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  1. Cklasse

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    This Serena was launched in late Sep but it was already selling (you can believe the sales guys this time) since June. This pre launch sale was to existing Nissan owners and it was indeed selling. When I booked in mid Aug (to replace my Citreon), my Serena was already in the 3rd or 4th batch delivery. It’s a long wait and it should be coming this month.
  2. Cklasse

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    This ePower has been running in the Note in Japan since 2016. It’s tested and proven concept that works for city driving. Your’s sincerely bought it and waiting for the mini van to come. It’s an electric car and this is the way to go in Singapore traffic. This fridge on wheels never felt unwilling to move from the traffic light. This is one of the good part. I shall update when my van comes.
  3. Cklasse

    New Subaru XV

    I don’t see why window film cannot be installed by having a cut out around the eyesight cameras.
  4. Cklasse

    2020 subaru outback

    Any idea when will this outback arrive in Sin?
  5. Cklasse

    New Subaru XV

    We can do a group buy......lol
  6. Cklasse

    New Subaru XV

    I am waiting for the new Outback that was previewed in US recently. This new Outback has a complete change internally, just like a Volvo with a big 11” portrait screen. Anyone has any idea when it will arrive in Singapore? The US launch is Fall, so my best guess is year end or early next year for Sin.
  7. Cklasse

    2019 3rd Generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class (W247)

    CnC used to sell MB with quite bare features as their standard cars. However, as more Japanese and Korean cars are sold with features like keyless, blind spot and others, CnC is forced to change the way they sell MB. Keyless Go used to be an option in standard MB unless you buy the higher engine capacity car, same goes to other options. With these “used to be options” feature added to standard cars, the OMV naturally rises. This makes the car cost more to start with. The B-class only comes in B200 for CnC, 18” wheels, 2 front memory seats and so many options added. This car is now no more the “cost less” car to buy. Still, I would love to have one.
  8. Cklasse

    2019 3rd Generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class (W247)

    It’s launched today. I went for a private preview last weekend and was attracted by that big lcd screen. Standard on CnC car starts with B200, no B180. 2x10.25” LCD screen and 18”wheels for Progressive model. Of course with all the nice to have options thrown in. This has increased the omv of the car but it is good.
  9. So which sales guy to recommend for Vincar?
  10. Cklasse

    2017 Volvo XC40

    I can understand your question on the extra money paid for safety features. I went through 3 MBs over 13 years and swear that safety features are worth paying for although we may not use it often. I did not crash the car but the cars proved the safety features worked when it was needed during rainy days or hard cornering, especially when it is a rear wheel drive car. It’s a lot to pay for the XC40, and I am also weighing the cost compared to others. I am slightly gravitating to the 2019 B-class and waiting to compare both. Granted engine power is more for the 40, but I am not into this now but more of nice to have features.
  11. Cklasse

    2017 Volvo XC40

    Can pm me your purchase price for this T4 momentum? Thanks.
  12. Cklasse

    2017 Volvo XC40

    This is the 2nd time I was in Volvo showroom looking for a car. I was there looking at the S60 when it was just launched but decided not to get it after numerous meeting with the sales guy. I replaced my C-class with another C-class. This time, I was smittened by the beautiful white XC40 when I walked into the showroom. Can someone pm me the price you guys had your car? I am looking at the T4 momentum or maybe the T5. What is typically Volvo practice for the eventual price from the published price?
  13. Cklasse

    Citroen C4 Picasso

    I am driving the pre facelift EGS GP. There is no need to release the gas pedal during gear shift. Just drive like normal, in fact I find that stepping more on the gas immediately after gear change makes the acceleration smoother and faster.