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Found 34 results

  1. Hi I am looking to install the a Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT for my lexus is250. tired of hearing ridiculous claims or quotes or installing the android unit. i want this head unit as im quite fussy with sound quality and want the WIRELESS APPLECARPLAY feature. hope members can point me the way of decent workshops that can install this. Thanks in advance !
  2. Hi all, Can anyone here advise what cld be wrong? After the car has been stopped for 30mins or more, there will be this harsh rattling sound from the engine during start-up.. The sound is somehow like 'clattering'.. 'Clak clak clak' for abt 1s or so... Car no more warranty thu cant go back to borneo. Any current/ex is250 owners and experts here can give sound advise? Tks for all inputs.
  3. Hi Guys, Friend is changing ride soon and cannot decided between these 2. He's pretty much leaning towards the 320 but heard lots of horrible stories abt the reliability of it. IS250 on the other hand is pretty much bullet proof as it's sharing Toyota parts but he finds it boring. Any advise on the pros and cons of these 2 rides?
  4. My CD player is spoilt. Cannot play or eject the cd. Any shop can repair?
  5. I just bought a IS250 (year 2010) and boot feels hard to open / close. Feels like a lot of resistance. Wondering if it's like that by design? Anyone tried installing a power / electric tailgate or boot for IS250 before? This will make it much easier for my wife to open/close the boot.
  6. Need advice on the baby Lexus so anything is good for me. 1) How's the running cost in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance costs (parts and service)? Any reputable outside workshops that will do Lexus at less than cutthroat prices? :) 2) How's the reliability? 3) What the main gripes of this car? 4) Anyone selling it at a good price for the buyer? 5) Any other advice in general? Thanks!
  7. Recently saw a lot of 1 year old IS250 for sale. Anybody know why?
  8. Hi, I would like to see comments in the comparisons between the Lexus IS250 and BMW 325i or equivalent. I used to drive a BMW 316 since 8 years ago and this car always has small problems like battery related and rear lights bulb failure especially the latter of up to thrice per year. The objectives of this post is to garner first hand intelligence from the owners out there to compare the following:- 1) reliability (maintenance concern) 2) driving satisfaction (responsive and noise insulation) 3) safety 4) performance over say like 2 years later Thank you very much.
  9. Chowyunfatt

    Lexus IS250 SJX 5916E

    Its was a Wet & Rainy Morning ... So as usual, I decided to keep a SAFER distance from the car in front ... I made the right decision ... http://youtu.be/pMKd82r0nnQ
  10. Somebody

    Bodykit for IS250 wanted!

    hi everyone, As my original bumpers(front and back) are deteriorating, I'm considering getting a brand new set(front, rear, skirts) to replace them. I'm considering getting a complete bodykit too, if the price isn't that far different(+500-600). Any good lobangs for a good bodykit shop that will do the painting too? Thanks!
  11. Sei_fei_loh

    Premature Tyre Wear On Is250

    Hi all, need some advise on premature tyre wear. I had complained my tyres being very noisy with the "helicopter sound" and sent car for check. Was told that my tyres are "eating" on the inner part. Now my 4 tyres are gone (less than 1yr). I am trying to find out what is the problem so that my new set of tyres wont have the same problem. I changed to 225/45/r17 all round for purpose of rotating but I had also been told by 1 w/s that I have to be on 245/45/r17 on the rear so there wont be uneven wear. He said it is because the car rear comes originally cambered out by default and if the tyre is too thin, uneven wear sets in. any advises? my car is IS250 TIA
  12. Lexus Singapore has updated its website to include details of the 2013 Lexus IS saloon. This signals the imminent launch of the all new Japanese sports sedan in the Lion City. According to the website, three variants will be available for sale. They include the IS250, IS250 F Sport and the IS Hybrid. The IS250 retails from $229,000 while the F Sport and Hybrid version is priced from $258,000 and $233,000 respectively. The relatively close selling price of the 'normal' and hybrid variant may see a rise in the number of buyers going for the environmentally-friendlier model. The IS250 and the F Sport are powered by a 2.5-litre V6 Dual-VVT-I engine which is good for 208bhp. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and completes the century sprint in 8.1 seconds. The IS hybrid is equipped with the second generation Lexus Hybrid Drive system. It combines an electric motor with a newly-developed 2.5-litre four-cylinder Dual VVT-I engine to produce a total output of 223bhp. Paired with an Electric Continuously Variable Transmission, the IS Hybrid goes from 0 to 100km/h in a respectable 8.5 seconds and returns a fuel consumption figure of 20km/L. All models come equipped with eight SRS airbags and offer eight external body colour selections. Dimension-wise, the new model measures 4,624mm by 2,031mm by 1,429mm (L x W x H). Its closest rival, the BMW 3 Series, is shorter but wider. For more information on the third generation Lexus IS, please refer to the link: http://www.lexus.com.sg/en/models/is/is-250.html
  13. RadX

    IS250 Vs 328 Vs Cadillac

    u shd know who this is for! My point is this, reviews may be biased and paid, so for goodness sake, stop with the sales nonsense and you want, pit fairly! Jus because sales of Lexus are farrrrrrrrrrr below that of BMW and Merc, no need to go bashing and putting FALSE statements forward! I rest my case! I like what one comment said that 'the lexus was sooooooooooo slow'...muahahhah I for one cannot stand damn salesmen who peddle their wares to the hilt! get a bloody life! Disclaimer: End of rant as the Nazi has been trying hard to peddle his brand here much to the infuriation of others!
  14. Pufferfish1

    2010 January IS250

    the time has come again. when my back side start itching again. would want to let go my lexus is250. anyone keen, I be keeping my own number plate does anyone has 2010 Audi A5 sportsback or ML350.
  15. Hi, If you ever get to choose between these 2 cars based on current design which will you pick? Both are quite near in terms of pricings.
  16. Gents, Which is preferred ? In terms of - space - comfort - style - performance n ride comfort - maintenance cost - reliability and complexity to upkeep Also any major problems of these cars ? Eg VW 7 SPD DSG, famous to kaput... Thanks a heap Cheers
  17. Am intending to buy a 2nd car to replace my wife's BMW 3 series. Shortlisted the IS250... but was wondering what exactly are the differences between the Basic and Luxury model other than the OMV diff of approx SGD$4k. Can someone please shed some light?
  18. Wolfy3769

    Police using IS250??

    was watching the new series (unriddled, 最火搭挡).... notice that they are using a IS250 are their transport.. our police force using this car meh? i though they using some subaru TS?
  19. Yo all. Just wondering what are your takes if given a choice for th Lexus IS250 and Audi A4. In terms of looks, handling, performance, comfort and boot space? (For family guy that still wants a sportier car outlook and comfort for the family, and the occasional vroom vroom Which would you get?
  20. Icyfreakass

    Any lobangs for Is250 kits?

    Looking for a kit for my ride. Any one got lobang?
  21. Rm2s

    IS250 at $115K

    Is this a good deal? Never seen Lexus IS250 at this price range, not even when they try to sell the last batch of the pre-facelift units. It's a very comfortable car, handles well, the interior a bit cramp and dated, other than this, not bad looking exterior wise.
  22. Any bro know what can be done to change the yellow light to white light for the IS250? Thanks
  23. BM having special preview of IS250 now at their rear showroom. 2 models: - Higher-end one with Mark Levinson Hi-Fi, R17 rims, HID etc. - Lower-end one with 16" rims, Lexus Hi-Fi, R16 rims. But no test drive, as car has not been homologated yet. Both in factory-fitted everything ... including factory leather seats. 205 BHP, 6-speed with steering wheel paddles. Published 0-100 in 8+ secs. Sculpted body. Cool man For the basic model, list $135,888. Loan rebate of $3,750 (> 7 yrs). Lexus owners get $10,000 discount up-front. (But I think others can get it too). Further loyalty discount of $1,888. Net-net price ~$120K. Good value for the BHP and styling IMO vs BMW 323i (177 BHP only) and plenty reliability problems.
  24. Hi Guys, i having a problem with the above, Pls help. How about the interior? beige/ivory or the light grey?