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  1. hi all... all my previous rides even till now... i have always believed in a good oil... i can imagine sludge built up in the engine and i dont want that to happen with a lousy oil used... my last 4 oil services were with OWS NA Racing... i have used before Mobile 1, Shell Helix Ultra, x-REV, spitfire, bizol, KIC oils, liquid moly,idemitsu, Castrol... etc. i have never used mineral or semi-syn oil... always fully syni & I want my car to be fed with oil from at least a company with abit of positive reputation... until lately... i read and found out about many cheap fully syn oils
  2. HI Guys, Just wanna see how you all decide on the brake pad you use on your car. Price quoted from Work shop base on Front brake pad for Toyota Vios 1) Cheap type from Malaysia, China, Vetto, Azuki, ... Around $50+ 2) Good one such as OEM,Advice Akebono from Japan ... Around $80 3) Genuine Toyota from Japan .... Around $110 Cheers
  3. Get a $88 CASTROL servicing package at DM2 soon! Selling like HotCakes! Come and enjoy the Offer before promotion end. Hello ALL great members of SGCM, We are having a great promotional servicing package for Castrol Premium Engine Oil. For those who had been to our EAST branch, we appreciated your support. Our Castrol servicing package is selling like hotcakes. We thanked all who came and benefits from the offer and our quality services. FYI, we are awarded the 'Best Servicing & Repair' Award by SgCarMart fot the Year 2013/2014 and 2015. DON'T MISS THE GREAT DEAL
  4. All bros, its the time of the year again. time for renewal of car insurance. i was shopping around online and found directasia. question is................... why directasia car insurance so cheap??? got wad ahm ahm clauses anot?
  5. Wassup car lovers! I'm currently working in the Novena area. Anyone knows of any cheap parking or season parking for this particular area? IRAS has a monthly season parking at SGD$135.00 per month. Is that cheap, considering the location? Thanks many many!
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwinism Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/ministry-of-food-winding-up-fails-to-pay-debt-of-200000 Ministry of Food winding up, fails to pay debt of $200,000 SINGAPORE - Home-grown restaurant chain Ministry of
  7. I am going to paint my house,need help which best paint service to choose. I have called up these services. Any other services you guys know please reply.
  8. Didn't expect an article on Gym to comes from ShopBack. https://www.shopback.sg/blog/cheapest-gym-singapore Cheapest Gym Memberships in Singapore (and Alternatives) for All the Fitness Aficionados It’s a new year and time to live a healthier life. That not only means eating healthier but also striving to lead an active lifestyle with proper exercise and physical activity. For most people, it can be hitting the gym regularly. For others, it may mean squeezing in a short workout in their day to day routine. Let our guide to the cheapest gyms help you do this. Don’t worry if hitting tha
  9. Hi all Would like seek advice on where can i park cheaply for one whole day near Suntec?
  10. Hi guys, any advise on the above? the nearby serviced apartment is full this mth :(
  11. Hi guys! Looking for a pioneer headunit model for my lancer glx which i bought a 2-din case oversea, any recommendation for the following simple requirements : 1) CD player 2) FM Radio 3) Thumb drive 4) if can have rear camera (not a must to have) lastly if can get 2nd hand i also wont mind, thanks all ! I can go JB or msia to buy also if recommended ! Gong Xi Fa Cai !
  12. Hey guys, We all agree and concluded that Cars and running cost of Cars in Sg is expensive. So what's cheap and a good deal in Sg that we can do? I am sure there are some goodies in Singapore that we are cheaper than other countries right.. Instead of keep thinking of negative things can we enjoy the goodness or those "good deals" in sg. Property, liquor and cigs is also expensive.. So perhaps like TVs or Gadget is "good deals"?
  13. Now that mx******* is out of stock and maya*** does not seemed to reply to any of my emails and sms. Any other place to get cheap AMSOIL EO? I am looking for 4 liters of ASL 5w30.
  14. Anyone into escooter ? This is a video of two of my Fastwheel F0 escooter. Sometimes I would rather not drive, but to escooter to destinations if it's not too far from home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVjY3tmYqnc
  15. I think our politician here would not have considered such a cheap car (it is cheaper than a cat D COE!) for even for their servant... Even if that happen, the dealer might be praying hard that the buyer would not come back to sue him under lemon law... David Cameron buys used Nissan Micra for wife Samantha – in blue Car dealer Iain Harris says he thought ‘I’ve just sold a car to the prime minister’ after he bought secondhand car for £1,495. When car dealership boss Iain Harris got the call from David Cameron’s security team that the prime minister was about to call in to buy a u
  16. Sorry if this has been asked before and answered - but I did a search and could not find... Can anyone help to share info about cheap or free whole day parking near Singapore Expo - I need to attend a 2 day seminar, and need to drive and park near there. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi All, accidently scratch my car, now need to respray portion of it might have some knocking to do. Also thinking to touch part other area that have some minor scratches. Any cheap / reasonable workshop to recommend?? Preferbably do not take more than 1 days. I can send in the morning and collect it back in the evening. Can post here or email to me at [email protected] Preferbably with contact number and address. I will go down on thursday 22nd feb for a quote. Need to get it done fast.
  18. Hi bros, any cheap mobile polisher to recommend? Thanks in advance.
  19. Singapore is fast becoming more and more expensive to live in, and it's not so easy to get a decent meal for <$5. So let's help one another find good meal for less. It should be tasty most importantly, filling and hopefully include a drink.. I just had lunch with a bro, and we can get the ball rolling: At Lengkok Bahru, there is a coffee shop with a quaint ambience, and there under a big tree, you can find a place to eat that fulfils all three. Plus it's near to the service centres at Leng Kee: https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/wholesome-comforting-fishball-
  20. I do my own washing of my car every other week. Looking for cheap and good car wash shampoo that comes in economical volume. I don't need fanciful additives or wash and wax (do they work anyway?) Best if can order online with free delivery.
  21. Hello bruders, Anyone know where can I buy rolls of LED strips for a cheaper price in SG (not taobao or ship from oversea) ? I know sim lim tower got dozens of shops selling and also some light shop along Jalan Besar and Balestier, but have anyone done any homework where is cheapest? Need it for my home cove lighting. thanks!
  22. Where to buy cheap and good engine oil? Any Brand or Place to recommend?
  23. Cheap green laser pointers may be emitting infrared laser which is dangerous as it is invisible. You may be staring at the invisible infrared laser till your eyes are damaged without you noticing it. This is especially so when the mechanism of the green laser pointer is damaged and emits only invisible infrared laser only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR1Ku5dnbH8
  24. Just purchased a box of walkie talkies ( 4 in a box ) for $50+ and I did a little short range test just to find out the sound quality and having a little fun. Great to have on a convoy trip with your friends , or when visiting theme parks or zoo etc.. where everyone can roam around freely and then call each other for a meal or drink together. Well, at least without incurring overseas charges. For about $12 to $13 per piece.. the price is unbeatable. Not selling nor am I a vendor. So please do not PM or ask me where to buy. Online do your homework. https://youtu.be/UaJwRp-45P4
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