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Found 51 results

  1. totally should read MAHATHIR want to manufact supercars instead of msia... ISTANBUL — Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has pictured the possibility of Malaysia producing "super cars" in order to further enhance the capability of the nation’s automotive industry. Dr Mahathir said Turkish supercar producer Onuk had indicated willingness to cooperate with Malaysia to produce the exotic vehicle. Dr Mahathir said he had long been aware of Turkish companies’ capability but only now he could see it first-hand. “I was aware of their capability. But there was no follow-up at the time as I was not the prime minister then, so making progress would have been difficult. “And now they are ready to collaborate... not only with that type of car (super car) but also with other cars,’’ he said . Dr Mahathir was speaking to Malaysian reporters at the end of his official visit to Turkey at the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (ISGIA) on Sunday (July 28). The Onuk Sazan and Onuk S56/G super car models areexhibited at ISGIA and Dr Mahathir took the opportunity to check them out before he left for home. On Friday, Dr Mahathir had a dialogue session with Turkish captains of industry, and offered them Malaysian expertise to produce their own national car based on the success garnered by Proton and Perodua. Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir praised Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd's (MAHB) success in managing (ISGIA) Turkey’s second largest airport — showing Malaysian companies’ capabilities as well as their ability to expand their operations abroad. He said that although MAHB operates airports in several other countries, ISGIA — which the company wholly owns — is the largest, handling 34 million passengers annually. “It’s much larger than KLIA (Kuala lumpur International Airport), and its management is something special. There are people who recognise our capability in this field and give us a lot of opportunities," said Dr Mahathir. On Friday, Dr Mahathir visited ISGIA, which was taken over entirely by MAHB in 2014, and witnessed its operations. Opened in January 2001, the airport is the second busiest in Turkey and the world’s busiest single-runway airport and terminal. Located some 45 km from Istanbul, it recorded 16.7 million passenger traffic movements as of June this year over first half of 2019, up 3.4 per cent over the same period last yeaar. In 2018, it posted 34.1 million passenger traffic movements and revenue of RM1.15 billion (S$382 million). NEW STRAITS TIMES
  2. Hi all, I seldom post a lot and am currently looking to change my ride. I'd like to seek opinions from bros and automotive aficionados here on the above mentioned 3 models of SUV. I know all 3 are rather different in terms of branding or engine power or even comfort levels, but due to my limited knowledge on the available SUVs in this price range 300k+/-, these are the 3 that I can think of. I'm torn between these 3 for my next purchase and would like to find out more the pros and cons of the above 3. Am currently driving an Audi so thinking of changing to something fresh too. Would like to seek some opinions and reviews from bros here especially those who own the above 3 makes to share a little more into it. And also to find out which would be a better buy. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to your reviews and advise, cheers!
  3. hi, i have a few questions that needed your advice. 1. what is the max age allowed to get HDB loan? 60? 65? 2. i own a 4 room HDB flat in Tampines, outstanding loan is $100k. monthly payment is about $1000. my loan amunt then was $250k. how much cash could i get back should i sold my flat at $480k? 3. i'm looking at a resales unit with 4 bedrooms selling at $690k. how much could i loan from HDB and what is my monthly repayment and years of loan be allowed from HDB? lastly, what is the best price can i fetch for my 4 rooms in Tampines st 22, high floor unblocked, corner, lift landing upgraded, 12 mins walking to Tampines MRT and Simei MRT, 10 mins driving to major PIE / ECP / TPE highway. Thank you.
  4. Bros & Sis, I am thinking of getting almost 10 yrs old GS300 and renew COE to drive another 10 yrs. Plan to fully recondition including repray, change a complete set of leather for its interior. Can bros and Sis here share your experience in changing car seat leather? can we get something close to the original in term of quality? Many thanks.
  5. Hi Am looking for a replacement car of not more than $160k. Some considerations for narrowing down my choices are: a) Reliability; b) Safety; c) Performance; d) FC; e) Comfort; f) Maintenance costs (AD) - a range would be helpful; g) Insurance premium. Have test drove the Volvo T5, Infiniti Q50 and Mazda 6 recently. All 2.0 litre petrol cars. Diesel cars not an option as my mileage not high. Just doing my due diligence before making a commitment. Hence, would greatly appreciate existing/ past owners of the above cars to share experience of their ride; and potential owners to share the x-factors that made them signed on the dotted line. Thanks a lot!
  6. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=512815&DL=2742 Is this a good buy? I have tried googling for the problems of this car (or BMW hybrids), but I am unable to find many bad reviews. So why is this depreciation so much lower than a 335? Even activhybrid 5 is cheaper than a 535.
  7. Hello everyone, can someone lead me to the car owner of SJK3158H? This is a victim of a hit and run case at Suntec car park today (27/06) at about 10.30am this morning. I left a note behind but it may have been removed by the culprit. Kindly share this message and help me reach the car owner. Thanks everybody! 👍🏻
  8. Hi all, Seeking Witness for Car accident along WEST COAST ROAD (AFTER JALAN MAS KUNING) The accident happened just outside Jalan Mas Kuning towards West Coast Road. Accident happened on 24/02/2015 08:45 I drive a small black Nissan Sunny and the other car involved is a Silver Mercedes who is now suing me for compensation of his luxury car. Due to the lack of integrity of the driver, I am now in urgent need of a witness. If you could refer to the sketch plan below, i was heading straight on the left side of the two lane road. The mercedes was on the right. The traffic light was amber, turning red. Guess the Mercedes driver could not brake in time, decided to trade sides with me instead of ramming into the lorry as shown in the second picture. Reason as to why i waited till now to seek assistance, wanted to drop the case as my car only has 9 months left. And the guys from my insurance company assured me that its a 50/50 case. Did not want to affect my Premium nor NCD. However recently just received a report stating that the other guy wants to claim against me. So wanted to see if anyone could assist me. Please, if you witnessed the accident, I am asking for your help to provide me with your testimonial. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Dear forumers, thanks for taking time to read my story. hope you can provide me with some solutions and advice on how 2 handle my debtor. what happen was a friend that i've known for 5 years approach me asking for a loan of 10k to help him with his investment. he assured me that once his loan from the bank was approved he will return me the money which he said was about 2 weeks. in addition, he showed me prove that he was also selling his HDB by showing me his post in Propertyguru, saying that he will have the money in no time. being naive, i borrow him the 10k with a IOU stating that he will return me the money as soon as his bank loan is approved. 2 weeks passed and i had yet to hear from him. so i called him up and he start giving alot of excuses saying that the renovation loan was delayed as the banker need to visit his premises to ensure that the renovation was done etc. however, i found out who the banker was through my own means and after talking to the banker. i realised that his loan has been disbursed to him! to make things worse, i contacted his property agent and ask how is his property doing. to my dismay, the property agent said the owner rejected an offer of 330k! ( his price to sell is 340k). now it has been about 4 months since i borrowed him the money but he has yet to return me a single cent. i have considered getting a debt collector to collect back the money but i understand that it is not a guaranteed procedure. the debt collectors will only go up and ask for the money the debtor until he give up.i have also approached lawyer but the fee is 4k to sue him to court. i am at my wits end as i do not know what to do. i have the IOU with his signature. after discussing with lawyers he said my case is 90% win(provided the guy dun declare bankrupt). this has been a traumatic an painful learning experience not to trust people too much.... Appreciate if some brothers give me advice? am open to any low cost methods to collect back my money! thanks in advance!!!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKI9l8YrhtI&feature=youtu.be what do you all think of this accident ah?
  11. Comparing between 1. Saab 93 SportCombi 2. Subaru Legacy GT Wagon (BP9) 3. Volvo V50 (2.4 or T5) All used cars, price comparable and OMV also in the low to mid 30s. Will use for about 4 years to scrap, so depreciation also about the same. Dont intend to mod or chip up beyond stage 1. Which of above better choice in terms of drive, servicing, reliability, workshop n parts? Like to hear from those who have experience. with the above.
  12. Just my luck to be a victim of a hit-and-run incident today. Luckily my in-car dvr captured the errant driver but not able to make out the license plate clearly. Damage is mainly the right side mirror but I have yet to check the car body for scratches. Thoughts 1) will I be in the wrong if I were to settle this privately with the errant driver? 2) will I be penalised by the insurance company for failing to report the incident? 3) do I need to make a police report (don't think the driver can counter claim me as he is clearly in the wrong as shown in video) Appreciate advice from forum bros and comments please. Will make a decision in a few days as to what course of action to take.
  13. Good morning all, 2 of my friends and I are contemplating taking on a road trip to Malacca but there are several areas of concern which we feel should be addressed first. 1. Limited driving experience: As we are only 21 this year and the most experienced of us has merely 1 year plus of experience on local roads, it would be more difficult to find a willing car rental. On top of that I believe the insurance excess could be much higher for inexperienced drivers like us? We might be able to use one of our family's car but are now looking at rental as an alternative. 2. Choice of car rental: Would it be easier for us to engage a reliable rental company in JB instead of Singapore? The costs would be cheaper too since there is no need to pay for any overseas driving surcharge. Any recommendations to give? 3. Could there be any potential problems that newbie drivers like us will encounter when driving up north? With regard to places to visit, I believe that it is not much of an issue as there are countless websites to refer to... I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback as it will contribute to our decision making - go or no go. Thank you all in advance!
  14. Today, went to Clementi for lunch and got hit and run in the open carpark. Right fender damaged, and etc. No video but luckily there was a witness who informed me of the car # and is willing to be my witness if required. I have made a police report and was told that the report will route to TP, and they will do some investigation (not sure what kind though). I am curious what should my next course of actions? 1. Go to my insurer's authorized workshop and get them to repair and directly claim against them? 2. If I choose #1, will the workshop ask me to pay first and then reimburse me when the claim is successful? 3. If the claim is unsuccessful, will my NCD be affected? Anybody with experience on this and can advise? The van with the P plate. Screencap from the witness. He emailed me.
  15. Hi MCF bros/sis, I dunno if I should be writing this, but I guess I need help and seeking best legal advice and helping my relative and her family out. A close relative of mine had a minor operation 2 weeks ago at a local hospital, "thyroid nodule", basically a lump on the neck, throat area. The operation was to remove this lump. Operation was done and patient discharged the following day... "Note, patient and family asked doctor how come no need to use a "pipe" to discharge the "bad blood" when before the operation was done, they said there would be a need to.. Doctor implied that the blood was already discharged thus no need to... And there was also no CT Scan or scan after the surgery.. Okay, fine.... Since the doctor said so... Patient do notice the surgery area was noticeably "swollen", but its normal says doctor.... For 3 days, patient experience nausea, some pain, so finally cannot tahan, visited the doc on 3rd day after operation... Doc dismissed it as normal, prescribed some medicine and told her to go back... Okay, fine, since he says so.. 2 hours after she returned home, she vomitted blood.... Sharks, I send her straight to hospital, probably broke some traffic rules along the way, but it was an emergency, had to rush her immediately to hospital A&E.... That night she went through a CT Scan, her blood pressure was extremely low, apparently bad blood is still in her body. The following day, she had to be operated...... Coz theres still blood in her wounds.. The same doctor operated on her and deemed it a success again..... Claims to be a few possibilities, 1) Sepsis infection or blood infection after operation, (auto immune) or 2) first operetion's blood was not discharged fully and flow back to body..... or 3) virus infection A day after the 2nd operation, she developed breathing difficulties and at midnight the worse has happen, she needs to be warded into ICU... She needs to get her breathing back properly... Another day passed and further scans revealed that there's now blood in her lungs and her lungs is badly infected by the blood... Likely the same 3 causes as above.... Another operation needed and pipe inserted into the wounds to discharge the blood successfully.... 2 days later, the lung specialist I call that, not sure his term, but I call him the lung specialist, finally verbally revealed to her family that its the blood which was not discharged properly during the first operation..... WTF, how can this happen in our highly rated hospital...... Shes still in ICU after almost 2 weeks, recovering slowly and she may not fully recover her lungs as its "badly" damaged..... It seems like a simple operation gone awry, but none of the doctors admit its a mistake, only that lung specialist said so only. The bills are going to hefty..... Paid already 2 times in a week besides the first operation, they could run into hundreds of thousand if not in control... Question is, how can we confirm that its the hospital mistake, coz only the lung doctor admits its due to fault from the first operation.. The doctor who did the first operation says his operation is a success which is bull-crap..... We are trying to get the surgery/operation reports from the hospital, we just made the request this evening, but the nurse in ICU says she can only let us know if we can get it tomorrow, and she sounds very unwilling, asking us why we need that for, and we need the patient's consent when apparently she's in difficulty right now.... Hospital seems to with-holding these reports...... Any reputable lawyers which I can approach or any advices from you guys here which can help...... Thanks for listening guys... It had been a distressing week for her family and myself too.... Watching a healthy girl walking into SGH for a non-threatening surgery to be stuck in ICU now and through the fault of the doctor and the hospital still have the cheek to collect monies from her family...
  16. Hi, wish to share this project that is ongoing until 20 Feb 2013. There isn't any governing bodies nor companies authorizing this, this project began with a group of ordinary people but with a heart to share. you may refer to the following link for future clarification. http://siamamulets.com/showthread.php?t=42102 I plead for your kind assistance and contribution. as for myself, I'm in charge of collecting stationery and children's clothes ranging from 4-12 years old. - for children's clothes, please have them washed before donating. if possible, please separate the stationery and clothes. Pm me know if you could help, i could collect these contribution/donation at your premise. (due to work and opc restriction, i could only collect after 7pm or during weekend) Thank you. (PS: looking for yacht rental, docking charter which will be used for wedding solemnization)
  17. Kurty

    Seeking donations

    Hi, wish to share this project that is ongoing until 20 Feb 2013. There isn't any governing bodies nor companies authorizing this, this project began with a group of ordinary people but with a heart to share. you may refer to the following link for future clarification. http://siamamulets.com/showthread.php?t=42102 I plead for your kind assistance and contribution. as for myself, I'm in charge of collecting stationery and children's clothes ranging from 4-12 years old. - for children's clothes, please have them washed before donating. if possible, please separate the stationery and clothes. Pm me know if you could help, i could collect these contribution/donation at your premise. Thank you.
  18. No relation to the STOMper nor driver but just helping to post an appeal for witness to an accident involving a silver Lancer & a red Civic on last Sat (29 Sep) along the PIE towrds Changi on their behalf. (Not sure why this was only posted on 04 Oct though ) From the photos, the damage was quite serious and they were damn lucky to survive though not sure if they had sustained any injuries... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...r_to_crash.html Posted on 04 Oct 2012 Appeal for witnesses: Reckless driver caused this car to crash STOMPer Cindy says she was a passenger on board this silver Mitsubishi Lancer when an aggressive driver in a red Honda Civic collided with them, causing her car to hit a road divider. The STOMPer wrote: "A red Honda Civic hit a silver Lancer on the PIE towards Changi near Anak Bukit flyover, after the Upper Bukit Timah exit ard 7.30am to 7.40am on Sep 29 (Saturday). "The red Honda Civic was swerving in and out of the three lanes repeatedly and aggressively hit the Lancer at the Lancer's front and left passenger side with its rear right side at a very high speed. "The lancer was travelling within the speed limit on the moderately heavy traffic expressway. "The tremendous impact from the Honda Civic caused the Lancer travelling on the centre lane to move to the extreme right lane, hit the centre divider and move back onto the expressway, causing it to be severely damaged. "By then, the red Civic had sped off. If you happened to witness this accident or saw an old four-door red Honda Civic with a loud roaring engine (with new registered car plate) with damage on its right side at any car park or parking area, please come forward to inform the traffic police. "The driver of the Civic did not even stop to provide any assistance after causing such a serious accident. "No one would wish to see a loved one getting hurt and we must stop these irresponsible drivers from repeating history, endangering lives on the road."
  19. Leijasper

    Seeking opinion

    Which is the non conti 2L & below car you guys ever come across that has the most solid interior... Comfort Soft touch plastic (Betta if wrap in leather) Sound proof Quality build switches & knobs
  20. Design company seeking car valet. This is a full time position. salary is 1.5k, 9am--6pm, 5days work week. Interested parties, pls contact Eddy at 96301340 to arrange for an interview. venue is No 5 jalan kilang.
  21. OK guys, before you all start to flame me....i did use the search button and google to find out more but dun understand tons and din really find the answer. Background. Have one of those taiwan guages, "Auto garage", installed in this old mit lancer. The GLX model. Manual. 5 plus year old. Car also have those open pod air filter. When idle the needle states, slightly below 10, din fluctuate nor jump around or even wiggle. just stays there. Steps accelerator, the needle will move towards 0 and rather responsive to the pedal. Search all over, seems that the needle should be showing 14-22, but mine is below 10. And i dunno if it is because open pod air filter is affecting it. Dare not really bring to a mechanic as i dunno if there is any problem, dun have much money to pay for repairs and rather paranoid if mechanic use fear tactics on me. Please help me with some advice as to what i can do to check if anything is wrong, or if anything is wrong at all. BTW, car drives smoothly. Thank you very much.
  22. Hi all, need to seek help from anyone who knows this indian FT by the name Hussain Sibtain , previously working in Ta Ta consultation. Run away some money from our company. He moved from his old place in Flora drive to somewhere in Woodlands. We are trying to track him down but even police can't help. Will appreciate if anyone is able to provide his address to me. Thank you...hp 83831444
  23. Hi All, seeking some advise on the jerking/ juddering problem during gear 1 move off or idle state. This has in fact cause my FC to suffer badly by about 80km. I am driving a normal honda city 4g recently done 80k servicing last say 2 months. Things that i have done: 1. Engine Oil Change 2. Engine Oil Filter 3. All Spark Plugs 4. CVTF Gear Box Oil 5. Fuel Filter(I suspected not done, not sure if this could have caused this) I have been reading plenty of items over the internet(Forums, SHC, Fit Club, Vios etc etc) as to the root causes, and visited various workshops to identify the problem. Summary of Conclusion by various workshops/ internet 1. Gear Box problem or oil required flushing, or change to a new type(E.g. Elf), or needed additives such as oil concentrate 2. Flywheel Problem(Internet) 3. Tension Bearing Problem(Internet) 4. Clean intake manifold + sensor.(Internet) 5. Undercarriage got some noise(WS, already checked but found no leakage) 6. Engine mounting(Traces of crack) 7. Fuel Injection System Timing Out The repairs bills really worries me especially with the list of other potential problems it could come with. So far i have never really done any modifications, flushing etc. Car is really in stock condition, and i would think taken care. Really worried about doing flushing, as i have heard many horrid stories of malfunctioning due to it not being done properly. I am seriously considering to do some flushing in JB due to the costs and exchange rates. Even considering to get parts for engine mounting, fuel filter tension bearing etc from them if it is genuinely real. Does these problems look like i need to redo a 80km servicing once again by a reputable workshop? Or is there a place which has such solid expertise that can really advise to resolve such problems? I have been going round and round, but not able to arrive at any concrete conclusion. The simplest way is obviously not to drive, which i believe to be out of the question due to my work scope. Any valuable 2cents is appreciated. I would believe that this forum has plenty of people with many years of experience in owning a car, and run into similar problems as me.
  25. I have imported an exhaust system from Korea. Exhaust Manifold ㆍ E/G : 2.0, 2.4 theta(θ) 엔진 ㆍ Type : 4-2-1 ㆍ Pipe size : Φ43-54-61 ㆍ All Stainless (SUS304) ㆍ Part-No : JBL1G-16059 twin Rear-section ㆍ Pipe size : Φ60.5 ㆍ Main Muffler : 280