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Found 165 results

  1. Anyone of you familiar with car roof racks? I've only heard of Thule. I'm thinking of getting a roof rack system to carry a bike. Any suggestions will be welcomed, especially more competitively priced than Thule..... Thanks.
  2. Was wondering if anyone know where to get these. I saw a few threads but all of them damn old already...2006. I wanna try DIY, anyone knows the rough cost to buy? Or any other similar sound proofing material also can. Thanks in advance! =)
  3. I had really bad experience with Aibi. Their nearly non-existent customer-service really gives me headache in time of troubles. Last year, I waited for 3 months to get the motherboard replaced. Now, after 2 years of usage with proper maintenance, the machine is starting to give problem again. That's why I am thinking of buying a new one. Any bro here knows any other vendors in Singapore that sell treadmills? Last time, I know there was 'proweider' shop @ orchard. Now they closed shop liao. Thanks
  4. Really pissed just now. One family walking to their car beside mine, I was sitting in my car.. I cannot imagine they jus allow their 2 kids open the door and get in their car without telling them to be careful with opening.. This what happen.. They really hit my car.. Damn a-----e.. I have to tell them to teach their kids.. a-----e!!
  5. Can anyone think or funny names for these brands ? BMW Bring Me Worries AUDI ?? Benz ?? Fiat ?? OPEL ?? GM Got Money ? Toyota ?? Honda ?? Mazda ?? Ford ??
  6. If got another vehicle block you and you cannot come out from the parking lot, how ar.. Keep sounding horn also no use. Driver never appear. How?
  7. http://business.asiaone.com/news/my-house-jb-belongs-other-people SINGAPORE - Mr Mohammed Dawood Mohamed Jamaludin did not think twice when he was offered an opportunity to buy a house on freehold land which costs just RM208,000 ($81,890) in Taman Bukit Kempas, Johor Bahru. After receiving a windfall from the sale of his 3-room flat in Boon Lay in 1994, he agreed to buy the JB house and was ushered to meet a member of the staff from MBF bank to arrange a loan. As the house was designated a "Bumi Lot," the staff advised him to use the name of an unknown Malaysia woman, Ms Noraulhuda Zainal, as the buyer to ensure he gets a loan. "I paid a deposit of RM20,000 and agreed to pay RM1,800 in monthly installments afterwards. "The bank staff said, after five years, the name of the owner would be changed to mine," said Mr Dawood, 68, a father of two and grandfather of two, recalling the buying process in 1994. He worked as a cleaner and lived in the house for five years. He spent $30,000 in renovations for the two-storey house with four rooms. "Every weekend, I will come back to Kempas with my wife and sometimes my kids. I loved the house as it had a garden where I could grow various plants. "I paid the RM1,800 installments every month, but had a few difficulties paying for a few months, said Mr Dawood. He claimed to have paid more than RM160,000 in deposit and monthly installments over five years. But the joy of living in his own home changed when Ms Noraulhuda kept pressuring him to vacate the home as "someone wanted to rent" and the rental income can be used to lighten the burden of paying the monthly installments. "I remembered agreeing as it would make it easier for me to meet the monthly installments," he added when Berita Harian met him in his Jurong West home. After a few months, Mr Dawood had a big shock as Ms Noraulhuda, without consulting him, told him that the house had been sold. "Two weeks later, I visited my home in JB but found that I couldn't even enter as the padlocks had been changed." "Then, someone came out of the house and told me to go, saying that I have nothing more to do with this house," said Mr Dawood, recalling the incident in 2001. Unhappy with this treatment, he tried to contact Ms Noraulhuda but failed. He also tried to meet the bank staff that had processed his loan application, but the bank itself was closed. After realising that he had been cheated, Mr Dawood tried to engage several lawyers to settle his matter but it was all in vain. Then, the house was sold by the bank as the new owners of the house failed to pay their monthly installments. Again, the house changed hands, making the situation even more complicated. "I have engaged five different lawyers but all of them said there was nothing they can do. Some asked for payment without doing anything for my case. When I called them, they said they were overseas or were in a meeting. "One lawyer only met me for five minutes in a coffeeshop," said Mr Dawood, who paid $18,000 to the five lawyers. He has made four police reports in Johor Bahru, but the police advised him to take legal action against Ms Noraulhuda through his own lawyers. Three weeks ago, a lawyer told him he can own the house again, providing he pays RM400,000. "This matter caused a huge headache. The previous case was not even settled, but now the lawyer told me to buy back my own house?" said Mr Dawood, irritated that he once decided to use another person's name to buy the house. "I've realised my own mistake. If they can swap it with a 'non-Bumi' lot with the price of RM300,000 maybe I will buy as I really like the house." 'Nothing much he can do': Lawyer There isn't much Mr Mohamed Dawood Mohamed Jamaludin can do to claim ownership to the semi-detached house in Taman Bukit Kempas that was bought under a Malaysian woman's name nearly 20 years ago. The fundamental problem lies in the fact that the house sits on a designated bumiputera lot. This means the house can only be bought by or transferred to a Malaysian who is of ethnic Malay origin. To complicate matters, the RM208,000 (S$81,567) house was bought under a personal agreement, and the property has changed hands three times. Mr Pusphalatha Naidu, from solicitors and lawyers Puspha Naidu in JB, confirmed this when Berita Harian approached him to comment on Mr Dawood's chances of regaining ownership of the home which he bought using a Malaysian woman's name in 1994. The housing loan amounting to RM194,000 was under the name of a woman, Ms Noraulhuda Zainal, but the monthly installments of RM1,800 were paid by Mr Dawood. Mr Dawood stopped paying the monthly installments after five years as the house was sold to someone else by that time. "He doesn't have a straightforward case as the 'Bumi lot' house was bought under the name of a Malaysian woman. This is the pursuant's fault. "No lawyer will take up the case as the ownership of the house is difficult to prove. The other problem is the fact that the house is a designated 'Bumi lot' and cannot be bought or transferred to a foreigner. "We also found that the house changed hands several times, and that the bank auctioned the house as the second owner could not meet the monthly installments. "It has been bought by someone else. The case will get more complicated every day, if he wants to pursue," added Mr Puspha Naidu, one of the five lawyers Mr Dawood engaged for his case. According to Mr Puspha, all the lawyers, including himself, cannot help as the Malaysian property laws clearly state that foreigners cannot own houses that are designated for bumiputeras. According to The Straits Times report on Sept 25, 2013, the bumiputeras, mostly ethnic Malays and indigenous tribes of Sabah and Sarawak, form almost 68 per cent of the population. "This is complicated even more by the new regulations recently passed by the Malaysian government that foreigners can only buy houses costing RM500,000 and upwards. "This is the current law. If the house owners want to sell the house to a foreigner with the price of RM500,000, would Mr Dawood be willing to buy the house?" asked Mr Puspha, while stating that this case could be a lesson for foreigners when buying property in Malaysia. According to Mr Puspha, Mr Dawood has tried to claim the RM165,000 he allegedly paid to MBF bank as monthly installments and deposits for the house.
  8. Predictions= Reduced OMV, No more COE, no need to mod fuel tank to pump JB petrol cos petrol tax will be abolished and no more JB jams but pay $1 per KM. Car ownership cost will be reduced but usage will be charged according to the time of the day. No more red plates, classic cars cos everybody will pay as you drive. If accident can use GPS evidence so no need to quarrel & scratch each other cars. No more car thefts as stolen cars will be tracked. No more trips to geylang in car unless parked next to tau huey stall . What else?
  9. Dear Bros, i have a problem recently. I cannot shift my gear from P to other mode. May i know what is wrong with the car? I drive a honda civic auto. Car abt a year old. Whenever i switch on engine, pull down handbrake, i cannot shift the gear from P to D. In the end, stuck in the car, cannot move. Need to try many many times and pray hard that it will engage. It become a headache esp in shopping malls when ppl waiting for my car to move off from the lot, i take 5 to 10 mins to move off, very inconvenient and pai sei. Any bro can en light me on this issue? Tmr gg to Kah Motor to rectify this problem. Thanks!
  10. Today after work on my way to fetch my wife, somewhere along PIE towards tuas just after BKE exit i heard a 'pop' sound and the car wobbled a bit..... then it's ok again. So i fetched her, using PIE / Clementi Ave 6 / AYE / Keppel Rd / ECP / Rochor Rd / Victoria St / Lanvender St and parked, then makan dinner / visit a fren.... 2.5 hours later I drove home but found the car couldnt go straight.... by the time i reached home 25mins later, the passenger side front tyre was flat, only left 45Nm of air pressure instead of the usual 230Nm.... So I drove to my usual late-opening tyre shop at Balestier Rd to patch it. For the past 20 years++, this is the shop which 'saved' me from getting stuck with a flat tyre many times. $10 per fix, maybe $12 after 10pm.... Any bro knows of other late night tyre shop in case we have an emergency and need to fix tyre after 7pm?
  11. There were four groups that passed by me, could have been more but decided to catch up and follow one- and a small incident to remember at 110 km/h 9 Sep13
  12. Buying a high-end 2nd hand car and thinking about whether to buy 3rd party warranty. One of them is cybercar warranty. http://www.cyberwarranty.com.sg/about-us Seems not very known. Has anyone any experience with them? Any other 3rd party warranty to recommend?
  13. My car just turned 3 years this month. Not sure if i should continue with C&C or try other workshop for servicing. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  14. Another other site to check on property listings other than that shi.tty agents site? I came across stprop and iproperty on google.
  15. Wonder why it was cancelled? Any bros looking forward to this biathlon but now has to be disappointed? From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1245793/1/.html Singapore Biathlon cancelled as organisers focus on other commitments By Leong Wai Kit | Posted: 03 January 2013 1815 hrs SINGAPORE: The annual Singapore Biathlon has been cancelled - for the time being. The race, which attracted about 2,000 competitors a year, had been around for 12 years and was usually held in the first quarter of the year. Competitors have to swim 1.5 kilometres in the sea and run 10 kilometres. The event was organised by SAFRA and the Republic of Singapore Navy. SAFRA said in response to queries from MediaCorp on Thursday that it will review plans on the event in future. For now, it will focus on its membership initiatives, as part of NS45 to recognise the contributions of NSmen. As for the navy, it has pulled out as an organiser due to increased operational commitments. For many endurance-sports enthusiasts, the Singapore Biathlon sets the pace of their race year as it is usually the first race of the year. One of Singapore's oldest endurance sportsmen, Chan Chan Seng, is disappointed with the decision. Mr Chan, who's 72, had been competing since his 50s. "I'm very sad because I've been doing this for the past 10 years, since they started until last year. Actually, sometimes, it's a meeting place for old friends - so many healthy strong men, from young to old, women, kids, also. It's sort of a family gathering for everyone, actually," he said. - CNA/de
  16. I got this craving for Penang food and I found this link. small bowl $4.50, big bowl $5.50. http://singaporeactually.com/tag/penang-laksa/ Anyone had tried this outlet before? Are there better places than this?
  17. Headlines: Apple's Tim Cook apologizes, tells users to download other map apps http://www.latimes.com/business/technology...ewed+Stories%29
  18. Anyone can advice, if I travel with four friends non smokers. And back to Singapore, can we bring in a packet of cigarette into Singapore. It's just like buying Duty free liquor. 4 non drinkers and but they can buy liquor behalf of me. Anyone got the actual answer?
  19. Neighbour car's battery went flat. Help him to jump start with my new car. Does it damage my car in anyway? I.e.... the high rev made? Your experience & views please.
  20. hiii my car at 1500rpm, funny crank sound or half clutch(auto gear box), i suspect something happened during the atf change, just change and run in 10k, current 150km, this workshop quite a dissapointment when comes to servicing those real problems.. i just encountered this one..i am first owner, so wanna see how first owners ride thru the 7 years, maybe then i do another car purchase.....i do the 2000 rpm, and onwards all super smooth, cvvt, etc.low rpm at 1500rpm also very smooth, except this 1500 mark...issit i never give enuf petrol to the metal head..? also need a super experience mechanice ear to pin point the exact prob.. i believe and know they can tell...cos ... u know u know...no need guess one...its mechanical.
  21. What's singapore's standard after you smoke another car to tell them they lost and you win? I mean say I smoke a forte from a stop light and after showing him I won how do I signal that? I came from the states and over there we switch on the hazard lights to tell them they lost and the race is off.... In Singapore what is the SOP?
  22. Our resident doc bro lala81, comments? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_815761.html Doctors leave public sector for reasons other than money Published on Jun 28, 2012 DR GERARD Chee's most obvious conclusion from the report ('Private versus public hospitals: More than twice as costly'; last Friday) was 'how poorly paid public hospital doctors are', as reflected in the lower cost of public health care ('Bill comparisons may not reflect true cost differences'; Tuesday). This seems inappropriate. To put things into perspective:
  23. Hi , any fiat driver beside sending to agent........ which workshop do u send for servicing . also buying of Fiat spare like oil filter , air filter etc....... thanks.
  24. I need to get a rear wiper for my wife's March. Where is a good place to get one?
  25. My fren was late for his basket ball game.... he ran all the way to the HDB estate basket ball court, tried to dash thru the opening in the fence which surrounds the court..... his is tall, while he half-ran-half-jumped thru the opening/gate, his forehead hit the metal bar across the top of the gate....!!! OMG, he felt something wet up there, used his hand to touch..... all blood... it flowed down his forehead and soon covered his eyes...... by the time he took out his smart phone and tried to call for help, the touch screen was 80% covered with his blood.... he tried frantically to touch-dia for help, but due to the presence of blood, the phone failed to respond... he panic and felt the pains getting strong.... looked around and saw a mother with two kids nearby.... so he ran to her and asked her to call the ambulance with her phone while wondering why she didnt come to his help and instead he had to run to her?? she asked "call what number?"" (he's ok and had few stitches and went home the next day from hospital) 'moral' of the story: 1. maybe have a button phone and not one with touch-screen 2. always tell the 'helper' the ambulance number coz she/he may not know 3. dont run too fast thru gate of basket ball court To HDB: please wrap overhead metal bar with rubber covers