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Found 135 results

  1. bros. what do you normally do if it happens heard touchup a bit is hundreds of dollars
  2. ChaosMyth

    Respray or new bumper/bodykit?

    Hello. Would like to seek some opinions here. Thinking of respraying my car as the paintwork is turning yellowish and there are paintwork damages (stone chips, dings and dangs) on the bumper. Previous owner also used liquid paper to try to mask up the stone chips. If I were to respray on the current bumper, after refibre/putty+respray, would there be a risk of the paintwork cracking after sometime? Or would it actually be wiser to replace the bumper with a good condition secondhand one followed by respray? I'm keeping my options opened. May be a good time to change new bodykit as well but not exactly familiar with the different types.
  3. kobayashiGT

    Can this bumper be repaired?

    Hi guys, I chanced upon this youtube online and the result of the repair is amazing! My front bumper is quite chui. Do you guys have any recommendation for such repairs? My bumper clips also goyat already. Please help!
  4. Most cars today has rather huge openings and lack of a protective mesh to deflect small stones and debris away from the radiator. Often causing damage to the radiator fins. Although these damages are cosmetic rather than detrimental, it is always good to maintain a clean and good looking car, and not to mention those unsightly dented fins on those shinny radiators. Here is a DIY video on how to remove a car bumper and installing a mesh to protect your radiator. Cost of mesh is couple of dollars from most Handy-shops or DIY stores. Most cars manufacturer uses similar methods on mounting their bumpers, so the video is as detail as possible without causing boredom to you. Hope you all benefit from it. Youtube link here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWO097xLl34 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWO097xLl34
  5. any recomendatoin where i can look for front lip for my front bumper ??
  6. Subaru WRX D.I.Y. Do it yourself everything in a day ! Managed to D.I.Y. connecting a car camera to a direct-wired power supply drawn from the cigarette lighter socket internally, hidden from view, and still able to have access to the stock cigarette lighter socket. Also, a cool peek on how the WRX owner D.I.Y his own STI Inter cooler mist spray ! Followed with a wire mesh wrap for his lower front bumper to prevent bugs and leaves, debris from collecting at the radiator or damaging it from pebbles and road debris. Next I have a requiem short drive in the WRX around the car park in its coil over suspension. It was comfortable actually ! Enjoy the video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6EeFxcCfVU
  7. Just a nob question, shall we apply and stick all the car body protection such as bumper guard/car body guard and Visio etc before sending for car coating or the other way round? The concerning is whether the 3M double sided tape will stick well on the coated paint such as ceramic type. Anyone can share this info?
  8. Has some scratches on left front bumper. 2 slices of paint are gone exposing the black metal. I went to a workshop, and was quoted 150 for repainting the entire left bumper. Is there any other alternative? Is 150 for half front bumer reasonable?
  9. Hey anyone know where to repair the front bumper for Nissan Latio? The right side end of my front bumper came off. Can see the holder for the nut had broken, that why it's came off. Heard this quite common to Latio owners.
  10. mack88

    Buying Used Bodykit for BMW

    Hi Guys I'm looking to change my front bumper for my 3 series to something more sporty looking. Are they any shops that deal in used bodykits for BMWs? Looking to get a used one.
  11. I parked my car at Ubi open carpark between blks 341 and 339. Found out the front bumper right side was badly brushed against, paint came off and such. Anyone witness which car did it? The perpetrator did not even leave behind an apology note.
  12. Patrickyan

    Realignment bumper

    Hi, any ws to recommend to realign bumper in the east? Thank uou
  13. A spike barrier is a security control measure to prevent perpetrators from using vehicles to dash through the Checkpoint. It can cause severe damage even to heavy vehicles. According to the Stomper, her friend was then told to file a claim against the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). However, no assistance was given to the driver nor was he advised on how to proceed. Hence, he is now at a loss as to what to do. Jen, a Claims Officer, said her friend had related the incident to her. She told Stomp: "My friend was exiting Woodlands Checkpoint on Feb 20. Suddenly, the 'Cat Crawler' was deployed without any reason and caused damage to his vehicle. "He was at the ICA office for few hours after that, and all he got was his vehicle towed away and being told to make a claim against ICA. "But there was no indication of who to approach and how the procedure to make a claim should be like. No one was there to advise him. "We call up ICA and referred to a Woodlands Checkpoint officer, who could not even give us a clear direction. She replied that she was not sure as well." Jen added that they are still waiting for ICA's response and as such, the car is still damaged. Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/driver-has-car-bumper-pulled-off-by-spike-barrier-at-woodlands-checkpoint-with-no
  14. as per topic, the side a small part already gone. still possible to repair it or need to get a new bumper?
  15. AdrianEvelynn

    Ws to recommend for changing new bumper?

    Hi all, I urgently need recommendation of good WS in JB, preferably if can near custom, that does repair or change new bumper for Mitsubishi air trek. If not in JB, Sg also can. Thanks, very much!
  16. Copied over from a US Porsche forum. But general principles should apply to all cars in accidents - don't be too quick to write off small dents - hit it in the right spot and its going to be structural! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Dear all, Any idea where can get WS to help me re-allign n glue back my bodykit? My bodykit install for 1yr plus alreay and to date rear bumper mis-alligned due to knocks etc. side skirt n body got gap inbetween n wire mash think clip came off. Thanks bros in advance
  18. I tried wax but it can get rid abit.. but very hard to remove all.. since big portion of scratched paint.. anyone got experience and wanna share what to use?
  19. I have got a few deep gashes on my black plastic bumper. How can i repair it? Is there some kind of blac epoxy or filler that i can use? Appreciate any help
  20. Track

    Bumper dent repair

    Hi bros Got a small dent (ard 2 fifty cents coin) on bumper. Many advices on just ignore till bigger repair. However can't stand sight. Was told need to knock back and respray whole bumper. My question - can just do localize respray ard dented area. It would also be cheaper too. Thanks
  21. after decat, now the white area of the rear that is close to the exhaust has black soot marks after 3-4 days. anyone knows where can buy an exhaust guard?
  22. hello guys, just gotten my car last week, lancer glx. my suspension now is 0 fingers from fender, running on 205/50R16. full lock is rubbing the front bumper edge. interested to know will changing the profile to 45 will help? or if i do camber settings to the suspension will it help in the situation? thanks.
  23. Ronnieseah

    Bumper alignment

    anybody can recommend a workshop that can fix back my bumpe, parked head in too far in, when reverse out, bumper drag on kerb. no need to respray, just fix back the bumper.
  24. Hello bros, Went to pick up my car this evening which was parked in a HDB MSCP since morning and to my horror, I saw my car front bumper almost came off!!! I believe some irresponsible driver must have knocked into my front bumper hard during reverse and drove off. Strange thing is I can't find any signs of dent and crack on the bumper and in fact it is still in quite good condition save for a few fine scratches at the bottom which I believe is from the fall. But on closer look I found the holes on the bumper used to secure with plastic screws were broken. Even on the ground I was able to find a few cracked plastic material tightening screws lying around. But as the lower part of the bumper is still secured to the car front, in the end I managed to push back the whole bumper into position and drove off. I am really at a loss what to do next. In such scenario, should I claim my insurance or just find one workshop i can it repaired? By the way, I am at full NCD so this will surely be reduced isn't it? Given my scenario, approximately how much would it cost to repair (ie. no dent no real scratches just the tightening part is on)? Are there any workshop to recommend that opens on Saturday? I am staying around Pasir Ris area. And I believe I can still drive slowly to the workshop. Any advise what i should do ??? Appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance.