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Found 332 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Lim Tean arrested

    SINGAPORE: Lawyer and opposition politician Lim Tean was arrested on Tuesday (Oct 2) for alleged criminal breach of trust and is also being investigated for unlawful stalking, said the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Friday. The arrest came after Mr Lim failed to comply with a police notice to attend a compulsory interview on Monday to assist with investigations into the two alleged offences, the police said. "As Mr Lim Tean did not cooperate with the notice to attend an interview with police, and had stated clearly that he had no intent to comply, the police had no choice but to arrest Mr Lim Tean in order to conduct the investigations," said SPF in a news release. "This would not have been necessary, if he complied with the police notice to come for an interview," they added. ALLEGED OFFENCES The police said that the counsel of Mr Lim's former client had lodged a police report alleging that that Mr Lim had misappropriated a sum of money awarded to him as damages by the court. Mr Lim had acted for the former client in a motor injury suit, said the police. Separately, a former employee of Mr Lim has also lodged a police report against him, alleging that she was harassed by him while working at his law firm, said the police. The employee has referred the police to text messages that were exchanged between her and Mr Lim, they added. POLICE INTERVIEW The police contacted Mr Lim and issued him with a written notice under the Criminal Procedure Code on Sep 23 to attend a compulsory interview on Sep 28 at the Police Cantonment complex to assist with investigations into the alleged offences. Mr Lim was also told that he could reschedule the interview if he wanted, said the police. "However, Mr Lim Tean replied through his counsel on Sep 27 that he had no intention of turning up for any police interview. He also made baseless allegations that the investigations against him were politically motivated," said the police. "The police have a responsibility to investigate reports which are made, if prima facie they disclose a basis for further investigations. Persons called for police interviews must comply. "Mr Lim Tean’s alleged victims had filed police reports alleging serious offences by him against them, and the police have a duty to investigate the allegations," they said. Lawyer M Ravi said in a Facebook post on Friday that Mr Lim has instructed him to act as defence counsel. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lim-tean-police-arrest-alleged-breach-of-trust-investigations-13178292 https://mothership.sg/2020/10/lim-tean-arrested/
  2. Overweight police officers in East Java go through weight-loss programme https://www.asiaone.com/asia/overweight-police-officers-east-java-go-through-weight-loss-programme "Size does matter for the East Java Police as they are requiring that overweight officers go through a weight-loss programme at the State Police Academy (SPN) in Mojokerto, East Java. The officers will go through a variety of activities designed to reduce body fat for 10 days. Fifty personnel from each East Java Police unit will take part in the programme from July 15 to 26, according to East Java Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Frans Barung Mangera. "It's a programme to lower your body mass index (BMI) for overweight and obese personnel," Frans was quoted by kompas.com. During the programme, the personnel must undergo activities aimed at reducing body fat such as running, wearing a parachute jacket, long marches, aerobic gymnastics, swimming and other sports. Aside from physical activities, personnel also receive psychological guidance. "Through guidance from nutritionists and medical experts provided by East Java Police, dietary habits and menus are adjusted to help reach the goal of this programme," said Frans. The aim of the programme is for East Java police officers to provide better service. "[so the police] are quicker and nimble in serving the public," Frans added.
  3. M-Sport wor. Looks like 320?
  4. chitchatboy

    A new undercover Traffic Police vehicle?

    For those who have been receiving texts via your favourite messaging applications that a ComfortDelGro taxi fitted with several cameras is a Traffic Police vehicle, you guys have been smoked. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) have noticed that the following image has been circulating around and has clarified that it is not part of their fleet. On their Facebook page, SPF contacted ComfortDelGro and verified that the equipment is temporarily installed on this taxi for training purposes. Members of the public are advised to exercise discretion and not circulate unverified information indiscriminately. Here are what some neitzens have to say on SPF's Facebook page...
  5. Remember the time when a video of an LTA enforcement officer that stopped an offending PMD rider by giving the rider a good kick, causing the offender to fall off his PMD? Now, something similar is going viral in Malaysia. According to The Star, the incident happened in Sibu, a town in Sarawak, Malaysia where two police officers were conducting a spot check at Jalan Temple around noon. A motorcyclist that was approaching the road block decided to turn around to avoid them but failed to do so when one of the officers acted quickly by giving the biker a martial art-style kick. In the report, Sibu OCPD Asst Comm Stanley Jonathan Ringgit explained that the offender works at the a hotel nearby and has several offences to his name. Other than not having a driving license and having a modified bike, its road tax has also expired and it was not covered under any insurance too. 46687388_923477234821643_832602979362855331_n.mp4
  6. dudez7

    SPF New Fast Response Vehicle

    At https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/police-spf-new-car-number-plate-recognition-secure-cabin-12983870
  7. Tohto

    SPF New Fast Response Vehicle

    Police unveil new fast response car with number plate recognition, more secure cabin for suspects https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/police-spf-new-car-number-plate-recognition-secure-cabin-12983870
  8. Now this is not something the residents of Ang Mo Kio get to see everyday! A Traffic Police officer has apparently skidded on the wet floor and crashed his Yamaha bike at the lift lobby of Block 619 Ang Mo Kio. As reported by SG Road vigilante, the incident happened on 27 May 2020 and eye witnesses claim that the officer was trying to chase another motorbike through the void deck when the police officer lost control and hit the wall. The comments by netizens were generally supportive of the officer going all the way in the fight for justice, with the usual few negative views here and there.
  9. Police Bike Spotted At HDB Void Deck, Netizens Wonder How It Got There source: https://mustsharenews.com/police-bike-void-deck/ Police Bike Spotted At Ang Mo Kio HDB Void Deck Traffic police officers are very often seen patrolling our roads and expressways, keeping them safe for motorists. On Wednesday (27 May), however, a traffic police officer was apparently seen at the void deck of an HDB block in what appears to be a rather bizarre incident. While netizens couldn’t help but wonder how he ended up in the predicament, one witness apparently said that the officer had skidded and crashed while chasing after another bike. Police bike apparently skidded at Ang Mo Kio void deck Based on the pictures, the incident apparently happened near Block 619 along Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. In one of the images uploaded on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group, a traffic police motorbike was seen toppled over at an HDB void deck. A man wearing the traffic police attire was seen nearby, appearing to be speaking and gesturing to another person. The surroundings were filled with streaks of water, which could’ve contributed to the incident. A crowd had also formed at the scene, presumably of people staying around the area. At least 4 police cars and motorcycles were also seen parked near the HDB block. Police officer apparently gave chase to another bike A witness who stays near the block told MS News that she heard a “loud acceleration noise” followed by the sound of glass shattering. According to her, the traffic police officer was chasing after another motorcycle at around 4pm on Wednesday (27 May) when he skidded at the void deck. She added that the vicinity was wet as there were allegedly cleaning works going on at the time. Image courtesy of an MS News reader Metallic tools like spanners and screwdrivers were also strewn on the ground nearby, according to the witness. MS News has reached out to the police and will update this article when more information is available. Hope the officer didn’t suffer serious injuries Regardless of what had happened, we hope the traffic police didn’t suffer any serious injuries. This goes to show the very real dangers that traffic police officers are putting themselves in whenever they don their uniform for work. We hope this encourages Singaporeans to be more appreciative of their hard work to keep our streets safe. Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.
  10. 10, 20 years from now, we want to remember the faces behind the success of defeating COVID-19. No doubt about it, we will win the fight against the virus. Here's a thread out of the many COVID-19 ones, to remember the people behind our success. From Doctors, Nurses, Cleaners, Social Distancing Ambassadors, SPF, SAF, SCDF, NEA, ICA, MFA ... Let's share stories about these angels. Here's one from NCID to start. Inside Singapore’s COVID-19 screening centre, on the front line against the disease As the number of cases continues to rise, it is all hands on deck at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, where doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers screen hundreds of patients daily. SINGAPORE: At the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) screening centre, one important part of the defence against the pandemic has been none other than ice cream. Charmaine Manauis is hardly joking when she says that. She is the lead consultant in infectious diseases at Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s emergency department, which is in charge of the screening effort. “Ice cream is important; it makes us happy. You see everyone — they have ice cream, they perk up,” the doctor said about her colleagues, and herself. “Plus, it’s hot inside the personal protective equipment. So they love eating ice cream (in the pantry) during their break.” She is certainly not kidding about feeling the heat under their yellow gowns, shower caps, gloves, goggles and N95 masks, which they wear throughout their seven- to 10-hour shifts, except during breaks. “When I remove my yellow gown, I’m usually drenched. It’s really hot,” she said. “When I remove (my mask), then I feel as if I can breathe again.” That is how it has been for the staff running both the TTSH emergency department and the NCID screening centre in the time of the coronavirus. And it is not just emergency doctors who are seeing to the suspected COVID-19 cases. While their department used to have about 20 doctors on shift at any time in the day, it has been a whole new ballgame since Chinese New Year. Hundreds of doctors across different specialities in the hospital — from urology to ENT (ear, nose and throat) to plastic surgery — are being mobilised for training so they can carry out COVID-19 duties too. Since Singapore’s first confirmed case on Jan 23, more than 400 doctors from the hospital have been rostered to work at the NCID screening centre across the road. And the one co-ordinating their training is Manauis, the senior consultant leading the screening efforts — as CNA Insider finds out in an inside look at the frontline battle against COVID-19. GETTING WIND OF THE VIRUS ON HOLIDAY The 42-year-old as well as her boss — Adjunct Assistant Professor Ang Hou, head of the emergency department — were on holiday in December when they first heard of a mysterious disease in Wuhan. “I said, ‘Hm, this might be something.’ So when I came back, the department had already started screening,” recounted Manauis. “We started screening for (travellers from) Wuhan on Jan 2.” That was the day Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that it was monitoring the pneumonia outbreak closely, and sent a circular to medical practitioners here. Whispers of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) started “floating around” TTSH. “We were SARS central back in 2003, so that’s never left the DNA of the department,” said Ang. “You can’t help but relive memories that you’ve been through, especially when you know your colleagues and your friends had been affected very deeply.” The possibility of a second coming did not surprise him, however. “We were always anticipating something like COVID-19 ... We knew that it wouldn’t be a matter of if, but when,” he said. “We knew that by the time it were to come from Wuhan to Singapore, it would’ve been ... a significant outbreak in the world or at least in this part of the region.” The department started screening for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in a “very small, dedicated space”. But even “way before” Singapore’s Disease Outbreak Response System Condition alert was raised to orange, the number of people coming every day “was growing to a scale that we had to move out of (that) physical space”, he added. As the rest of the country wound down for Chinese New Year, furniture had to be moved in, and computers set up, for the NCID screening centre to be activated. “It was a very busy Chinese New Year for a lot of people, not because we were going around celebrating but because we were preparing for the next phase in screening,” said Ang. By Jan 29, the screening centre was up and running round the clock. FROM SCREENING CENTRE TO TENT Those first few weeks of the centre’s operations were “really hectic” for Manauis. “We were on call 24/7. Every Saturday, we’d train (staff). During the week, we’d look at protocols — we’d look at whether our processes were working well, whether we had to manage any choke points in the screening centre,” she recounted. One of those choke points were the X-ray rooms. “If the screening centre was full, then there’d be a queue for X-rays. And so we’d need more efficiency, more radiographers,” she said. Based on the travel history and the chest X-ray results, the doctors had to decide whether the patients had to be warded or could be discharged. For those who needed admission, those were uncertain times. They had many questions. “How long will I stay? What tests will they be doing for me upstairs? How about my family? Do they need to be admitted too?” cited Manauis. The numbers coming for screening kept rising until the load “became quite difficult at one point”, said Ang. That came about when the MOH changed the definition of a suspect case, following the transmission of the coronavirus at a health products shop visited by Chinese tourists. “That led to a lot of patients being referred by their doctors for screening because they’d come into close and frequent contact with travellers from China,” said Ang. “A lot of people in various industries came in, whether they were taxi drivers, tour bus drivers, people who worked in tourist attractions or hotels, airports and casinos. They were all flooding in.” So, after consulting the ministry, TTSH proceeded to swab and discharge these patients, “to conserve beds for patients who were really ill and needed treatment”. Then there was “a strange point in time”, when the number of people coming for screening and the cases confirmed as positive slowed down, even as the numbers were picking up in the rest of the world. “We knew that the numbers would go up sooner or later,” said Ang. “We knew that the screening centre might not be able to cope ... so we made the decision together with the ministry to set up a tentage, to expand the number of places available.” That ended up being the case. On March 23, the TTSH team screened the highest number of people until now: More than 520. “We call it the most terrible Monday,” said Manauis. “The patients came in the afternoon and at night. And at night, we have less manpower. We had to open the tentage until 3am, with a lot of patients having to wait a little bit longer. So that was a struggle.” MIGRANT WORKERS A NEW CHALLENGE There are still hundreds of patients screened daily, although the challenge as of late is not the numbers but the space needed, as the spike has been among migrant workers, and the tent outside the screening centre is “perennially full”. “For these foreign workers, we need to wait for swab results before they can be discharged (if they test negative). So we need a bigger waiting area for them,” said Manauis. “After that, they have to wait for transport also, to bring them back to their dorms. So they can wait for as long as, probably, 18 (to) 20 hours.” WATCH: An exclusive look inside the NCID screening centre (Dur 5:20) While there are now Swab Isolation Facilities like the CherryLoft chalets — where the workers can be sent after their nose swabs — these facilities “are quite full” nowadays, she added. The workers are otherwise unable to self-isolate. "Every day, we’d have to ask whether there’s any vacancy, and then they still need to wait for an ambulance or dedicated transport." While there is swabbing done at the dormitories now, some of the workers need to go to the screening centre depending on their symptoms. If they complain of chest pain or have difficulty breathing, for example, then they need an X-ray, a blood test or an electrocardiogram. As long as they are symptomatic or have had close contact with a positive case of COVID-19, they should be swabbed. An MOH circular sent on Thursday has also updated the swabbing criteria for everyone. Anosmia — the loss of the sense of smell, either total or partial — is now one of the symptoms to look out for, cited Manauis. “There were (research) papers that came out, and there were positive cases which presented only with anosmia,” she explained. The other symptoms still include fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat and gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhoea or vomiting. Since she started on TTSH’s clinical protocols and work instructions for COVID-19 screening and infection controls, Manauis has developed 61 versions for the staff to follow. There is also a workflow for the foreign workers from dormitories, which is at version 17 now. IN FOR THE LONG HAUL She has also trained nine batches of doctors from various departments, with as many as 51 physicians in a batch. They work a 10-day cycle as part of a group of more than 100 people, including nurses and other healthcare workers, running the screening centre. Most of them, even senior specialists, are volunteers, and some have done more than one rotation, although each department is also supposed to contribute a certain amount of manpower. “Screening is very different from what they do every day. So it wasn’t a surprise that they were a little bit apprehensive. But they were very willing to help out,” said Manauis. She is grateful for all the support. At one of the training sessions this month, she told the doctors: “We really need your help on the front line. On behalf of the emergency department, I thank you guys for volunteering.” The thing is, her department is not only working at the screening centre, but also attending to the usual emergency cases. To do this, the staff have cancelled their leave and reduced their days off. “You just have to do your work. I go day by day — whatever needs to be done, needs to be done,” she said with a shrug. “Everyone’s made sacrifices, not only me or not only the doctors ... But we do this willingly because we know that this is our job.” The emergency cases are tended to in a different zone, although that does not mean the staff necessarily get to dispense with personal protective equipment. The forward screening triage nurses, for example, must wear the full equipment. “Sometimes walk-in patients ... are close contacts (of a COVID-19 case), so we have to protect our frontline staff,” said Manauis. To protect the patients as well, one of the changes made is to ensure that they queue at least two metres apart. This, and many of the current arrangements in the emergency department, could be in place for some time. “For those of us who’ve been here for a while, who’ve gone through other outbreaks, we know that, potentially, it’s going to be long-drawn,” said Ang. “It could affect some of our own members — that the memories of SARS come back — and I think it might hit those (employees) a little bit harder.” When asked on Friday about her team’s morale, Manauis, who has been with TTSH for 15 years, gave a cheerful reply. “We’ll try our best to ... help the nation, especially now that (the number) of positive cases has been increasing,” she said. “We’re still okay. We still have ice cream, so we’re happy. I mean, you’ll need to try and pace yourself because we know that this is going to stay for a few more months.” https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/inside-singapore-covid-19-screening-centre-defence-disease-ncid-12656312?cid=fbcna&fbclid=IwAR2aRtq_Z2MAo0V4ZhWSMMaT9GnvC_-dupS3ZWBKls8QOzPkW7931n7Pa0M
  11. With everyone encouraged to stay home due to the ongoing coronavirus , life must be quiet dull for most. However, we are pretty sure the motorcyclist at the traffic light didn't find his last friday bland at all... 92a4c569-89c1-4c7c-81f8-f298494e1650.MP4 Shot in an unknown heavy vehicle, the footage clearly shows a wild white truck doing a quick lane change at a traffic junction that has just turned red along Jurong Town Hall Road. From the video, we thought the poor biker would be bulldozed by the truck but amazingly, the truck managed to avoid crashing into it! Seconds later, viewers can see a police car coming to a stop abruptly with its tyres screeching on the bottom of the video, suggesting to us that the white truck might have been running away from the cops. According to the comments on Complaint Singapore, the police were apparently trying to arrest the driver in the truck and this was a drug-related case. Maybe more should heed this netizen's comment whereby it is better to stop in front of a vehicle that has already come to a complete stop at the lights...
  12. https://mothership.sg/2020/03/police-nsf-police-car/?fbclid=IwAR1O8yo6xDz8ABFkkmlokWCxbDADRb7SX89sJCfa2Wo5N0TuPbIB1W7N-3o She can be heard laughing and saying: “So this is the ride for tonight, we’re going in a police car.” Speaking to Mothership, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said that the boy is a 19-year-old Full-time Police National Serviceman (PNSF). “The Police have arrested a 19-year-old Full-time Police National Serviceman (PNSF) for theft of a police vehicle on 19 March 2020. Preliminary investigations revealed that the PNSF, attached to the logistical support office of Protective Security Command (ProCom), had drove the police vehicle out of ProCom without authorisation. Police investigations are ongoing. Officers of the Singapore Police Force, including PNSFs, are expected to uphold the law and maintain high standards of discipline and integrity. Those who commit criminal offences will be dealt with in accordance with the law.”
  13. SINGAPORE — A man was detained by police following an alleged blast in front of the Kallang Neighbourhood Police Post late Friday night (13 March), according to eyewitnesses. Jerome Simon, a 38-year-old personal trainer, was trying to get to sleep when he heard what sounded like a blast at around 11.40pm. Looking out from the window of his block at 113B McNair Road, he said he could see flames and heard people screaming in the distance. When Simon went to the scene at Block 105 Towner Road, he saw that something had apparently been “blown up” in front of the Kallang Neighbourhood Police Post, which is located at the foot of the block. A shirtless man with a black hood over his head had been detained by the police near the scene while he was there. “It was completely insane,” Simon said, describing the incident. The word “ISIS” could be seen repeatedly scrawled on the walls of the block. Another eyewitness, Facebook user Tarlo Gill, said he witnessed the incident outside the police post. He said police and Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel “came swiftly to put out the fire/explosives and of course to arrest the man”.
  14. TRAFFIC POLICE GETS AN ALL NEW BMW 2019 R1250RT BIKE https://www.roads.sg/traffic-police-gets-an-all-new-bmw-2019-r1250rt-bike/ Traffic police gets expensive BMW cars and bikes. This is how they spent tax payers money!
  15. NTU Assault On Campus Reported, Police & Army Personnel Sighted In Ongoing Investigation On 14 Dec (Sat), police received a report of an assault at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Police cars were seen around the area outside the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM). On 15 Dec (Sun), NTU Student Union posted an Instagram story warning those at campus to stay safe as there were fugitives on the run. The message reminds everyone in NTU at present to remain indoors. Other details unconfirmed, public advised not to speculate on causes There are several rumours floating around social media and WhatsApp group chats. We do not advise members of the public to spread these around and to wait for a verified source instead. It has only been confirmed that an assault has taken place, and that the army has been deployed to the NTU campus. Those entering and leaving campus are being questioned. They are advised to call 999 if they see anything suspicious, according to several verified sources.
  16. Grab assisting Stomper who allegedly lost $4,151 from GrabPay after losing his phone, police investigating source: https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/grab-assisting-stomper-who-allegedly-lost-4151-from-grabpay-after-losing-his-phone Grab is assisting a Stomper who allegedly had $4151 transferred from his GrabPay and into other people's accounts after losing his phone. Stomper Loh shared screenshots of the transactions and told Stomp: "I went out for supper with my friends at about 12.30am on Nov 4. "We were at a coffee shop at the junction of Lorong 15 Geylang and Sims Avenue. "After about an hour, one of my friends gave us a lift to somewhere in Paya Lebar where I flagged a taxi. "Another friend of mine took the cab with me and he was the first to alight. "I reached home slightly after 2am and noticed my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was missing about half an hour later. "I was tracing my phone's location and found that it was somewhere in Tampines. When I rang my phone, no one answered but shortly after, the phone was switched off. "When I was going through my email, I saw a message that said someone was trying to change the email address linked to my Grab account. Grab also sent me an email asking if I was the one who requested the change. "Grab also shared the new email that someone was trying to link to my account. "At that point, I called my telco to disable my SIM card and called Grab to suspend my account. "The hacker had even changed the passwords on several of my Gmail accounts. As of now, I'm still struggling to get one of my accounts back because the phone number associated with the account has been changed. "I made a police report and also requested for a replacement SIM card from my telco on the same day I lost my phone. "I didn't know about any money being transferred from my GrabPay account until Nov 7. I wasn't that concerned about anything fishy that could happen since my phone is locked with a thumbprint and passcode. "When I logged in, I discovered some transactions had been made and immediately called Grab. They told me that someone will be in touch with me. "There were two of my bank cards associated with my Grab account. I didn't know that people could top-up money into GrabPay without requiring further verification. "I contacted my banks and they told me to make a police report. "On Monday (Nov 11), I received a call from Grab saying that they're working with the police to get to the bottom of this case. "I also got a call from the police who were trying to gather more information from me. "I know that my phone was stolen and it's not that I had misplaced it. "If I had misplaced it, I don't know how these people could be able to hack into it since fingerprint and passcode required. Seems to me that these people are experts. "I remember that the last place I was using my phone was at the coffeeshop. "I'm just wondering how is their security feature so easy to defeat. Just imagine if someone else has your phone. "I don't know if I'll be liable for these transactions. Is there any fraud protection? E-payments like these could be dangerous. In response to a Stomp query, a Grab spokesperson said: "We are aware of this case and have reached out to Mr Loh to provide assistance. "As police investigations are ongoing, we are unable to comment further." The police confirmed with Stomp that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.
  17. Kusje

    Do you trust the police?

    Seems like there are more and more cases of police incompetence, laziness and malfeasance these days. Examples that come to my mind are the Little India riots, screwing up simple DNA tests for a rape case, pressurizing people to not make a police report (KPI to reduce crime?), taking years to hack into a phone when all they needed was a charger from taobao. I'm sure you can think of more. Do you guys trust our police force to do their jobs? Here's the latest case !
  18. Ahtong

    Police Road Block

    Sometimes I see TP conducting roadblocks during daytime around those industrial estates or construction sites. What are they looking for? Is it illegal immigrants?
  19. Kityip

    Police WRX toy car

    Hi, anyone knows where sell this Police WRX toy car, about 10cm? Saw it on somebody's dashboard, the wrx is exactly what our TPs are driving... ;)
  20. Today is the 1st time I am so involved with an traffic accident (don't worry, I am not hit or affected in anyway). I just crossed the road, walking away from the T-junction between Boon Lay Way and Jurong West Central 2, when I heard a loud bang behind me. Turning around and I saw a Toyota Altis mounting the kerb and moving onto the walkway next to it. A few meters away on the extreme right lane of the road, a Honda Fit Hybrid came to a abrupt stop against the kerb, with fume coming out from it bonnet. I immediately headed towards the Altis, which was closer to me, to check out the occupant in it. The driver stepped out of his car, filled with white smoke from the airbags activation, and immediately seated on the walkway, appearing dazy. I asked if he is ok, whether he need any assistance, etc. By then, many onlookers started to crowd around the car, taking photos and kaypoing. I asked if anyone has called the police and all kept quiet. So I dialed 999 and report the accident to the officer on the phone (I will share the details later), and request for ambulance to be dispatch (as one foreign worker pointed out to me that the other driver might need assistance). After asking the onlookers to clear away from the driver, I ran cross road to check out the occupant of the Fit. The driver limped out of his car (again, it was filled with white smoke from the airbag activation) and half laying against the kerb, complaining of chest pain and breathing difficulty. I told him to try breathing in harder and that he should lie down if he is feeling really uncomfortable. I called 999 again, to update them the conditions of both drivers, and was told ambulance is on the way (that is fast, as everything happened within just ~2 min). By then, 2 foreign workers came forward to offer bottled water to the driver, which I stopped them, for medical reasons, but the driver still proceed to take a sip of it, before I manage to snatch it away, explaining to him of the medical implication (of get choked and such).
  21. 1) Anyone made an online report regarding Traffic Offence before? what happens after submitting online? does the Traffic Police call you - and after how long? what they require and what was the outcome? 2) In what situations will you bother to make a report to the Traffic Police? or will you close one eye for everything?
  22. Hahaha epic. I can't stop laughing. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-jailed-for-stealing-tap-from-woodlands-police-station-11810436
  23. Lmws214

    Newborn found in plastic bag

    US police video shows newborn found in plastic bag https://www.asiaone.com/world/us-police-video-shows-newborn-found-plastic-bag Jun 27, 2019 / AFP Police in the US state of Georgia have released a poignant video of officers finding an abandoned newborn girl inside a plastic bag, as part of their efforts to find the child's mother. The video, recorded on an officer's body camera and made public on Tuesday, shows sheriff's deputies in Cummings, Georgia discovering the infant tied up in a bag and left by a roadside the night of June 6. They were responding to a caller claiming they heard a baby crying in the woods. The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office "is continuing to investigate & follow leads" regarding the baby, whom they have named India, said the department on Twitter. "By releasing the body cam footage from the discovery of Baby India we hope to receive credible info & find closure." They added that India is "thriving." In the video, a deputy can be heard reassuring the baby as he unwraps her from the plastic bag, saying, "Look at you, sweetheart! Oh, I'm so sorry... look how precious you are." He then hands her to medical first responders, who perform first aid on the infant before wrapping her in a blanket. Authorities have been looking for the girl's mother since June 6, taking to Twitter to ask if anyone in the area knows "a female who was in late stages of pregnancy." Many also took to Twitter to share information about "safe haven" laws, which allow women to leave unharmed infants at designated locations -- such as police stations or hospitals -- without prosecution, thereby making the children wards of the state, so as to prevent another infant getting abandoned. "Omg, the poor thing! Glad she is safe and doing well now," one woman tweeted. Another tweeted she "broke out in tears" when she saw the video because it reminded her of her own infant granddaughter.
  24. I chance upon this resource from the TP website! They will give you the top 10 rankings of the hotspot to beware of! Here's the share for April 2019! - https://www.police.gov.sg/resources/traffic-matters/already-have-a-licence/top-10-violations-locations#content