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  1. Letting go of my automated and 24/7 season carpark lot at Lau Pa Sat, along Robinson Road. PM me directly, preferable with your Whatsapp number for a further discussion. Current tenant is exiting end of this month. So it is available almost immediately. Best price and most seamless arrangement ever. Thanks and cheers!
  2. Giving up 2 long term parking in CBD and Bugis (city fringe). 1 @ CBD along Robinson Road sheltered parking within 1 minute walk from Lau Pa Sat. 1 @ Bugis at Duo Tower, directly above Bugis MRT Station. Both are 24/7 carpark and reserved lot. Carparks do not close on PH or weekends. PM me, no obligations!
  3. Still available. Have PM-ed you. Thanks!
  4. Giving up my last season parking slot, sheltered parking within 1 minutes walk from Lau Pa Sat. Located in the middle of the Raffles Place, Telok Ayer and Tanjong Pagar MRT station triangle. Very convenient. Private reserved parking lot, no worry of queuing for lot or lot run out. 24/7 carpark. Carpark does not close on PH or weekends. PM me, no obligations!
  5. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aYoepzZbtH-tX8zn2BGt5HW5-Qxt3vr_ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aYoepzZbtH-tX8zn2BGt5HW5-Qxt3vr_ Who do you think is right? The limousine driver (Kevin) or the passenger (Mr Lee) seem to me that it is a free limousine service offered by banks (DBS Asia Treasure, OCBC Voyage etc). Honestly, don't understand why is it that the passenger can get so worked up. By the way, the driver got fired by Wolero (I heard).
  6. Kamikaze89

    Audi A3 Sedan/Sportsback Owners - Check In

    Hi guys, my warranty will be expiring in 3 months. Currently, so far so good, mileage at 55k. Just wondering what are the common issues at this mileage which had occurred to your rides that can be rectified during the warranty period.
  7. Kamikaze89

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    Grabhitch leads to car ownership? Hmm... https://www.facebook.com/groups/hitchsg/permalink/1132011036943946/
  8. Kamikaze89

    Audi A3 Sedan/Sportsback Owners - Check In

    regular servicing can be done at Leng Kee. All major repair has to be done at Ubi. However, you can still send your car to Leng Kee and their serviceman will drive it down to Ubi. In fact, PA provides door step picking up and delivering of car. (for repair). have tried there before personally when my car gearbox has noise. fixed within 2 days.
  9. Not the first case for sure. Just what were they thinking? loving a sex worker to this extent. http://www.thanhniennews.com/society/singaporean-jailed-for-holding-girlfriend-captive-in-vietnam-hotel-65701.html A Ho Chi Minh City court on Wednesday sentenced a 41-year-old Singaporean man to five months and six days in jail for locking his girlfriend inside a hotel room in February. Eng Yong Kit was set free after the trial as he had been detained long enough, local media reported. The court heard that on February 2, Kit forced his 24-year-old Vietnamese girlfriend into a hotel room on District 3’s Hai Ba Trung Street. He then locked the room and blocked the door with a bed to prevent others from rescuing her. Police and representatives of the Singaporean Consulate General in HCMC arrived at the hotel, but they failed to talk him into opening the door. Eight hours later, police had to use smoke grenades and break in to rescue the woman. Kit was arrested. He told the police that he met his girlfriend online and they started dating in June last year. When the woman, believed to be a sex worker, decided to break up with him, he did not take it well. The court said it handed down the lenient sentence because there were no serious consequences and the woman also requested to drop charges against him.
  10. Kamikaze89

    What car would you buy with 220k

    would get a Ford Mustang! list price 250k.
  11. Kamikaze89

    Audi A3 Sedan/Sportsback Owners - Check In

    does BMW 18' rims fit the A3? have another 325I that is due for scrap soon. and my 18' 5 spoke rims is kind of flawless. thought of swapping it over. haven't done my research yet, but I doubt can fit.
  12. Kamikaze89

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of August 2016

    still pretty quiet at 2 57pm
  13. sell the car or ditch the girlfriend? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=559006&DL=1000 Description This Car Must Go. Girlfriend Hates It Because She Thinks I'm Picking Up Other Girls With It. Where Else Can You Get A Beautiful Convertible For $919/month? I Told Her It's Cheaper Than A Toyota But 100x More Chio, But She Told Me Either The Car Leaves Or She Does. Downgrading To Something Boring And Unattractive Now So That Girls No Longer Notice Me. Bo Pian. Help A Bro Out, Buy My Car.
  14. Kamikaze89

    Audi A3 Sedan/Sportsback Owners - Check In

    don't worry bro, you will get your car eventually. maybe on the 5th bid or 6th. Even if there is no attempt by PA to bid your COE, it is still counted as 1 unsuccessful bid. Just remain calm. PA might ask you to top up a couple of grands when they see that you are desperate, by telling you that they will secure the COE in the next bid if you top up. Just be adamant that you are not going to do so. Was in a similar situation as you. Booked car in July and collected car in October. And my old ride was due to scrap in mid October. Did panic as well. The sales agreemeent price should be final.