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Found 87 results

  1. Kityip

    Dent and repair..

    Repair dent on fender, and respary on bumper, fender and partial of door area.. Was quoted $230. Is this reasonable? https://flic.kr/p/Xspk7u
  2. MAINTENANCE PACKAGE Comprehensive Maintenance which includes : -Exterior Wash -Dewaxing -Door Edges Cleaning -Interior Vacuum -Tire Dressing -Glass Cleaning -Removal of scratches, stubborn stains and watermarks (up to 90% removed) -Stage I Layer Reapplication -Stage II Layer Reapplication at the cost of : -Small - $132 -Medium - $143 -Executive /Luxury- $165 -Small SUV - $176 - Large SUV - $187 - Small MPV - $198 -Large MPV - $220 Paintless Dent Repair “Exclusive to CSII Customers only” 1st Dent = $22 2 - 3 Dents = $17 each 4 - 9 Dents = $11 each 10 – 15 Dents = $132 Package 16 – 25 Dents = $198 Package Disclaimers: Once the metal portion has been damaged, 100% restoration is not guaranteed.
  3. wlalala

    Scratched bonnet

    Bonnet got scratched and small dent too Is quite deep This scratch is about 1 feet long If go for respray, will cost how much? If want the colour to be accurate, only can do at AD?
  4. Mr_biscuit

    Lobang for Dent Removal

    Hi all, I'm looking for lobang for dent removal services. Have been to Lye Design before, workmanship is good but price abit premium. Heard about this freelancer, Uncle Gary. Anyone here have his contact number or any other places which do this service at good charges? Thank you in advance. Cheers
  5. Picanto

    Lobang for Dent Removal needed!

    Who is better at removing dents? i understand that Lye is more expensive than Gary. Does it mean that the quality of Gary is not as good as Lye?
  6. Deathsythe

    Mass Dent Removal

    I would like to share this lobang. My regular groomer is organising a mass dent removal session tentatively on 9/1/2011 at Chua Chu Kang. Please feel check on the link for more information. Mass Dent Removal Session
  7. Thinking of trying for my rear left door with minor scratches and wheel arch for slight bent.Is it worth it or i shall just sent to normal workshop to do suchs as panel beat and respray whole door?
  8. My fender got a dent..quite wide but shallow and is hard metal. Can it be restored by paint less dent removal ??? Those mobile one like Gary or meng can do?? Anyone Kena dent on fender before ???
  9. SeriousGuy

    Dent on C-Pillar

    Is dent on c pillar possible to repair ? The size is around a tennis ball size .
  10. Ooosh

    Paintless car dent removal

    Not an advertiser, went to PDR at Sin Ming Vicom to remove some of my dents. Got a package price from the boss and in additional he helped me do remove an additional dent on side of the door. Very good service and no rush, moreover they treat your car like theirs, meticulously working on those small dents. Now my door is as good as new. Highly recommended.
  11. Track

    Bumper dent repair

    Hi bros Got a small dent (ard 2 fifty cents coin) on bumper. Many advices on just ignore till bigger repair. However can't stand sight. Was told need to knock back and respray whole bumper. My question - can just do localize respray ard dented area. It would also be cheaper too. Thanks
  12. Saviourwu

    Cheap Dent Repair

    Hi guys, have been accumulating quite a number of dents and paint chips. Any recommendation on where to fix them and what is the cost? Say per dent about 10 cent size and one big dent about the size of a hand palm? Many lorry and van drivers are really inconsiderate these days, just swing their doors wide open and ram a dent. Then run away before i come back to my car... Never wanted to park besides them, but with limited parking areas, sometimes we are forced to...
  13. A car reserved and hit my front bumper's corner (near the headlight) slightly when his rear bumper hit my car perpenticularly. His bumper kena a big dent of volley ball size (half ball), mine was fortunate and only about one-quater size of last finger's nail and depressed only slightly about the diameter of a sawing pin WHen I stared at m dent, it is visible. If its your car, would you:- 1. Tell the other driver "Never mind, small matter. No need to pay for the damage" 2. Give him a good scolding and dont collect a cent. 3. Dont scold etc, but ask for compensation on the spot. 4. Insist he pays the repair bill. If it is (3), how much will you ask him to settle on the spot? I used gut feel and estimated if I repair (fix dent, spray paint) it may cost me between $ 50 to $200? So I told him "Thanks for apologising, $50 and we settle" (He apologised at least 4 times during the 8 mins 'discussion') I will keep the money and only repair after my car collects more dents. Btw, if its a SHE, will your answer be the same?
  14. Anyone tried this before? does it really works?
  15. In this post, I would like to highlight a potential dent-inflicting situation in multi-storey car parks. The thing is that you may not notice the source of the problem until the damage is done. It is very common to find water piping running along the pillars of multi-storey car parks. They serve to drain away rain water as well as water from car wash. Sometimes, these pipings can become detached from the pillars and additional reinforcement is required in the form of bolts and nuts. In the situation that I encountered, the bolt and nut system was installed somewhere below the beltline of a normal sedan. Hence, a driver opening the door from inside would not be able to notice it. Fortunately, I did not open the door too widely and missed the bolt narrowly. A bolt has a pointed end. This would greatly increase the chance of a dent and the paintwork might chip off too. If you
  16. hi All, kindly advise me.... i get hit from behind. The small dent is just in front of my signal light. The offender bring me to his workshop yesterday, and was quoted $120. The guy promise to transfer the money to my account, but did not until now. How do i proceed to make insurance claim from him? I do not want to swallow this repair cost. thanks & regards
  17. Rezorn86

    Paintless Dent Removal

    IT'S WEDNESDAY, KNOCK OFF TIME as title, where can get a resonable price??
  18. SMSed Uncle Gary but no reply... wonder if he changed his phone number?
  19. Just found a 50cent sized dent on the roof . No idea what caused it. Anyone has any ideas on how it can be removed? I don't think roof dents can be removed by PDR, but I'll be happy to be wrong..
  20. My car rear bumper is dented. something like the image. Anyone knows approx how much to repair?
  21. Tanlc

    Car dent

    Sob sob!!.. On Sunday, my 2-month old car knocked against a curb (stupidly high) when cornering. Resulted in dent and deep scratches (about 8cm long) to the bottom right side of my car, below the car door (dunno how to name that part). Any recommendation how to amend my car to original new state? Guess it will not be the same as before
  22. Fxxking ashole to the m...... Fxxker lorry driver that park beside my car @ west coast hawker centre this morning. Dented my car and the paint came off also. Just open the door without looking at others car better go and dead...................to the lorry driver . Spoil my day today next time die die don't want to park beside those idiot lorry.
  23. I had made a left turn too early, car mounted a high kerb and there was a deep long dent(about 6inch) at the car body below the passenger door, paint also falls off. Can anyone recommend me a good and trusted workshop to restore this? Thanks in advance
  24. Tailgatepro

    Dent removal

    anyone had use this? any feedback, it selling at ebay
  25. hi gurus, any good ws to intro to fix dent and scrathmark?