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Found 14 results

  1. If another motorist gives way to you, the most logical thing to do is show your gratitude towards them with a simple raise of your hand. Well, not for this egoistic Mercedes driver who defies logic. Watch it here: What Happened? A Mercedes A180 decided to perform an abrupt lane change without checking for oncoming traffic in the adjacent lane. As a result, an oncoming Toyota Corolla in the adjacent lane had to brake hard and give way to the Mercedes driver. You would think that after performing such a hazardous manoeuvre, the Mercedes driver would apolo
  2. Just as the joyous festive season kicked in, an unsuspecting accident completely ruined the atmosphere. Watch the spine-chilling accident here: What Happened? The accident occured along the stretch of Tampines Ave 10, close to midnight on 23rd December. A red Mercedes A180 drove from Tampines Ave 1 before negotiating a left turn onto Tampines Ave 10. From the video, it seems like the red Mercedes was travelling at a fast speed when he approached the left turn. Oddly, the Mercedes did not seem to have any intention to negotiate the bend. What p
  3. When if comes to overtaking, we bet this Honda Civic driver is one of the most skilled drivers on our road if not the most skilled. This happened on Christmas eve at around 11:45pm along Bartley East Rd in the area of Kaki Bukit towards the CTE and we must say we are impressed with the precision of the overtake. As you can see from the clip, the matt-greenish Civic Turbo came out of nowhere and moved across from one lane to the other with not much room to spare, before proceeding to accelerate away briskly. Think you readers can do better? Let us know what you reckon in the
  4. Oh no, this white Porsche Macan is going to get flamed online by neitzens everywhere with his/her brake-checking skills. Spotted on SG Road Vigilante's page is this video of a Porsche SUV that is pissed with the camera car not giving way on 30th of Nov 2020. Everything started from the junction of Upper Thompson and Braddell Road with the Porsche slowly catching up to the camera car which was going a decent speed. The Porsche then wanted to overtake on Braddell road for a few times but somehow luck was not in his way and the camera car seemed like it was blocking the SUV. With e
  5. Hello all In your opinion, which of these 2 areas have more upside potential? If you have the money, which area would you put your $$ on, from an investment perspective? TIA
  6. Hi Everyone, Have anyone viewed or bought Botanique? Is this worth the buy as per sqft is around $1300+. Any view on this project?
  7. Dear All, My name is Marcus. I would like to share my experience with MTE Garage(Bartley Biz Centre) and my journey in tuning my ride. I hope that my experience can allow any potential Volvo owners’ to evaluate the risk and adjust your expectation accordingly. There are lots of workshop and tuner that are respectable but there are those who are irresponsible as well. Likewise my experience do not necessary mean the same will happen to you. In a nutshell, my car was unsuitable for tuning and it cost a lot of problem to the extent of rendering it unusable before wearnes automotive (agent) so
  8. Yo all, got questions to ask about Bartley area. saw a condo there, its NOT Bartley Ridge or Residence. It's in Lor Ong Lye. Can walk to Bartley mrt in 7 mins or Serangoon MRT in 10-15mins. Maris Stella and PLMGS nearby Anyone can advice about this area? Peak Traffic jam? Heat? Amenities? What's the government future plan?
  9. Just saw 3 of them...but the interesting thing is they are not wearing their helmets. Anyway, be careful during this stretch in the afternoons.
  10. Hi all, Looking for parents concerning transportation of their child Maris Stella Primary from 2010 onwards, to car pool or pooling of 4 children to get a taxi to ferry them, from Bartley to Yio Chu Kang Rd. As for any friends here who are taxi driver interested, will most happy if you can help. Please send me a private message. Please pardon us parents, we are all very concerned with our children development; positive contribution are most welcome. Thank you.
  11. Did anyone see the above-mentioned around 8plus this morning? Involving 2 lady drivers both driving Hyundai Getz, one red and the other yellow..
  12. Location: Traffic light at the junction of Bartley Rd - Serangoon Ave 1, towards Braddell Rd Date: Monday 20 Oct 2008 Time: ~ 7.15 AM If you are the driver of the rear car, please PM me or leave your contact. I can be your witness.
  13. Hi all peeps, there was an accident that took place at the Upper Paya Lebar Road - Bartley Road junction about a month back (25 Oct at 5.40pm). A motorcycle travelling along Upper Paya Lebar Road proceeded straight across the junction on a green light, but a Mercedes Benz in the opposite direction turned right into Bartley Road simultaneously, without checking whether the coast was clear. The motorcyclist was flung 10m onto Bartley Road and conveyed to hospital later with a fractured leg. I've attached a picture of the aftermath of the accident. Basically, I'm hoping that if there are an
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