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  1. Yahgo22

    Chevrolet Cruze 2015 first introduced... in China!

    remove the front chev logo it will look much better
  2. taxi uncle never slow down and buanged at this dangerous S bend summore road was so wet i was on the opp direction abt 8.45am his cab went over the fencing saw a volvo TP and towtruck hope driver ok
  3. signal lai liao free curry chicken soon
  4. Yahgo22

    Werid traffic light

    maybe times up 4 Oldman
  5. Yahgo22

    Werid traffic light

    bro when was it? 7th moon happenings
  6. Yahgo22

    HDB Car Park Department kee siao

    the 2 loading lots are all fully taken my fren live next to the community hall tat day got ppl up lorry many cars are jamming up near the CH
  7. Yahgo22

    HDB Car Park Department kee siao

    fyi i was delivering some heavy stuffs to my fren the camera can be my proof
  8. Now that there are many CCTV in HDB estate to deter illegal parking Do you know that if you stop your car within the camera area and chat with your fren with both of you beside the car, you can be fined for Illegal Parking in Common Property I was issued a summon in Tampines for 100 bucks For sure I wont pay the fine I will go to court. C u there HDB .
  9. does anyone know that which insurance company allow NCB to be transferred to spouse previously when my insurance was with NTUC, they allow but Direct Asia dun allow this practise
  10. the mounting game over
  11. Yahgo22

    Blk 315 bukit batok 3 Car Accident

    these hero matas should be honoured and not those who ran and hide inside the ambulance
  12. The new facelift quite nice Front bumper quite chio 7 speed some more and has auto cruise Need help from any bros who can show the pics
  13. Yahgo22

    Honda Vezel

    how the rear leg room of vezel as compared to FS my current rear legroom is very roomy
  14. Yahgo22

    Road Rage At Sentosa? Angmoh Strangled Army Boy

    final score SAF serviceman 0 - FT ang mo 1