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  1. Starting a thread to consolidate the sharing of SIM-only plan experiences and lobangs. Still 1 month+ left on my current M1 SIM-only contract and looking at what other players (telco and MVNO) are offering. Came across Zero1's 6u plan which seems pretty competitive, so putting this plan on my radar screen.
  2. The tiles in one area of the hall bulged overnight, this was from reno done 9 years ago. Don't think there's any DIY way to fix it? Anybody got tiling/flooring contractor lobang to hack and replace a section of tiles?
  3. Started using Shopee a few months back and find this platform useful. Pros 1, Shopee prices are competitive 2. Option of self collection for some sellers Cons 1. Menu and search function takes some getting used to. Official stores on Shopee include : - Colgate - Unilever - Reckitt Benckiser (RB) - Spigen - SanDisk - Asus - Western Digital - Jabra - Chope - MamyPoko - Johnson's Baby - Kleenex - Blackmores - Nestle - Ayam Brand - New Moon - Omron - Brand's - GoPro - Huggies Overall range of products is probably not as extensive as Qoo10 or Lazada, but its got most of the stuff I need. Enjoy.
  4. Anyone has lobang for season parking at Ayer Rajah Crescent blk 67,71,73,79? Willing to pay. The carpark rates are going to double due to recently opened Timbre+ Food place. Really ridiculous. Now parking is as expensive as in CBD.
  5. Hi Anyone got contact for reliable lobang to change sink faucet with mixer including the tap ?
  6. Flyer distributors are mostly known to scam businesses of their money. I have been scammed before, but do believe there are some good ones out there. Does anyone have good experiences or bad experiences with flyer distributors to share? Any good distributors to recommend?
  7. Need to change some lighting stuffs for the house. Any good electrician to recommend?
  8. Dear Fellow Protonist. Am starting this thread to share on some of the lobangs on Proton parts found across the causeway.
  9. Hi All, As most cars here need to have their car brake fluid replace every 2-3 yrs (fluid absorbs moisture and lose braking efficiency) and properly bleed the system (avoid air pockets), let us all contribute some places to go and estimated costs. Brake system is important and safety aspect even more so due to high humidity here in Singapore. Some drivers even change brake fluid every year. Well done guys! With more info, so hoping more drivers will inclined to maintain their brake system whichever part of the island you're at. Cars with ABS system need to be bleed by vacuum method and those without ABS may simply use the leg pump method. Let's contribute : 1) Stamf Tyres = bleed by vacuum method, uses Caltex DOT4 , est $40 (Feb 2011) 2) Yap Bro = by vacuum method, uses Indemitsu DOT 4, est $45-$50 (Feb 2011). 3) 4)
  10. One of my car remote control key got chewed up by my 3 chinchillas early in the morning when we forgottern to close their cage went down to vivocity, basement key kiosk, philipino lady told me the cost is about $800-900 for one key I almost peng san (actually heart attack) isnt it really too expensive for a key when you think about it you can buy a net book for $500-600 with cash to spare how much electronics is there in the key daylight robbery any lobang for replacement key, thanks
  11. any bro knows where to buy or get the official sia girl uniform? not those tourist type but the real thing.
  12. Hi, anyone knows where to buy good office chair at resonable price other than the usual places like Ikea, Vhive, Courts? I'm looking for one with high back support (all the way up to head like car seat) and adjustable arm rests (at least up/down. if can forward/backward better). My budget around $200. Thanks for any lobangs!
  13. Just want to share good lobang.. I'm not affiliated with Mayer of kitchenAid
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for lobang for dent removal services. Have been to Lye Design before, workmanship is good but price abit premium. Heard about this freelancer, Uncle Gary. Anyone here have his contact number or any other places which do this service at good charges? Thank you in advance. Cheers
  15. I am still hanging on to my 6 yr old Daewoo Lanos due to $$ consideration. Had a radiator leak recently at the outlet of the radiator plastic cover (connection to water outlet hose cracked). Was told I only need to replace the plastic cover due to prolonged heat exposure while the radiator can still be savaged. Problem is parts are hard to find especially for Daewoo. I am seeking help from fellow motorists who may know of any radiator repair contacts. I have driven to 3 such shops and they all could not help. Even the agent has no stock and I need to wait at least a month. Can anyone offer any assitance? Thanks.
  16. Sharing this lobang while surfing, i tried their service before and its not bad. They had this DBS deal awhile back and it was a good deal but I missed it. Now just found out they have some deal coming up, looks like leaked or some do-do bird turn on and forgot about it, They are some local online company, seems to be growing quite fast, launch in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan i think, honestbee.com interesting story, love local start ups and I always support they can go out to put Singapore on the map. They have NTUC, so I like...and MMMM! and Pet Lovers' (i have a cat, so easier to order things) Back to the Lobang, found on HWZ - http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/chill-out-hangout-den-234/good-lobang-%2410-off-free-delivery-groceries-5254298.html Took me sometime to figure out the link problem, the actual link - http://district.honestbee.com If I read correct, $50 min spend - $10 = $40 and free delivery...not bad. The Free delivery part excites me every time, no more queueing and carrying heavy stuff, just order and delivery service. - That is the best! Friends always say I don't share lobang, ok, I shared. - peace. -> If you gave lobang will you share? or keep to yourself?
  17. Need a 1-2 month rental car, but cheap. Any lobang ? Thanks in advance.
  18. hi guys Market downturn. cost of living is going up. every dollar saved is a dollar earned. lol found a shop that sells a lot of stuff rather cheaply. everything is $1. even cheaper that the usual value dollar shop. Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit compared to NTUC or redmart really much cheaper. e.g coke per bottle is $1 vs $2.0 in RedMArt Tiger balm is $1 vs $3.50 in NTUC Digestive biscuit is $1 vs $2.95 in Red mart hopefully it will help some bros here. Address is in basement #B1-13 of JCube. good for those bros staying in the west. they also have another normal value dollar got more stuff. but not as worth as this one. cheers
  19. Hello all, I found my car Aircon got odour at turn on moment, sent to AD to check, they concluded my Aircon dirty and need to wash, quoted as, 1. wash S$340.0 2. Replace Aircon filter $70.0 I feel like be , any bro/sis here, kindly advise a reliable, honest workshop to do the same work, thx
  20. hi bros Any lobang for car remote duplication or repair? thanks in advance!
  21. AMK ROADSHOW CRAZY SALES FOR HONDA VEZEL! 13TH - 15TH MAY 2016 Come on down this weekend and join us to check out our latest promo! We will be located at AMK Hub Main Entrance (near Breadtalk). We are having a great discount for our Honda Vezel models. Honda Vezel X 1.5A $94,800* This car need no introduction. It embrace the practicality of a MPV, the sporty looks of a coupe and ruggedness of a SUV. 4 Bid Guaranteed COE No Top Up Required ALL Colors Available FREE $5,000 Worth of Accessories 5 Years Warranty/100,000km *10 x FREE Servicing (only for AMK roadshow customers) **We offer on your money back lowest price guaranteed** Find us at AMK Hub this weekend or call our salespersons for more info!
  22. Bros, Appreciate any recommendation for the rails (cheap and good would be great ) T.I.A.
  23. anyone has lobang to dispose of old handphones that are not in working condition? i've got a e71 and a htc tytn II.
  24. Who is better at removing dents? i understand that Lye is more expensive than Gary. Does it mean that the quality of Gary is not as good as Lye?
  25. been suffering from rashes and finally went to see dermatologist this morning and the doc said I have nickel allergy and I cannot wear anything with nickel, and to avoid prolonged contact as much as possible. so I am thinking of getting plasti dip or similar product to spray the backing and buckle of my watch, plus other stuff. anyone got lobang for such stuff? think I will end up spraying parts or the car too. watch is from my wife as a present when we first met and I want to keep wearing it as long as possible. many thanks and regards.
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