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Found 247 results

  1. Hi guys, My tires are due for a change soon, and so I am doing my research for pricing and tire models at tire shops. My back tires have about 1.5 - 2mm of thread left before the wear indicators and the front, maybe 2 - 2.5mm. I know the wear indicators are there for a reason - when the tire wears to a point where it is flush with the indicators, it's time to change tires. But how close before it's time to change? Completely flush? 0.5mm? After visiting 1 or 2 tire shops, I'm tired of getting all the same sales pitch on how it will be sliding around like a fish once it rains, and unsafe etc. BTW, I drive an XC90 so there is AWD...may be less slippery? Looking forward to your input. Thanks
  2. Kurty

    Changing coins to notes

    hi, i understand the banks & Singapore Mints do charge a levy for converting coins to notes. Are there any ways to do it for free? After all these are legal tender! i got around 2k of coins, it's a habit of mine.
  3. My roc is currently on halogen lights. Can I just purchase this to change the lights to LED? http://www.auto-lighting.co.uk/product-eng-5308-Interior-Car-LED-bulbs-replacement-kit-for-VOLKSWAGEN-SCIROCCO-9pcs-cool-white-6000K.html
  4. Clementi123

    Changing halogen to LED

    Hi guys, Anyone has tried changing headlight halogen type to LED? Basically I am thinking to change my halogen bulb to LED, as I wanted to have a very bright and white look on my car. I need some advice from you guys as below, Type 3825 / 5050, which type to go? Then how many LEDs in order to achieve a super bright enough look closer to HID? lol.. Thanks any bros in advanced.
  5. Just realised that the bulb in one of my headlamps n the bulb in one of my foglights is down. Anyone ever changed before can ask how much to change ah n need to pay for labor charges? At same time e plastic cover of e foglight also cracked. Can it be replaced or need to change e whole foglight?
  6. My ride is a 2006 Toyota Vios and the ride is very bumpy. My passengers have complained that this is a very bumpy ride and they feel like vomitting sometimes after meals riding in my car. I am driving a 2006 Toyota vios and the mileage is about 100k. What should I do? Change the springs and shock absorbers? I am looking for a more comfortable ride.
  7. I'm wondering if there is a way to change the language display for a parallel import Toyota harrier from Japanese to English?
  8. Hi, Usually when we change the timing belt, we will change the water pump since they involve the same labour cost. But what if the water pump is leaking when the car is almost 4 years old at 40k, do we change the timing belt because we are changing water pump? Or is my friend mech trying to earn more money?
  9. I made my trip last week to JB to change my set of tyres Michelin 195/65R15 XM2 4pcs Made in Thailand 2016 tyres at RM240 per piece. The tyre performance was really great and I got saving of atleast RM500 as compare to changing to Singapore (Saving from Tyres & Petrol). The cheapest price I could get in Singapore for this particular tyre was S$120/piece, and thus the discount is at least 50% as compared to changing tyres in JB. You guys can check it out this seller at Carousel @ https://carousell.com/p/66822027/. The service was great and I enjoyed a good Bak Kut Teh at Taman Sentosa
  10. Jiayong

    Tyre size changing.

    hi guys. My old tyres were 195/50/15 and i downgraded my rims to 14 inch. What size tyres should I use? I used the convertor and thought that 185/60/14 should be ok. But now the tyre rubs whenever i do a full lock or a sharp turn. Can someone please help me out? Cos the famous tyre shop that I bought from was so helpful when selling me the tyre but totally f*** care me and give half hearted answers when I question him about the problem. Somemore I wasnt even demanding a exchange, I mad eit clear I was just enquiring about the correct size so I can trade in mine and top up for the correct ones. But he simply just doesnt believe in after sales. I should have listened to the bros here and not got that shop.
  11. Lycanthrope

    Changing of steering wheel

    Hi guys ... Is it possible to swap a non multi function steering wheel to one with multi function type.. from this type of steering wheel : http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=735685&DL=1000 to use this type of steering wheel https://www.ebay.com/itm/232115494956?ul_noapp=true
  12. Just a quick check-in with your guys. I went to one of the shops listed on this thread today. The guy quoted me $80 to change my key to a flip key type. He said no need to cut new key, he can transfer the old key over. IS This possible ? Also, he said I needed to bring all my car keys (total I have 2 keys) and re-program all the keys at the same time. Does this make any sense ?
  13. MY current situation is abit complicated. So I just want to know if the options I'm considering is it feasible. Due to personal issue, I need to change my current car, which is quite new. Problem is I don't want to fork out too much for the new, so I'm considering a downgrade. Current drive, Honda Vezel 1.5X petrol. Less than 3 years old. Out standing loan around 30k. Market valuation is 64 to 69K. Wish to change to either New Kia K3 at 73,999 or 2nd hand MPV of similar value (E.g Wish, Sienta, Etc). Main issue is because I need to change ownership of current car, and can't change unless loan is settle. So only way is to change the car to clear current loan, and get another new loan. Is this move feasible in terms of monetary means. How much do I tend to lose from doing such move?
  14. After I updated my profile, my time settings becom screwed up. The time now reads as 11.35am SGT, when it's now 7.35pm GMT +8 (Singapore time). Can anyone advise how do I switch the time back? I tried exploring Edit Profile but there's no option for me to change. Thanks!
  15. Sunny3664

    Changing of car

    Dear all, Need some opinion on this. I just changed a car to a new one. The dealer did a full settlement on my old loan and took a new one. He also took my ic to go lta to do e transfer. A week later, which is now, I received another tax invoice from my old loan. I called GE and it told me no full settlement was received. I then called LTA and they told me no transfer was done. LTA told me that if ic was brought down, e transfer is done immediately. I called the dealer and he told me admin off, so can only get back to me on monday. Brothers, is this normal for e transaction to delay? This is my first time changing car, so I duno if this is normal. Advise?
  16. Hi Bro, Just wondering how many KM we should change our auto gearbox oil. And how much is it.?
  17. The maintenance interval for the belt change was 60kkm according to the owner's manual. The odo is showing 76kkm. Any recommendation of a workshop who can get the job done for < $200? The AD is asking > $400
  18. Bros & Sis, I am thinking of getting almost 10 yrs old GS300 and renew COE to drive another 10 yrs. Plan to fully recondition including repray, change a complete set of leather for its interior. Can bros and Sis here share your experience in changing car seat leather? can we get something close to the original in term of quality? Many thanks.
  19. ToyotaWish1131

    Any one changing new ride RIM?

    Looking for owner wishing to change their 16" P X 100 sport rim.
  20. Hi all, I'm thinking of replacing the current stock audio unit (of my Hyundai Veloster) with Alpine ICS-X8. Problem is - While the switches for the Auto A/C climate is separately located, the "DISPLAY" is integrated into the stock audio head unit :angry: I was trying to find out more, by googling, to over-come this issue but it seems that it's either not an issue or nobody seems to be talking about it. Hence, I was wondering if anyone here encounter similar issue and had overcome it (or had given up) ? Will I be losing the ability to display the Auto A/C Climate if I insist on changing into 3rd party head-unit ? PS: Hyundai Service Center's technician are equally clueless.... Sigh.
  21. Hi folks:; I did a wheel alignment after changing tyres last thursday. On thing I notice after the whole process is that when driving a straight road in order to drive straight my steering wheel need to be tilted to abit left. So is it the wheel alignment did not do properly ? So is it normal? What is the real problem
  22. Anyone can recommend me a place to change my altis cabin lighting to led bulbs? Preferably philips one as they seems more reliable. Or where can I buy my own to change if it's not too difficult?
  23. Torquey

    Changing gear shift gaiter

    intend to replace my manual gear shift gaiter. is it easy to DIY the replacement? do i have to detach the centre console? TIA.
  24. Need to change brake pads for my Altis soon. Normally go to Riverview in AMK for servicing, but am staying in Bt Batok. Don't feel like travelling all the way to AMK to change brake pads. Any workshop in the West area to recommend ? Am looking for original Toyota brake pads. Thanks in advanced.