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  1. Thanks for all the relevant comments. To be honest, the one that sounded the most useful to me was Jamesc, simply reminding me about not having true values to companies. All the bashing and mocking started after someone went to do a post search and started making certain assumptions. Personally, I do not see how consumption behavior is relevant to looking for a job. To set things straight, typical PhD fresh grads are offered around 4.2k-4.5k on 13-16 months package, often on renewable contract basis. So really, there is nothing to haolian about. I am not looking at jumping to a senior position and have no intention of doing so, simply because I do not think I have the experience or knowledge to fulfil the role. So really, the positions I applied to and have no news are pretty much entry or mid, no managerial role. This is troubling. As to why not teaching, I don't think it is something that I have the capacity to do full time. And as to why do a PhD, the question at that point in life was more of "Will I be able to graduate", rather than "why do a PhD". Perhaps, when many of your peers go on to do it, it became almost like the next natural thing. It is just like doing a degree after JC.
  2. And just to further clarify, before I become target board again. My take is that when I work for somebody, that somebody must be able to at least check on me and let me know when he feels I am going down a wrong track, before my mistake turns into a major problem. Sometimes, I just don't feel this happening and it makes me worried. On the best case, it means I didn't learn anything new. On the worst case, it means I am going down the wrong path, not knowing it, and still happily believe I am doing the right thing, repeating the mistake again and again. I seriously do not think that getting scolded by your boss for making a mistake is a bad thing. Because from experience, if it is a real mistake, your boss's boss will definitely catch it, if your boss doesn't. In army sense, it will be that it is better to be caught by your PS and kanna left right up down, than to be caught by RSM and kanna 7 extra.
  3. Not many, but definitely not just 1. I personally know of two others who did it faster than me. They worked their ass off and had proper planning from the first day.
  4. Wow, thanks for all the comments, good or bad, appreciate. Just to clarify, 1. I did not say my seniors are useless. I do not think they are. In fact, we have some of the brightest people I have seen within the same tiny office space we share. We also have some who just come to work for coming to work. It just happen that we are working on new things, but who isn't when it is research. 2. I am not complaining about the salary. To me...well, anyway the money I spend don't come from my job. What I am trying to say is that I don't think my expectation is high. I just want to find a job and do something meaningful, while turning myself into a better and more useful person. 3. I think I work well with people, generally. Though my peers sometimes do ask me why am I such a yes man. I just thought every chance is a chance to learn. 4. I am NOT PROUD to be a PhD. In fact, I was ashamed about it for a moment in life. It just didn't turn out to be as meaningful and world changing as I thought. Had the feeling that it was vague and a little fake. Just wondering, if a higher degree is omitted from a resume, will there usually be any repercussion if the employer were to find out later?
  5. Understand there are quite a few old birds in MCF, will be grateful if anyone can shed some light on this situation. Facing some employment crisis... A bit of my background, I graduated from a local university with an engineering degree a few years back. My GPA wasn't the best, but it was good enough for a first class honors and was in top 10% of the cohort. From there, I went on to work at a SME providing engineering services (basically, big companies outsource their engineering design needs to us), while doing a part time PhD at the same local university. Within 3.5 years, I ticked all the KPIs required for graduation and submitted my thesis. Reviews for my thesis were extremely positive and I was then able to graduate. This was by no means an easy feat because most full time students struggle to even produce a proper thesis in 4 years. I reckon that credit should also be given to the massive support I got from my professors at school and my ex-bosses at work. Upon graduation, I moved on to another company. Salary isn't high, but I really wasn't expecting too much considering that I was "new" in their domain- Same type of work, but in a different domain. In layman terms, it will be equal to domestic helper cleaning home vs. hotel chambermaid cleaning hotel rooms. Things were fine in the beginning, mostly because I lacked the knowledge in the new industry and also their business processes. Aong the way, I learned and learned, and eventually got the hang of things after a few months. Herein, the problem set in. Being a new guy, I was always assigned to some "senior" staffs under a couple of new area projects, playing the role of "assistant", which I am perfectly fine with. I do not mind being a follower, if the project leader is capable of teaching me something. However, in this cases, the project leaders knew nothing about the domain, nor the process. It was actually their first time running such projects too. What this effectively meant was that I was doing all the leg work, mind work and practically everything, while not a single credit was given. When things were not perfect, I had to take the blame because it was my work. When things were great, suddenly I was forgotten. At the same time, my company started looking at restructuring and I couldn't be sure when it will be my turn. Dejected, I started looking for opportunities outside. Despite numerous attempts at dropping resume and cover letters, I just couldn't find another job. After 5 months of job seeking, I got interviews with three companies. Weirdly, all gave the same conclusion, " We like you a lot, but your area of expertise...". This is despite my attempts at making clear that I was willing to learn and am a quick learner. I am wondering what exactly is my problem in preventing me from moving on or getting a chance for an interview. Is it the advance engineering degree? Or my current over-inflated job title? Or do I give off the vibe that I am expensive to hire? What will you do if you were in my shoe? *Disclaimer, I am really cheap to hire. My peers, who started PhD together with me and graduated 1 year later (Remember...I took 3.5 years...most full time were taking 4.5 to 5 years), are easily drawing 10-30% more than me even without work experience.
  6. Wah...like that can look forward to more Lane hogging. Classic example is the pie speed cam where speed limit is 80 but everyone slows down to 70 or less even when traffic is light.
  7. Zyklon

    2017 G30 BMW 5 Series

    Don't know about next gen, but current gen wise, f10 really has the upper hand when compared to merc w212. Merc feels more solid in build, but the f10 really drives better...like in another class. Should be the 17" tyres. You felt like the car was not tracking straight? Like left right left right correction...then when drift left, correct right a bit and no response, then correct more...and too much overcompensate...and just left right left right....
  8. Zyklon

    2014 / 2015 BMW 2 Series Active / Gran Tourer

    My PML car claimed warranty at MA in 3rd year. Even had to next-day a part in from malaysia. $0 paid. Not sure what is the official rule or what, but I did it. Not sure why. Really, I am not sure, so I better keep my mouth shut.
  9. Refresher: https://www.google.co.in/search?q=south+pacific+university+mba+singtel&biw=1536&bih=718&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiIvNPM87XMAhWDHY4KHeV-CocQ_AUIBigA&dpr=1.25#q=southern+pacific+university+mba+IDA No matter who you are, where you are from, what you have, we will take you in so long as you are not born local.
  10. In before pump price shoot up citing rising crude price. Crude price is a major component of petrol pricing. Therefore, when crude price goes up, the petrol pump price also must go up. Tell you all peasants, you all also cannot understand one lah. Remember you read it here before our minister said it.
  11. Zyklon

    My poor G

    If throw stone at one car is civil case? If throw stones at more than one car is vandalism? Got this type of rule?
  12. Zyklon

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Check with you all...how much you all spend a month to get the UOB caltex voucher har? I every month also at least 1.5k on the UOB one card...mostly 2-4k...also never receive leh.
  13. Zyklon

    Oh My God! Pet Peeves to Major Hatred?

    Really...nothing comes close to lorries & vans hogging lane 2 & 3 on 6 lanes PIE at 6.40am. This results in massive left right filtering.
  14. My suggestion: Forget about what depreciation or value for money. Use the 300k as downpayment, take some loan, buy a m6 gran coupe. YOLO.
  15. Zyklon

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    weird leh...thought some days ago, some minister said that crude price only accounts for a small component of the petrol price...which was why crude price drop will not equal petrol price drop. How come crude price goes up, petrol price also go up in tandem har?