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  1. Official drawings of the 2019 Mazda3 – keep in mind that at this time, we don’t know if it will be sold as a 2019MY or 2020MY in the U.S.A. and Canada. The new “3” will employ Mazda’s latest Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture. The platform is said to be stronger while providing a much better ride quality. But the big news for the fourth-generation “3” is the debut of Mazda’s new SkyActiv-X gasoline enginefeaturing Spark Controlled Compression Ignition. This innovative four-cylinder unit combines characteristics of diesel and regular gasoline engines, using spark plug ignition to “control c
  2. EPL starting in 4 week times (14/08/2021). With Community Shield on 07/08/2021 Since no one started this thread, let me get it started for the new season 2021/22. Wishing all football fans a happy new season for you & your clubs. Cheers
  3. Yahoo : New Lamborghini Countach Looks Rad In Red For Deliveries In Japan For a moment in August 2021, Lamborghini reached the hearts of motoring enthusiasts all around the world and sent them into overdrive. The Italian brand dropped a teaser video for a new Countach completely out of the blue, and then a few days later, revealed it in full. Not as a concept car or a fanciful rendering, but a legit production car going on sale in 2022. We are now halfway through 2022, and customer deliveries of the Countach LPI 800-4 have commenced. Lamborghini recently headed to Japan with the rebo
  4. What is your first impression upon seeing the following advertisement, as a general public / consumer? While I believe many seasoned buyers would expect the "from" price to be that of the lesser model (e.g. entry level trim, lower priced model, etc.), I don't think anyone would expect it to be for USED CAR! https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=1075337&DL=2038 https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=1078169&DL=2213 Taking the Volvo S60 / V60 advertisement for example, anything that make it look like a used car advertisement? Used car need
  5. The all new top of the line BMW X7, said to launch in 2018. A truly full size 6 seats SUV, will it reach our shore? Anyone interested in this car?
  6. Seems like nobody started on the 2018 Perodua Myvi after searching through the folders . Perodua is going to launch the 2018 myvi (3rd generation)on 16/11/2017 The new car is slated to be vastly improved from its current model ,being outdated in terms of safety and specs. However, the new car is going to rectify all those flaws ,making the wrongs right. The car comes in the usual 1.3 and 1.5L engine guise and the tranny options are just a manual 5 speeder shifter or a dinosaur age 4 speed self shifter(yawn) Features in the 1.3L guise 1.3L Dual VVT-i four cy
  7. Hi to all Q50 owners here 🙂 I’m thinking of getting a resale 2018 Q50 but had came to know that from July 21 onward, Infiniti showroom in SG crease operation. So any issues for spare parts in the future or we can easily can OEM parts in workshop. Hope someone can help on the above question, thank you.
  8. Kinda sad that it is hard to find nowadays new cars with manual transmissions. Can anyone enlighten if one can still buy a MIT, MIJ or MIK manual transmission sedan?
  9. Eyke

    New MX-5 2016

  10. Well.... I drove my Mazda 3 SP for a good 10 years. Scrapped it and finally got a new car. Stay in HDB with an open space car park Based on experience, new cars always end up getting scratched. I knew it will happen soon. Just didn't expect it to be so soon..... Though I'm annoyed, I'm at the age where I feel for the culprit. He must have felt so sick in the mind to do something like that and to do it so quickly within a few hours of me getting the car. Just for the record. The car was perfectly mint when I collected it. So don't point finger at AD. God have mercy on him/h
  11. Infiniti will be exiting the Singapore market by year end as they will no longer produce RHD vehicles. The existing showroom will welcome the Polestar brand. https://www.carbuyer.com.sg/2021-singapore-polestar-in-infiniti-out/
  12. Dear all car lover may I have any of your advice about Infiniti Q50 . ThAnk you
  13. Very interested in this 2021 Toyota Sienna 7 Seaters. Will Borneo Motor bring in this MPV ? Yahoo news : Toyota's 2021 Sienna hybrid proves minivans can be fun, not just practical There comes a time in your life when minivans just make sense. Usually, that's when you start to learn about the nuances of car seats, strollers and all of the other gear kids require. Then come the soccer matches and cacouphonous carpools. I won't waste time arguing for the practicality of minivans, because no matter how you frame it, they'll always be better for a typical family than an SUV or
  14. Hope the new year brings joy and happiness to one and all members of the MCF.
  15. Finally find this place to post my "Questions" as a newbie. I am considering to buy my first car, and after visiting some of the showrooms, finally I found one model of a Japanese brand, of which the specifications and price are both acceptable. The only issue is that the car has been stored for less than one year since it was produced. I am wondering whether any negative impact on the quality of the car after such a long storage period, and what is the so called "acceptable storage duration" in the local market and what will can we do when we are going to buy such a car. Than
  16. Singapore— Tan Chuan Jin, the country’s Speaker of the Parliament, gleefully took to Facebook on Sunday (Mar 15) about a “new word” i.e. “Singaporise,” posting two photos of screenshots of articles from the Financial Times (FT) and Business Insider, both of which use the word in a positive manner. Mr Tan added this caption, “New word?! Power lah SG! Variants: Singaporise (British spelling?) Singaporized Singaporizing Singaporization” The FT article is from Friday (March 13), and is entitled “The coronavirus: my part in its downfall,” written by Edward
  17. For the benefit of those who are about to collect their new cars, I'm posting up generic new car checklist. Some of the items may not apply to you if your car doesn't come with the feature. This is sure to make those SE's accompanying the new owners to have a real hard time New_Car_Checklist.doc New_Car_Checklist.pdf
  18. Also to share some information: Some of the new mazda 3 mild hybrid owners who recently collected since last december, regardless of trim/body(hatch or sedan), you might have realised that you have speed limit displayed on your active driving display (aka HUD). This feature is not officially available in singapore market. I have reached out to mazda for an official reply, unfortunately they could only explain that works are in progress to make that feature available.. Therefore, those who got the feature now could be erroneously activated by the technical te
  19. Hey bros Im having a little dilemma if it’s cheaper buy a new car now or to wait for another 2 years instead. I’m currently driving a Nissan slyphy 1.6 signature series 2015 model. My loan finishing in June This year. Current rebate amount from one motoring is approximately 47K. i know that by waiting for another 2 more years I’ll need to factor in the depreciation too Hope to seek savvy bros on this for the best option(s) for me. Thanks in advance!
  20. therock

    New MRT map

    Nice new map: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-mrt-train-map-circle-line-redesigned-12175906 For download: https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltagov/getting_around/public_transport/rail_network/pdf/SystemMap for download-Nov19.pdf Reminds me of a Dead or Alive song: You Spin Me Right Round.. https://youtu.be/PGNiXGX2nLU
  21. Hi guys, any reliable PI to recommend ? Am looking at these 3 models? I reckon buying from PI will give you more peaks like able to change the default cheap radio unit to those with apple play or better camera? Thks
  22. Thankfully, BMW has confirmed that its upcoming M3 sedan and M4 coupe will be available with a manual transmission. As reported by BMW Blog and Carscoops, BMW M Chief Executive Markus Flasch announced the news when he was asked in an interview whether or not there will be any surprises for BMW fans with the new M3 and M4. It’s a bit early to disclose all the details but something I want to highlight is that we will have a manual stick shift,” he said. “We have already disclosed we will have the option of four-wheel drive. We’ve not decided which variant, which system,
  23. Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo has a go in the new Renault Megane R.S. Trophy-R at Goodwood. Interestingly, he chooses to go sideways up the hill. We have no idea why he did so but instead of going flat out on the hillclimb, Ricciardo choses to go sliding with the handbrake at relatively low speeds. We are sure he is having fun and we are also pretty sure the rear tyres is going to have a few flat spots after this peculiar run. As for the car, it is the current record holder at the Nurburgring for the fastest production front-wheel drive car and compared to the Megan
  24. We all know the Land Rover Defender is coming and it seems like someone has managed to take a photo of it without camouflage. Leaked online through a number of Land Rover forums before making its way onto Twitter, the photo is actually a photo of the new Defender’s digital gauge cluster. From that digital side view of the new SUV, we can see that it is more modern and rounded than its predecessor. We also noticed that there seem to be a small side window incorporated into the roof much like some of its previous variants. The new Defender will be using a re
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