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Found 31 results

  1. When if comes to overtaking, we bet this Honda Civic driver is one of the most skilled drivers on our road if not the most skilled. This happened on Christmas eve at around 11:45pm along Bartley East Rd in the area of Kaki Bukit towards the CTE and we must say we are impressed with the precision of the overtake. As you can see from the clip, the matt-greenish Civic Turbo came out of nowhere and moved across from one lane to the other with not much room to spare, before proceeding to accelerate away briskly. Think you readers can do better? Let us know what you reckon in the comment box below!
  2. chitchatboy

    Heavy rains expose deadly section of PIE

    With the weather turning slightly wetter in the recent days, this part of the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) is turning out to be quite deadly. Shared by the 'good samaritans' of SG Road Vigilante, someone has been recording from his/her apartment some of the accidents that happened at the Jalan Anak Bukit flyover towards the direction of Jurong. As we can all see, all the four incidents had the drivers losing control of the rear of their vehicles as they crest over the left hand turn. Some of drivers looked like they oversped but not every one was doing so. We guessed these drivers all lifted off the accelerator abruptly and/or had bad tyres at the rear while negotiating the turn, causing their vehicles to go into oversteer. LTA has made this corner less treacherous than before in the recent years but it still does seem to catch quite a few drivers out. Other than having good tyres, our advice when approaching the corner is to maintain your speed and to obviously keep to the speed limit. P.S. this corner does remind us of the infamous corner, Eau Rouge of the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Watch the clip and see how cars go off the corner as they lose the rear of their cars in that deadly turn.
  3. Sorry. Double post. Mods pls help delete. Kam sia too many to count. 😅thank you
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/china-jiangsu-bridge-collapses-traps-cars-underneath-11989608 Scary. It will be a miracle if no casualty. Safe ride
  5. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/hillview-flyover-to-help-ease-bukit-timah-road-traffic Hillview flyover to help ease Bukit Timah Road traffic Construction for Hillview flyover started in the second half of 2011. Motorists can start using it from 8am on Dec 27. It is part of LTA's road improvement project to enhance parts of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Woodlands Road. ST PHOTO: AZIZ HUSSIN PUBLISHED3 HOURS AGO The new Hillview flyover in Upper Bukit Timah Road will open this Sunday. Motorists going to Woodlands from the city, or vice-versa, will be able to use the dual two-lane flyover to bypass a stretch of Upper Bukit Timah Road between Chestnut Drive and Jalan Asas. The flyover provides an alternative route that will redistribute traffic from existing ground-level junctions at Dairy Farm Road and Hillview Road, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said yesterday. Construction for the 700m-long flyover started in the second half of 2011. Motorists can start using it from 8am on Dec 27. The LTA has advised motorists heading towards Dairy Farm Road, Hillview Road and Jalan Asas to continue to use the ground-level roads, and not the flyover, to reach their destinations. The Hillview flyover is the second one to be completed along the corridor this year. In April, the Bukit Panjang flyover was opened along a stretch of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Woodlands Road. The viaduct allows motorists to bypass the intersection of Choa Chu Kang Road, Upper Bukit Timah Road, Woodlands Road and Bukit Panjang Road . The two flyovers are part of a larger infrastructure project, which also includes widening parts of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Woodlands Road to improve overall traffic flow in the corridor. "With the enhancement of this key arterial road corridor serving the north-western part of Singapore, motorists travelling to and from Bukit Panjang and Choa Chu Kang residential estates, as well as the Kranji and Mandai industrial estates, will enjoy a better transport experience," the LTA said. Mr Balasupramaniam, 69, a retiree, welcomes the new flyover. He said: "During the peak hours, the traffic along Upper Bukit Timah Road can be quite congested." He added that motorists heading to Woodlands would enjoy a faster drive with the flyover, as they do not have to mix with traffic that is turning into the condominiums in the area, such as along Hillview Road. Adrian Lim
  6. Accident at TPE Pasir Ris Flyover,Lane 1. Kiss your license goodbye. Video: https://www.facebook...111961/?theater
  7. Just a heads up to all drivers. I use that road every weekend and have to agree, whoever designed lane 1 is a blockhead. http://www.bmw-sg.com/forums/bmw-singapore...death-trap.html For those lazy to click thru: Yesterday i drove past, just saw the entire flyover closed off because of another accident.
  8. Scion

    A very steep Japanese Flyover

  9. Hi Guys, My ride shakes from side to side at the rear when stop at flyover due to traffic jams, is this normal? or something is wrong with the suspension? Rear Suspension setup is coupled torsion beam axle. Regards
  10. A car overturn along PIE towards Tuas near Chantek flyover this early morning (26 Feb 2013).
  11. I thought they expand that stretch to ease the congestion for cars heading towards Lornie road blocking up the PIE, but after they open the expanded stretch, they close the 1st and 2nd lane, it's more jam than ever now....
  12. From the direction of SLE, there is this junction with 4 lanes. I saw a traffic accident investigation van park there with a policeman making report across the road. Could be a stationwagon in lane 4 wanted to turn right. But there was a sedan in Lane 3 wanted to go straight instead. The two of them jointly denied each other priority. The sedan entered the drain, with the stationwagon hitting it more diagonally than rear-ending. Casualty(ies) already fetched to hospital when I passed by the scene. No idea if the stationwagon driver did signalled to turn right. No idea if the sedan driver was trying to beat the stationwagon crossing that junction. Let us drive using the correct lane. Let us forgive those who are in the wrong lane. Sometimes we could also end up in awkward lane and need some help. Read sometime back, this among the acident-prone junctions due to its design of allowing for ambigious lane driving.
  13. kind of curious, the CTE has been widened to 4 lanes over the PIE flyover. Has the traffic improved? This used to be the main bottle neck as the traffic coming in from braddel is a lot. wondering how much will the CTE widening project help.
  14. Was the first few car to be at the scene where a red car went under a trailer. Stucked there for 30mins. Plse avoid. No peekture as I was driving. Involved a young fella, strong pride, trailer n merging lane.
  15. Just saw 3 of them...but the interesting thing is they are not wearing their helmets. Anyway, be careful during this stretch in the afternoons.
  16. I have been using this exit to ECP every morning, this is opposite the Esso station, The slip road is wide enough for 2 cars abreast though it's a single lane. No problem even with buses. Thus I feedback in early april to raise this concern of heavy usage during the morning peak hours. I have observed those that used this lane daily will understand how others will drive, however, those that may not be familiar to this stretch will not realise some drivers will just also drive from right lane to the left slip road and requested a widen slip road to officially make this into a two lane slip road like Lornie road, Marine Parade road to ECP etc. LTA has replied on the 9 May to inform they will widen the road to improve a better traffic flow in a more regulated manner. Do you all agree with such changes?
  17. I would like to know if there is any speed cams on the flyover from Lornie Rd going to Braddel ? Any one kana before ?
  18. Can any bros share? This morn abt 9 plus, white ant stationed at ECP between FORT RD and Tanjong Katong flyover with a tripod std. Guess many motorists sure got shot cos many tend to speed esp after the ECP cam just after ROCHOR exit. Damn hard to spot cos hidden by bushes. I was doing slightly below 100km. Will I get a ticket?
  19. Just saw the above display at the above flyover showing yr car's speed. This display actually forewarn you if you are drving at high speed negotiating this bend which is an accident-prone area. Kudo to LTA and TP for this great idea. Hope to see more of these at other dangerous locations.
  20. I am damn pissed with that driver when I flash back that scenario! NNBZ KNN PCB!!! While walking slowly from Yew Tee to CCK at the flyover, we were behind the Condo, green man was shown and we proceeded slowly to cross the road. Just when we crossed halfway, suddenly a car (black Mit Lancer of SGK car plate) just dashed through from it's right turning! This had caused the vehicles going straight almost crash onto it! Ain't the vehicle suppose to STOP and wait for the green light shown before making the turn? Had I not saw the oncoming car from the left, I guessed that both my wife and I will land in hospital! Luckily I held onto my wife arm and dragged her back as soon as possible! You a--hole better LEARN how to drive properly and please do not freaking endanger ppl life! Must you be freaking impatient for that 10min? I dare not to imagine if I were to bring my baby out with the stroller! To make it clear, I enclose the image for better clearer explanation. Red dot: Wifey and I crossing the junction. Cyan: The black Mit Lancer just dashed when the traffic light turn green! Shouldn't the car wait first? Why must it dash out in such a hurry?! We were so close to the car! Yellow: Other vehicles got to jam brake and horn because of the horrible driver! 1 thing to note: we are happy to alive and carry on our shopping! And we kept holding our hand tightly after that incident. Screw that driver who is SO reckless! Tai Sai ah? CB! I seldom curse and swear at ppl until like that, but this time, lim peh freaking bey lun such driver! I am glad that I still can post this message out to you all! OK, Enough of cursing!
  21. Lady driving camry along upp bukit timah road was beside me near railmall. After driving pass courts, go under flyover to clementi road. Saw the camry hit a wish and the wish's front was turned to oncoming traffic. Didnt experience it 1st hand but if i did, i would most probably be an accident vehicle as well. I wonder whos fault was that. Anyone saw it? Was around 5pm. Dark blue wish IIRC. It spun 180 degrees to face oncoming traffic. Wish front was pretty bad. Camry, didnt see much damage.
  22. Every morning, there is a TP stationed under a flyover next to the Australia International School, to snap photos of drivers driving under the flyover, though there is no bus lane yellow marking on the road. We received two summons of $130 each. Do drive with caution.
  23. Was passing by BKE toward Woodland at 9.20 am when I saw a EMAS tow truck, one WRX and at the side of the road (just beside the crash barrier), one covered white plastic sheet....... Trying to look around for any vehicles but none...... . How that body landed there..... , R.I.P. The accident is just 200m after the flyover of PIE toward the direction of Woodland. Anyone can enlighten on the accident ????