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  1. Blackyv

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    What is the actual nett nett selling price of rs245 now?.. saw one listed in used section, just a few mths old.. very tempted...😅
  2. Blackyv

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

    Btw, Singapore have stock already? I'm looking for size 245/45/R18...
  3. Blackyv

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    i thought 6mths cannot change name?
  4. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    Hahaha... Of all person you trust a sales guy?.. Anyway, when you are OK with the deal, just commit, no point compare after signing up... You can never get the best deal as there will always have a better deal... Hehe
  5. just like i always give angpow during cny season, hari raya season period to those rubbish collector at my parent home (KL). my parent also will give separately,, seriously, 10 ringgit is nothing in malaysia now, cant buy much stuff , but it goes a long way for the whole year...rubbish cleared suisui,... some neighbor have to kbkp them to do proper job...... of cause some self centered would think and argue "they already have their pay, it's their job to do, blablabla"" . well,.. it's up to them to decide how they want to handle the situation lor...
  6. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    you can never gauge and compare it accurately this way as every driver and route and rdriving style is different.... the most accurate(as with minimal variables to minimize data corruption) if the same driver drive both models for a period of time on the same route... even for my case, im the only driver and route is quite standard everyday, use the same fuel grade, from tank to tank already can have 1km/L variation...
  7. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    yes, occasionally do the 3 buttons reboot is good too. any software will have bugs. since mazda 6 price is like 50% of F10, can safely say it drive maybe 50% of F10 lor...
  8. Blackyv

    JB Forest City

    i support lao ma... lao ma ftw..
  9. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    I'm more lucky, I don't have this problem..my wife doesn't give a hood about car,... I decide what to buy, when to buy and what color to buy and suit the family needs... She won't comment at all...
  10. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    actually mute is the same as stop it,..
  11. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    stinger and mz6 also a totally different category...
  12. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    do take note without the free servicing, TEK servicing cost is high.... some already service outside ws after the free servicing deal...
  13. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    wait for the official numbers lar... all those my se said, my freind said usually beh zhun one.. hehehe..
  14. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    Actually, I don't understand what you mean by that? Issue what passport?
  15. Blackyv

    MAZDA 6

    this is what you hope for but in reality is nobody will buy it at 100K when a new one is around 116k....