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Found 10 results

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwinism Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/ministry-of-food-winding-up-fails-to-pay-debt-of-200000 Ministry of Food winding up, fails to pay debt of $200,000 SINGAPORE - Home-grown restaurant chain Ministry of Food is winding up after failing to pay a debt of $200,000. We all know Charles Darwin so I'm not going to explain his theory of natural selection. Nevertheless, I created this thread because it's pretty amazing we're 1 year plus into the pandemic and there are businesses/individuals that still refuses to evolve. They continue to think the world will return to normal and rely on government aid (tax payers money) or cheap labor (maximize margin) to drive their organizations (plus complain a lot). Do you think they are worth saving?
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-30140728 Is this the end of jaunts into Malaysia?
  3. Have not visited kk for years and with my 5yrs old Sonny having high fever up and down for more than a week with 3 times gp visit, decided to drop by kk and holy s--t.. $90 already... (use to be like $65 or $70??)... And the best part, written on the receipt garmen grant is only $10.... meaning Singaporean kid is only paying $10 lesser than others?.. No wonder they say raising kid is expensive...
  4. Scb11980

    SIMI subsidy

    EC also have similar HDB rules in terms of sale How is it that EC is priced more expensive than some freehold condo in Pasir Ris so is there really a subsidy on public housing I am totally confused Large crowds turn up at Tampines Trilliant EC launch 27 Jan 2012 ChannelNewsAsia Large crowds turned up at the launch of the latest executive condominium (EC) on Friday. Property developer Sim Lian Group said it hopes Tampines Trilliant, which is located in a mature estate, will attract couples who want to live near their parents. But with prices as high as S$971,000 for a four-room unit, will home-buyers be turned away? The launch of Tampines Trilliant saw a large lunch-time crowd
  5. I'm in HK now and had to send my partner to a private hospital, HK adventist hospital, for some food allergy problem. Rashes, itch and all that. Since it's a private hospital, I thought it's gonna to cost alot. Nothing is cheap in HK anyway, right? Worse is that this hospital is situated at the Peak area, high up with all the expensive residential area where the tourist maps don't even show. That who know HK will know this area. Anyway we went there at A&E, they called it "urgent care" at 1am. I thought they will charge midnight surcharge and all the crap. Quick summary, my partner got one injection and given 3 medications. The total bill is only S$160. Everything in with consultation charge. Now I been to our SGH, TTSH before and compared to this HK hospital, they r considered expensive. I rem SGH A&E admission charge already $70 basic. Already considered as subsidy charge. U add up the med cost and GST, it will cost over 100 bucks. So what subsidy are we talking about here? The best thing is we were attended by all 100% HK nurses and doctor. No FT s--t..... Even the admission clerk is HK.
  6. I got from a recent report an official statement (TNP page 19 noon edition today) from the government that "HDB set aside new build to order (BTO) flats for first-timers and price them at a substantial subsidy relative to market value..." Note the keywords "Subsidy" & "Market value". Just for academic seek, & say a 5-room unit cost 100k to build (include all costs), & the market value ( I assume base on resale flat prices) is $500k. Say the subsidy rate of 20%, so the flat is sold at $400k to new buyer. To simplify: Selling price - cost price = $400k-$100k=$300k profit! How can this be considered subsidy? Maybe its very clear to everyone, but me call simple minded or what, my concept of subsidy is If the unit cost $100K to build, & after 20% subsidy, it was sold at 80k. Yes that I would consider subsidy. I am not suggesting that goverment start selling new flat at this rate, as it will surely cost a big burst in property bubble, but should government tell people that our flats are Subsidize? Its quite misleading in my opinion. Its sure sound better than saying they made so & so profit on every unit, but hey..... What are your views, fellow forumers? I am not an expert on property, & Its an honest question.
  7. Anyone can help? My new 3 room flat is coming to complete and I will be getting my key soon. I heard govt. say got more subsidy on PUB bill, and other bills for those staying in 3 room flat. Is it still on or is it true ? please give comment
  8. Was at HDB today for my appointment after selling my flat. Looked around and saw Punggol Spectra being offered on BTO but to apply online. They are actually building 2,3 and 4 bedrooms together as one precinct. Two bedroom flat starts from S$89,000. The 4 bedrooms start from 249K till 290K or thereabout. The prices seem to be a bit lower but the catch is that to buy a two bedroom HDB flat you have to eran less than 2k(household). So I believe very few will qualify. Be quick if you interested cos it will stop on 14th Sept. You need to "qualify" as a low income earner though. What is happening to HDB now? The prices seem unreal for a "subsidised" flat. We are supposed to be in a recession ......... notwithstanding the official spin doctor clarification from HDB that it is still affordable. Guess what I can actually qualify to apply from HDB again and get subsidised price without paying the levy cos I can "tag' my mom as the seller.
  9. The latest BTO launch in Punggol price really scary!!! 4 rooms unit sell at $268K-$327K 5 rooms unit sell at $356K-$416K At this price, i think they are very close(or even higher than) to the valuation price in area like sengkang, hougang and serangoon north. I think they are very near to their target which is to sell at market rate(no subsidy). Selling at this price which give no chance for first time owner to make any profit after 5 years if they change hand, and best part is they still insist that the levy should remain!! My sentiment tell me that they are no longer using resale flat to set a guideline, guess what, they will tell you market rate taken from selling price of DBSS project!!! When will this MBT go to hell, and pray hard he will not had any chance to head CurryPuffFactory.
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