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Found 168 results

  1. WE PROVIDE QUANLITY & GREAT FINISHING FOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE WE ONLY USE DUPONT PAINTS SPRAY PAINTING BODYKIT BODY TOUCH UP/SCRATCHES/ACCIDENTS/REFURBISH PANEL BEATING RIMS TOUCH UP/REPAIR/REFURBISH CARBON REFURBISH 3RD PARTY INSURANCE CLAIM/CONSULT RESPRAY SAME OR CHANGE COLOUR SPECIAL EFFECT PAINT TOWING SERVICE CONTACT US @ 98520107 ah poh ah_poh20@hotmail.com 68 kaki bukit ave 6 ark@kb #04-11 (417896) IN-HOUSE COMPUTERISE FORMULA PAINT FOR ALL CARS OF MODEL. WE ARE USING DUPONT PAINT GET SICK OF STANDARD NORMAL COLOUR? WE BRING IN NEW PAINT FROM OVERSEA fFOR YOUR AUTOMOBILE ..... BLACK MIRROR EFFECT (PIANO BLACK) SPECIAL EFFECT DIAMOND EFFECT PEARLY EFFECT SUPER PEARL EFFECT SUPER DIAMOND EFFECT RAINBOW EFFECT MULTI-TONE EFFECT COME DOWN TO OUR WORKSHOP TO VIEW FOR YOURSELF THE COLOUR & GET A NEW OUTLOOK FOR YOUR CAR..... We accept Nets & Credit card & AMEX 0% interest free instalment for UOB 6/12/24/36 MONTHS 0% interest free instalment for HSBC 6/12 MONTHS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR ALL CREDIT CARD WITH MINIMUM $500 We carry wide vairety of bodykit BELOW ARE SOME OF OUR WORK PCS PLS ENJOY šŸ˜‰ BMW F10 RESPRAY & INSTALL W-DESIGN KIT[/size ] E-CLASS RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY BACK TO SAME COLOUR C-CLASS W204 RESPRAY WITH CHANGE C63 BODYKIT PORSCHE 911 GT RESPRAY CLS CHANGE COLOUR FROM BLACK TO (SPECIAL EFFECT) SLIVER WHITE & INSTALL WALD FENDER BLACK MIRROR EFFECT http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08372.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08367.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/ah_poh20/DSC08373.jpg GMS CARWERKZ Call or sms or whats app us for a fast qoute or any enquiry We are glad to serve you šŸ˜‰ Mon to Sat including P.holiday 10.30am to 7pm Hp : 98520107 (24hrs/365days) Email : ah_poh20@hotmail.com HSBC credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12 mths UOB credit card 0% interest instalment free 6/12/24/36 months No extra surcharge or interest with minimum $500 Specialise in special effect paint Spray painting Bodykit Panel beating Rims repair Airbrush Towing Insurance claim Customise paint & bodykit
  2. q1n3fer

    Order bodykit from taobao

    Hi, has anyone ordered bodykit from taobao before? Any spray shop to recommend that does spray paint and installation for such request?
  3. Have you ever came across going out for an appointment and you are in a rush, and you have to head in a parking lot? Also, if you are like me, willing to exchange the functionality of your car over appearance. You probably have scratch your bumper before. Well, to be honest. It happens to me almost 622 times when I cross the border and head to Johor for my petrol & grocery fix. So I started to look out for a solution that helps prevent this from happening since my car still have like 9 years to drive. I intend to refurbish my car this end of the year and help him regains to his glory days. I have shortlisted 2 products and wasting numerous time on the internet instead of working but searching for the correct alternative. (Please don't share this with pchou.) And my conclusion is, in the market, there is two product that fulfils my requirement. I don't want something that changes the original looks of my car, and I to protect my undercarriage bumper. So there is Samurai bumper protection and Sliplo. The reason I did not choose the Samurai is that it does change the looks of the car a bit. As I have mentioned, I want my car to look as stock as possible. So I decided to find out more about Sliplo. The product is entirely new in the market and I being me, is still very sceptical about the performance of this. Luckily for me, I do know a few workshops in Singapore. And so happen that Gabriel (boss of a workshop in Yishun), do distribute Sliplo. I called him and enquired about the product, and he invited me over to his workshop for a demo. So I went down and checked out the product. At the first look, the protection plate looks like what a clobber use to mend your shoes ā€” nothing fancy thou. However, when Gabriel pass me the protection plate, and I plate with it, I realised it's made out of polyurethane. A type of rubber compound you find in performance engine mounting and shopping cartwheels. You know lah, when is the last time you saw a gone case shopping cart? This type of rubber compound is durable and is flexible too! The reason why the shape of the protection plate made like this is that it can weave into a different shape. The installation is easy. You can even DIY if you are up for it. However, to access your undercarriage, you need a scissor lift or a car jack to jack up the car. Moreover, also Gabriel told me that he would thoroughly wash the car and prep the car to make sure the specially formulated adhesive by 3M is performing optimally. Yeah. Is that easy. You go down your car, peel the sticker off, use your art & craft hand and weave the shape of the protection plate to the shape of your bumper. Also, at the endpoint, you might need sharp scissors to cut the excess off. Gabriel is generous enough to let me tried a small portion as I haven't respray my car yet. My bumper is in a severely lousy condition. And that's it. After installing, you can't tell the difference! It is stealthy enough. Also, that is one of the things I like about this. One thing for sure, the next time if my car needs a tow, I wouldn't be so paranoid if they drag my car anymore. *This is not a sponsored ads, so I didn't mention anything about the workshop. Everything I have shared is my point of view. If you are keen, you can PM me. I am more than willing to share with you the contact of the boss.
  4. Teewhy

    Bodykit for Mazda 3

    Hi peeps. Iā€™m looking for lips and skirts for Mazda 3. The very popular workshop will be JDM but find them pricy. Anybody got recommendations for cheaper alternatives? Found one at Empire bodykit. Anybody heard about them before? Thanks!
  5. My side skirting silicone tearing and cracking. leaving gap. Looking at workshop to remount and relay silicone lining. Any recommendation ?
  6. Vipertoledo

    Leon Cupra R Bodykit for Seat Toledo

    Hi guys, Felt the need to have this documented on the forum because its so hard to find information on the Cupra R parts list. Plus no one on the Internet seems to share the fitting experience even though its possible to find photos of Toledos overseas that have been fitted with the Cupra R bumper and sideskirts. So this is a first step. Here's the complete parts list and price (in Euro) without shipping. The next step for this thread hopefully will be to come with all the fitting photos step by step. Cupra R Front Bumper Description | Part Number | Unit Price | Qty | Unit Total Front bumper 1ML807221GRU 478.36 1 478.36 Radiator Grille 1ML853653A79Y 50.65 1 50.65 Cover 1M6853915B41 6.6 1 6.6 Bumper Spoiler 1ML805903 31.33 1 31.33 Ball Pin x 2 1ML807762 5.18 2 10.37 Radiator Grille Lower 1ML85366879Y 40.39 1 40.39 N/S Lower Grille 1ML85366579Y 10.98 1 10.98 O/S Lower Grille 1ML85366679Y 10.98 1 10.98 N/S Wheel Arch Cover 1ML807479 4.04 1 4.04 O/S Wheel Arch Cover 1ML807480 4.04 1 4.04 Centre Grille "S" Badge 1ML85365179Y 26.11 1 26.11 Fogs lights for Cupra R bumper
  7. Soonkuay76

    Honda Vezel Parts Available?

    Just want to find out if anyone have any idea what parts are available for Honda Vezel?
  8. As per subject, been searching high & lows for a shop who carries ASX spoiler. Seen harrier spoiler damn nice, wonder any workshop can do for ASX.
  9. hi any recommendations for bodykit chassis repair e.g. chipped/cracked bumper, dented/chipped sideskirt etc... Looking for reasonable pricing.
  10. mack88

    Buying Used Bodykit for BMW

    Hi Guys I'm looking to change my front bumper for my 3 series to something more sporty looking. Are they any shops that deal in used bodykits for BMWs? Looking to get a used one.
  11. Somebody

    Bodykit for IS250 wanted!

    hi everyone, As my original bumpers(front and back) are deteriorating, I'm considering getting a brand new set(front, rear, skirts) to replace them. I'm considering getting a complete bodykit too, if the price isn't that far different(+500-600). Any good lobangs for a good bodykit shop that will do the painting too? Thanks!
  12. Therock610

    Camry bodykit

    Any Camry bro done their Bodykit in SG or JB? Can recommend? Btw mine is a JDM model
  13. chitchatboy

    Spice up your Accord

    From its previous generation to the recently launched one, the Honda Accord has been a generally well-liked family sedan. So to add on a bit of spice, I've decided to see whether there are any nice tuning bits for this handsome car. Mugen has already done some cool packages for the Accord. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that this is actually the Accord Hybrid, which has not arrived on our shores yet but it seems to me that most of the styling changes can be retrofitted onto the normal Accord too. On the outside, Mugen has given it more presence with a new set of front, side and rear skirts. There are carbon front grill and carbon boot lid spoiler as well. You can also opt for their new 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels to improve on the handling side of the already well-balanced sedan. Other than the above mentioned, those who already have the car should go and get a set of coilover to complete the stance look!
  14. Hi, I have a side skirt, front lip and rear diffuser that I need help with fixing on my car... I will probably need to spay them to the same color or another one that can match my car... Any recommendations for workshop who will do this? I also have a carbon fibre hood that needs to be installed. Any recommendations too? Best if the same workshop can fix both items...
  15. Dear all, Any idea where can get WS to help me re-allign n glue back my bodykit? My bodykit install for 1yr plus alreay and to date rear bumper mis-alligned due to knocks etc. side skirt n body got gap inbetween n wire mash think clip came off. Thanks bros in advance
  16. Fastfive1

    Amazing Bodykit Transformation

    It's amazing what body kits can do nowadays. Anyone wanna buy this customised BMW? Price is kinda on the high side though.
  17. Alg

    Bodykit repair

    Anyone can share which workshop does bodykit repair at good price and workmanship? Best around Ubi area, other places fine too. Please kindly advise the price too. Thanks. Reverse and hit my bumper, bodykit slight chipped cracked.
  18. Calvinus

    China Bodykit Parts

    Anyone installed china body kit parts before? Any complaints? What are things to watch out for? I am thinking of ordering some in from Taobao but want to do my research before buying... Can any bros share their experience?
  19. Anakusop

    Customize Bodykit and Car Respray

    anyone can recommend me a workshop dat does decent bodykit customization as well as a full car respray..... can recommend me a separate workshop dat does bodykit customization and spray paint workshop oso no problem as long as they do a decent job.... would prefer if the shop provides installment plan.... thnx.....
  20. Hi, checking for a lucky friend, dad gave him a GRS191 which he claim it too uncle, need some body kit to beautify it, anyone can help?
  21. Ahrex

    BMW X5 Bodykit

    Any bros got any ideas where got range of bodykits n accessories for BMW x5 in SG? Been googling arnd to no avail.. asking on behalf of my friend.. appreciate any replies.. thanks in advance!!
  22. This actually caught my eye when I was over in Jakarta. It really caught my eye as I circled around it trying to figure out what car it actually is. It had the Daihatsu badge stuck on its overly modified front end. Not only was the front end heavily modified to look like a Smart ForFour, the sides were pumped out and were wider than Jennifer Lopez's hips and the rear end was also a mishmash of ideas - With the 'coupe' badging on its rear hatch sticking out like a sore thumb (which can be seen in a photo below). It was a four door 'coupe'. One that would certainly fit the bill as one of those cars featured in UK's MAXPOWER magazine. And so after five or so minutes of circling the little Daihatsu I surmised that it must be a 1st generation Daihatsu Sirion (above) and took some photos of it for remembrance's sake. I believe I am correct stating that the 'coupe' was indeed a Sirion (I could be wrong) and upon browsing the web for some photos of the Sirion I noticed the similiar roofline (albeit with a filled in three quarter window at the C-pillar) of the car mentioned herein and a stock Daihatsu Sirion. Of course I may be wrong, but what other fairly new Daihatsu would fit the bill? It has to be a Daihatsu as that car did have a Daihatsu badge stuck on its front end. Now that the identity of the car has been made known, the other question that is left to be answered is whether this heavily made up Sirion is better looking than the standard car. Is it? Or is it something that only the owner could love and be extremely proud of?
  23. Sforester

    Installing car bodykit

    folks, Just bought a bodykit for my nissan. Can anyone recommend a good workshop to do installation and spray? Thanks!
  24. Hi.. anyone have recommendation on workshop to swop front bumper (nissan latio front bumper) at reasonable labour charges? Prefer east side area..
  25. I was heading to Bedok Town Centre on a Sunday afternoon to shop for groceries. I entered the open air carpark via New Upper Changi Road and had to look for a parking lot at the inner carpark behind Block 205 as it was quite crowded. I was appalled at the condition of the carpark as there was this wide gap between the parking lot and the curb which could easily swallow a tire. The above photo shows gap from the side view. Under the broad daylight, I was able to spot potential danger and ensured that my car kept a distance from it. During night time, the gap might be less visible. Should the front wheels go into the gap, there is a risk of damaging the lower portion of the bumper as it scraps onto the curb. Cars fitted with body kits are at a greater risk due to the reduced clearance space between the bumper and the ground. In addition, the driver probably needs to rev very hard to get the wheels out of the gap. This can be dangerous in a busy carpark as the car may leap forward or backward (depending whether you park head-in or tail-in) suddenly. In the worst case scenario, a pedestrian could be caught off guard. The other parts of the carpark are not in a favorable condition as well. The East Coast Town Council is just in front of the carpark. Hope the folks in the Town Council are aware of the problem.