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Found 13 results

  1. i am looking to reduce road noise from my car, i hope to drive my car for another 4 years. Am looking to sound proof the floor plan, wheel arc and 4 doors, maybe double layers. I know that cheap is no good and good is no cheap, any bros here could recommend me a reasonable priced workshop where i also could get some advices? Thank you.
  2. HI All Bros and Sis, I am in the amidst of starting up new business but sad alot of things i dun really know how to approach ... Can any give some advices to me? question 1: If i doing some trading business selling some products internationally. Any good idea what is the best way to collect the payment? Hassle-free... Which bank can give me the best offer with lowest service charges? question 2: Can i accept and bank in foreign cheques? question 3: Any credit card payment scheme for my business?? thanks thanks
  3. Planning to drive up north to somewhere near penang and ipoh. Driving a hyundai avante. Any particular servicing to be done before going? Anything to look up for? Searched forum and i read all abt routes but none abt things to do before heading up. Any advices? Will be going tgt wif malaysian friends so shdnt be a problem wif route and planning to borrow gps frm friend too. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi MCF bros/sis, I dunno if I should be writing this, but I guess I need help and seeking best legal advice and helping my relative and her family out. A close relative of mine had a minor operation 2 weeks ago at a local hospital, "thyroid nodule", basically a lump on the neck, throat area. The operation was to remove this lump. Operation was done and patient discharged the following day... "Note, patient and family asked doctor how come no need to use a "pipe" to discharge the "bad blood" when before the operation was done, they said there would be a need to.. Doctor implied that the blood was already discharged thus no need to... And there was also no CT Scan or scan after the surgery.. Okay, fine.... Since the doctor said so... Patient do notice the surgery area was noticeably "swollen", but its normal says doctor.... For 3 days, patient experience nausea, some pain, so finally cannot tahan, visited the doc on 3rd day after operation... Doc dismissed it as normal, prescribed some medicine and told her to go back... Okay, fine, since he says so.. 2 hours after she returned home, she vomitted blood.... Sharks, I send her straight to hospital, probably broke some traffic rules along the way, but it was an emergency, had to rush her immediately to hospital A&E.... That night she went through a CT Scan, her blood pressure was extremely low, apparently bad blood is still in her body. The following day, she had to be operated...... Coz theres still blood in her wounds.. The same doctor operated on her and deemed it a success again..... Claims to be a few possibilities, 1) Sepsis infection or blood infection after operation, (auto immune) or 2) first operetion's blood was not discharged fully and flow back to body..... or 3) virus infection A day after the 2nd operation, she developed breathing difficulties and at midnight the worse has happen, she needs to be warded into ICU... She needs to get her breathing back properly... Another day passed and further scans revealed that there's now blood in her lungs and her lungs is badly infected by the blood... Likely the same 3 causes as above.... Another operation needed and pipe inserted into the wounds to discharge the blood successfully.... 2 days later, the lung specialist I call that, not sure his term, but I call him the lung specialist, finally verbally revealed to her family that its the blood which was not discharged properly during the first operation..... WTF, how can this happen in our highly rated hospital...... Shes still in ICU after almost 2 weeks, recovering slowly and she may not fully recover her lungs as its "badly" damaged..... It seems like a simple operation gone awry, but none of the doctors admit its a mistake, only that lung specialist said so only. The bills are going to hefty..... Paid already 2 times in a week besides the first operation, they could run into hundreds of thousand if not in control... Question is, how can we confirm that its the hospital mistake, coz only the lung doctor admits its due to fault from the first operation.. The doctor who did the first operation says his operation is a success which is bull-crap..... We are trying to get the surgery/operation reports from the hospital, we just made the request this evening, but the nurse in ICU says she can only let us know if we can get it tomorrow, and she sounds very unwilling, asking us why we need that for, and we need the patient's consent when apparently she's in difficulty right now.... Hospital seems to with-holding these reports...... Any reputable lawyers which I can approach or any advices from you guys here which can help...... Thanks for listening guys... It had been a distressing week for her family and myself too.... Watching a healthy girl walking into SGH for a non-threatening surgery to be stuck in ICU now and through the fault of the doctor and the hospital still have the cheek to collect monies from her family...
  5. Obscurest

    Advices needed

    Hi, I need some advices on the following issue. My friend has a apartment and every quarterly paying the maintenance fees on time without fail. The ironical part is that it has been past 9mths but no one bank in the chq at all. As we know all chq will void once pass a period of time (can't rem how long). He is still paying and now is the 4th chq that is sending out soon. There is no way to check with other residents as that apartment is a small apartment and mostly on leasing which is of course same as him. He tried to call the management but the weirdest part is that the person in charge keep saying he will check but never get back to him. The management did not even try to contact him chase him for maintenance fees!!! Now what his worries is : 1) will he be sued for whatever reason? 2) can the management ask him to cough out all the maintenance fees the amount that he owe since day 1? The fact is that whatever amount that he suppose to pay is still in his account but that becomes "additional stress" trying to remember not to touch xxxx amount ? 3) can he turn around and fight that he did send the chq but if they don't wana bank in that's their problem? I only know that the creditors will chase for payments din know that he is chasing the other party to make payment. Thks
  6. Bottle

    Advices for video cam

    Hi guys, I'm looking for advice on which type of video cam is value for $$. Intend to buy it to film my wedding Heard that for cheap type the night mode is horrible. I'm noob on this area. Thanks in advance
  7. Sparcoray

    Advices needed...

    Brudders, Anyone knows if Suzuki Grand Vitara HU can fix with the iPhone/iPod connectivity cable? Recommendation for the installer too... tks in advance.
  8. Hi bros out there, have been riding for the last 5 years, and finally planning to get a 4 wheeler. I hope with ur experience and suggestion, i will be making a fast and a wiser decision. I have been scouting in the mart online for the pass few weeks, and was very tempt to get a close to 4 years old Latio Sports. Price Tag was around 40k. I worked out the maths and realise i will be paying about $460 monthly if i were to downpayment 10k. OMV was about 16k. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then there after i when to the auto mart at ubi.. saw a couple of latio sports, 2009 model, price tag around 55k. OMV 18k Worked out the maths again with 10k downpayment and 8.5 years loan, monthly approx $510. Difference of 50 bucks monthly, and can drive 3 years more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also got fren who advices me not to put any downpayment. But I was thinking if i have got 0 downpayment, monthly will be quite xiong for me. So to down or not to down?? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe these are some of the questions that are not only bugging me, but to those newbies who are interested in getting a ride in this COE insane period. Ur opinion is appreciated! Hope fellow forumer can help, and give me some guidance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I've fixed my eye on a 2nd hand car which is being sold by the owner. However, I am not really sure what should I do other than inspecting the car and negotiating the price. I believe many bros here had bought cars from owners before. Can you please shed some lights on the process? Following are some areas I can think of by now. I may have overlooked some. 1. Car loan - Heard that you can take it either from a bank or other financing house such as GE Mondy or even take some car dealer's in-house loan. Should I start talking to one of them 1st or go seal the deal with car seller 1st? How much downpayment whould the loaner ask for? I'm looking at a $45K car and looking at borrowing 40K and repay the loan in 3 yrs. Is it possible? Also not sure how the bank would process the loan. Are they going to take over the car from the owners financing house 1st and "lease" it too me? 2. Transfer of car ownership - Some website suggests that the buyer can handle it himself. Is it a easy process? How to start? 3. Insurance - when should I start looking into it? before or after seal the deal? Also heard that you can hire someone (maybe a car SE) to do all the paper work for you and also help you to secure the loan/insurance etc. It sounds ok and I do not mind paying a few hundred $ for the service. But are there Pros and Cons using the dealer's service? I assume that I will need to: 1) talk to a bank and secure the loan; 2) close the deal with the owner; 3) bring the necessary documents to bank and sign the loan contract and insure the car at the same time; 4) bring docs to LTA to transfer ownership. Thanks.
  10. Hi hi All Bros and Sis i am going to send my Toyota Corolla 1999 to check up soon, as this is my first time there, i do not know of the procedures.. anyone can give me more advices... what i worry most is the sunshade i have put on recently.. a toyota TRD Sunshade.. it is SLIGHTLY more that 150mm.. about 158mm... Will they fail me for sure.. how strict are they? What will happened is i fail? Anyone fail before? VICOM better or STA better ... which is more Negotiable???
  11. Grief

    Advices Needed

    I am new here ... have been trying to post on some forums to get as much info as I could ( a bit lazy so alot of cut & paste here) Have been looking at a few cars but can't really decide for one I am looking for a car that is fuel efficient, spacious (fit 5 adults comfortably), <1.6, reasonable pricing and reliable. Feel like getting a Manual one but others advised for Auto, *hai* which is better? Some say after using Auto you would not want to go back Manual? Should I get a a New one or 2nd Hand (say <24mths) or < 5yrs or a >10yrs car (COE car) for day to day use? One of the drivers to this car has not got her license and the other one (that's me) have never own a car but had driven on/off using other peoples' car but have ride for >5years. Therefore, overall can say not very "steady" on car (coz like newbie) but of course not dangerous or reckless (therefore considering also for 2nd Hand or should go for New as long as we could afford it??). Some models on my mind: 1) Toyota - Vios (~$65138A) or Corolla (only available is ALTIS ~$73988A which is 1.6...ALTIS good same as previous model???) 2) Honda - Jazz (~$72500A) or City (~$69500A but City look really ugly and I also notice the "metals" feel so light when I open the doors) 3) Nissan - Sunny ( (~$70000A/EX or ~$76500 A/SS) look ugly on its butt & does its rear drum brake a bad idea? but is Jap made?) 4) Mazda - 323 (~$69888A) 5) Hyundai - Matrix (~$67888A 1.6 GLS) Some suggested 1.3L Turbo charged Daihatsu YRV & Suzuki Ignis GT and Proton Wira...& personally I find Honda City's body a bit light like easy to "crush" (sorry no offence)... how fuel economy is IDSI engine compare to Toyota VVTI? Also read from some posts here that Thai made Toyota may not be a good choice or the value may drop. As I am not that familiar to drive and another driver is new, should we consider <24mths car or COE car? Will not so heart pain if anything (*touchwood*) happens. Need advices on what are their pros and cons pls. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi to all, Currently looking around for reccommendations for my dad's E200 since its due for tyres change ? Was wondering on which models to change to and the price ? All advices are greatly appreciated.
  13. Wildswan

    Seeking advices for a s40 newbie

    Hi, just bought a 1999 S40 1.8. wonder if there is any mod or enhancement to make the car faster. also looking for used original rims for S40. dont know what are the PCD (4 x ??) and offset. is there a place where i can get used rims?