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Found 148 results

  1. Rustycar

    Any Ssangyong Owners around?

    I know it's like searching for a needle in a haystack but it's worth trying.
  2. Hi, Anyone knows the season parking rate around Bugis Junction, preferably those outside CBD like Raffles Hospital, ParkView Square, The Gateway.. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Have not been to Jakarta for quite sometimes. Most of the time, it was friends that bring me around. This time round wanted to DIY and don't want to disturb them. So where is the best area to stay (since I'm not driving)? in term of : 1. Ease of access to Shopping area . (Not too far between city center and airport). Heard there is a 7Floor slide in a Hotel or Shopping centre. 2. Night Market . (For street food) 3. Places of interest. (Intend to go Bogor to visit Taman Safari) . 4. Bandung (Wanted to give someone a surprise visit) . Thank you very much for your advice. Regards,
  4. Fcw75

    Penis size around the world

    Taken from swiftclubsg. Anyone from Congo? Pity those from Korea.
  5. any? best if walking distance from the Aeon bukit indah shopping center.
  6. Coltplussport

    Strange smell around sengkang

    Hi, anyone living near sengkang can smell a very pungent smell in the air? Anyone know why?
  7. I had really bad experience with Aibi. Their nearly non-existent customer-service really gives me headache in time of troubles. Last year, I waited for 3 months to get the motherboard replaced. Now, after 2 years of usage with proper maintenance, the machine is starting to give problem again. That's why I am thinking of buying a new one. Any bro here knows any other vendors in Singapore that sell treadmills? Last time, I know there was 'proweider' shop @ orchard. Now they closed shop liao. Thanks
  8. What actually causes this. Some say, weather and to much digging. I'm doubt so.... SinkHoles photos
  9. Hi all. Was driving a mercs c180 along amk ave 10 towards amk ave 5. At the junction of amk Ave 3 a car turning right hit me. Now I'm at the hospital with ringing to my right ear as airbag was deployed. Was very sure light was green for me. The driver in turn accused me that I beat the red light. Hoping bros that who was there at the point of time could help. Anything I could do? I do not have car cam in my car.
  10. been noticing a TP officer riding a scooter around yishun even on weekends. jus yesterday at 1pm opposite yishun north npc, TP set up roadblock with 1 TP volvo, 1 TP bike n 1 TP scooter. found out tat 11+am yesterday, roadblock was also set up near the Yishun ITE area. when driving at 5.30pm saw the TP volvo, bike n scooter on the move probably setting up another roadblock. with alot construction going on in yishun, wonder if the operations is aimed at heavy vehicles or modded cars?
  11. the chinese whack baby formula like no tomorrow around the world supermarkets around the world particularly HK has to ration the purchase of baby formula ... in this instance ... UK (so far?) i'm very surprised why the chinese did not whack baby formula in singapore supermarkets huh ... how come? isn't it cheaper and faster to buy in spore and send to china? http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/baby-form...-095636365.html
  12. My mids went kaput after 5 years. Wanna get the same one back. Does it still exist?
  13. Where is the most economical around the above region?
  14. Fantastic drive by RS driver!! check it out
  15. Help, mine is dying and need to change soon.
  16. Hi all, Anyone has a reliable workshop for Suzuki to recommend, preferably one around Alexandra food village. Thanks in advance
  17. Blackwind

    How to get around in Chiang Rai

    hi guys i will be going to thailand in september for a week with my friend. What is the cheapest way to get there? and what is the cheapest way to go around chiang rai? and any other tips for a first timer going to chiang rai e.g. language, food, culture, risks etc Thanks!
  18. Hi all, need your opinion on this. Should I report this to the authority? Who should I report it to? I
  19. SINGAPORE: Three people were injured in an accident involving a truck and two cars on Sunday evening at Farrer Road near Blk 64. Traffic was almost brought to a standstill for about two hours on Farrer Road toward Holland Road. This after an overturned mover's truck blocked three out of the four lanes. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call about the accident at 5pm. The SCDF despatched a fire engine, one red rhino, two ambulances and two other support vehicles. Three men were injured including the truck driver - a male Chinese national in his 30s, his passenger who is a Singaporean man in his 20s and a pedestrian in his 40s. It is believed that the pedestrian was hit by a car while trying to help the other two men. SCDF said the trio suffered abrasions and cuts on their limbs. They were sent to Alexandra Hospital in a conscious state. Credits go to CNA For more photos please visit Facebook CNA http://www.facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia/photos
  20. Since we doing such surveys, as above! As mentioned, i spend little. Bloody car eats more than me... I carry at most $30 in wallet. You?
  21. Make a guess.... Do you know why its a crappy car and no real men should every buy it.
  22. Chinese man claims he found condom in infant formula The milk powder that was apparently affected is produced by American pharmaceuticals giant Abbott Laboratories. Wed, Mar 21, 2012 China Daily/Asia News Network A Hangzhou man got a rude shock while feeding his 14-month-old daughter recently. Mr Li Jiaming, 28, says he found half a condom in his daughter's formula, a brand of milk powder produced by American pharmaceuticals giant Abbott Laboratories. 'I was shocked when I discovered a condom in the baby's milk powder,' said Mr Li. 'I stopped feeding her the milk powder and got her some rice porridge instead.' A representative of Abbott Laboratories visited Mr Li's home last week. However, a spokesman denied 'the possibility of this item entering the product during the manufacturing process', due to Abbott's 'very stringent manufacturing methods and controls in place to prevent foreign material from entering the formulas'. Mr Li sent a sample of the milk powder - Abbott's Grain Plus 3 formula - to a commercial bureau to be tested. The results are expected on Friday. He also took his daughter to a hospital for blood tests after observing some erythema on her face, but said he doubted that it was caused by the milk powder.
  23. Man pays 'sinseh' $12k, ends up losing both kidneys Wednesday, Mar 07, 2012 The Star/Asia News Network KUALA LUMPUR - A factory operator lost both his kidneys after seeking treatment from a so-called sinseh, who used at least 60 needles to poke his head and abdomen "to flush toxins out of his body". Besides getting an infection after just two sessions, Wong Kim Min, 47, said his abdomen was also bloated for some time. Wong, who has been suffering from kidney problems for the past 10 years, said he consulted the sinseh, known as Dr Lau, on July 5 last year. The sinseh, in his late 20s, was introduced to him by a friend. "He claimed that he could treat me as my problem was just a minor medical condition," Wong said, adding that he was asked to pay RM30,000. As part of the treatment, the sinseh used needles to poke Wong's head and abdomen without giving any anaesthetic. "After the first session, I suffered severe pain and started developing high fever. My abdomen was also swollen," he said. "I called Dr Lau but he advised me not to seek treatment at any hospital as I would be given antibiotics which would worsen my condition," he told a press conference organised by MCA Public Services and Complaints Depart-ment head Datuk Seri Michael Chong here yesterday. Wong said three days later, he went back for a second treatment session whereby syringes were used on him again. "My situation worsened after that. I could no longer urinate, so I decided to seek treatment four days later at Ampang Hospital where I was told that blood clots had blocked my urinary tract." Wong said he was transferred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital the next day but his condition was so bad that the doctors had to remove both kidneys to save his life. He was discharged 38 days later. Wong said he now has to undergo dialysis every two days. "I cannot urinate because I do not have a kidney and I am only allowed to drink 300ml of water a day," he said, adding that he also suffers from sleeplessness and dizziness. Wong's lawyer Tan Kim Soon said a police report had been lodged against the practitioner on Jan 31. "He was then arrested and remanded. However, in a letter dated Feb 10, my client was told by the police that no further action could be taken against the sinseh due to lack of evidence," he said. He said he would write a letter on behalf of Wong to ask the police to review the case.
  24. Hi Folks : As above recently very busy . Don't want to go Petrol Kiosk. So is there any good car wash around these two area.
  25. Watching out for this black honda mpv. I know these forummers like to say NPNT but up to you. Jam brake in the middle of 3 clear lanes driving at 60 WITHOUT brakelights, was in too much of a rush to try note his number plate. Malay chap, chubby around late 20s. Just be more careful when driving behind black honda mpvs in this area. Cheers