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Found 103 results

  1. You are in the right section, since it is about auto manufacturer... It is not uncommon for large corporation to venture into businesses that is not directly related to what they are best known for, such as Fujitsu and Hitachi have gone into agriculture business (high tech farming), or for that matter, Nokia started off as a manufacturer of toilet paper, Geely with fridge, etc. For a start, let make a guess what is this item number for, under VW's official part list? 199 398 500 A (siting right between the wiper blades and lug nuts)? Nope, it is not bumper, headlight, engine oil, key chain or stuffed toy, but something edible. And nope, not the coffee or biscuit you had while waiting for your car to be service, but something that is very much popular in western... ... ... ... First created in 1973, Volkswagen has made its own currywurst sausage ever since, and in the process turned it into a symbol of the company throughout Europe. While it’s a staple of the factory cafeterias in Wolfsburg and other European Volkswagen plants for breakfast or lunch, it’s also sold in grocery stores under the “Volkswagen Originalteil” (German for “original parts”) brand. Dealers in Germany often give five-packs of them to customers as gifts. And it’s a huge hit: last year, Volkswagen made 6.8 million currywursts – more than the number of vehicles the VW brand sold worldwide in 2017. What does the VW currywurst taste like? To an American palate accustomed to bratwursts and other sausages typically labeled “sweet” or “hot,” the currywurst walks the broad space in between. There’s a strong yellow curry flavor, but with a kick from the pepper and ginger in the spices. The actual recipe, as devised by the original Volkswagen butchers in 1973, is an official company secret known only to a few people. It’s typically served either intact or chopped into bite-size slices on a paper bowl and drenched in ketchup – preferably the curry-flavored variety also made to Volkswagen’s recipe. Since its inception, the currywurst has been made in-house by Volkswagen employees. Today, about 30 workers, most of them trained butchers, oversee the process at VW’s flagship plant in Wolfsburg. Three times a week, the plant takes in fresh pork from nearby farms and grinds choice cuts into a precise mix. “Our currywurst has a fat content of only 20 percent. Normally, it’s around 35 percent,” explains Head Butcher Franco Lo Presti, who has been making VW currywurst since 1979. After mixing in the spices and packed into casings, the sausages are dried, smoked over beechwood and steamed for 100 minutes at 176 degrees. The final product is weighed, inspected and packaged for shipping to other Volkswagen plans or retailers, with a typical output of 18,000 sausages a day. For those workers who don’t prefer meat, VW has also made a vegetarian variant since 2010. And VW also made their own ketchup...
  2. Hi bro/sis, Company shifting to MBC (beside PSA, HP building).. So, now I'm busy looking around for nearby parking.. The cheapest I got is $203 per month for Comtech (behind MBC) and I feel that it's a RIP-OFF! Any recommendation for nearby parking? Even if park hourly is significant cheaper, I don't mind.
  3. As per topic. I'm exploring cafe business as viable business? All along, I love to work with food and always felt happy if a customer enjoys the food. It may not be a full menu. Even a cafe that serves pastry and drinks will be nice too. What are the things I need to know. How to spot a good location. Look for buy overs.
  4. ShepherdPie

    Public transport business models

    http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/publi...not-sustainable And how much of 13 millions is incurred is once-off expense even due to earlier breakdown. 1) legal fee 2) expert fee 3) repair fee ? Already we can account 2mil to fine that incurred because of the breakdown. Makes me wonder how much the CEO is paid and was the sever package Ms Saw received. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/16/...E8IG36W20120716 Singapore subway operator SMRT will be given the maximum fine of S$2 million ($1.58 million) for two major disruptions in December that affected hundreds of thousands of commuters, a regulator said on Monday. SMRT, which also operates buses and taxis, had net profit of S$120 million in its 2011 fiscal year on revenues of nearly S$1.06 billion, according to Temasek's latest annual report. ($1 = 1.2650 Singapore dollars) (Reporting by Kevin Lim; Editing by John O'Callaghan)
  5. Dear brothers and sisters 2018 is a very slow economy year for our country Any kind souls can enlighten me of any business idea to setup in Singapore I understand our market is really small Am looking just a small business to run Thanks so much for your time reading my post Cheers and all the best fellow Singaporean:)
  6. I'm looking for a software solution that allows me to store information about clients of my service business such as personal details, contact details, related documents etc. It also needs export options (pdf documents or Excel spreadsheets) and backup options. Now instead of doing an unwieldy spreadsheet (Excel) and related folders of files, I would like something that is multi-user, hosted locally and has a beginner-friendly interface. Ideally it's completely free and open-source (I realize of course that this can't include any service). To that end, I have installed SuiteCRM on a local VM to test out, but I don't have the experience to know if it's right for my business/needs or if it's too feature-full and unnecessary. Your input would be appreciated.
  7. Jman888

    Sony PC business close shop...

    Not a good horse year to begins with
  8. Helping retailer to move their business online ? i think it will create jobs in different area such as graphic design, photographer, web design, PR & marketing, and no more salesgirls and promoter in retail shops.
  9. Running my own business was a tedious affair that eventually went belly up, so was left with no choice but to return to the job market seeking employment in my mid-30s. Attended a few interviews and somehow felt the interviewers were looking down on me for having ran a company which failed. Haven't received any job offers, still on hunt for a suitable gig. I estimated that I lost around 300k purely in opportunity costs accrued from not taking up a salaried role during this entire period, which needless to say makes for sufficient dough to buy a humble HDB flat to nicely settle down already. I realised that once your resume makes mention of you having dabbled in a business venture previously or took up a self-employed vocation such as being a private hire car driver, your standing immediately takes a huge tumble in the eyes of prospective employers; you are deemed much less employable, ie expect to be basically grouped within the same category as former bankrupts and former convicts. Why do I say that? Because its true. In their narrow-minded wisdom they expect a former bankrupt to become bankrupt again, a former convict to return to a life crime, a former business owner to forever dabble in uninspiring enterprises, a private hire car driver to remain a lowly chauffeur all his life. More at Thinking of starting your own business? I failed miserably, consider yourselves warned.
  10. HI All Bros and Sis, I am in the amidst of starting up new business but sad alot of things i dun really know how to approach ... Can any give some advices to me? question 1: If i doing some trading business selling some products internationally. Any good idea what is the best way to collect the payment? Hassle-free... Which bank can give me the best offer with lowest service charges? question 2: Can i accept and bank in foreign cheques? question 3: Any credit card payment scheme for my business?? thanks thanks
  11. SINGAPORE - SMRT is in talks to sell its taxi business to private-hire operator Grab. If successful, the deal will see SMRT, the third largest cab operator, exiting the business it has been in for 27 years. The proposal is also for SMRT to have a stake in Grab - a Malaysian start-up that is seen to be a keen rival of Uber - and at least one seat on its board of directors. The Straits Times understands however, that the proposed deal has hit a bump over the jobs of SMRT Taxis' workers. SMRT, fully owned by the government's Temasek Holdings, wants the buyer to ensure all affected workers retain their jobs. But Grab it seems is not keen to take on more headcount as it has its own staff. "Because of this, the sale is nowhere close to a deal," a source familiar with the talks said. SMRT is reviewing its businesses since Temasek became it's sole owner and delisted it last November. It is understood the government investment giant wants SMRT to double up its focus on the rail business, with a view to make the MRT and LRT lines it operates far more reliable than they have been in recent years. The taxi sale, if successful, could signal SMRT's disposal of other less substantial businesses with low margins - such as buses. Its smallish footprint in the bus sector grew even smaller when it lost the Bulim and Selatar route packages to Tower Transit and SBS Transit respectively. SMRT had also wanted to start a mobility business based on autonomous road-going pods. But that too, has been shelved because of Temasek's focus to get the rail business fully back on track. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/smrt-in-talks-to-sell-taxi-business-to-grab
  12. https://www.ft.com/content/58a6be08-4560-33a9-a80e-7386fac5e807 GM in last stage talk sell Europe business to Peugeot
  13. Dear MCFers, got a question and hope you could help. My sis recently registered a business with ACRA. Let's say the name of her business is "myshop". She was given a priority to use this name "www.myshop.com" in internet. Assuming she has created a simple homepage using html and wishes to load this into internet, can someone please advise on the procedure. How much does she have to pay to host this page? Many thanks.
  14. So whose pocket/s do you think is a little fatter now?
  15. HI All, Anyone knows of the cheapest parking near MBC? There were previous threads but looking for updated ones if possible. Thanks in advance for replies.
  16. Windwaver

    Dishonest Chinese New Year business

    How many of you have encountered more dishonesty during the CNY period? Personally I was short changed 150g when I ordered 1KG worth of roasted meat from a usual source that I buy from. Guess I really have to re-consider whether to go back to the same source after this incident. I generally find businesses more dishonest over the festive season.
  17. wonder if you guys travel for for company business by own car, Do you claim mileage? and what is the rate? regards
  18. Hey folks, anyone knows what are the hourly parking rates for this place? Both weekdays and weekends. Can't find the info anywhere. Tks!! :)
  19. LifePro_Tips


    PCOM Automotive ERP Solutions – New and Used Car Dealer Software Singapore The common problems faced by conventional business owners are the time spent on tedious paper work and manual document filing processes, especially for those who are using different software or system for their accounting and daily business operation. Founded in 2002, PCOM Pte Ltd offers Industry Specific ERP Software Solutions and IT Services to help SMEs achieve higher work efficiency and productivity. The company serves over 140 companies from various Industries and employ over 30 staff in Singapore. The product is known for its PCOM Automotive ERP Solutions (previously known as ZWHEELS). This System is currently used by many leading companies in automotive industries. The modules included new and used vehicle trading software, parallel import software, motor insurance software, hire purchase software, car and machinery rental software, workshop management software, spare parts trading software, block discount software, floor stock software, hire purchase agency software and debt collection software. It believes that the best way to eliminate double work is to establish a total integrated software solution. PCOM Automotive ERP Solutions can be integrated with Mobile Tablet Applications, Web Solutions, Mobile Phone Applications, GPS System, Scheduling System, and SMS System. The company also provides other Solutions such as food catering software, retails and F&B POS software, distribution management software, project management software, job costing software, service scheduling software, pest control management software and many more. If there is additional information you would like to have regarding its products, please do not hesitate to contact PCOM Pte Ltd. The staff will be most happy to be of assistance. PCOM Pte Ltd Head Office: No 62 Ubi Road 1 #04-04 Oxley Bizhub 2 Singapore 408734 Tel: (65) 6538 9441 Fax: (65) 6538 9401 Branch Office: Blk 808 French Road #05-153 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200808 Tel: (65) 6396 6559 Fax: (65) 6396 6563 Website: www.pcompl.biz Sales Enquiry: enquiry@pcompl.biz
  20. Crazecow

    Panties Business.....

    19yr old already did it. She even provide videos..... http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=3020185 Sigh...... :(
  21. dear MCF, can anyone advise which is a good business banking account to begin with?
  22. In Singapore we complaint or quarrel over parking lot. In KL, you can get stabbed for it. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=535925549875129
  23. Hiphiphoray

    Q & A on Break Even Volume

    Arrrr.....calling all business guru. Can help see if this break even volume answer is correct bor. Gum sia many many. Q14 Q & A.pdf
  24. Little_prince

    Coolest business cards ever!

    Want to stand out from the rest of the crowd with their bog standard business cards? Then get creative. There is no reason why your card can’t be as unique and awesome as any of these. (h/t: boredpanda) 1. Cosmetic Surgeon Business Card Advertising Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria 2. Yoga Trainer Business Cards Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade 3. Cheese Grater Business Card Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil 4. Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card This card has contact information on both sides. 5. Yoga Mat Business Card This simple business card rolls up just like a yoga mat. 6. Fitness Trainer’s Tearable Business Card (Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai, United Arab Emirates) 7. Designer’s Seed Packet Business Card Designed by Jamie Wieck 8. Circumciser’s Business Card Advertising Agency: Agency: Healthy People by Grey, Istanbul, Turkey 9. Event Photographer’s Viewfinder Business Card 10. Dentist’s Cavity Business Card Designed by Michael Häne & Remo Caminada
  25. Hi all, long time no see and no chat here. Im looking for a spacewagon for the purpose of business and private use. It will driven by a staff most of the time. There are not many Japanese made options out there for preowned. There are the Honda Airwave, Toyota Fielder and Subaru Impreza Wagon. These are small engines. So i wonder how they performed when i load in cartons boxes in them. Are their rear suspension hardy? Do they have sufficient spaces for boxes. Say, 10 to 12 mid size boxes at time. Most of the time, either left empty or 1 to 2 boxes in the boot. Which do you recommend, value for money, less maintenance hassles, ease of access to parts and accessories? Kindly advise me. Thank you very much. Regards,