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  1. What happpened at Compass One just now?
  2. Sorry old video. Happened last year😅
  3. 2nd accident at Braddell Road junction last night! Honda Stream beat red light and got hit by SBS bus
  4. These abnn lorry drivers always drive recklessly
  5. New bus wrecked at Braddell/Bishan junction
  6. Yes Vehicle No. SJP1500P Under Private Hire Scheme Yes Vehicle Make TOYOTA Decal No. A116507
  7. Saw this old post in the Vezel thread Posted May 24, 2017 Hi guys, a friend just bought a vezel hybrid 2 weeks ago. The car would sudden lost power while cruising (foot on accelerator pedal) He required to release pedal and re-accelerate again. Any advice on what could happen? Thanks Could the uncle have experienced this?
  8. Vehicle No. SMC462E Under Private Hire Scheme Yes Vehicle Make KIA Decal No. A103709 No wonder SMC462E want to avoid car park fee
  9. From zaobao, seems like the blue car parked at a handicapped parking lot. Merc uncle and son his not happy, uncle took out his phone and filmed the driver who his parked his car at the handicapped parking lot. They then quarreled and fight. All of them are residents of the estate.
  10. P plate female driver loses control of her MPV while making a left turn to Serangoon Central from Serangoon Ave 1 yesterday afternoon. The MPV went over the divider onto opposite traffic and came to a stop after crashing into the wall of Block 427. She was frightened by the accident and burst into tears https://www.zaobao.com.sg/realtime/singapore/story20191207-1011453?utm_source=ZB_iPhone&utm_medium=share
  11. Stooky

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

  12. A woman and her son were found dead near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve on Thursday (Nov 14) morning. According to Lianhe Zaobao, the body of the 41-year-old Japanese woman was found near a car, while the body of her five-year-old child was found inside the vehicle. Paramedics pronounced both individuals dead at the scene. The incident took place along Lorong Sesuai, which is believed to be a restricted area. The police have classified the case as unnatural death and mentioned that investigations are ongoing. https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/woman-and-5-year-old-son-found-dead-near-bukit-timah-nature-reserve wonder what happened...nowadays a lot of suspicious deaths
  13. Stooky

    LTA buys electric buses from China

    The converted MAN electric bus uses overhead charging... something like this.
  14. Stooky

    LTA buys electric buses from China

    At least 60 electric buses to be deployed from early 2020: LTA In addition, ST Engineering and Linkker had successfully converted a diesel MAN bus into an electric bus
  15. Kent Road https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/car-crash-into-kent-road-minor-injuries-12032090