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Found 143 results

  1. SGMCF328

    Birthday Party

    Nope, it is not my birthday today and neither am I preparing one for someone special anytime soon. I find it hard to believe that it has something to do with the upcoming US Presidential Election. 😥 Kanye West running for US president under the Birthday Party https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/kanye-west-running-us-president-222012967.html Rapper Kanye West will run for US president under the Birthday Party, which he has founded along with his running mate, Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball. Going by that, maybe the next political party in Singapore can consider the following names for their party? 🤣🤣 Advance Party Blanket Party Farewell Party Foam Party Sarong Party Third Party
  2. kelaihoyin

    Third Party Claim Query

    Hi All, Recently I was met with this incident, Long story short: Nissan guy side swiped me as he was going straight on a RIGHT TURN only lane. I was on his left. Evidence from front and back cam submitted to my workshop and claiming third party. Both side reported accident but according to workshop he said that the other side is refusing to admit fault and insisted that I turned into him which the video clearly says it isn't. Workshop mentioned the third party insurance persuaded the driver to admit liability but he refused so now the process is stuck. Workshop told me that if the Nissan driver refuses to admit fault there is nothing we can do. But if the other party has already reported the accident and evidence is secured shouldn't the third party insurance determined whether whose fault is it and deciding liability instead of needing the driver to admit his fault? Appreciate if anyone can advise on this because a simple side swipe like this already dragged on for 2 months. Seems pretty much a way for insurance company to drag out the case until you give up in the claiming process.
  3. another one formed. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/former-opposition-party-chief-lim-tean-forms-new-political-party-peoples-voice And this brings the total number of active opposition parties in SG to 11. Yes 11, in this tiny little sunny Island. Is there another country smaller than us with more active opposition parties in the world? Is there really no way to consolidate? Is this "theindependent.sg" website run by SPH? http://theindependent.sg/waste-of-time-waste-of-space-socio-political-commentators-slam-new-opposition-party-by-ex-nsp-sec-gen/ List of active political parties in SG PAP WP SDP SPP NSP RP SDA DPP SF PPP PKMS PV How to divide the whole island equally ah?
  4. I was involved in an accident yesterday. I was going straight passing a junction and a NTUC comfort taxi who is going to turn right failed to give way to me, as a result, his right front corner rammed into my right car body. It was green light for both direction. TP came due to heavy traffic flow and oil leakage from the taxi and I also got hold of two witnessess who came forward. Subsequently my car was towed to IDAC for assessment. I was advised by my insurance company to make an insurance claims. They said its either I make a own damage claims or 3rd party claim. Own damage claim - Not provided with courtesy car as it did not covered that in my Comprehensive Insurance coverage. But procedure is faster and they can reclaim the excess i forked out if I was found not to be at fault. 3rd party claim - IDAC find a workshop for me who can provide me with courtesy car and I dun have to fork out a single cent for the repair. They will do the 3rd party claim for me and the claiming process takes longer. I have to go through lawyer interview on the accounts of the accident. If I am 100% sure I am NOT AT FAULT, do I still have to settle for a 50-50 or 90-10 negotiation??? Can I insist the taxi insurance company to pay all the repair costs?? Any bros can advise me which option is better??
  5. Hi hope the experts here can advise. What is the procedure if want to send car to 3rd party for servicing? 1. Do I just tell them I want to do xx000km servicing then they know what to check? 2. Or I have to specifically tell them what are the parts I want them to check? 3. This also means the technician probably may not know how to service/check my car if is not the common vezel qasqhai type? 4. If they find a part defected, doesn't mean they have the suitable spare parts and I may waste time having to make another trip to buy for them to replace? 5. Worse they may not even know how to replace the spare parts?
  6. Ysc3

    3 party repairs ?

    Apple fined millions by Australian court for misleading customers over faulty iPhones SYDNEY: Apple was Tuesday fined Aus$9 million (US$6.7 million) by an Australian court for making false claims about consumer rights when refusing to fix faulty iPhones and iPads previously repaired by a third party. Customers of the US tech giant had complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) after an operating system update disabled their devices in a global issue known as "error 53". The users were told by Apple that they were not eligible for a remedy if the iPhone or iPad had been repaired by another company. The ACCC took Apple to the Federal Court last year over allegedly false or misleading representations to customers with faulty iPhones and iPads about their rights under the law. "If a product is faulty, customers are legally entitled to a repair or a replacement under the Australian Consumer Law, and sometimes even a refund," ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said in a statement. "The court declared the mere fact that an iPhone or iPad had been repaired by someone other than Apple did not, and could not, result in the consumer guarantees ceasing to apply, or the consumer's right to a remedy being extinguished." Apple admitted misleading at least 275 Australian customers over the issue between February 2015 to February 2016 on its US website, by its Australian store staff and on its customer service phone calls. The consumer watchdog said Apple had also committed to providing new devices as replacements, after allegations that the company was giving customers refurbished goods instead after a device suffered a major failure. There was no immediate comment from Apple, which has previously described the error as appearing "when a device fails a security test". It has released an operating system update to fix the issue.
  7. My wife was hit by a car while crossing on a pedestrian crossing. She suffered a fractured knee for which she was hospitalised for 1 day and is on 2 month MC. according to the doctor, full recovery may take upto 6 months or more. We contacted the insurance company of the driver for the process about filing 3rd party claim. the insurance company has proposed that they will be appointing an investigator who will contact us and assess about the medical claims and other damages which the insurance company will pay us. however we have the option to counter propose and reject if we feel the offer is too low. No lawyers are involved in the process till now. 1. Our Hospitalisation expenses (including MRI scan & CT scan) and the subsequent follow up > 5k till now. There will be monthly follow ups and she will need to go for rehab and physio for at least 6 months( may be weekly sessions, not sure yet) 2. I understand that we can file for injury claims within 3 years following the accident. 3. we have filed a police report and case is under investigation. We have submitted all the documents to the IO. So my queries are- 1. How impartial are these 3rd party investigators in assessing the claims and offer of compensation. 2. as the follow up is prolonged should we wait for the injury to get better and see whether there are any complications or should we settle it now. Most of the friends i have talked to are asking me to talk to a lawyer, but i understand that they charge a lot or may take a portion of the compensation which is offered. so is it really necessary to engage a lawyer or we can just proceed without one. Any help and advise will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. LHL says no need for opposition since most of the population supports the PAP and they have put in Non-Constituency MP in today's ST report http://www.straitstimes.com/politics/not-wise-to-purposely-let-the-opposition-grow-bigger-says-pm Are these Non-Constituency MP what people want other than those participated in the election and how have they performed? Is a one party that has been debated over the years still what people want? Is the idea of not to "purposely" let the opposition grow bigger being the same as making sure they don't grow? How are we going to get another voice in the parliament? If you have most of the resolutions passed in parliament with almost 100% yes, we need to review why then some of these decisions failed. All that have voted yes are not thinking enough or simply complying. Mr Lee also stressed the importance of thinking boldly, and long-term yesterday. The thinking must start from the top not bottom up. Any thoughts?
  9. The government's latest Town Council Management Report cardgave its sole “red” grade to Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council in the category of collecting service and conservancy charges (S&CC). The three-constituency town council, run by the opposition Workers' Party, was slapped with the red banding because "more than 5 per cent of their households had S&CC arrears overdue for three months or more," read the report. "Also, more than 50 per cent of their monthly S&CC collectible are overdue for three months or more,” it added. It also showed a white "pending" field under corporate governance, a phenomenon that, like the town council's "red" banding, occurred in the Ministry of National Development (MND)'s last report as well. The report, released Thursday at noon, measured the performance of Singapore's 15 town councils in the year ending March 2013 — contrary to four previous versions of the report, which graded the town councils' performance on a half-yearly basis. The town councils were measured for cleanliness, maintenance, lift performance, service and conservancy charge arrears and corporate governance. All the town councils scored "green" bandings for cleanliness and lift performance, but nine were banded "amber" for maintenance. These nine apart from the AHPETC were: Chua Chu Kang, East Coast, Holland-Bukit Panjang, Jurong, Marine Parade, Pasir Ris-Punggol, Tampines and West Coast. Potong Pasir Town Council was also given an "amber" banding for its conservancy charge arrears management. Yahoo Singapore has asked the Workers' Party town council management for their comments on the report's findings and is awaiting the response. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/town-council-run-by-workers--party-gets--red--grade-for-conservancy-arrears-in-govt-report-050611452.html
  10. hi, need your advice, the motorbike slip and bang onto the rear of my stationary vehicle. i have file police report, witness also file report. and i have show the TP officer the video. Safe to claim my policy ?
  11. Dear MCFer brudders n sysders, like to hear some opinions and advices. My sister(real one) was involved in a minor accident some 7 to 8 months ago, lightly rear ended the other car and dented his bumper. She lodged her accident report promptly at that time within 24 hours with A##. But nothing happened since. By the way, she has since scrapped the car and A## had also since refunded her unused insurance premium balance. Heres the thing. This morning(after 7 to 8 months) she received a letter from A## saying that a 3rd claim has been made against her, and is asking for details. Question - is she liable still? since the 3rd party did not respond all this while. Is this something for A## to sort out with the other side? I mean, how do we know that the other party did not now try to inflate damages claim or claim for things that are over n above n not related to the accident 7 months ago? IS A## so stupid or is there a case here.
  12. My car insurance is due for renewal. This car is fully paid up and left 2 years before COE expired. I was thinking should i go for: 1) Comprehensive - about $1600 2) Third Party only - about $900 3) Third Party with Fire and Theft - about $800 Any advise?
  13. Hi, I got into an accident last Thursday. As this was my first accident, I'm not sure what to do. Would appreciate some advise here.. What happened on Thursday was this delivery lorry in front of me suddenly stopped and reversed into my bumper, causing damage to my bumper and bonnet. I made a report already (albeit late). I went to this random workshop near my house and the cost of repair is $350. That bugger admitted that he was at fault and offered to pay $200 to settle privately, but the payment never came. He has stopped picking up my calls so I think it's safe to assume that he no longer wants to settle it privately. Making a claim against my own insurance is not worth it because my excess is $600. Now I have 2 options - either to bear the cost of repair myself or file a third-party claim against him. The workshop I went to advised the latter. He said if I decide to pursue a TP claim, I'll only have to pay $350 if I lose and if I win, I don't have to pay a single cent. The latter option sounds more appealing to me because I wish to teach that bugger a lesson, but my only concern is do I have to bear the inflated cost of repair if I lose my claim? Also, how troublesome would the TP claim become? I understand I need to appear in court and be interviewed by the lawyers, but are there other commitments? It's also rumoured that making a TP claim would increase your premium - is this true? Is there a difference in making a TP claim with a workshop authorised by NTUC Income (my insurer) and one that is not? Hope those with experience can share! Thanks.
  14. Just wondering...for those whose ride have gone through the above, have you successfully looked the claims that your workshop submitted to recover the costs back from the other party? I was told that for such claim, the workshop normally only managed to recover 80 to 90% of costs incurred. I was puzzled cos who will run a money-losing business. So, I requested from my workshop and they do not allowed me to take a look quoting it as confidential . I was like as what's so confidential since it involves my ride. Any views/advice much appreciated.
  15. Hello Everyone, I would like to seek your advice on my accident case. It was a rainy day and I am on the right lane (two lane road). The taxi driver on the left hit me on my left side and causes my car to ski. Unfortunately my car camera isn't working on that day. Photo evidences were submitted in the report. I have made a 3rd party claim (AXA). Question is what option do I have if 3rd party claim fails? I have called up my insurer (NTUC) and was informed that they will not be helping me on this unless I claim my damages from my policy. Thank you.
  16. It is obvious that any opposition will command 30% votes in any contest and WP reputation will add 10% to it and good candidates + issues concerning Singaporeans will swing the vote for opposition to victory. I hope those in the opposition camp realised that, especially people like Desmond Lim and some parties like NSP. In fact, I hope NSP realised that some of their dead wood must go. Nicole Seah factor alone can get better % than Tampines GRC team under Goh Meng Seng and that itself is a surprise to me, though I do like what Nicole Seah has said and done to influence his peers and put a lot of old timers to shame. If I have my way, there will only be 2 opposition parties in Singapore and that is the WP and SDP.This 2 parties have clear objectives and know where they stand. To me NSP is just not branded enough to make Singaporeans know where they stand. Moreover WP and SDP are the ones who have won in elections before, so at least they have the name there. For SPP and Chiam, I wouldnt consider them anything significant and especially since Chiam was the one who founded SDP. For that I propose SPP to merge with SDP with Chiam be given a special position in the party. It was reported that Chee did tried to invite Chiam back but he declined. NSP should merge with WP. And Reform party either WP or SDP. Kenneth's father JBJ was from WP so that make sense but RP's stand seem to be more closer to SDP's so either merging with one of them is fine with me. That will make the opposition parties stronger and can field good candidates in one GRC. As for SDA, they can close shop, even though I voted for them in Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC. I am very sure if a WP team contest in my ward it will be much closer. And a WP team in AMK GRC will see LHL's vote drop to less than 60%.
  17. Gdspd08

    Balloon Inflation Service

    Hi, anyone know where can I fill up balloon for party? Prefer central area. Thanks!
  18. Hi bros, I'm planning to buy a plate number from a third party dealer for my new car. 1) Usually is the price stated on the web negotiable ? if yes, the discount is in the region of ? 2) If my new car is only coming in sometime in September/October 2015, can i hold the plate number for that long? 3) Any other things that i have to take note of ? Thanks.
  19. Show up in a yacht ? In a Ferrari ? All too common liao .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xJoWiArMI0
  20. Thaiyotakamli

    Penis Festival in Japan

    Click on the link http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5106378
  21. Nightsky

    Most ATAS 16th Birthday Party!

    Is this the most atas 16th birthday party ever? http://vimeo.com/80402162 from axioo
  22. This is really wierd, my car n other party car going straight... Somehow I sense his vehicle ever into my lane and I swerve to avoid. he is on my left and I n right side. Then we stopped to inspect car..his right passenger door damage while my left front bumper seem nothing damage. N next day, some dubious number call claim as insurance company "ask me make report" because he apparently want to claim. Threaten is I dun report fine $18k ?? My question is - 1. I do not think I hit him in fact I swerve out to avoid, so can't explain why his damage ? 2. Is he trying to get some dubious workshop to con me ? This car BMW. 3. I reckon my car no damage so I do not report...am I right ? 4. At most he 50-50 case...so what I should do to protect myself ?
  23. blanket party went bad with a rubber chicki
  24. Ktglfc

    Singaporeans First Party

    After the recent blogger incident, at least some positive news for us :) Hopefully we can see more debates on benefits for Singaporeans first :) TODAY http://tdy.sg/Syr4ad - A group shot of seven of the founding members of Singaporeans First. Tan Jee Say said the party differ from other opposition parties in that they focus on specifics, such as economy. He added that the party also has the advantage of someone like hinself who knows a lot more about the economy. SINGAPORE — Mr Tan Jee Say, former presidential candidate, has announced the formation of a new political party, Singaporeans First, which pledges to put "Singaporeans at the heart of the nation". At a press conference today (May 25), Mr Tan announced the formation of the party and unveiled his 11-man team, which include ex-grassroot leaders, architects and former members of the Young PAP. The 11 founding members of the party are: Dr Ang Yong Guan, psychiatrist and ex-grassroots leader Michael Chia, retired engineer and volunteer social worker Fahmi Rais, communications professional, ex-Young PAP and Legislative Assistant Fatimah Akthar, architect Dr David Foo Ming Jin, chemist, logistics professional and ex-Young PAP Jamie Lee Swee Yan, certified SAP IT professional and project manager Winston Lim, architect and town planner Dr Loke Pak Hoe, Director of 3 multinational educational companies Tan Jee Say, financial adviser, ex-civil servant, banker and fund manager David Tan LK, educationist and ex-grassroots leader Tan Peng Ann, social entrepreneur, retired SAF officer and ex-PAP grassroots leader
  25. my vehicle was direct front to back hit by a Msia Vehicle 6 mths ago... Police & orange Force arrived ( i am on ntuc insurance) , & i went to do a 3rd party claim one of ntuc authorized workshop say they will do the claim for me & proceed to do the repair work for me.. Now they called me saying they cannot find the msia insurance company & want me to do the following 1) Find the msia driver myself & take the money from them 2) Pay for my own damages for the repair which they had already completed. 3) Claim my own insurances. is it the right way to do it ?