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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Bros, Can anyone recommend good and reliable workshop that is able to check on clutch amd gearbox for auto transmission? Will need to repair if faulty. Thanks in advance
  2. TL:DR – A Singaporean-registered Altis and a Trans cab travel on the fast lane of the causeway, but only the Altis gets apprehended by the Malaysian police. There are no shortcuts in life. Likewise, in recent times, there have been no shortcuts on the causeway. If you’re sick and tired of waiting in the queue, you can always try your luck on the fast lane. You might get away with it, and you might not. Just like these two vehicles in the 43-second video below. What happened? A Trans Cab followed by a red Altis cuts into the car lane from the fast lane of the causeway. The Trans cab successfully merges into the queue, whereas the Altis did not have much luck as three officers eventually surrounded it. Unspoken rule I was very curious as to how the Taxi managed to evade capture. Some of my colleagues mentioned that public transport (buses and taxis) could travel on the fast lane. I even saw some comments that supported this claim. I tried to search online for material that could further support this hypothesis, but I found myself hitting dead ends. No official document from any authoritative body states that taxis are allowed to use the fast lane. So, I’m still stuck with my question of “HOW?” Maybe the comments section can enlighten me. Online Chatter It looks like netizens are as confused as I am. What is a lucky escape? Or a ‘close one eye’ situation for taxis? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. Have you encountered trouble at carpark entries and realised that you needed to have another go with the IU scanner but the car behind is so close that you cant even reverse a tiny bit? We sure have and know how troublesome it is get the car behind to reverse so that you can re do the IU scan. Often, the driver behind refuses to bulge leaving you in an awkward position and frustrated at the driver behind you. Something like this happened on 22nd of October 2020 at Crawford Court between a Prius Trans-Cab and an unknown camera car. However, egos and tempers got the best of them and things turned out ugly. Who was in the wrong? Watch the video as posted by SG Road Vigilante and let us know in the comments below!
  4. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/moh-to-ban-key-source-of-artificial-trans-fats-in-food-like-cookies-and-pizzas-from
  5. Anyone been to Trans Studio Bandung? Seen from pic look nice and better alternative trip than genting
  6. Received Mazda's updated pricelist after the takeover by Trans Eurokars, and realised they have raised the price across the model line-up to as much as 10k! Seems like Karsono Kwee of Trans Eurokars (who also runs Porsche, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Saab and Opel) is bringing Mazda into the premium price region of the conti makes.... Hmm... looks like a far fetched dream to owning even a Mz3 now...
  7. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=4894 The Trans-Eurokars Group, owned by Mr Karsono Kwee, will take over the Mazda franchise in Singapore Trans-Eurokars will start running the Mazda franchise as early as Nov 1 or latest, by Dec 1. The Group will operate out of Mazda's current showroom at 315 Alexandra Road, next to Ikea, until October next year to fulfil a lease requirement. The showroom will then move to 23 Leng Kee Road, where the Opel showroom is located, before a dedicated Mazda facility is built, the paper added. Mr Kwee told the paper that a flagship Mazda building will be built at No. 5 Leng Kee Road. Currrently location also houses the Trans-Eurokar office and the Saab showroon. The businessman admitted that it is not easy selling Japanese cars in the current climate that is dominated by premium German brands. But Mr Kwee expressed hope that Mazda has a long-term future, what with new models coming here next year. These include the CX-5 crossover in 2012's first quarter, the Mazda5 and the CX9. The Mazda franchise has been held by the Phng family for 55 years. Troubles started when a shrinking supply of COEs and strong competition reduced it sales. Mr Kwee revealed that they aim to sell 800 to 1,000 Mazdas a year. The Group runs five other car franchises here namely Porsche, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Saab and Opel.
  8. Hi Everyone, I believe there must be some of us who had immigrated from that island. I am wondering if anyone consider emigrating there (in reverse)? Anyone like to share what would be conducive for such a consideration, preparations...? I am of the opinion that zinc-roofed timber housing would be much cheaper. Bicycles would be much cheaper. Only the boat trips to and froth is not yet cheap.
  9. got any free show onboard to please the passengers? ===================================== SE Asia Home > Breaking News > SE Asia > Story Jan 28, 2011 New Thai airline hires trans-sexual stewardesses P.C. AIR - a new airline in Thailand - has hired three transsexuals among its first batch of air hostesses, Sin Chew Daily reported. The successful candidates include Miss Tiffany Universe 2007 winner Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn, 23. They will be given a 'third sex name tag' while on duty to avoid immigration issues. Miss Tiffany Universe is the most popular beauty pageant contest for the community. It is an annual event held in Pattaya. -- THE STAR/ANN
  10. Hi All First time having an auto car, so don't know what is an over drive and what is the purpose? Can advise? Thanks
  11. as above i know how to change it....its jus a screw at the right tyre..and an opening below the air intake...but jus askin....or any mechanics here??
  12. was really fed at meeting such a lousy taxi driver from Transcab after such a long flight back to SG... never know that I would have the "honor" to meet such a driver... [shakehead] [shakehead] I have wrote a complaint letter to their GM Jasmine Tan below.... ******************************************************************************** ************ I would like to lodge a complaint against Transcab taxi driver SHD76R. The incident happen at Changi Airport Terminal 2 Taxi Pick-up stand. The complaints against the said taxi drivers are as follow: 1. When I first boarded the said taxi at around 11.37 am, the taxi driver scolded me for cutting queue and boarded his taxi. However, it is the taxi marshal at the airport that directed me to the said taxi. He has absolutely no right to scold me for boarding his taxi, if he wanted to choose his customer than in the first place, he should not have queue up at the airport to pick up arriving passenger. 2. When i arrived at my destination, i told him to park under the shelter as it is drizzling. Instead, he parked outside the shelter and asked me to alight. Not only that, he did not even bother to step out of his seat to help open up the bonnet to take out my luggage. He just seat at his car seat counting his money. When he see that I have difficulty opening up the bonnet, he step up of the taxi and seeing that I managed to open the bonnet, he just go back to his seat and close the front door. *What kind of attitude is this?* As both of my hands are full of things and not able to close the bonnet, he stared at me telling me to close the bonnet for him. This really make me angry. I would really like to ask what kind of attitude in this in treating a paid passenger in such a manner. Does he think that driving a merc cab make him very high class? Is this the kind of value that Transcab, a reputable company, teaches his employees to treat its paid customer in such a rude manner. I have never come across such an arrogant taxi driver before. I demand an explanation from Transcab on this incident and a letter of apology from your "high class" taxi driver. This incident really give me such a horrible experience taking Transcab.
  13. Is it possible and safe to convert an auto car to a manual car by buying the whole manual trans and fitting into the car? Suppose buying the manual trans of altis from thailand to fit onto spore's altis exact same model with same engine. Any complications in future?
  14. That day was out with ma fwen. Cos I dribe a stick one. Then I was like abit dulan cos left hand need to shift gear cannot touch her... Sibeh dulan... Should have gotten an auto box instead But then dribe manual the passenger can touch me instead... So I'll start... Pros for Manual: Control Fun Passenger touch you instead of you touch them Can be like Takumi Pros for Auto: Hand can Auto Roam Easy relag relag dribe Shifts faster than manual (for the better boxes out there) Yawn... Damn sian today
  15. Was drving today at abt 40km/h then wanted to use tritronic to overtake...then i rev while trying to shift to tritronic gate but misQ i shift to neutral. Bloody engine rev till pass 5000rpm. Then I slowly showed down to abt 30+km/h and when the rpm abt 2000. I engauged D again. No jerk was felt. Will this damage my transmission?
  16. it is available in the market? something similar with fumoto engine oil drain valve...
  17. This topic is sensitive to say the least. But with the introduction of the WRX 2.0 Auto, it just occurs to me that it may well spell the beginning of the end for the good old stick and the clucth pedal. With more and more auto trans offering manual over-ride as well and 6-speed auto, what does the future hold for the faithful manual trans?
  18. Anyone knows where on earth is the auto transmission dipstick in the Octy Tour engine bay ? Its not in the manual as it only shows the engine oil dipstick. How about auto-trans ? Unless don't need to check for Octy All rely on sensors .... I believe its also not in the Octy II also
  19. hi guys been driving manual car for more than six months already... time to move up! so going to try driving my dad's IS200... i only know the very basic of how to drive an auto car which is basically to step on gas when moving and step on brake at all times when u dun want the car to move... search resource folder liao but no dummy's guide to auto trans cars so can give me some tips on fine points of driving auto trans, what to take note of etc? coz heard auto transmission spoil already super ex to repair... thanks!
  20. Hi all, Would like to do flushing for my 5 year old auto trans gear box. Can recommend some reliable and honest workshops to do the flushing? Is flushing of the auto trans using the same method as engine flush? Pls advice. Thks.
  21. Hi, I read from the Hyundai Club Forum that Khang's Auto Trans (KATC) is offering Flushing with Transmission Warranty. To let everyone knows. Happy New Year and let us have a dry New Year w/o tsunami. Saishimi is fantastic but tsunami is devastating.
  22. How often does a manual transmission gearbox oil need to be changed? Is the stock oil in the gearbox mineral or synthetic? Was thinking of changing to a better grade oil for my transmission during the 10k servicing. Btw im drivin a N16 Sunny.
  23. any bros here has got the address and contact details for Khang's Auto Trans??? many thanx!
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