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  1. Looking for either this 2 brands. budget $600 or below per pair. Heard from friend said Hertz good in speaker and audison good in amp . True?? 2) 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 which is better for mid bass ? saw some forum mention 6 1/2 much much better. true ???
  2. Tailgatepro

    DIY partition storage box inside Van

    Not about cost. Just want to try DIY with my workers. Very slow start which cost us 3 days of work and 1 day source those wood and carpet, screw, brackets etc. Brand new Van. workers seldom do wood. Normally there do steel structure Almost complete. Using this black laminated wood as is better then those white laminated plywood and the wood is build is better base on same thickness. Price is abit expensive then normal plywood. 70% completed. Due to receive other job. My DIY with workers on hold. LOL
  3. Tailgatepro

    What country made for Nissan Cabstar ?

    Thanks , guys. Feel safer
  4. I had check google and doesn't mention which country make for engine on Nissan Cabstar. Anyone know which country made? Example: Nissan NV200 engine is Renault made.
  5. Anyone know which workshop service stock shock absorbers for subaru legacy
  6. Tailgatepro

    What can increase acceleration?

    Buy any Subaru and tuning cable and remap yourself, very easy
  7. Tailgatepro

    Stupid pedestrians cross roads without looking

    Yr case is not wost then mine. My area pedestrian is like gangster. Wait for u to stop and bang your car and challenge you to come out flight. I met afew time and police case. End up L.L, because that police case I got camera caught them a 3 groups of youngster try challenge me for flight. Anyway already drop case. U might kena ppl bang yr car 1 fine day.
  8. Tailgatepro

    U-turn champion

    I like this kind of place, peaceful. But I heard if u try horn and play a fool, they can become from god hearted to devil.
  9. I don't know what other think. Well done Zyklon .
  10. Tailgatepro

    Stupid pedestrians cross roads without looking

    I got a question, Why other countries, pedestrian don't dare to jaywalk the road blindly? WORST, pedestrian don't even dare to walk Zebra crossing as they like. WHY? Here is different, King and Queen walking slowly along Zebra crossing, that ok for me. King and Queen slowly jaywalk across the road, well- driver suck thumb. King and Queen nowadays block the road as refuse to let you go, how la? I also encounter 12 ~ 13 persons walking horizontal line which enough to block 2 ways traffic at carpark area. This is Singapore pedestrian act nowadays? LTA or Police can't do anything or LL only?
  11. Tailgatepro

    Stupid pedestrians cross roads without looking

    Today met a young indian boy age about 15 ~ 16 years old. At Single 2 ways traffic. He saw my car coming yet to cross the road slowly, For me is ok, I don't horn or highbeam etc. Guess what, he look at the right and look up and stop infront of my car, so no choice have to keep right ( against the traffic) to avoid the boy dreaming for $$$ drop from the sky.... I think this is very common nowadays. Hardly met this issue but not my first time.
  12. Tailgatepro

    Anyone know how to join Singapore Go-Karting CHampionship?

    KF engine not KFC Rotax and not Rojak. If you look for Demon speed, KF is the good choice, If you look for many races and oversea race, then Rotax is the best choice in asia.
  13. Tailgatepro

    Kim Lim: Tycoon Peter Lim's daughter

    If u yrself rich still ok, if not will be stay like army style family for your rest of yr life. Rules no 1 Rules no 2 . . . . Rules no 3000,0000 and more,
  14. No video normally is 50/50 Wish u can find other ppl have video and posted online to help u
  15. Tailgatepro

    LTA Is Not Listening To My Feedback

    This kind of Right turn, Malaysia is better. Both straight and right turn together. I also like their count down,