit Cheese Breakfast chose pork porridge
  7. hi, any recommendation for service apartment for 2 months stay. 2pax only. 1 or 2 rooms is fine. budget $2k to below $3k. preferably in the west. at the budget i guess cannot afford ccr right got a distant relative need to stay for 2 months in spore. thanks!
  8. NightStalker_za

    Short and sweet Short Performance reviews.

    Hi Guys, Got a little break from shooting reviews of Mahindra SUVs, The last one was a bit of a short notice cancellation. So I did a short review on my 2015 Renault Megane 1.6 DCi This video is a bit shorter so I need feedback please guys. 1) I need to know if you prefer the short videos or longer +- 6min videos. 2) should I skip the in depth walk around and go straight into the fun performance part and only after that do a quick walk around? Will appreciate any feedback. Here's the Megane 1.6DCi:
  9. Breakfast Sunrise the tiny spot beside the sun is Mt Fuji Landed at Chitose https://youtu.be/U1Bxyx0P-pA
  10. New research says short people are angrier and more violent than tall people Researchers at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, recently quizzed 600 men aged between 18 and 50 on the perception of male gender, self-image and behavior in relation to drug-taking, violence and crime for a government-led study. The scientists found that men who feel the least masculine are most at risk of committing violent or criminal acts. According to the study, men who considered themselves less masculine, also known as "male discrepancy stress," were nearly three times more likely to have committed violent assaults with a weapon or assaults leading to an injury. A few years ago, a team of researchers at Oxford University also claimed "Short Man Syndrome" is a real thing. They reported that reducing a person's height can increase feelings of vulnerability and also raise levels of paranoia. Also known as the "Napoleon Complex." As modern society becomes more superficial and focused on the body standards for both sexes, height is becoming a taboo topic for many men. It is very possible that these studies included too small of a test group to accurately describe the behavioral tendencies of someone based on their height. Just for clarification, Napoleon was actually 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is basically the average height of our time. And for some perspective, that's an inch taller than movie star Jet Li! Source: https://www.higherperspectives.com/research-short-people-angry-2603541093.html Not i say one hor
  11. Aimnfire

    Nice short film

  12. https://youtu.be/JBwoqL3AqiA While my kids were having a nap after playing with the Sylvanian Families toys today, I made this short film of daddy coming home from work.
  13. Hi Any contacts for above rental? Or anyone willing to help? Just need like half hour or so at your convenience anytime tomorrow to transport just 1 bulky but very light item (my new roof headliner so can't fit into my small car) for a short distance from spare parts shop to my home nearby. Tks
  14. VellfireS

    Bookworm Short Stories

    Bros.. And Sis.. Suddenly I remembered my favourite childhood book series.. The Bookworm Short Stories.. Filled with some lame , some funny and some learning point stories.. I wonder if anyone here also used to read them.. If I am not wrong.. There was a stingy guy called Louie.. One Smarty,, then a Sam Seng.. Sorry.. This one for those born in 80's and above I think.. Just random memories since I saw one of it lying of the floor..
  15. The Last Of The Woodlands Centre. A Tribute Short Film to Singapore's Iconic Location In The North. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79B5mMfDLfs&t=4s
  16. anyone wants to translate it into English without losing too much of its touching content?
  17. Just wondering what are the chances of all family members who drive separate cars being summoned by TP within short period of time on separate occasions within the last 2 months Been okay for the last many years. Even extended coe. Just received first time letter for speeding and also my family member first time speeding Or probably there’s a step up in activity in speed traps?
  18. Hi, i am new here. my business with my biz partner just started. And recently just bought a proton Savvy (left 6 months) to drive for short term. But I will not wait till i drive till the tail end and then exploring which other option to go for. I would probably go for cars that is left 1-2 years, something that doesn't need me to fork out too much cash and tie over for the next 1 year and once my biz become stabilized or has the ability to upgrade to better car, then we will change. OR, buy a commercial van which is way cheaper to drive thru this short period...... any expert?
  19. hi guys. my baby birthday in august. was thinking of bringing her and the family for a short getaway to celebrate. maybe my parents/inlaws also joining us. biggest issue is that the birthday is over the national day long weekend. hopefully don't jam too much. lol got any suggestions? couple of ideas we are thinking of. 1) lotus desaru resort - can eat seafood - can go the fruit farms / farms etc to see animals - can go beach 2) port dickson thinking of eagle ranch resort relaxing time. abit far for a 2yr old on her first road trip any other farm stay type resort nearer to sg? preferable within 1-2 hr drive. any comments or other suggestions? thanks in advance.
  20. Neutrino

    "Short change" of Durian

    Over in Nusajaya and filled up with petrol at the last service station before Tuas. Bought durian at the stall there before and just got a craving. So bought 1.5kg. Had it opened there and ate 3 pieces from 1 segment straight away, but asked that the remaining pieces be wrapped up to take home. Got home opened the package and found just another 3 pieces from 1 segment. Should have checked that I'd been given the whole amount not just part. Fuming
  21. Need a 1-2 month rental car, but cheap. Any lobang ? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi all, Anyone got a spare wheelchair lying around wife just finished knee ops and not steady/comfortable walking with clutches, just need to loan for about 4 to 6 weeks before she could start her physio therapy. Many thanks in advance
  23. Hello.. Need some advices. One day, I off my car engine for a while (maybe around ten minutes) to buy some things, and when I push start the engine, it shows a weak cranking and the dashboard lights up showing the battery and the oil warning light. Try second pressing the start switch and the car engine starts. This happens twice and the second time is after a fuel pumping. This car is now 168000km. What can be wrong? The battery and starter switch is checked OK. Thanks for the help
  24. Windwaver

    Local IT talent in short supply?

    Been seeing this 3 times in a row on news. Is it really that bad? During my time, nobody even cares about IT people. The only IT people around are foreigners let in by our generous system and all the locals were kicked out of the market.
  25. Please support our SME 99% Video Contest Clip. Please click on the URL link below for our SME99% contest Video :- http://lifestyle.toggle.sg/en/lifestyle/99sme/vote/vote-for-your-favourite-5786264 Please Vote Video Named under "DYNAMIC MECHANICS" http://video.toggle.sg/en/series/99-sme/ep47/346297 Please support by Clicking on the Heart shape 'Favourite' button found on left bottom of the clip COME AND SHARE YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR DM. THANK YOU BOSSES. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnD0AmD-bYE