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Found 24 results

  1. Deciding between renewing COE for my Sylphy G11 auto and buying a new Hyundai Accent (CVT). Drive on NSH up north every few months so would like to ask how CVT compares to auto transmission for acceleration. Thanks for any help.
  2. When if comes to overtaking, we bet this Honda Civic driver is one of the most skilled drivers on our road if not the most skilled. This happened on Christmas eve at around 11:45pm along Bartley East Rd in the area of Kaki Bukit towards the CTE and we must say we are impressed with the precision of the overtake. As you can see from the clip, the matt-greenish Civic Turbo came out of nowhere and moved across from one lane to the other with not much room to spare, before proceeding to accelerate away briskly. Think you readers can do better? Let us know what you reckon in the comment box below!
  3. Discoburg

    ATF oil change

    Wonder how many people changes their ATF regularly? I do so every 40K.
  4. Mitsubishi ASX with CVT (3 months) Got this problem in the mornings when engaging the reverse gear after the car is parked overnight on a level ground. It only happens when shifting from "P" to "R" where a loud sound (like something grinding or cracking) is heard and the car reverses normally. In "D" mode everything is normal and no noise is heard. Only happens like once or twice in a month, puzzling. Anyone knows if this is a serious problem?
  5. SimplyTWL

    CVT cooler/warmer

    Previously drove a AT gearbox Toyota and i installed a ATF cooler which worked great! Current new car uses a CVT gearbox. Don't have much experience with CVT GB so hope to get some advice. Need advice if there are any CVT cooler out on the market for installation? Thanks!
  6. Dear all, I am thinking of Harrier 2014 CVT Gearbox change to harrier Turbo gearbox. I know it sounds ridiculous but with all due respect will it make any difference? If so just let's discuss here.
  7. In Singapore driving context what is your choice of auto-transmission? CVT or DCT/DSG or AT(torque converter). For those who are lucky enough to have driven all three types, what are the pluses, minuses or quirks of these transmissions when applied to driving on Singapore roads and conditions. For noob like me who only has driven AT only, it would really give a good insight. (ok...I know I can google the different types but I just like to hear opinions those who really use them on our roads) Thanks for input.
  8. Toyota has released more details on the all new Corolla destined for the European market. Not only does the car look more sophisticated than the current model, it grew in all dimensions with a measurement of 4,620mm by 1,775mm by 1,465mm (L x W x H). The car is longer than the all new Mazda 3 sedan. The Euro-spec Corolla will be available with one diesel and four petrol engines. The 1.4-litre turbo diesel develops 89bhp with a peak torque of 205Nm. Transmission option for the oil-burner include a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed Multi-Mode transmission. The entry-level gasoline engine is a 1.33-litre Dual-VVT-I which generates 98bhp and 128Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. There are two 1.6-litre engines available for the Europe market – a Dual VVT-I unit with 120bhp and 154Nm of torque as well as a Valvematic version with 130bhp and 160Nm of torque. The lower-powered 1.6-litre comes with a six-speed manual transmission or an optional Multidrive S (CVT) transmission. The range-topper is a 1.8-litre Dual VVT-I unit with 138bhp and 173Nm of torque. The engine is mated exclusively to the Multidrive S transmission. Should we be concerned about the European Corolla? Yes we should, as sources indicate that the Australian and Asean Corolla share the same version as Europe.
  9. After much anticipation, the 11th generation of the US Corolla has been unveiled. The Corolla is previewed by the Furia concept presented at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show. Judging from history, the next Corolla Altis that we will be getting will be styled very closely to the US version. Measuring 4,650mm by 1,776mm by 1,455mm (L x W x H), the new Corolla is 99mm longer, 16mm wider and 10mm lower than its predecessor. The larger dimensions also translate to more interior space as rear seat room improved by 75mm. Speaking of the car's interior, the dashboard layout is similar to the Auris hatchback, which in turn reminds me of the Toyota Taxis in the 80s due to the 'upright' design. For the US market, two 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engines are available - one producing 132bhp (Dual VVT-i) while the other churns out 140bhp (Valvematic). Various gearboxes are available depending on trim level. They include a six-speed manual, CVTi-S (continuously variable transmission intelligent-shift) and a dinosaur-age four-speed automatic. For Singapore, my hunch is that the current Altis' 1.6-litre Dual VVT-i, four-speed automatic combination will be carried over unchanged to the new Altis. Just look at what happened to the newly-introduced Vios. Within hours after the US-market Corolla is launched, Toyota released photos of the European version of the new model. It sports a different head lights, grille and tail lights. Overall, the US version looks sportier while its European counterpart projects a more luxurious outlook. 2014 European Corolla
  10. A few days after Mitsubishi showed an official photo of the new Attrage, the brochure of the new model has leaked onto the internet. As the compact sedan will be produced at Mitsubishi Motors Thailand's factory at the Laem Chabang plant, the brochure is printed in Thai. However, we can still make some sense out of it. The Attrage will be available in three trims, namely the GLX, GLS and the top-end GLS Ltd. The GLS models will be equipped with twin airbags while the GLX makes do with just a driver's airbag. The GLS Ltd variant will get a Start/Stop button, reverse camera and MP3/DVD/Bluetooth function. The buyer can choose from six different body colours. Mitsubishi claims that the attrage can achieve a fuel consumption figure of 22km/L, which is superior to its rivals, the Nissan Almera and Honda Amaze. The car is powered by a 1.2-litre three-cylinder MIVEC engine which is good for 78bhp and 100Nm of torque. Transmission options include CVT and a five-speed manual.
  11. Toyota has released the first teaser shot of the 2014 Toyota Corolla. The next generation Corolla is previewed by the Furia Concept that was displayed at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show in January. The official premiere of the Eleventh iteration Corolla is scheduled to take place on 6th June in California. Toyota wants us to
  12. RchLuvSlly

    Mitsubishi to present the G4 Concept

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Mitsubishi teased us with images of its new compact sedan. It came with four doors and it seemed to be only as big as, if not smaller than, the Chevrolet Sonic or the Renault Symbol. However, the wait is over and now, we've finally got to see what the latest compact sedan from Mitsubishi will actually look like. Planned to bow at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show, official images of the car have spread across the World Wide Web. The car is to be called the G4 Concept at the automotive exhibition in China that will take place later this April. According to the Japanese automaker where the car comes from, the Mitsubishi G4 Concept will feature high clarity diamond headlamps and front grille that are cut brilliantly. In addition to that, Mitsubishi also claims that the rear combination taillights will have a sharp impression left behind as the car heads away out of sight. Judging from the images, the exterior of the Mitsubishi G4 Concept looks sporty somehow with the sporty front bumper design, side skirts, and a sporty rear bumper. There's also a spoiler trunk lid featuring a highly mounted (seemingly LED) brake lamp. The automaker is planning to sell this model globally so we should also see one on our shores when it's finally marketed. If you're curious about what it has under its hood, well, the model will feature a MIVEC engine with a displacement capacity of 1,200cc. It will be mated to a CVT transmission and the body of the car will be equipped with RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) technology. Well, it's up to Mitsubishi to claim that the car will leave a sharp impression. Yet, from what we've seen on the images, there's just too much blue on it. The headlamps feature a blue colour and so do the front grille, front fog lamps, and even the rear combination taillights. Honestly, it looks kind of tacky.
  13. FaezClutchless

    Hyundai chooses DCTs over CVTs

    When it comes to automatic transmissions, four speed auto transmissions are fast getting replaced with more advanced auto transmissions. More automakers are introducing six, seven and even eight speed automatic transmission into their vehicles nowadays. These introductions are made mainly for fuel efficiency reasons, to get more kilometres out of their fuel consumption usage. But, there are also some automakers such as Nissan, who are moving towards the usage of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). But that is not the case for Hyundai as the Korean automaker has preferred dual clutch transmissions over continuously variable transmissions. Mike O
  14. Renault has released the photos of its face-lifted Fluence sedan for 2013. Sporting a new corporate face inspired by the Alpine A110-50 concept, the revised Fluence will make its debut at the 2012 Istanbul International Auto Show which opens to the public from now till 11th November. Among the changes, the Fluence gets new LED daytime running lights in the lower bumper above the fog lights. The boot and tail light combination seemed unchanged. Overall, the cosmetic update on the Fluence is more convincing than its Korean cousin, the Samsung SM3. "The changes featured on New Renault Fluence are perfectly in phase with the needs of our key international markets, like Turkey and Russia," says Hyun-Young Kwak, Project Marketing Manager, Renault Fluence. On the inside, the new Fluence gets Bluetooth/USB connectivity and the Renault R-Link infotainment system. A new digital instrument cluster and updated upholstery completes the interior revision. Under the hood, the 2013 Fluence gets a new 115bhp 1.6-litre 16V engine that is mated to an X-Tronic continuously variable transmission. According to Renault, this enables the new Fluence to achieve a large reduction in fuel consumption to 6.4L/100km with CO2 emissions of 149g/km. The pre-facelift model is often criticized as being underpowered. Let's hope that the new motor will address the issue. Photo Credit: worldcarfans.com
  15. FaezClutchless

    Subaru reveals the 2014 Forester

    The third generation Subaru Forester has been around for several years now and it is time for a new model. That model received numerous changes especially in terms of size. It is bigger in terms of dimensions and it looks more bulky compared to its predecessor. The new Forester now sits on a longer wheelbase and it is slightly longer, wider and taller. Although it may be bigger in dimensions but the new model still retains the overall look of the third generation model. Subaru has finally unveiled the fourth generation Forester, ahead of its debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. The new model will be available with two types of engine options. Firstly, the naturally aspirated model (second image from top) comes with a 2.5-litre four cylinder Boxer engine. This engine makes around 170bhp and 235Nm of torque. The turbocharged variant (top most image) comes fitted with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four cylinder Boxer engine which churns out around 250bhp and 350Nm of torque. The naturally aspirated model is fitted with either a six speed manual transmission or a Lineartronic CVT. The turbocharged model comes with a high-torque CVT gearbox with 6-speed and 8-speed manual modes and Hill Descent Control. Subaru
  16. [extract] Toyota has revealed the official photos of the upcoming 2013 Auris which is scheduled to debut in September
  17. [extract] Honda has released details of the production version of the ninth generation Accord in both four-door sedan and two-door coupe body styles for the US market. Looking at history, this is the version that will most likely end up in Singapore as well. The styling of the new large sedan is clearly an evolution of the current generation but Honda would like you to believe that this is the
  18. FaezClutchless

    Honda plans changes in its line up

    [extract] Honda has introduced plans which will bring changes to its vehicles. The Japanese auto company wishes to improve the fuel efficiency of its cars and the changes include the introduction of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) into its future models and also the introduction of a new
  19. FaezClutchless

    Transmission gear-adding race is coming to an end

    [extract] In the last decade or so, most cars have either a four-speed or five-speed automatic transmission fitted in them. Nowadays, many automakers are using six, seven and eight speed automatic transmission. And even a nine and ten speed auto gearbox is on its way. Some people might ask; when will this gear-adding mania come to an end? Apparently, the answer is soon; according to German transmission producer, ZF. Julio Caspari, ZF
  20. [extract] Honda is a car manufacturer that has always been toying with the idea of CVT transmission. Back in 1995, the Japanese automaker introduced the Multimatic CVT gearbox in the EK Civics. Coming back to 2012, Honda has announced the development of a new CVT transmission for midsized vehicles that claims to improve fuel economy and driving performance. The new CVT is Honda
  21. FaezClutchless


    Automotive exhibitions and shows are usually the place where auto firms showcase their new models, concepts and even technologies. It is a great platform for them to introduce such items where journalists from all over the world gather to report on their new creations. The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is one such event. Currently taking place (01/12/2011), many new cars and technologies were displayed. For example, Toyota is heavily promoting its new sports coupe model, the 86. Honda might not have any new sports model or sports concept to show to the world but one of the biggest news from them is that they have a new family of engines that goes by the name of Earth Dreams Technology or EDT for short. The name might sound a bit plain to some but for those who are familiar to the phrase
  22. FaezClutchless

    Toyota reveals the new Yaris

    [extract] The launch of the third generation Yaris opens a new chapter in the model
  23. SYF77

    Ohayou Kizashi-san!

    The 2010 Kizashi is Suzuki's first shot at the D-Segment market after enjoying many years of success in the small car market. In Japanese, "Kizashi" means "a sign of great things to come". Styling-wise, I can't help to feel that the frontal view of the car looks like an upsized SX4 sedan with a hint of VW Jetta. It should look non-offensive to most people but doesn't seem to stand out among the sea of Teanas, Camrys and Accords. The rear view of the Kizashi is more distinct than the front. I like the treatment of the twin exhaust pipes. They have a nice "D" shape and looked quite sport. The tip of the boot is tilted upwards. Its unique but gives me the impression of a chicken's bottom. What do you think ? Having said that, the boot of the Kizashi gives an overall sporty feel that is lacking in say an Accord or Camry. Not a bad job by Suzuki. Next, we come to the interior. The layout of the cockpit looks logical and a new driver will feel at home almost immediately. On the other hand, it looks rather plain but most new offerings on the market (such as the Subaru Legacy) goes for a layout that is more functional rather than inspirational. Perhaps, this is the new trend. Finally, we come to the most important aspect of an automobile - The engine and gearbox combination. The engine is basically a reworked version of the existing 2.4-liter four-cylinder 16V found in the Grand Vitara. It has aluminum head and block, twin-balancer shafts, forged pistons and an intake variable valve timing., generating 185 horsepower at 6500 rpm. Not too bad but it pales in comparison to say Volkswagen Passat's 2.0 TFSI engine, which generates 200hp at a low rpm. The engine is mated to a CVT transmission to enhance fuel efficiency. Will the Kizashi be successful in Singapore? I believe it will be an uphill task. A 2.4L engine would mean high road tax. In addition, it does not have an outstanding attribute to make it standout against the more established Japanese sedans such as the Camry and Teana. Nonetheless, it's Suzuki's first attempt at manufacturing a large sized 4 door sedan and I would say it's quite a decent job, though not outstanding.