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    Euro 6 petrol cars

    I'm looking to buy a Honda Civic (registered in 2007) with 5 yr coe renewed becoz my current car is close to 10 years and looking to change it. Will the euro 6 emission rules affect the car I'm buying ?? Do I lost any rebate or have to pay any surcharge?? I tried to google all this info but cannot find it. Thanks in advance
  2. Complaint from my friend: He went to GSC for servicing few days ago and before he go to them he gave them a call to book an appt and took up their $88 Mobil 1 servicing package. ( my friend brought his own oil filter and aircon filter) My friend arrived 30 min before the appt time and promptly served by the counter staff. She ask him other than servicing, any other problem which required them to check. So my fren told them one problem regarding noise from undercarriage and they told him to write it down in one of their form for their mechanic to take note and check. So he presume they will check on the problem. They told him to return in 2hrs or they will call him if they complete it earlier. Whilst my fren was having lunch, the counter called him and said his car coolant and air filter need to be change. My fren didn't agree on the coolant but agree on the air filter to be change. They also said the oil filter included in the package will be return to my fren since he had use his self-brought oil filter. 1.5 hrs later my fren return to the workshop after his lunch and saw his car already done, parking outside the workshop. When he check with the counter girl on he undercarriage noise, she said they need to take out the parts to check and so they did not check on it. (So in the first place why offer to check??) The oil filter supposed to be return to my fren is not in his car and they change one brake light bulb of his car without my fren permission and my fren dun remember it's blown. (Anyway got change or no change also cannot tell lah) The labour of installing the aircon filter is $15 which I think it's daylight robbery. So be careful if u wan to engage them.
  3. Too bad my car no more warranty. Sure kena chop carrot by c&c. I got lobang to recon the steering rack and steering column but just not sure if it comes from there. But pretty confirm it's from the steering wheel. I'm waiting for Choco to reply me first before coming to a decision
  4. My ride which is a 2009 kia cerato forte EX is giving out squeaking sound when I'm turning the steering wheel left or right. Confirm it came from the steering wheel. Any one had same experience?? It only happens when I'm doing reverse parking and not under any other circumstances e.g braking , u turn.
  5. CMS

    3rd party insurance claim

    The breakdown they quote to compensate me: General Damages - $1000 Medical Claim - $XXX Transport (taxi) - $XXX Total $XXXX @90% $950/= $1000 is it too little????? Will the taxi insurance company ask me to pay or claim my insurance for the taxi damages in future. The cost of my car repair is $8000/= ++
  6. CMS

    3rd party insurance claim

    Forgot to indicate that the other insurance company is taking 90% of the liability to settle the claim
  7. CMS

    3rd party insurance claim

    I have receive my lawyer letter, it states that the other party (taxi) insurance company will to pay me $950/= for the settlement of the accident claim. I'm ok with the amount and does not want to drag the claim any further. My question is: My NCD before the accident is 20%, if I accept the amount as settlement and close the case, will my NCD be affected. I call up my insurance company and they will reject any claim against me from the other party insurance company.
  8. CMS

    3rd party claim

    I collected my car from the workshop handling my 3rd party claim. They asked me to sign a indemnify form which I told them I will not be signing it coz it is at my disadvantage. If they cant claim 100% or even 10% against the other party, my insurance will paid for the repair cost, so either way the WS wont make a loss. I'm very sure I 100% NOT AT FAULT. After I told the WS lady boss that I'm not signing coz i wan to consult my lawyer, she also say if i dun sign also can. Anyway, this WS (dun wan mention name), did just a fairly good job, the paintwork was nicely done but the replacement door alignment was slightly out, so tell them do again and they rectify it. Next the replacement car door pillar was supposed to be black but the spray painter painted it with the colour of my car which is red. But the other side pillar remain black. ^*#@!&%. The centre console cover (behind the handbrake) inside the car cabin broke off during the accident but mechanic failed to realise that and I have to tell them during collection then they say they will search one for me. Will need to make another trip back to do up the door pillar paint work again... SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Guys, I have just got back my car after repair due to accident and returned the replacement car. So far I only manage to terminate the temporary season for the replacement car online. But how do I change the season parking back to my own car.??? Seems that I cannot find the option to do so.
  10. CMS

    Throttle Controller

    Anybody heard of I Gauge throttle controller??? Its from Taiwan but I search high and low and cannot even find the photo of this product... Anyone can tell me where u have seen this.. Thanks
  11. RIP to the lorry driver and my deepest sympathies to his family. My car just kena banged from the side few days ago sending it spin for half round before stopping. Being a victim of an accident, I can understand that reckless driving can really take someone life away. My wife and I was just lucky to be alive after that horrible accident which is cause by the recklessness of the other driver. So lets just drive safely not just for your own family, but also for the family of all motorist on the road.
  12. CMS

    3rd party insurance claim

    Received call from WS saying that I can go choose a set of rims as replacement for one of the damage one. But I can only choose one set of 4 second hand rims and they will claim for the cost. But If I dun like the rims, I can get a new set but they will only claim for two of the new rims only, the other two I have to pay for it. Anyone heard of this before?? Is this true?? They are saying something like "claim under lump sum'. What is that??
  13. CMS

    3rd party insurance claim

    Yes super confident that it is green light for my direction, if his side is green arrow, my side shld be red liao. I'm very confident that I can claim 100%. Thanks for injecting more confidence in my case.
  14. CMS

    3rd party insurance claim

    Agreed. But both are green light coz one car is inside the pocket waiting for me to pass through but the taxi cheong and rammed me. Luckily the driver of the car in the pocket came forward to be my witness.
  15. CMS

    3rd party claim

    I also want to noe the answer to this question. Guess a lot of driver not sure also.