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  1. Hi Bros, Can anyone recommend good and reliable workshop that is able to check on clutch amd gearbox for auto transmission? Will need to repair if faulty. Thanks in advance
  2. I had bought this vehicle from JDM Cars at Turf Club and also trade in my 3 year old Toyota Allion with them under the Sales person named ALAN SOO. It did not take me much consideration to make this purchase under the influence of the false claims, lies and fake claims from this ALAN SOO. At least, i would expect what was promised to me was followed up promptly and completed without my involvement or causing me inconvenience, nevertheless, i was dead wrong. This was his promise, also recollection of events that follows. 1. A three months warranty of the car of ANY defects. He said in the event of ANY problems, I just need bring the car to the MEGA AUTO SWIFT workshop at Sin Min Road 05-11, and they will honor any repairs, during the 3 months warranty period. He even promise that he will pass me the warranty letter on the day of collection of the car, but it did not happen. After weeks of ignored SMS, calls, and even went up to his office at Turf City to request for it. He reluctantly just emailed to me a copy of this so called warranty letter as in the attached, this was after the incident below happened on the 16 Dec 2011. One look at this warranty letter, i knew that it was signed and WROTE by ALAN SOO, and the contents if fill with errors and very ambigious. It had indicated that ANY wear and tear is NOT covered under this warranty. How to make a claim with this type of "warranty" contents? I asked ALAN SOO what is non-wear and tear in a car? and why Engine and Transmission is non wear and tear, he did not know how to answer. And the wear and tear clause comes about after this incident. Obviously, he is playing with words and treated me like a fool. On 16 Dec 2011 at 7am, I could not start the car, contacted AA to go to my house carpark to check, was told by the AA mechanics that it was the engine starter having a problem. Call up MEGA AUTO SWIFT workshop, the manager Ah Boon asked me to bring it down to take a look. arranged a tow truck, and towed it all the way from Jurong to Sin Min Auto Care. 05-11 Mega Swift Auto. Obviously, it had caused me inconvenience because i had to cancel all my business appointments. (Ironically, just a day before the problem, I was at the workshop to fix my bumper job, a job which the mechanics did manage to do well, after the fixing, my car could not start, as I was still at the workshop, ask Ah Boon to take a look, he checked and said the it was the battery problem. At this moment, my only thought to replace the battery asap.) Reached the workshop, the car mechanics checked and found that true enough, the Car Start has blown and needed to change. While they are working on it, Ah Boon came and immediately stop them from doing so because he said that its still not clear who is going to pay. Why did the workshop have to interfere in this anyway?I got to find out that Ah Boon is the close friend of JDM Car boss, so tat explains the inconvenience caused to me at their celebrated friendship! Immediately tried to contact JDM personel, Jason (the Boss), Chris (the Supervisor) and of cause Alan, but no one answered my calls. Finally manage to speak to Alan, he immediately told me he is not on 24 hours standby and have no obligation to answer my calls before 1030am, he said muttered that i can go ahead to complaint. anyway I told him my car problem, he said YES, it can be repaired under the warranty. I told him Ah Boon only listen to JDM. He said he will call Ah Boon and get him to proceed. Not sure what was their conversation, and to my shocking disbelief, Ah Boon said JDM said it was not cover under the warranty as it was wear and tear...this was the 1st time this word appeared from this entire commotion. I called JDM and managed to speak to Chris (the Supervisor) and he said he was at a meeting, and refuse to talk further. So I was left stranded, my car won't move without repairs, and I have a series of missed appointments, finally, after about one hour, Ah Boon told me that JDM said their will help to pay half of the bills and I have to pay half. At this moment, i was just thinking that, i need the car to go for my appointment, so I said I ONLY will agree to pay $200, but I will settle with JDM at a later stage. Why I chose to pay is because, they have left me with no choice. If I don't pay, no repairs will be done, my car will be stalled there. I was caught in a situation. Before the repair even start, Ah Boon told me that the price he check for a "BRAND NEW STARTER" was around $600 exclude labour. and suggest that I pay $300 now. I said NO way I am going to pay this extra amount, he called up Chris and after their conversation, he turn around and said that I have to pay half, and JDM will settle the rest. Then I told him, I only can pay $250 and that's it. Then Ah Boon instructed his mechanic to buy the parts and start the repairs. Sensing that they are just trying to trick me into paying extra money, I called up Chris, and Chris told me to pay only $200 and they will bear the rest. Though finally the repair was done, but it has already cause me much distress, frustrations and inconvenience and to me, the warranty was not warranted, because I have to pay for the repairs. 2. ALAN SOO also promised me a series of things that was not done, I have to followup closely and see it done one by one. a. One particular plastic bracket of my rear car seat was missing, which Alan said that it was broken, so he took it out, he will get one from "another" car to fix it back on the day of the car collection .IT DID NOT HAPPEN. When I ask him, he consistently told me that he had place the order and will "LET ME KNOW" once arrive. But I am very sure he did not do anything. After much waiting and frustration, I finally drove up to MEGA AUTO SWIFT workshop and request for it to be fix. Ah Boon told me an order need two month, and said that he will get from anther car to fix it for me, which he did. This was 15 Dec 2100. A day before my car stalled. 3. The Road Tax, Alan Soo told me that the road tax have been renewed and it will be delivered to me, but one week after collecting the car, it did not appear, I call up LTA myself and ask them to sent to me. 4. Broken Bumper Before I signed on the dotted line, I noticed that the front bumper lower portion was broken, so I told Allan to get it change before I officially collect the car. he told me NO PROBLEM, the bumper will fix BRAND NEW when I collect my car, however, on the day of collection, the bumper is still broken. Alan purportedly called up Ah Boon and after they speak. Alan told me its because Ah Boon wants to save money for his boss, so he just "TIE IT UP" to me the broken portion "NOT SO OBVIOUS", (But when I check with Ah Boon, he said it was Alan instructions to just "TIE IT UP" and make it look not so obvious) At this point, ALAN SOO said he will arrange for me to get it replace, and even fix a date on the 23 NOV 2011, and said that it will just need TWO hours to fix it. It was a working weekday, and I took a day off just waiting for this to be fix. And when I reach the workshop at 9am, to my horror, Ah Boon told me that it cannot be completed within one day, because they have to smoothen the "NEW BUMPER", (which is a secondhand set from another car) and then match the color of my car. and told me that I can only come one day later to collect, or alternatively come back another day to fix the "NEW" bumper. Again, this has cause me inconvenience and a waste of my time. If Alan Soo is attentive enough, this type of things should not happen. Anyway, it leave me with no choice but to make the arrangement to come back to MEGA AUTO SWIFT workshop to get it fix on the Saturday. However, the bumper was not fix well, it left a metal piece sticking out from the right front lamp, this is also one reason why I went to MEGA AUTO SWIFT workshop on the 15 Dec, 2011. 5. Spare Key for the Car I told Alan I need a spare key for my car, he said his BOSS lock it, and he will get it from him and pass to me when I collect my car, IT DID NOT HAPPEN. I ask him several times: - ALAN SOO Reason: a. BOSS NOT IN TOWN b. BOSS KEPT IT UNDER LOCK c. BOSS CAME BACK BUT KEY IS IN HIS CAR d. BOSS WILL FIND AND PASS TO HIM e. IT WAS LOCK IN A BOX WHICH HE HAVE NO KEYS TO OPEN. As I thought it would be very serious if i lost my ONLY Key, I went up to Turf CITY to look for him to get the key on 10 Dec 2011. I called up his BOSS Jason that I need the key now and then, this is where Alan got "NO CHOICE" but to get my car key and go to the KEY maker at Turf CITY to duplicate the key. Again, cause me much inconvenience for I have to keep asking for it, and look for him many times to listen to his BIZZARE reasons. 6. A REPAIR Checklist As Alan told me that the car has gone through a major overhaul and MEGA AUTO SWIFT workshop have replaced most of the damaged parts at an amount to almost $8k Naturally, I ask for a repair checklist to see what has been replace and what was done to the car, so that I know what has been done on my Car. Alan told me to get it from Ah Boon when I am at his workshop. But when I ask Ah Boon he consistently told me its not ready and that and he will not pass it to me, he ONLY DEAL with JDM. Nevertheless, until today, week after week, I still cannot see the checklist, the workshop manager Ah Boon, had said that he will only gather all the item list and sent if to JDM cars, I mean, until almost two months, then he start to "GATHER" the items information? then how he can bill JDM cars? How come he know its $8K? 7. Although I have spoken to Jason on Alan Soo, and Jason have got Chris to followup, but they have already caused me very much stress, inconvenience and frustrations which I really don't know who to turn to for help. 8. The mileage meter, before I collect my car was read as around 80K (nls) which Alan Soo told me that its considered LOW mileage, but when I took the car, I sense something is not right, so I make some checking and realized that after converting to KM, it was around 140K! I ask ALAN SOO this and to my expectations, he denied that he did not told me that the meter reading of 80k is actual nls. 9. I have told ALAN SOO i will take further action on this, which he said "CARRY ON". WTF is such a guy doing in sales? 10. Til date, just close to the second month, I have make repairs for this car with another better auto repair shop of around $2200 already. They had told me that diagnostics had showed that after the repairs, the car is in a healthy state now. Hopefully, it can last me for another few years without any major repairs. P.S. I sold my 3 year old Allion SJJ7xxB to JDM Cars at a mileage of 80K(backup up by service log book) When I last saw my car up for sale by JDM at the Turf City, it was up for sale at a mileage of 40K???And this was prominently displayed on the car wind screen that proudly proclaimed "LOW MILEAGE"!!! I did not believe that the car dealer TWEAK the mileage meter until i SAW it with my own eyes. Good luck to the person who bought the car.
  3. Recently my airwave got three dents on the rear door by some stupid idiot who really don't care by opening the door widely. Thru recommendation send to Lye Design and was impressed with his skills and he eliminate all the dents by using steel rod to massage back in shape. Hee.hee, it's like seeing a doctor you have to call for appointment. Lastly, am fully satisfied with his services.
  4. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Automobiles/Thai-used-car-market-heats-up-as-foreign-startups-jump-in?utm_campaign=GL_asia_daily&utm_medium=email&utm_source=NA_newsletter&utm_content=article_link&del_type=1&pub_date=20220317190000&seq_num=23&si=44594# Thai used-car market heats up as foreign startups jump in Online dealers hope to attract more consumers amid rising demand According to Deloitte, 21% of Thai consumers would like at least part of their next vehicle purchase to be done online. (Screenshot from CAR24, Carro, and Carsome webstite) APORNRATH PHOONPHONGPHIPHAT and DYLAN LOH, Nikkei staff writersMarch 17, 2022 12:20 JST BANGKOK/SINGAPORE -- Used-car sales in Thailand are set to grow again this year after a stellar 2021 due to a shortage of new cars, with online dealers such as India's Cars24 and Malaysia's Carsome entering the market to capitalize on fresh demand. On March 3, Carsome said it had partnered with PTT Oil and Retail Business -- a subsidiary of Thailand's energy conglomerate PTT -- in a move that analysts said would help the Malaysian company expand its used-car network and boost online vehicle purchases. "It is a 'blue ocean' market," said Pinyo Tanawatcharaporn, president of the Association of Used Cars, referring to an industry where there is little competition. The association is expecting Thailand's secondhand car market to grow 10-15% this year. The demand for cars has grown as commuters shy away from public transport to avoid crowds as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic's hit to the economy has weakened spending power, which has made buyers look for cheaper secondhand alternatives. Furthermore, the global chip shortage has constrained automakers' ability to produce new vehicles. Thailand's used car sales grew 7.5% to around 140 billion baht ($4.2 billion) in 2021, with further growth expected this year, according to Kasikorn Research Center. Pinyo said 1.2 million used cars were sold last year. Internet-based dealers have clocked on to Thailand's large consumer base as a means to fuel growth in Asia outside of their home markets. India's Cars24, for instance, launched its Southeast Asian foothold in the kingdom last November after its rivals -- Singapore's Carro and Malaysia's Carsome -- had already set up a Thai presence. All three startups are interested in generating car sales from their Thai digital platforms. According to Deloitte's "2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study," 21% of consumers in Thailand will prefer fully or partially virtual transactions to buy their next vehicle, while only 12% in the Philippines and Indonesia chose to do so. The report mentioned that consumers in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam show a greater willingness to transact online. Startups like Cars24 hope to shift buyers online, particularly given the acceleration of digital penetration in Southeast Asia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like its competitors Carro and Carsome, Cars24 is doing this with hefty funding from backers. Last September, Cars24, which bills itself as India's largest online portal for used vehicles with an inventory of over 10,000 cars, announced the closing of a $450 million Series F equity round, which included investors like SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings. Carro CEO Aaron Tan. The online car sales platform received investment from SoftBank Vision Fund 2 in June 2021. (Photo by Takashi Nakano) In June, Carro announced that SoftBank Group had led its $360 million Series C funding round, which included Indonesia-based fund EV Growth, among other backers. The same year, Carsome announced the closing of its $170 million Series D2 round, bringing the company's valuation to $1.3 billion and prompting the startup to claim that it was Malaysia's largest technology unicorn. "I have been in the market for many years, but I've never seen such big investments from online used car platforms in the Thai market," said Pinyo from the Association of Used Cars. "That has forced us to switch to both online and offline outlets in order to survive, as we have realized that consumers' behaviors have changed." He said some consumers were worried about the quality of used cars bought online. To assuage those fears, the association has formed a partnership with Japanese vehicle inspection specialist Goo to verify the cars. "That has made it easier for Thai used-car sellers to adjust their businesses by moving online, and some of our members have already built their own webpages to meet changing consumer demands," Pinyo said.
  5. You are in the right section, since it is about auto manufacturer... It is not uncommon for large corporation to venture into businesses that is not directly related to what they are best known for, such as Fujitsu and Hitachi have gone into agriculture business (high tech farming), or for that matter, Nokia started off as a manufacturer of toilet paper, Geely with fridge, etc. For a start, let make a guess what is this item number for, under VW's official part list? 199 398 500 A (siting right between the wiper blades and lug nuts)? Nope, it is not bumper, headlight, engine oil, key chain or stuffed toy, but something edible. And nope, not the coffee or biscuit you had while waiting for your car to be service, but something that is very much popular in western... ... ... ... First created in 1973, Volkswagen has made its own currywurst sausage ever since, and in the process turned it into a symbol of the company throughout Europe. While it’s a staple of the factory cafeterias in Wolfsburg and other European Volkswagen plants for breakfast or lunch, it’s also sold in grocery stores under the “Volkswagen Originalteil” (German for “original parts”) brand. Dealers in Germany often give five-packs of them to customers as gifts. And it’s a huge hit: last year, Volkswagen made 6.8 million currywursts – more than the number of vehicles the VW brand sold worldwide in 2017. What does the VW currywurst taste like? To an American palate accustomed to bratwursts and other sausages typically labeled “sweet” or “hot,” the currywurst walks the broad space in between. There’s a strong yellow curry flavor, but with a kick from the pepper and ginger in the spices. The actual recipe, as devised by the original Volkswagen butchers in 1973, is an official company secret known only to a few people. It’s typically served either intact or chopped into bite-size slices on a paper bowl and drenched in ketchup – preferably the curry-flavored variety also made to Volkswagen’s recipe. Since its inception, the currywurst has been made in-house by Volkswagen employees. Today, about 30 workers, most of them trained butchers, oversee the process at VW’s flagship plant in Wolfsburg. Three times a week, the plant takes in fresh pork from nearby farms and grinds choice cuts into a precise mix. “Our currywurst has a fat content of only 20 percent. Normally, it’s around 35 percent,” explains Head Butcher Franco Lo Presti, who has been making VW currywurst since 1979. After mixing in the spices and packed into casings, the sausages are dried, smoked over beechwood and steamed for 100 minutes at 176 degrees. The final product is weighed, inspected and packaged for shipping to other Volkswagen plans or retailers, with a typical output of 18,000 sausages a day. For those workers who don’t prefer meat, VW has also made a vegetarian variant since 2010. And VW also made their own ketchup...
  6. Anyone can spare a moment to lend me your Pioneer DEH-P8XXXMP or DEH-P9XXXMP's microphone? I bought my headunit w/o a microphone, so want to perform a Auto-EQ also cannot. Hopefully, a kind soul can lend me one so I can do this Auto-EQ. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I have been facing transmission problem with my 2008 Toyota Harrier 2.4A Whenever I shift the auto gear to "D", the car will take 1 to 3 mins to engage into the gear. During the wait, the car is as though it is in "Neutral" gear. I do not face any problem with the "R" gear. The "D" shift responds much better after a 20mins drive (when i reach my destination). This is very annoying as sometimes I have to wait about 3 minutes before moving off from carpark. It also poses a danger when i'm doing a 3 point turn and the car stucks in the middle of the road until the "D" gear decides to engage after 2 to 3 mins. I have checked the auto gear fluid and it is at the optimum level. Gear fluid colour is also in a clear red colour. Anyone here knows what is wrong with the auto gear? Where can I bring it for a repair and how much would it approx. cost?
  8. Hi, anyone send their car to Tomika for repair of aircon? How is the service and price at Ubi? Thanks.
  9. My PI didn't return the coe deposit and has been giving excuses to delay and delay. It is 10k and do I go to CASE? Or small claims?
  10. Hey guys, What's the cheapest range of android auto HU currently available and the approx cost of it? Thanks
  11. My friend went to Sung Beng to have his stereo fixed(pulling of cables for amp and 4 speakers with installation of 4 speakers). He was quoted $400 for the job, which seems ridiculously high. So after some negotiation, the price was dropped to $280 which imo still expensive as I have been quoted $100 for pulling cables and $40 per pair of speakers. Note that all cables and equipment were self provided. Anyway, they claim that they do a detailed job, therefore their prices are so high. Since they claim to be professionals, friend agreed to let them do it. Upon completion and to our horror, we found that they pulled the speaker cables from the amps to the headunit and connect it back to the speakers via the stock cables. Sad... $280 for a job that seems like $80 worth. Just to warn brudders who are looking for an installer.
  12. Anyone been to TAS or OAM before? Will tickets be available easily at the door? Any show merchandise available? Will it be as crowded as local IT/PC shows?
  13. Hi, recently read about this new 2nd hand car dealer. Seems to be C&C selling the trade-in cars. Prices seem okie, anyone have any experience there ?
  14. Assassin has listed with a link to a page in One Motoring for scrapping services. I now bring you the scrapyard for auto parts list! Here are the two most popular ones I got from the Starlet owners. Seng Tat Auto Parts Pte Ltd 62 Sg Kadut Dr Singapore 729571 Telephone : 6368 5657 Fax : 6365 1335 Soon Hup Auto Parts Trading Pte Ltd 11 Sg Kadut Ave Singapore 729647 Telephone : 6368 1123 Please add more if you know of any.
  15. THE MOST ANTICIPATED mega car meet is finally here at Kallang Singapore. Witness the fabulous super cars and performance machines killing your ear buds off with flame throwers and hard revving speed limiter cuts ! From humble family sedans modified into mean looking machines and raw speed demons , watch it here ! This is Auto Culture ( AC ) Underground 2019 ! https://youtu.be/BgbZB0VG7EE
  16. I have always had high regards for Vincent, he comes across as putting customers first. I believe alot of people would attest to his repo with the customers on this forum. However after charging me for "using your own parts", he bear grudges for over a year and told me off last week saying that "I CANNOT BRING MY OWN" spares parts anymore. Oh well, up for awareness. Looking for other reliable workshops now for Merc.
  17. anyone has any encounter with the above mentioned second hand car dealer?
  18. There no In-Car Entertainment system that supports Android Auto but there's system which supports Apple CarPlay. Just wondering when will Android Auto system be supported here in Singapore!
  19. I have a question. It seems the auto top-up works OK if I pass through an ERP when the card value is low. But when I tried to exit a car park gantry, the card doesn't auto top-up and I was stuck up having to swap to a standard cashcard before I can exit. Any idea why? It happened twice so far. Once was at Tanjong Pagar Centre and another at a standard HDB exit gantry. Both have those scan and go type, no need to manual insert. If anybody uses this have some idea what's going on, I would appreciate it if you tell me. Thanks.
  20. hi all wish to know how to determine a auto gearbox haf gone kaput? meaning slip gearbox? as currently driving 04 wish and my previous car are all manual one how to check and determine? is there any way that i can repair the original one? thank
  21. Hi, wondering if these people are specialised on paint repair works. Actually, I am just looking at repairing stone chip works on my front bumper. Any comments on their service and workmanship?
  22. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=scotty.../28/jLlM0K0Tr8o After watching his videos it answers most of my maintenance questions.
  23. anybody know where to install Auto Remote Engine Start device cheap and good service?
  24. Anyone here drives an auto car and shift to free gear when going down slope or cruise to a stop before reaching a traffic light? I tried doing that for one full tank and realised it actually save a fair bit of fuel. But that will also increase in ware n tear of the gears? Do u agree to such driving habit?
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